Are Adidas Shoes Vegan Friendly? – 2023

Are Adidas Shoes Vegan Friendly

Adidas is an iconic and bold brand. They have been pioneers of the footwear industry for decades now. They are also known for making some of the best shoes and sneakers. While being one of the best, they have also tried to make their brand more eco-friendly.

Adidas has tied up with numerous nonprofit organizations for various initiatives. The company believes that it can bring positive changes to the community. They have helped uplift the lives of many families through sports.

Environmental care is also at their heart. Saving the ocean and using recycled plastic are some of their initiatives. In fact, Adidas wants to completely remove plastic waste from the ocean, and they even have strategies in place to do just that.

I see many people asking questions like, “Are Adidas shoes vegan?” Or “Is Adidas cruelty-free?” I am here to clarify all your doubts and answer any questions you may have through my guide. Adidas has been making strides in the vegan footwear world.

They have partnered with designer Stella McCartney to create some of the best-looking vegan shoes on the market. Most of their iconic styles will now be available in vegan-friendly choices.

Are Adidas Shoes Vegan?

Adidas is not a 100% vegan brand. A lot of their shoes still use leather. Most of their soccer cleats are made from different kinds of leather. So leather is still a big part of their footwear lineup. But having said that, they are putting more effort and money into creating more vegan shoes.

They have an entire collection of vegan shoes on their website. This collection includes some incredibly stylish, comfortable shoes. They have also completely shifted to using vegan glue. Adidas has also confirmed that they stopped animal testing quite a while ago. So it’s quite refreshing to see a big brand like Adidas taking definitive steps towards becoming a more animal-friendly brand.

Which Adidas Shoes Are Vegan?

Adidas has an entire vegan lineup designed by Stella McCartney. They also have easy access to all vegan shoes on their website, so you don’t have to worry one bit about it. They have also started using plant-based and recycled products in their vegan shoes.

Adidas has come up with new high-performance running shoes that use recycled ocean plastic. They were able to achieve this feat by teaming up with Parley.

To make your life easier, I will list below some of their best-selling vegan shoes. You can check them out.

Best Selling Vegan Adidas Shoes

Here is a list of best-selling vegan shoes from Adidas that are stylish, comfortable, and provide ultimate support.

  1. Samba Vegan Shoes
  2. Stan Smith Shoes
  3. Superstar Vegan Shoes
  4. Ultraboost 21 Shoes
  5. Treino Shoes
  6. Ultraboost Sandal
  7. Ultraboost 21 x Parley Shoes Running
  8. Terrex Two Ultra Primeblue Trail Running Shoes
  9. 4D RUN 1.0 Parley Shoes
  10. NMD R1 Shoes

Vegan Adidas Shoes FAQ

1) Is Adidas cruelty-free?

No, Adidas has quite a lot of shoes that use leather. They do have a vegan range of shoes. They have officially confirmed that they don’t do animal testing anymore, which is good news. You can always check the product description to know if the product is cruelty-free or not. 

2) Does Adidas use vegan shoe glue?

Yes. Adidas is one of many brands to completely adopt vegan glue. Their older products might not have vegan glue in them, so make sure to check them before buying. Anyway, vegan glue is much better than animal-based glue, so it shouldn’t be a worry as brands will mostly use vegan glue.

3) Does Adidas use real leather?

Yes, they do, but not in all of the shoes. Most of their soccer cleats or water-resistant shoes have leather in them. They use different kinds of leather to make these products. A lot of their shoes, though, also use synthetic materials, canvas, and mesh, which are 100% vegan-friendly. 

4) Is Adidas Superstar vegan?

Both vegan and leather versions of this shoe are available. Originally, it was always made using leather, but Adidas has launched a vegan-friendly version of it due to its popularity. 

5) Is Adidas Continental 80 vegan?

Under the Our Icons Go Vegan initiative, Adidas has made this shoe from synthetic materials. There is not a single animal-based product used in the making of this shoe. They have even managed to use ocean plastic in this shoe as a part of their initiative to eliminate ocean plastic waste.

6) What Adidas sneakers are vegan?

Adidas has made it easy to know about their products. So you can easily find out from their website which sneakers are vegan-friendly. Most of their sneakers are vegan-friendly, but it’s always better to make sure. Products that have leather in them should be avoided. They do use synthetic leather too, which is vegan, so keep an eye out for that.

Conclusion: Some Adidas are vegan, some are not

Though Adidas is not a 100% vegan or cruelty-free brand they are putting a lot of effort into making the brand eco-friendly and animal-friendly. Through different partnerships, they have already achieved a lot and I am sure that’s not the end of it.

The brand will strive to make itself more vegan-friendly in the future. I have provided this guide in the hope of answering all your questions. I have also addressed the question on this topic: are Adidas shoe vegan?

Adidas offers loads of shoes, and many of them are vegan. I have made an effort to list some of the best ones above, which I am sure will benefit most of you. I hope my guide helps you in your quest to find the right vegan shoes for you.

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