Are Doc Martens Worth It?

Doc Martens seem to be of and in style for the years that have passed and for all the years yet to come. They seem timeless in their appearance, rigid in their durability and comfortable in their skin. They are a piece of art that once purchased will only provide you years of satisfaction. People are often found asking whether Doc Martens are worth it because of their expensive prices but the quality they provide at the high prices last long enough to make them worth every penny. You do not spend money on Doc Martens, you invest in them. 

Why Are Dr Martens So Expensive?

Why Are Dr Martens So Expensive?

The contributing factors to their higher prices are their premium quality materials used, labour charges and the high demand for the shoes.

Material Used:

Doc Martens are very popular all over and the brand name is constantly trying to live up to the expectations of people. Their unfaltering consistency in their supply of premium quality products is what keeps them going.

Their iconic yellow line is what makes them so distinguishable from all the other brands and shoes. They constantly try to get better and more sustainable leather for their shoes which also increases the prices of their shoes.

Labour Charges:

Earlier all the Doc Martens products were produced in England itself, but now as the demand has increased more than a thousandfold, the job has been outsourced to people in Asia.

Regardless, some Doc Martens are still produced in England because people believe in the better quality of shoes produced in England only. The shoes manufactured in England procure more labour and supply cost than when done in Asia, thus further increasing the prices of their shoes.

High Demand:

Doc Martens were initially made for only the working-class people to be worn all day long. Gradually, other people started observing the quality of shoes alongside the durability and the style statement that they could make and that is how the punk rockers got into it and popularised it.

With the increasing demand, the prices were bound to increase. This is how the shoes that were initially being sold for 3$ came to be sold at 200$ each in the present day. If you feel these are not in your budget you can simple opt for Doc Martens Knock Offs.

Are Doc Martens Comfortable?

Doc Martens started the manufacture of their shoes keeping in mind the working class who had to work each day on their foot. The shoes were made to be comfortable and durable for them.

Their comfort is unquestionable if you have to work on your feet or run errands or even run a little, but they would not provide the same kind of comfort if you decide to go a trek wearing these shoes.

If you take the right amount of time breaking into these shoes they will provide the optimum support with the comfort that the brand guarantees. It usually takes up to 20 days to break into them properly.

The comfort of your Doc Martens depends greatly on the size that you choose for yourself. It is potent that you get the measurements right otherwise they will never provide the kind of comfort that they otherwise assure. For more details on doc martens comfortability, read this guide.

Are Doc Martens Durable?

Doc Martens are extremely durable. They are known as the most durable shoes available on the market. They can be guaranteed to last up to 20 years and that is when they are not being looked after.

If you take care of them and regularly clean them and polish them, they are bound to last much longer than 20 years. Earlier they used to come with a lifetime warranty which has now been taken away.

Some people do find that troubling as it is easier to buy shoes with a lifetime warranty as it gives you the assurance regardless of whether you would have to use it or not.

As aforementioned, they were made for the people who have to work all day and thus were made keeping in mind the rough use that they might be put through. This is why most Doc Martens are waterproof as well.

Some people had their concerns when the production was being shifted to Asia from England, but over the years people have seen the durability of the products not decrease at all and that is what has kept them popular and worth it all this while.

Are Doc Martens Worth the Money?

Doc Martens are definitely worth the money if you buy them after careful consideration of your use for them. They are chic and evergreen in their look, timeless in their durability and primal in their comfort.

You must actively take a look around to see whether or not the Doc Martens would go with your look and lifestyle otherwise you will be wasting a ton of loads of money on otherwise worthwhile shoes.

Take a look at your wardrobe and see if you will have enough clothes to pair with these chunky boots. In any case, most of the clothes fit well into style with these shoes as they work well in work, concerts, restaurants and for casually running errands as well.

If you can see yourself wearing the shoes everywhere at once, these are the ones for you, if not, then take some more time to figure out what other style might go with what you have.

Are Doc Martens Versatile?

Doc Martens are the most versatile shoes you can in the market currently. They are so easy to pair up with anything. They will look good with a pair of jeans, skirts, shorts, dresses etcetera.

They work well with all and any sort of look you might be going for. They can be worn to concerts, workspaces, restaurants, gigs or even to run errands. Their versatility is what contributes as their chief selling point.

Initially, people had their reservations regarding these shoes as the chunky pair of boots are not everybody’s go-to but slowly it grew on people and the charm has not been lost on anyone since then.

Many fashion bloggers have popularised the Doc Martens even further by claiming them to be one of the must-haves. Such fame is enjoyed by these shoes only because they are comfortable and so versatile that it has become a part of everyday fashion.

How long does Doc Martens last?

Doc Martens are known to last up to 6-7 years with utmost certainty when used on an everyday basis but can last you even longer with its leather in its original condition if you take good care of them. A decade is not too long for Doc Martens to survive.

What is Doc Martens known for?

Doc Martens are known mainly for their durability, comfort and versatility. They are also considered premium brands for their prices are a little on the higher side than the other mass-produced brands but that they owe to their supreme quality products.


If you are considering buying Doc Martens and are wondering whether Doc Martens are even worth it, you should list out the reasons you want to buy them and corroborate them with the facts available about them. Doc Martens are a great brand and its services are commendable.

Not many people have been disappointed by them but a whole lot have purchased, loved and re-purchased their shoes a great many times.

It shows that the brand truly lives up to the promises it makes regarding its products and has been giving people to buy them time and again.

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