Are Doc Martens real leather?

Doc Martens are great shoes and are timeless in their style. They are super comfortable, versatile, and durable. These shoes are great for all occasions and are great for being worn on an everyday basis. People all over prefer Doc Martens specifically and they are extremely popular because of the good quality material used in their making.


People often wonder whether Doc Martens use real leather or not, which they do. Doc Martens use real leather, and that is what makes them exquisite and durable. This brand uses real leather in the manufacturing of its boots and all other footwear, and that is what has kept its popularity intact for so many years.

Doc Martens have started using vegan leather as well to become absolutely cruelty-free. They might refer to some other artificial and synthetic derivatives to make their shoes to create unique and different designs for the shoes.

Are Doc Martens real leather? 

Doc Martens are known for the leather they use in the making and manufacturing of their shoes. They use real leather and that is what has come to stand the test of time as leather gives them style, look, and durability. They use bovine leather mostly in the manufacturing process.

They use leather that they get from the hides of the animals and give extreme comfort to the shoes and boots.

Different Types Of Leather Used By Doc Martens-

1.    Nappa Leather

Nappa leather is better than the common and everyday leather that is used. They are softer than other leathers and more pliable.

2.    Milled Leather

Milled leather, as the name suggests, goes through the process of milling. Milling is a process in which leather is put into a leather milling machine wherein it is tumbled across multiple times to intensify the fine lines and creases present on the leather.

3.    Pisa Leather

Pisa leather is both a type of Nappa leather and milled leather wherein they are medium-weight milled Nappa leather that is softly tumbled and has a waxy finish.

4.    Virginia Leather

Virginia leather is a beautifully soft leather that is soft-grained leather. It is especially used to give an extremely soft texture and feel.

5.    Suede Leather

Suede leather is a soft leather that is made by the skin present on the underside of an animal. They are very soft and give a different kind of appearance and texture to the products they are used on. It is not as strong as the other traditional leathers.

6.    Chukka Leather

Chukka leather can be made from many materials, but the most commonly used source material is suede or calfskin.

7.    Patent Leather

Patent leather is a type of soft leather that provides a very glossy appearance to the shoes. It is mostly used in the making of belts and shoes.

8.    Sheridan Leather

Sheridan leather is full-bodied leather. It has a soft matte surface. It gives an aesthetic appearance to whatever product it is used on and gives the characteristics of elegance and richness.

Is Patent Leather Real Leather?

No, patent leather is not actually genuine leather. Real leather, which is natural leather, is quite different from patent leather. Patent leather is made by coating a layer of oil on top of genuine leather.

Now though patent leathers are made by using plastic coating on plastic materials only. It does not even need leather to be made into patent leather, but it is definitely not real leather.

Dr. Martens Smooth vs Nappa

Dr. Martens Smooth and Dr. Martens Nappa are kind of similar in their use of leather, but they differ in the smoothness and the break-in process. Dr. Martens’s Smooth is smoother, moldable, and easy to break in as they create a personalized fit, whereas Dr. Martens Nappa is made by using this soft and fine-grain leather that gives them a smooth feeling.

Smooth Leather vs. Patent Leather

Smooth leather and patent leather are two very different types of leather. Smooth leather is the most basic leather and is most commonly used in most manufacturing, but patent leather is smoother than smooth leather. One thing that gives smooth leather an edge over patent leather is its durability, Patent leather loses its gloss and shines over time, whereas smooth leather doesn’t.

What Is Hydro Leather Dr. Martens?

Hydro leather is another type used in the making of Dr. Martens. This leather is full-grain leather and is as close as it gets to real leather. It is suitable for outdoor use because the entire process used in furnishing them to perfection is quite extensive, with all the dying phases using aniline and then further using oil as a coating to make them waterproof.

How to Tell If Dr Martens are Real?

It is quite easy to tell whether or not Dr Martens are real or fake. They can be verified through the sticker and logo exclusive to the brand. It is usually present at the tongue or the insole or the outsole of boots or shoes. Older shoes had “Original” or “Made in England” inscribed, but the newer styles might have something like “Air-cushioned soles” or “bouncing soles”.

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  1. 1. Where does Doc Martens' leather come from?

    Doc Martens are known for using exclusively the Quilon leather that comes from their own private manufacturing company, the Dr. Martens footwear company, where this leather is manufactured.

  2. 2. Do Doc Martens use real leather?

    Yes, Doc Marten uses real leather, but now they have started making use of other leathers as well, which varies depending on the designs and styles of the boots and shoes to be made.

  3. 3. Is hydro leather vegan?

    It is full-grain leather with 100% vegetable tanning.

  4. 4. Are All Doc Martens Real Leather?

    Yes, Doc Martens are known for their use of real leather for the manufacture of all their boots, shoes, and footwear.


The Doc Martens brand is a great brand that has continued to be of superior quality and content with the continued use of the material that made it famous in the first place. They use extremely good quality leather and keep the environment in mind, which has become essential in the times that we are living in the world.

They use great leather in their manufacture and are thus thoroughly loved and cherished. They definitely use real materials in the manufacture of their products and are thus able to deliver the kind of product that they guarantee. 

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