Are Nike Air Force 1 Good For Skating?

Back in 1982, when Nike launched the Air Force 1 shoes they decided to name them after the plane of the president of the United States. Designed by Bruce Kilgore, it was the first basketball shoe with Nike Air technology. 

Despite not being an instant hit and even facing the threat of discontinuation, they made a place in the heart of sneaker lovers all over the world. Currently, it is one of the best selling sneakers of all time. 

While Air Force 1s are mostly used as basketball or regular sneakers, one might also wonder “Are Nike Air Force 1 good for skating?”

Are Nike Air Force 1 Skate Shoes?

Originally, Nike Air Force 1 was designed as basketball shoes with certain features required for the sport of basketball. While they may have been basketball shoes not everyone used them for that purpose. 

Can you skate in Air Force 1s

Air Force 1 shoes might not be made for skating but they can absolutely be used as skating shoes. 

Can you skate in Air Force 1s?

According to customer reviews, Nike Air Force 1s are good shoes for skating. The only thing one needs to do before using them as skating shoes is to properly break into them.

Once the break in period is over, The Air Force 1s are can be used for skating anywhere and anytime. The only negative aspect would be that skating might cause creasing. So customers who dislike creases should avoid using Nike Air Force 1s for skating.

People who wish to save money by avoiding spending on a skate shoe can simply use their Nike Air Force 1 as a skateboard shoe. But it would be ideal to use skating shoes for the purpose they are made instead of basketball shoes.

Customers have claimed that Air Force 1 shoes do a decent job in acting as skating shoes. But one has to keep in mind that skating requires lightweight shoes for all the tricks and turns of skating but basketball shoes are designed to be heavy. So the movement on the skateboard might not be as smooth when one wears the AF1s instead of skating shoes.

Nike Air Force 1 – For Skating:

Since they were launched about four decades ago, Nike has made few variations to the original design of the Air Force 1 shoes. The features in the classic version were a toe box, a side panel made of mesh, and a mudguard on the front. The later versions do not have mesh, detailed side stitching, or the heel quarter panel.

The small medallion at the bottom of the laces helps identify the authentic Air Force 1s and ensures the customers do not buy any fakes. These shoes are available in five styles that are high, mid, and low.

While there are numerous color options available for the Nike Air Force 1 shoes, the most sought-after are the ones that are either completely white or black.

Besides these features, the Air Force 1s are also known for their durability. Even if they are being used as skating shoes it will take a while for them to be worn out.


  1. Are Air Force 1 good for sports?

    Nike Air Force 1 shoes have excellent cushioning which makes them comfortable enough to be used as runners or for working out. 

  2. Can you wear Nike Air Force 1 to play basketball?

    Nike Air Force 1 shoes were designed initially as basketball shoes. All of its features were made to suit the needs or requirements of those who play basketball.

  3. Can you skateboard with AF1s?

    One can use Nike Air Force 1 for simple street skateboarding. But they are advised not to be used for advanced moves like those with flips.


Sneakerheads worldwide are obsessed with Nike Air Force 1 shoes. For them, it is not uncommon to have more than one pair of these shoes. Nike has also manufactured shoes, especially for skateboarding like the Nike SB Zoom Bruin, Nike SB Shane, or Nike SB Charge Slip.

As long as one doesn’t mind creases on their Air Force 1 shoes, they can be used as skating shoes. It will give a smooth experience but one might not feel the board much under their feet. 

Hence this article was to provide all the data regarding Air Force 1 shoes to those people who are curious “Are Nike Air Force 1 good for skating?”

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