Are Converse Shoes Vegan Friendly?

Converse is basically a U.S.-based shoe brand that manufactures different shoes like skate shoes, sneakers, and many other types of shoes and apparel. It was established in 1908.

During World War II, Converse moved its production to make footwear for the army. It was one of only a handful of makers of athletic shoes and for over 50 years, the organization ruled the American athletic shoe market. From the 1970s, the organization lost its predominant status as contenders introduced their own styles.

In 2001, they declared financial insolvency before Nike purchased the brand for a little more than $300 million. Converse has extended away from their main products, trainers, to making garments too and stayed possessed by Nike right up ’til today.

For a large part of the last decade or somewhere in the vicinity, Converse has flourished and has had deals of around $2 billion every year for a large part of the last decade.

Today the organization’s portfolio incorporates items under the Converse, One Star, Chuck Taylor All-Star (“Chucks”), Cons, Jack Purcell, and Star Chevron brand names. Converse habitually works together on exceptional version items delivered with different brands like John Varvatos.

Converse shoes are recognized by various provisions, including the organization’s star symbol, the All-Star’s elastic sole, smoothly adjusted toe, and fold-over strip.

Have you ever got questions like “Are Converse Shoes Vegan?” or  “Is Converse vegan?” If yes then this is the destination guide for you. Here we have answered all your questions related to Converse Shoes and we have listed the Best Vegan Converse Shoes for men and women respectively. You check them down.

Are Converse Shoes Vegan?

These questions were raised in front of the company and thus the company investigated with their adhesive providers and came to an official conclusion: “In May 2016, we decided to investigate and were pleased to learn that all our chemicals (rubber, ink, adhesives, etc.) are non-animal.

This means that there hasn’t been any specific change in the way our synthetic shoes are made, but rather we can now be sure that our synthetic shoes are non-animal based.”

Though this was the company’s stand, Are Converse Shoes Really Vegan? This question arises because the company is not a certified vegan company. That’s because Converse manufactures leather shoes along with synthetic (non-vegan) ones. Thus the industry includes animal by-products too.

Though it’s not a big task to distinguish between leather shoes and synthetic shoes. The big challenge in distinguishing vegan shoes is whether the glue used in the shoe is vegan or not. As many brands are not clear about the glue used and don’t open up about the ingredients used in the glue. 

But Converse states clearly that they use cruelty-free glue (the glue that is free from any animal by-product) and it becomes easier to decide whether the Converse shoes are vegan or not (just check whether the shoe is made of leather or not, that’s all).

There are some people who are purely vegan and will still have trust issues regarding this. For them, they can manually confirm from the official Converse website, Amazon, or other retailers. All the details of the shoes and the materials used are listed (in the description) along with the shoe.

Even though Converse Shoes are not certified as vegan, but mostly their shoes are vegan. The materials used by them in most of the shoes are made of rubber and cotton canvas. There are some shoes like their Fastbreak models, or One Star models in which they use animal leather and suede for detailing and making shoe uppers.

But that’s not a matter of concern for you. All you want is the vegan model shoes. We have listed the best vegan Converse shoes, which you can purchase from the given link directly.

Which Converse Shoes are Vegan?

If you are thinking of purchasing a vegan Converse shoe but are confused about which one to choose then here we come with the list of the best vegan Converse Shoes for men and women respectively.

For Men

  1. All-Star High Top Canvas
  2. All-Star High Top Canvas
  3. Converse Jack Purcell Canvas
  4. Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star Core Ox
  5. Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star Slip-On

For Women

  1. Platform Canvas Low Top
  2. Platform Canvas High Top
  3. Shoreline Slip
  4. Canvas espadrilles
  5. Canvas Mule Slips

Vegan Converse Shoes FAQ

  1. Is Converse cruelty-free?

    The Converse (brand/company) is not cruelty-free as it uses suede and animal leather. Although the brand or the company is not cruelty-free, it manufactures numerous vegan shoes listed above.

  2. Does Converse use vegan shoe glue?

    In one word, Yes, Converse use vegan shoe glue. In 2016, the company stated after an investigation with its adhesive suppliers and officially confirmed that the glue used in the vegan shoes is completely synthetic and cruelty-free.

  3. What are Converse shoes made of?

    Even though Converse Shoes are not certified as vegan, but mostly their shoes are vegan. The materials used by them in most of the shoes are made of rubber and cotton canvas. There are some shoes like their Fastbreak models, or One Star models in which they use animal leather and suede for detailing and making shoe uppers.

  4. Is the Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star vegan?

    The Chuck Taylor All-Star comes with both options of vegan and non-vegan. The vegan Chuck Taylor All-Star is made up of cotton canvas.

  5. Is Converse Chuck Taylor 70 vegan?

    The Chuck Taylor 70 high-top sneakers are not vegan because their ankle patches are made of leather. But, the Chuck Taylor 70 low-top sneakers are vegan as they are made of cotton canvas.

  6. Are Converse high tops vegan?

    In one word, No, all Converse high tops are not vegan. It is so because its ankle patches are made up of leather, and the rest of the things are pure cotton canvas.

Some Converse Are Vegan, Some Are Not

As explained earlier, the Converse brand (currently owned by Nike) manufactures numerous vegan shoes (sneakers, trainers, etc.). Mostly, they use vegan glue for the shoes, but leather, suede, or any other non-vegan material is used in some of the shoes. Though the Classic Canvas Cons are pure vegan, many others along with them are true vegan.

If you go with a pair of the ideal Canvas Chucks, be confident, it is pure vegan. If you are ought to purchase something else other than Canvas Chucks, then you will have to see the label and check whether the fabric material used is vegan or not. If you are still not sure then you may contact the retailer or the company to confirm.

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