Are Blundstones Waterproof? 2023

Water resistance is the crucial factor for boots. They are great for the outdoors irrespective of the season. Blundstone was founded in 1870. Blundstones are ideal for rainy weather as they are absolutely waterproof.Blundstone leather boots are waterproof as they are treated with water repellent before dispatch. Blundstone being one of the top most boot brands in the world, highly loved for its ultimate durability and known as ideal boots to wear on any occasion, climate.

Potential buyers often expect that their feet should not get wet while trekking through snow or rain in their Blundstone boots. It values durability that can resist any terrain, protection from the elements and unrivaled comfort. Here you get the whole detailed information about the Blundstone brand, most importantly whether blundtones are waterproof or not? 

Tips to Keep Blundstones Waterproof

Are All Blundstones Waterproof?

All the potential buyers of Blundstone have a question whether all Blundstone are waterproof? The answer in short is No, all the blundstone boots are not waterproof.

To explain it I say that the Blundstones are manufactured to be water resistant because they are created by oil-treated leather and also the water repellent suede. But firstly, you must note the difference between waterproof and water resistant boots.

Water resistant boots can resist the water to a degree but not wholly whereas the waterproof boots are something that is impervious to water. If you have gone on a hike and been struck in the rain, have ever splashed through a puddle and your socks got wet immediately, then you will want to appreciate the need of a water resistant boot.

Blundstone brand has crafted its products to make sure that little amounts of moisture, like puddles, would not be an issue. You can enjoy the outdoors by wearing water repellent and durable Blundstone boots. 

What Blundstones Are Waterproof?

Blundstones are perfect for any occasion that is the reason why their collection grows annually. They are available for both men and women. Here are a few Blundstones that are waterproof.

Blundstone Thermal Series 

These are the best boots that always keep your feet dry and warm. Blundstone Thermal series are best suitable for adventure lovers or the farmers working hard all day outside because they are fully waterproof and allow for the possibility of inclement weather.

Blundstone has designed thermal series to offer comfort without compromising the style of their boots for all types of customers. They are specifically designed to keep feet dry even in the extreme of winters. These boots come in different styles for both men and women. You can bare the cold weather through the snow or walking down the street with these Blundstones. 

Not only Blundstone offers Thermal Series but also offers a premium waterproofing spray that was made to protect the boots against water damage. So whether your boots have suede or leather that need securing, they have the ability to become waterproof within no time.

You can even get the extremely comfortable shearling footbeds separately for achieving maximum comfort in any shoe. These footbeds might be washable, moisture wicking and breathable. They pull moisture away from the feet protecting skin from liquid keeping them warm. 

Tips to Keep Blundstones Waterproof:

You may own a pair of Blundstone waterproof boots but do not know how to keep them waterproof. Here are a few tips to keep blundstones waterproof. It is really simple and easy. Treating them twice a year would be great to keep all boots waterproof. By following the tips given in the article here you can keep them completely dry. 

Cleanliness is the most important factor for any boots. You must maintain the interior and exterior of your Blundstone boots as neat and clean as possible. This makes them waterproof. In addition to this, brushing daily with a soft brush is essential. It is good if you spray water repellent spray daily on your boots or wax to keep them waterproof.

In case your boots are already waterproof and you do not want to spend more money to make them waterproof, instead you can make them water resistant. Wearing your Blundstones for long periods without leather oil protection leads to general wear and tear along with cracks in the leather.

Leather is exposed to water due to this cracking that means your Blundstones are no more waterproof. I strongly suggest you to treat your Blundstone boots with a coat of oil or wax every few months to increase their durability. 

Ensure that you do not walk through puddles. Do not jump straight in puddles, it might be alluring but you are better off strolling around. It might seem easy and not much jumping in puddles and water but they may cause damage to your Blundstone boots over time.

If your boots are already worn out and torn, you will not want to spend money on a new pair of boots. It would be an effective way if you clean and waterproof your old boots to preserve the original leather as leather on the older Blundstone boots is that which gives them their durability and quality.

How Waterproof Are Blundstones?

Blundstones are not absolutely waterproof. Especially if there is a lot of snow, they probably aren’t. They are well designed, comfortable boots which can be worn in different professions or dress costumes. Rubber boots can be waterproof but not Blundstones as they are leather.

So, they are simply water resistant. If you want to increase the water resistance capacity, pour a good amount of dubbin or other wax or oil into the boots. They are treated with oil leather, so they may get wet if they are in water for longer periods of time. 

What is the Difference Between Blundstone Waterproof and Regular Boots?

Blundstone boots which are waterproof decrease the use of fossil fuels and raw materials. They focus on renewable resources and recyclable materials as it is rigidly committed to sustainable development.

The waterproof Blundstones are 100% leather and these waterproof Blundstone boots are lined with wool or fleece as the exterior and the interior is made up of a mixed fabric which are none but polyamide and polyester.

These raw materials offer water resistance and high insulation power protecting your feet from all types of moistures. Regular leather boots do not have all these luxurious features, hence you need to treat the boots to improve the water resistance. 

Best Waterproof Sprays For Blundstones Boots: 


  1. Is Blundstone waterproof?

    Blundstone is waterproof but not all the models of Blundstone are waterproof. They keep your feet warm and dry throughout the day in all types of weather conditions. They suit best for snowy and rainy days or activities like hunting or fishing where they offer your feet with ideal support. 

  2. How do I clean my Blundstone waterproof boots?

    It is important to maintain your boots as clean as possible. It is easy to clean, you can simply brush the boots with a smooth brush. I suggest you treat your Blundstone boots with wax or care products like leatherique yearly twice to maintain the leather surface's condition. 

  3. Are rustic brown Blundstones waterproof?

    Rustic brown Blundstones are sturdy and durable. They are made up of premium leather that is treated for water resistance. It also contains waterproof latex seams to protect your feet from elements. 

  4. Are women's Blundstones waterproof?

    Women's Blundstones are fully waterproof. They are Thermal series built for cold and wet weather. The thinsulate insulation and shearling footbeds shall keep your feet dry and warm.

  5. Are Blundstones 585 waterproof?

    Blundstone 585 has premium water resistant leather manufactured with water resistant supple leather upper and leather lining. This provides absolute comfort and a removable comfort footbed helps in impact absorption. 

  6. Are suede Blundstones waterproof?

    The answer is yes. The Blundstone boots treated with water repellent suede are water resistant. They can be worn regardless of the weather conditions. 


All Blundstone are not designed to be waterproof but are water resistant. Before buying any Blundstone Blundstone, keep in mind all these factors. I hope you got to know the answer for questions – “Are Blundstones waterproof”?, ” How waterproof are they?”, “Are all Blundstones waterproof?” and many more doubts.

After going through the entire article you can come to a conclusion of what to buy. If you take waterproof or the water resistant Blundstones, you need to maintain them to keep them waterproof. Anyways, you can grab any variety off the store without compromise in quality and comfort from Blundstone brand. 

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