Crocs – Everything to Know About This Brand 2023

Crocs are widely adored and worn around the world because of the comfort, ease, and stability that they come with, alongside the various designs and styles that they are available in. They are practical and easy to wear in casual settings for longer durations. Crocs can be easily used to walking and running, sometimes. They are slip-resistant and have shockproof quality making them great walking-in shoes. They come with a kind of flamboyant style that adds an extra flair to the step. Furthermore, they are extremely lightweight and easy to carry around all day.

Crocs can be worn by people across all age groups and genders. They sure saw their rise from gardening shoes to becoming an all-purpose shoes in a very short period of time.


What Are Crocs?

Crocs came into being from this American-based public company that is situated in Broomfield, Colorado. It was not an easy road to success, but the company got it done by advertising the brand heavily with the right target audience in mind.

They started with school and college students who are primarily looking for comfort in their minds. It was not very difficult for crocs to take over the market industry for students, as slowly it became a statement of style as well.

The term “crocs” is short for crocodiles to imply the versatility of the shoes. Furthermore, they are water-resistant and can be easily worn in or near water surfaces. Crocs are not simply here to make style statements but are actually true to the various qualities that one expects from a great pair of shoes. They are durable, sturdy and can withstand rough surfaces because of the materials used to make them.

They are becoming a potent part of a person’s life as you can carry them around with you everywhere and crocs would simply fit in every social situation you are supposed to be a part of. They are good for people with foot conditions as well.

They are breathable and snug at the same time and are highly recommended by podiatrists in certain cases as well. What size you get in Crocs also decides what kind of fit it is going to be. The smaller crocs will give a snugger feeling, while the bigger crocs will provide a breathable alternative.

They are made with a certain material that gives them a water-resistant and non-slip quality that makes them more popular than they already are. Also, the material makes them softer than other available sandals They also come in variations of straps. Also, you can decorate the crocs in your desired way to make them more unique and personal.

The holes present on the crocs make them breathable too. They are called ports. Furthermore, crocs are customizable as well, giving the person wearing them a unique flair.

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Who Owns Crocs?

Crocs were initially founded by three friends on their trip to Mexico, namely –

Lyndon Hanson, Scott Seamans, and George Boedecker. Their company was named “The Foam Creation” earlier, with the crocs being first called “The Beach” as that is where they had come up with the idea of the shoes that would not sink. But now it is owned by Samuel Thomson and Andrew Rees.

Story Of Crocs:

Crocs were first founded in 2001, inspired by the beach and made for people who want to spend time in and around water as well as land. The three friends – Lyndon Hanson, Scott Seamans, and George Boedecker – came up with the idea of shoes on a trip to Mexico, where they were near water surfaces and felt like creating a foam clog shoe that would enable people to be around water as well.

The main idea behind such a shoe was to have something that was non-slip, comfortable, and would float in water. The name is also derived from an amphibian who can live comfortably on land and in water, like the shoes, and also because the shoes somewhat resemble a crocodile.

The very first model was of the name “The Beach” was put forth in front of the world in 2002 and since then there has been no stopping the popularity of these shoes. They have been growing since then and have now sold over 600 million pairs globally.

The first company opened by the three co-founders was called “Foam Creations” and was situated in Quebec. The Beach, as it was called at first, was first revealed in a show that took place in Florida where they sold out the 200 pairs that were originally produced.

With every popular thing, there is always a little criticism that accompanies it. They were called hideous and ugly by people who refused to wear such outrageous-looking pair of shoes. Regardless, nothing could stop the comfort from reaching the people and it continued to grow in sales and in production.

Why are Crocs So famous?

One can attribute the popularity of crocs to their durability, longevity, design and style variations, versatility, and comfort and ease. There are so many factors that together contribute to the fame of crocs.


Crocs are extremely lightweight because of the material used in their making, thus giving an easy treat to people wearing them. They use this material, Croslite, which gives it a foam-like moldable texture.


They are extremely comfortable, and everyone agrees on this point. The croslite material is what enables the crocs to wrap themselves around the feet snugly enough to provide extreme comfort while walking or running or performing any desired outdoor activity.

