Are Converse Good For Wide Feet?

With a history of more than a century, the Converse has manufactured hundreds of different versions of shoes. They are known all over the world for their versatility and classic designs. Converse shoes are cheaper than other brands, they are also known to have produced limited editions with different collaborations and collections like Super Mario Bros, DC comics, etc. Everyone wishes to own at least a pair due to the brand’s popularity but those with wider foot sizes might wonder “Are Converse good for wider feet?” The purpose of this article is to provide guidance and help make a decision.

Are Converse Good For Wide Feet

Are Converse Shoes Good For Wide Feet?

Yes, Converse shoes are good for people with wider feet. They will find several options among the Converse shoes to choose from but they will fit them only when they are of the correct size and are broken in. Converse shoes take about a couple of weeks to break into. Afterward, they become comfortable enough to be worn all day. Converse provides their customers with a wide width range so that those with wide feet get to choose any pair of classically styled sneakers they wish for. The official page of converse offers a wide fit range for customers to choose from online purchases. The brand value all kinds of customers, even those who have a hard time finding the correct size of footwear.

How to Measure Feet for Converse Wide Width?

Before buying a pair of shoes, one should always be aware of their foot size. The steps for the correct method of measuring a foot are as follows:

  • Step 1 – Gather the materials required to measure i.e. pencil, white paper, and measure tape.
  • Step 2 – Place the piece of paper on the ground and step on it.
  • Step 3 – Use the pencil and mark the tip of the toes and the heel.
  • Step 4 – Step off and measure the distance between the two points with the measuring tape. 
  • Step 5 – Note down the measurement both in inches and cm.
  • Step 6 – In the case of online shopping one can simply enter the size online by comparing it with the Converse size guide and those vising the store can ask for the shoe of that size.

Are Converse Good For Toddlers With Wide Feet?

Yes, Converse does have medium to wide feet options for children but they might not be available all the time. When it comes to buying shoes for toddlers, the most important is comfort for their growing feet and their shoes shouldn’t be too tight or too big. If one’s child has wide feet they are also recommended to size up in Converse. Instead of buying shoes online, it is best to bring the child to the store and try on the shoes in person. In case the Converse shoes are a little tight they can size up. They do have half sizes for kids which help in sizing up or down. Besides the comfort and fit, they also have fun designs for kids.

How Converse Feel On Wide Feet?

People with wide feet who purchase Converse shoes that are wide width fit feel more comfortable than regular fit Converse. They have plenty of room for the toes in the toe box. The regular Converse sneakers might feel a bit tight or narrow when they are worn for the first time by people with wide feet. The reason behind it is the upper canvas of the shoe stays stiff for a while and finally softens after the break in period. People with wide feet are most of the time advised to visit the store themselves and try on the shoes before buying a pair. This is mostly for people who do not want to go through the return process. But those who prefer shopping online can order a half size up from the regular size for extra wiggle room.

Why is Converse Not Really Good For Wide Feet?

The main reason why Converse shoes are not good for wide feet is that they are made of stiff materials that do not stretch for a while. Despite being worn a few times they take time to stretch according to the shape of the feet. Besides the uncomfortable break in the process, there is also the factor that they can not easily be worn and taken off. The reason is similar that is they are not very flexible and the material they are made of does not stretch much. Blisters and rubbing of the skin are common problems whenever new Converse shoes are worn. To avoid that one can wear a pair of socks but that would make the shoes even tighter. Another way would be to stretch them before they are worn.


  1. What's considered a wide foot?

    If most footwear feels stuffy then there’s a chance that the feet are wide. For being certain one can measure their foot. For example, people with a foot width of  4 1/16” in a size 9 shoe or 3 3/16” in a size 7 have wider feet.

  2. Are Converse wider than vans?

    According to customer reviews, Converse shoes seem to be a bit bigger than Vans shoes but Vans are known for their durability and blister-free factors.

  3. How can I widen my Converse shoes?

    There are several methods to widen Converse shoes like freezing, wearing socks, blow drying, wearing them indoors, shoe stretch spray, or simply seeking professional help.


Not all shoe styles under converse might give the same amount of comfort and some might fit better than the others but all of them need to be broken into. It is important to try on the shoes first and if they are too tight one can go for half a size up. The shoes might still feel uncomfortable but with use, they will get more comfortable gradually. Even though Converse shoes provide online options for shopping, people with wide feet should visit the store in person to buy them. This is to ensure they choose the correct size after trying on different styles, which they would not be able to do online, and returning the shoes might seem like a hassle. So the ones doubting “Are Converse Good for Wide feet?” should definitely try them out and be a little patient for the first few uses to see the results themselves.

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