Are Nike Blazers Good For Lifting?

Back when Nike was a new startup footwear company, Nike Blazers was the third model they introduced. Nike is the top footwear brand as claimed by most is known to manufacture different kinds of shoes for specific purposes keeping with the trend.

They were first launched as basketball shoes but have now become a lifestyle shoe for most people. Nike Blazers are great for gym sessions but not really suitable for running.

They are designed to go well with various types and are also pretty affordable. So anyone looking for gym shoes and pondering “Are Nike Blazers good shoes for lifting?” will find this article helpful.

Are Nike Blazers Good For Lifting?

Yes, Nike Blazers are a good choice for lifting. They are especially perfect for strength training exercises such as weightlifting and powerlifting. They are ideal for any activities that put heavy strain or the sheer volume of force on the lifter’s feet.

They are designed by professionals to have support and stability along with flexibility. They go well with anything such as leggings, sundresses, denim, shorts, etc., and are also used as casual wear.

Due to the hard and flat soles, they make good lifting shoes that help push more efficiently off the ground for exercises such as deadlifts or squats. It also prevents the ankles from being strained along with a good grip and comfort.

Reasons Why Nike Blazers Are Suitable for Lifting

The reasons that make Nike Blazers a preferable choice for lifting are as follows:

1. Ankle Support:

Ankle support is essential in lifting shoes as the ankles should be flexible and the bones, tendons, and ligaments around them should also be protected. Lifting shoes are most of the time made of restrictive materials like leather.

Nike Blazers also have the same feature along with a slim profile and upper made of synthetic leather for securing the ankles in their place. The high top designs in Nike Blazers give a snug fitting for extra stability while lifting. 

The snugness is important to allow minimum movement of the feet inside the shoes. The long and sturdy laces when tied properly ensure increased balance along with locking the ankles in place.

2. Stability:

The Nike Blazers were designed by professionals to be made with synthetic materials as well as leather. The chief reason behind this is they absorb moisture and sweat. 

Lifting is an exercise that not only burns calories but also makes one sweat. To prevent slippage or accidents while lifting, shoes that absorb moisture such as Nike Blazers are needed for safety. They provide the much needed stability to the lifters.

These shoes also have vulcanized rubber soles with excellent adhesive abilities that prevent slippage by letting the shoe stick to the ground during lifting exercises. Despite the thin padding in them, they are known for providing support and to last for several years.

3. Flat Soles:

Flat soled shoes are usually recommended to people who are into lifting exercises. Nike Blazers have flat soles that help push better against the ground. A flat sole might not sound too good but they are actually helpful for exercises like squats or weightlifting.

These shoes are manufactured with a robust base for extra support. The flat surface is better since it covers more area. This in turn lets the wearer lift with more grip over the extended surface. 

The whole weight of the body gets distributed evenly providing balance and a steady base. As the load gets distributed evenly no particular area is more strained and this lessens the chances of bruises or sprains.

4. Good Grip and Traction:

When deciding to purchase a pair of shoes for lifting exercises they should be slip resistant. Nike Blazers provide maximum traction and keep the feet in one place even when one is lifting. 

The rubber outsoles in them provide good grip and traction. They also have the Herringbone pattern on them completes their classic look and provides traction in Nike Blazer low top shoes.

Nike Blazer high top shoes have vulcanized rubber soles as well. These features help the wearer push the feet against the floor and avoid any injuries or accidents. With Nike Blazers as lifting shoes, a lifter can be assured that there will be no ankle sprains or slipping incidents.

5. Robust Outsoles:

Nike Blazers have robust or rigid soles that make them the ideal shoe for lifting. The purpose behind lifting is mostly to build strong leg and arm muscles. Shoes with cushioning in them do not allow the leg muscles to develop and get stronger. 

Nike Blazers on the other hand provides a solid platform where the lifter can pay all their attention to the lifting without worrying about the stability of the feet.

The Herringbone pattern is quite deep on the soles of these shoes and does not even out despite lots of heavy lifting exercises. Nike Blazers are durable enough to last for a long time with their solid ribber soles with multidirectional support.

6. Heel Height:

The heel height in Nike Blazers is an inch that is necessary for the lifter to provide some elevation. For instance, when a person is trying to lift while squatting they lift the weights over their shoulder. For maintaining such a stance, the elevation increases a bit of the lifter’s ability.

These shoes were designed by the professionals in Nike with knee alignments over the toes. This considerably is said to lower the pressure on the knees. They provide extra flexibility to the ankles. 

The heel height makes them look somewhat fashionable as it makes the wearer look taller and they can use it for regular lifting exercises.


Nike Blazers might not be as cushiony as other Nike shoes but they are definitely comfortable after the break in period. They allow the lifter to be flexible from the first use. This prevents any broken toe bones or sprains while the whole weight falls on the feet. 

Nike Blazers are known to provide the proper form of the feet and protect them from any injuries. They are equipped with inner and outer padding, flat soles, and good traction that helps distribute the weight. 

Some of the types of Nike Blazers that are mostly recommended by the customers for lifting are Nike Lazer Mid’77, Nike Blazer Mid’77 Next nature, and Nike Blazer Low Platform. 

They are suitable to be worn on different surfaces like wood, concrete, etc., and would still prevent blisters, cuts, scratches, sprains, dislocation, or broken bones.

So instead of worrying “Are Nike Blazers Good for lifting?”, one should go ahead and purchase them. They won’t regret the decision about getting a pair of these budget friendly and durable shoes.

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