Are Doc Martens Non Slip? 2023

Doc Martens are the absolute favourite of everyone who does not mind heavy boots. Their boots are world-famous for their durability, timelessness, versatility and the comfort that accompanies them. They can be worn with dresses, denim, skirts, shorts and anything you can think of and can be worn to schools, colleges, work, religious institutions and parties as well. They suit all age groups and all kinds of activities like walking or trekking. Additionally, Doc Martens last for years after their purchase which makes them absolutely worth all the penny. The one thing that concerns people is whether the Doc Martens are non-slip as these shoes are mostly worn in the colder countries.

What Makes Doc Martens Non-Slip

Are Doc Martens Non-Slip?

Doc Martens are GripTrax features are definitely non-slip. They have great grip and have specially designed soles to enable people to walk on any and all kinds of slippery surfaces.

The GripTrax sole is the reason behind the traction that these shoes offer but this is not a feature common to all Doc Martens but only a limited range of options available under this category, for instance, the models 1460, 1461 and 2976.

The GripTrax technology makes these shoes perfect for all kinds of weather, whether it is raining or snowing outside, Doc Martens are the way to go.

Are Regular Doc Martens Non-Slip?

Regular Doc Martens are Non-Slip because of the contributing factor of the specially designed sole which is made slip-resistant. This slip-resistant design makes their grip on surfaces firm and sturdy with minute chances of falling or slipping, making them ideal boots to be worn outside, regardless of the weather.

It is known that these boots were designed keeping the workers in mind as they have to stand on their feet all day and have to work throughout the year.

The 1460 Doc Martens, more popularly known as the regular or classic Martens, are the ones that popularized this non-slip technology of the sole and also became the face of the company.

These shoes have been massively purchased and people who bought them only had great things to say about them. These shoes have been worn time and again, with the everyday look as well as to somewhere fancy because of the evergreen charm that these boots provide.

Are Doc Martens Jordans Non Slip?

The Doc Martens Jordan is another beloved product of the Doc Martens that comes with the unique patented slip-resistant sole which makes them non-slippery and easy to wear throughout the year. The GripTrax feature is what makes their soles non-slip and easy to tread on.

These boots offer a fancy and chic look for people going out for few hours and the fact that they are also non-slip adds to the fact that people of the younger generation might go for this one, depending on the prices when compared with the classic r regular Doc Martens.

The Doc Martens Jordans are durable, like all Doc Martens, and are comfortable to walk on but there is one prominent drawback of these boots. These, Jordan Doc Martens, lie on the heavier side of the Doc Marten boots, which makes them not suitable to be worn throughout the day.

These shoes cannot be comfortably worn by the workers who have to be out all day, standing on their feet but are a great option for people who have to be out for some time.

What Makes Doc Martens Non-Slip?

Doc Martens are heavy chunky boots and are as famous as it gets. Their chic style and look are what people go for. The additional non-slip technology introduced to the boots only adds to its allure. But the fact is that not all Doc Martens are non-slip.

They have very limited and specifically designed and patented boots that feature the slip-resistant technology which has become extremely popular as people living in colder countries do have to go out in the snow and rain, and what could be better than their boots with the elegant style and non-slip feature.

The GripTrax feature is what provides these boots with the non-slip feature. This technology, introduced in the world the 1460s, is what made the non-slip feature of boots known to the world.

This gives the shoes great traction on slippery surfaces and helps you to tread carefully. All kinds of watery surfaces have been made safer with this resistant technology and also add to the charm of the chunky boots manufactured by Doc Martens.

Are All Doc Martens Non Slip?

Doc Martens are heavy boots with great traction features in almost all of them.  They work well in rocky as well as slippery surfaces and are known to be comfortable alongside being durable.

These boots are loved beyond measure for their fashionable look and the ability to go with all kinds of dresses and places. The contributing factor to the growing popularity of Doc Martens is their non-slip feature which is present in most if not all of their boots.

The non-slip technology is a feature that comes with the GripTrax technology. As Doc Martens were fore mostly made for the working class, most of their boots are slip-resistant.