Comfort is what people with wide feet are looking for, and Crocs provide that.


One of their most beloved and unique features is that they are water-resistant. They can be easily worn around water surfaces without the risk of falling and tripping, which is not very easy to find in shoes or sandals.


They are very easy to clean. The fact that they can be cleaned easily increases their target market widely, as now children and older people can wear them without having to think about the maintenance.


The fact that crocs are customizable is a distinct feature in itself. They can be decorated and designed with various different artefacts and accessories available online to give them a unique look.

Why are Crocs So Expensive?

 Crocs are expensive only because of the material used in their making, called “Croslite”. This material is what makes crocs so lightweight and comfortable and is the reason why their prices are high.

Croslite is a very special material that is a kind of resin that is manufactured by the company itself, thus increasing its prices further because of the additional effects. Since this material is manufactured there, there is no way of buying it for a cheaper price anywhere else, hence hiking the cost of production as well. To incur the cost of production, they have to keep the selling prices of these crocs high.

So while they are charging a hefty amount for their product, they are also delivering the right quality in their product which is not easy to find anywhere else.

What Are Crocs Made Of?

 Crocs are made of a material called Croslite. Croslite is a proprietary foam resin that is manufactured by the company itself. This material is the reason why the Crocs are so lightweight, durable, and comfortable. This provides it with the foam-like quality that makes it easier for crocs to walk in.

 The material is purely organic, despite the fact that it looks like plastic. The material used to make crocs is edible also, but that statement should be enough and people must not go around eating and trying crocs out.

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Different Types And Styles Of Crocs:

1. Platform Crocs:

Platform crocs come in various designs and colours and are specifically designed for women. Many people have called these crocs ugly, massive, and hideous, but regardless, people continue to wear them.

2. Crocs Classic Clogs:

These are the most common and classy crocs of all time. They are found with every croc fanatic and are extremely appealing to the eyes, apart from being comfortable.

3. Steel Toe Crocs:

As the name suggests, these are like any other normal croc, but the front portion is made of steel. These are not highly recommended, but people buy them for the fun of it or for activities like Halloween.

4. Crocs Translucent:

Crocs Translucent are exactly what the name suggests. They are translucent and white-ish and are preferred by people who like to stand out in a crowd.

5. Camo Crocs:

Camo Crocs are a great blend of two or more colours and pair up best with neutral clothes. They look pretty as the two shades always complement each other.

6. Crocs With Fur:

Crocs with fur are one of the most loved designs of crocs. They have fur inside the shoes, which provides great comfort, ease, and warmth. They are optimal for winter. People love wearing them inside as well as outside in the cold weather. Also, they look exceptionally graceful and chic.

7. Crocs Sandals:

Croc sandals work as both sandals and crocs. Their straps can be used or can be pushed behind to serve a dual purpose.

8. Croc Boots:

Croc boots are huge and bulky in appearance, so some people might not like them, as Crocs are otherwise known for their lightweight features. But these croc boots are great for winter and to make a unique statement.

9. Crocs For Dogs:

Crocs for dogs are the cutest mini version of crocs available on the market. Now you can pair up your shoes with your dogs, and how adorable would that be.

10. Classic All-Terrain Clog:

The classic All-Terrain crocs are very durable ad mostly known for their sturdiness. They are very strong and are considered great for outdoor sports activities like hiking as well. They are one of the most popular crocs.

11. Heely Crocs:

Heely crocs have wheels attached to them This might seem absurd but they are actually very well-liked for their unique design. The most popular Heely crocs are the Lightning McQueen print ones that people cherish for absolutely distinct style and print.

12. Crocs Flip-Flops:

Croc flip-flops stray a little farther away from the design of crocs and take the form of flip-flops mainly. They are very comfortable because of the same material used and can be worn comfortably to run errands.

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Different colours are available for Crocs:

1. Pink Crocs:

Pink is a vibrant colour that can be worn by both genders, despite the taboo that surrounds pink, deeming it fit for only girls. The pink colour can easily pop out if you are wearing neutral colour and would only further accentuate the look you are going for.

