Are Doc Martens Good For Snow? – 2023 Update

It is a must to prepare beforehand for the upcoming winter season that will be filled with snow. It is not easy to wear just about anything before going out in snowy weather. The weather will affect what you wear and how you wear it. As the snow is going to make everything slippery, you are going to need something more than just basic shoes to be able to walk along the roads without falling and slipping.

One of the most loved shoes or pairs of boots for the winter and snowy seasons is Doc Martens. They are absolutely adorable and beautiful and stand the test of all-weather and slopes. They are sturdy and strong, and most Dr. Martens are known for their waterproof and slip-resistant characteristics.

If you are wondering whether or not Dr Martens are water0-resistant, rest assured that they are. At least most of them are. It might vary at times depending on what style you are going for, but otherwise, most of Dr Martens’ shoes are waterproof.

Can You Wear Doc Martens in the Snow? 

You can definitely wear Doc Martens in the snow as they are designed in such a way that they are both slip-resistant as well as water-resistant. This combination is not easy to find in just about any shoe. The Doc Martens are designed with their special technology to combat rough weather as well as surfaces. Their soles have great traction and grip, which are the two most important things when it comes to shoes for winter.

The shoes, though they can be worn in the winter in general, are more suited for the urban winters where it is the bare minimum. Not all Doc Martens can withstand the same conditions and so it is better to take precautions and then gets boots more suited for winters.

Doc Martens did take out a winter line of shoes to endure the cold and harsh winters. If the winter is going to be as rough, you must definitely go for the exclusive winter line – WinterGrip; and sail through the snow easily.  These boots have grooved cleats which will provide more traction and grip than the normal Doc Martens. The leather used in these shoes is water-resistant, furthering the cause.

Will Doc Martens Get Ruined in the Snow?

To begin with, leather and snow are not a great combination. So, the shoes might be ruined by the snow, but it also depends on what shoes you are wearing. The regular Doc Martens are water-resistant but they are not made to resist the cold and harsh winters. For that, they have a separate winter line that must be preferred.

The line of winter shoes taken out exclusively by Doc Martens are made with different materials than the regular ones, using leather that is waterproof itself. So if you have to buy something for winter and to walk and stay out in the snow for longer durations then you must go for the winter line of Doc Martens as they have higher chances of staying safer in the snow.

How is the Doc Martens Sole Traction in Snow?

As aforementioned, not all Doc Martens are made for the heavy snowfall of winter weather. They are all slip-resistant and water-resistant but still cannot adequately fulfil the requirements of snow boots.

The regular Doc Martens are slip-resistant but only for minimum-level greasy surfaces. They are not appropriate for extreme snow. Doc Martens does have an exclusive line of winter collections that are great for traction and slip resistance.

If you find that the winter line is also not preventing you from slipping on snowy surfaces, then you must recheck your size, as the wrong size might not hold as firmly as the right one.

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Are Doc Martens Good On Ice?

Doc Martens has this exclusive line of shoes and boots especially customized to endure the winter and the snow. They are good on ice. They have a firmer grip, a sturdier stance, and increased traction than the regular Doc Martens and can thus withstand slippery surfaces.

You cannot go for any Doc Martens and expect them to be good on the ice as, despite the design of Doc Martens that makes their shoes slip-resistant and water-resistant, they are not as water-resistant to stand still on snow. One has to go for the exclusive lines for winter if they want boots to be worn in the snow on an everyday basis.

These shoes are going to be an investment of sorts, as they are extremely durable and will not simply wither out after one season of winter. So you can definitely go for them if you are living in a place that has extreme weather conditions.

Can You Wear Doc Martens in the Winter?

You can definitely wear Doc Martens in the winter. The shoes were initially made for people of the working class who have to work through all the harsh conditions on an everyday basis. Thus, the shoes are going to hold on for the minimum amount of winter weather, but if you are thinking of wearing them in the snow, then you should reconsider.

There is a reason why Doc Martens had to take out a separate line. These shoes are made especially to be worn in the snow and have greater traction and better grip. So, if you must, go for these as they are going to hold on for much longer in the winter season than the regular Doc Martens.


If you are a fan of Doc Martens, you must know that Doc Martens are great for winter and snow and are a great investment. They are great for all sorts of occasions. The winter line of Doc Martens is great for the snow and winter.

Not all shoes and boots are perfect for handling snow, and the same goes for the regular line of Doc Martens. So if you must, go for the winter line.

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