Keeping the working class in mind, they had to design shoes that are comfortable and durable and since the working class has to work throughout, regardless of the weather conditions, the shoes have to be made accordingly. It was gradually that the boots evolved to the current look that serves all purposes.

How To Know if a Shoe is Non-Slip?

Doc Martens are known for their non-slip shoes but there are ways to assure that the boots you are buying are definitely non-slip. First and foremost, check the description of the product. All companies and brands mention all the characteristic features of their shoes in the description box, right next to the product.

There are some characteristic features that would also help you know whether or not your Doc Martens are non-slip.

Outsole Design:

The outsole plays the most prominent role in making the shoe slip-resistant. The outsole is what provides the shoes with the right kind of traction as well as grip on slippery surfaces. Check whether the outsole of your shoes is rounded as the maximum surface area is what functions well on slippery surfaces as it allows water to easily pass through them.


The material of slip-resistant shoes has been noted to be soft and flexible. The material is something that is a little versatile in its existence and can adjust well with the surfaces it comes in contact with. The softness of the material is what should be the noticeable feature as they provide maximum resistance.

Tread Pattern:

Tread patterns make a huge difference as a deciding factor of whether or not the shoes are slip-resistant or not. The product manufacturers have now come up with various treading patterns to assimilate and decide which treading pattern works best on slippery surfaces.

How Do You Keep Doc Martens From Slipping?

Doc Martens may be the best shoes out there with the non-slip features but they can also do with some additional help. Their sole and grip are slip-resistant but this can be furthered by simple steps.


Scuffing your shoes against rough surfaces increases the friction and makes your shoes better with grips. All you have to do is wear them and walk on uneven surfaces. This will definitely help you later on slippery slopes.

Nail File:

Using a nail file is adding to the scuffing exercise. This would also increase the traction of the shoes. You can use a nail file or sandpaper and rub that against the sole of your shoes to make the grip even better.

Grip Pads:

Grips pads are a great invention as they would not only meet your needs with your new shoes but if you have a worn-out pair, you can add these grip pads and make them satisfactory for slippery surfaces.

Traction Pads:

Traction pads are synonymous to grip pads but there are traction sprays available now that increase the slip resistance of the outsoles of footwear and they are much cheaper than traction pads.

Rubber And Salt Solution:

You can apply rubber and salt solution to the outsoles as this solution is known to make outsoles non-slippery.

Is Doc Martens Non-slip For Restaurants?

Doc Martens are all-purpose wear. They can be worn outside to gigs, to amusement parks, to clubs and o restaurants as they would easily go with all outfits, casual or not. They are comfortable and versatile and hence people find no problem in using them on a regular basis.

If you are working in a restaurant and you have to stand all day, even then Doc Martens are a great choice as they provide excellent support and ease.

They were designed initially for the worker class keeping in mind how they would have to wear it for longer durations throughout the day, so this is not going to be a problem.

Furthermore, Doc martens are extremely durable and one purchase is bound to last you for years to come, considering you do not use them abrasively and clean them on a regular basis as per the requirement.


  1. Is slip resistant the same as non-slip?

    Yes, slip-resistant and non-slip basically mean the same thing. Both the phrases in turn denote the non-slipperiness or friction or traction or the grip on slippery surfaces.

  2. What does the bottom of non-slip shoes look like?

    The bottom of non-slip shoes, that is the outsole, usually has certain patterns, generally in hexagonal shapes for better grip on the surface.

  3. What shoes are considered non-slip?

    There are many shoes that are specially manufactured as non-slip and are classified thus by the manufacturer. You can tell so by looking at the outsole, tags or the pattern and surface area of the outsole


Doc Martens have been a favourite of people all over the world for generations to come and that has remained true for so long for a reason. They are extremely comfortable, durable and so chic to look at. They are known to provide optimum support.

As they were made keeping the working class in mind, their manufacture keeps durability and comfort as their foremost concern. As aforementioned their non-slip feature is a winner and has left a huge impact everywhere. Their traction is great and is thus excessively loved by people everywhere.

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