Are Nike Air Force 1 Good For Walking?

Be it a walk by the sidewalks in the neighborhood, along the mountain trails, or simply walking a dog in the park, one deserves their feet to be comfortable no matter what kind of environment they are in.

Walking is the best kind of light exercise that helps keep the body in shape besides keeping one healthy. Nike has been dominating the footwear market for a while now, and everyone interested in the current trend owns at least a pair.

One of their most popular models is the Air Force 1 available in so many varieties and customizing options for customers. This article is for those who are wondering “Are Nike Air Force 1 good for walking?”

Are Air Forces Good For Your Feet

Are Nike Air Force 1 Good for Walking?

Even if Nike Air Force 1 shoes were initially designed like basketball shoes, now they are mostly purchased by people who wish to follow the trend. They might not be the best option as running shoes, but can be very comfortable for light activities like taking a walk. 

There have been some reviews where customers have claimed that Nike Air Force 1 shoes are heavier than regular sneakers. But there have also been customers who claim that AF1 shoes are excellent sneakers due to their sturdiness and comfortable fit.

The decision of using Nike Air Force 1 sneakers for walking is subjective. However, there are certain features of the Nike Air Force 1 shoes that make them good walking shoes which are explained in this article.

Is Air Force Good For Your Feet?

Even if Nike Air Force 1 sneakers are not manufactured as orthopedic sneakers, they are popular as casual footwear. The technology used is the Air Force 1 shoes are a bit old and their height and weight are a bit more than other shoes. 

Despite all such issues, they are a pair of AF1 shoes that provides the ultimate comfort due to the cushioning tech in them. They can be used by anyone unless they are recovering from any feet or back problems. 

Just as these shoes would not strengthen the feet or help in any recovery, they would also not hurt the feet. So as long as one gets them in the correct size and ties the laces properly, they are a safe option to be used for casual use.

The heel counter in these shoes helps stabilize the feet and keep them from slipping.

Are Nike Air Force 1 Good For Standing All Day?

People who have a job that needs them to stand around all day long, need comfortable shoes. Nike Air Force 1 shoes are known for their air cushion technology in their midsoles. Since they tend to run big, they are also suitable for people with wide feet.

They may be old in comparison to modern footwear but the chunkiness of their soles makes them comfortable enough to be worn throughout the day. They also protect the feet from rocks, debris, or any rough surface.

This makes them a good option for people who work in busy places such as hospitals or stores. Not only do they keep the feet from getting fatigued but also are roomy enough to prevent sweating.

Features of the Nike Air Force 1:

When it comes to walking shoes, there are certain features required that make them comfortable. Some such features are also present in the Nike Air Force 1 shoes and they are as follows:

Heel Collar:

The heel collar in Nike Air Force 1 shoes can be a bit uncomfortable and stiff. This makes them not the number 1 choice as walking shoes. Despite that people use them to wear them during simple walks or errands. 

It is important to find the right size that fits the feet and the right style that fit their personality. The collar might be uncomfortable in the beginning but over time with use, it gets more comfortable.  


Nike uses different materials for designing the upper of Nike Air Force 1 shoes such as good quality leather, textile, and synthetic leather. The use of materials depends on the colors or the style of the particular shoe. 

For the classic Air Force 1 shoes, Nike uses leather uppers which might not be very comfortable like other sneakers. The Flyknit versions of Air Force 1 shoes are designed with uppers which makes them a good choice as walking shoes.


Nike designs their Air Force 1 shoes with foam-like material in their insoles. This gives the insoles a cushiony feeling. The insoles are made in a way that makes them absorb any impact the foot might face while walking. It also provides excellent support to the foot.

When shoes are worn for a long time, it might cause the feet to sweat. But the Air Force 1 shoes have insoles that let good air circulation which in return keeps the feet dry and allow them to breathe.


The revolutionary Air technology was first used by Nike in their Air Force 1 shoes. They designed the midsoles to have airbags or air pockets in them. The main reason was to make the shoes bouncy while playing basketball.

Nike might not have designed the Air Force 1 shoes as walking shoes but they are super comfortable. They can be used for taking small walks as long as one does not perform any high-impact activities.


Walking shoes should be both comfy as well as durable. Nike Air Force 1 shoes not only provide good traction but also last for years. Their outsoles are made in a way that they do not wear out in a year or two like other sneakers. 

They are made of rubber that allows a good grip on different surfaces. This feature when added along with the cushiony midsole makes the Air Force 1 shoes comfortable enough to be used as walking shoes. 


If a shoe does not have enough space in the toe box, then it might rub against the toes while walking and be an uncomfortable experience. When it comes to this, one never has to worry if they have a pair of Nike Air Force 1 shoes. 

They were made to have a toe box roomier than other sneakers. One would no longer have to worry about their feet getting cramped and the toes would also have enough wiggle space. This feature also makes the Air Force 1s a good choice for people with wide feet.


No matter how comfortable or durable a shoe is unless it feels properly, it’s not worth it. Nike Air Force 1s are expensive shoes compared to other brands, so one should be careful while purchasing a pair.

They should always try the shoes on if it is bought offline. In the case of online purchases, one can simply follow the size chart they offer. But since AF1 shoes are known to run big, customers are advised to go half a size down.

Are Nike Air Force 1s Comfortable?

Nike Air Force 1 shoes were launched back in the 80s as basketball shoes. The most important feature of basketball shoes is that they are made heavier for helping the player to be stable. 

Similarly, Nike Air Force 1 shoes are also heavier in comparison to other sneakers. They are well known to run big as well. All such features might be advantageous for basketball players and people with wide feet but they might be an issue for others.

While the inside may be comfy, if they are worn for long walks or while exercising like running, one might not only get tired but might also injure themselves. Extended use can result in sprains and fatigue or a more serious condition. 

So Nike Air Force 1 can be comfortable as long as they are used moderately for short walks and when the shoe actually fits the wearer.


Even after decades and the invention of numerous types of shoes, Nike Air Force 1 remains in the hearts of sneakerheads. Their classic style continues to be trendy even when they are no longer known as basketball shoes.

The various features like insoles, midsoles, outsoles, arch support, etc. make them a great option as walking shoes. They protect the feet as long as one chooses the right size. 

With all the detailed information above anyone would be able to understand their features and would no longer be confused regarding “Are Nike Air Force 1 good for walking?”

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