2. Crocs white:

White crocs sound so amazing and are equally amazing to wear. They are simple, chic, and elegant. It is difficult to not fall in love with a white pair of crocs.

3. Black crocs:

Black crocs, like the colour black, are timeless. They can be worn at any time of the day and for anything that one has to do. Black crocs would look great with everything, and you do not have to wear something specific for them to pop out.

4. Blue Crocs:

Blue Crocs do not have one specific colour but a myriad of shades. Blue crocs are pretty soothing and calming to look at, and they can create their own vibe whenever required.

 5. Orange Crocs:

 Orange Crocs might seem like a colour that not everyone can pull off. But they are definitely the only colours that anyone can pull off during Halloween. Additionally, they will look great on the days you pair them up with matching clothes.

 6. Red Crocs:

Red is one of the most eye-catching colour and people love to wear this colour around in crocs. They give you a distinct style and can enhance your look further.

 7. Glitter Crocs:

Glitter crocs are hard to pull off, but people can end up looking sassy and bold. The look starts to define the person if it is that unique.

 8. Grey Crocs:

Grey crocs are as casual as it gets. They can be worn to neutral places with neutral outfits, and one does not have to think about them twice.


  1. Can You Run in Crocs?

    Crocs are not specifically made for running but can be put to good use. They are extremely lightweight and thus might be used for running but not for professional events.

  2. How are crocs made?

    Crocs are made with this material called Croslite, which is particularly manufactured by the company itself. It is this croslite that gives them all the distinct features that make them so adored and popular in the market.

  3. Do Crocs Help With Plantar Fasciitis?

    The specific crocs that are non-slip and water-resistant are the ones that can help with plantar fasciitis. So the fact that they might be limited to certain crocs and not all.

  4. What is the difference between Crocs and Yeezy Slides?

    The most basic difference between the crocs and the Yeezy slides is that of comfort. On the one hand, Crocs provide ultimate comfort, on the other hand, Yeezy slides fail to do so and provide comfort at a very average level. They are known for their unique design and style.

  5. What is the difference between Crocs and foam runners?

    Crocs and foam runners also differ on the grounds of comfort in terms of features like material, sizing, and durability. In terms of comfort, Crocs are the more comfortable option among the two, but in durability, foam runners are known to be in a higher position in terms of durability.

  6. Do Crocs Provide Arch Support?

    Yes, crocs do provide arch support. Their material croslite makes the foam lightweight and mouldable, which makes the arch support optimal in most cases.

  7.  Do You Wear Crocs with Jeans?

    Crocs are as versatile as footwear can get. They go well with everything, and jeans are just one of those many things.

  8. What is the difference between Amoji vs Crocs?

    Amoji and crocs differ on the grounds of cost, material, sole and product variation. Amoji is a much cheaper option with more holes and less product variation.

  9. What is the difference between Baya and classic Crocs?

    There are not a lot of differences between the Baya crocs and the classic crocs, and they are extremely similar in terms of design, weight, and material. The one difference that stands out the most is that in Baya crocs, crocs are spelt out on the outside.

  10. Crocs vs Dansko: Which is Better?

    Both Crocs and Dansko are better in certain aspects. In terms of comfort and durability, Dansko is better, but when it comes to the softness and lightness of the material, one would consider Crocs to be a better option.

  11. Crocs vs Oofos, which is better?

    It depends on what a person is looking for. Rocs are considered more comfortable, but Oofos are also comfortable with a certain style angle added to their charm.


There are a variety of options available for the crocs that need consideration. Crocs, with a stronghold in the market because of their extreme comfort, lightweight features, and durability, are only further enhancing the business by introducing myriads of other options available to choose from.

There are many other types of sandals available that are in competition with crocs, but crocs are currently the ones that are most loved and liked globally. There are Baya crocs, Oofos, Dansko, etcetera that are already halfway there to provide comfort and durability, and now it is more about what a person wants to give preference to. Otherwise, crocs are always there for the comfort and support and are the last resort to fall back on.

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