Are Chacos Waterproof or Water Resistant? 2023

Chaco is a widely popular American footwear brand that is most famously known for its Z-line adjustable strap sandals. These sandals are massively loved and bought all over the world because of their comfortable arch support, durability, versatility and foremost their water resistibility. The brand also produces other footwear like slippers, shoes, and flip-flops but their trademark has become these sandals. These sandals are adored because of the flexibility of their performance. Furthermore, these sandals are perfect to be worn all day as they provide the best arch support to prevent any fatigue from happening. Many people have questions concerning the water-resistance of Chacos but the fact that they are waterproof is an additional advantage.

Is Chacos Good For the Beach?

Is Chacos Good For the Beach?

Chaco has immense popularity concerning their sandals which can be worn easily on the beach. They are undoubtedly made to be worn in the water. They are designed in a way that they are lightweight and snug yet breathable making them the best choice to be worn on and around the beach. The fact that they are snug assures that they would not slip off your foot or come off when wet which otherwise happens with all footwear. Their adjustable straps help you to adjust them to your size accordingly.The sole of these Chacos is made with a certain kind of material that prevents them from becoming slippery when they get wet, unlike normal slippers or flip-flops.

They can be considered the best to be worn on the beaches based on the fact that they do not get slippery hence undercutting the risk of falling or slipping. These are best sandals when it comes to wet surfaces.

Is Chacos Good for the Pool Side?

The brand prides itself on having made footwear specifically for wet surfaces. Their sandals are designed in a certain way that makes them appropriate for all sorts of wet surfaces, whether it be a beach or a pool. The Chaco sandals with adjustable straps are one of the most recommended footwear to be worn in and around water surfaces. The material of rubber they use to make these sandals is considered optimal to be worn on wet surfaces. Buy yourself the right size of Chacos as they would ultimately provide you years of service, with ideal comfort and the perfect sole arch to walk the pool side. These sandals function their best not only on the rocky, hilly or smooth surfaces but also on water surfaces which are usually difficult to tread on with any normal footwear. This quality is what makes them so unique and desirable amongst all age groups.

Are Chacos Good River Shoes?

Chacos are great for any and all surfaces near water as they are designed in a way that helps them to adjust well on wet surfaces. They can be easily worn around rivers as their soles are designed in a way that makes them water-resistant and the comfort that they offer with the durability that accompanies them are the best footwear available out there to be worn around wet surfaces. These sandals come with the primal water-resistant sole that enables them to grasp on wet surfaces easily and the grip is firm.

One issue that people face with Chacos at times is that with prolonged use near or around wet surfaces, they start to smell. This odour is something that cannot be helped. It can be reduced a little or avoided for some time with regular washing and flossing but is imminent to them and cannot be indefinitely deterred.

What to Do When Chacos Get Wet?

If the Chacos have to get wet, which they are eventually bound to, as they are specially designed to be around wet surfaces, the most recommended thing to do is to let them air dry. You have to ensure that you are letting them dry out completely so leave them in the open. Unless you are in a rush, do not try and use heat on them and let them air dry on their own as their material might be sensitive to heat or in some cases, they might shrink as well. Another easy way to dry them would be to tie them out in the open to a rope and leave them there but do avoid direct contact with sunlight.

Chacos, in contact of direct sunlight might lose their potent characteristic features and lose their durability as well as might lose out the appearance of the evergreen sandals that they are known for. So make sure that you dry them well but only in ways that are recommended and not in machines like dishwasher or with heating products like hair dryers.

How to Clean Chacos?

Since Chacos are very comfortable footwear to wear, they tend to get dirty quickly so you should keep in mind how to clean them. You can clean them in a machine as well as by hand.

Cleaning Chacos by Hand:

  1. To clean them by hand, use a brush – it can be a toothbrush, paintbrush or any other brush you can find in your house.
  2. Then using an aqua solution of half part baking soda and half part water.
  3. Clean the shoes using the brush, trying to remove all the dirt you might find on the surface of the shoes.
  4. Make sure that you get the solution out entirely before leaving the shoes out to dry.

Washing Chacos Using Washing Machine:

You can put your sandals alongside your laundry and keep the setting to gentle with detergents that are not too strong as the use of excessive chemicals can damage your sandals. Ensure that you do not wash them with hot water. The things you must keep in mind before you wash your Chacos are to avoid excessive heat while washing and while drying. Do not dry them with a hairdryer as that may have other long term effects.

How To Floss Your Chacos?

 It is important to floss your sandals regularly as otherwise, they might start smelling and the bad odour can also spread to your feet. Cleaning and flossing are two of the only care processes that you have to undertake regularly when it comes to this footwear. Both cleaning and flossing are simple processes that can be performed at home without any adult supervision, so you must look after your sandals consistently to preserve them for longer duration. Take the straps out of your Chacos sandals and gently soak them in water. Floss by pulling the ends of the sandals after having put some fabric softener into the slots from where you took out the straps from.

After you finish flossing, thoroughly rinse the sandals to remove any sort of residue on the sandals. Leave your shoes to dry in a cool and shady place and make sure they are completely dry before you wear them again.

Which Chacos Are Waterproof?

Chacos make various type of footwear and are not simply limited to waterproof sandals. They make boots, flip-flops and other designs as well, which are equally popular. The reason why they are known by their sandals is because of the lack of availability of footwear that can be worn as comfortably as these around wet surfaces like beach and pools. Despite the water-resistant quality of their most sought after footwear, not all of their footwear is waterproof. The top picks amongst their waterproof footwear are the Z/1, Z/Cloud 2, Z/Volv, Banded Z, and Odyssey models and some other sandals.

But other than this, they have ample other options to buy from, beginning from boots to flip-flops. We also suggest you to try chacos dupes incase if you are running on a tight budget to save few bucks and get 100% waterproof footwear.

Can You Wear Chacos in Water?

Yes, you can wear Chacos in water as they are made with water-resistant material specifically to enable people to be able to comfortably go into places with water around them.

  1. Tevas or Chacos: which is better for water?

    It is difficult to choose one of the two most popular sandals as both of them offer different kinds of comfort and facilities. Tevas and Chacos, both are equally water-resistant and can be worn to water surfaces easily.

  2. Can I swim in Chacos?

    Yes, you can swim in your Chacos but you have to ensure that every time your Chacos come in contact with saline water, you have to thoroughly rinse them to save them from deterioration.

  3. How long do Chacos last if they get wet?

    Chacos are made with extensive care and are known for their durability. They are known to last for approximately 10 years and even longer if you take care of them by regularly cleaning and flossing them.


Chacos are great to be worn on various occasions and especially now that you know they are waterproof you can make optimum use of them and comfortably wear them to water surfaces like beaches or poolsides. Chacos are versatile as well as highly durable and would be at your service for years to come if you take certain necessary and mandatory precautions regarding cleaning and flossing them at regular intervals. They are reasonably priced and are completely worth every penny you spend on them.

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