Are Nike Slides True To Their Size? Find Out!

If you are a Nike enthusiast and are thinking of adding the Nike slides to your collection, you must definitely be asking yourself, “Do the Nike Slides run big or small?” People who have been wearing the Nike slides over the years have come up with varied answers to this question, as it seems to depend on the person wearing these slides.

The Nike Slides do not necessarily run small or big but vary according to the person who is wearing them. The way the slides fit on a person’s feet depends on their shoe size.

The Nike slides are known to be a little narrow from the top, so they are known to run smaller than bigger, but there have been cases where they were bigger on people who had bought their exact size.

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Do Nike Slides Run Small or Big?

A majority of people have come forward saying that the Nike Slides run small. There have also been people who said that the Nike Slides run big, and there have also been people who said that the Nike Slides are true to their size. The varied consensus shows that the size of the Nike Slides depends on the user and cannot be definitely said to be either bigger or smaller.

The Nike Slides are known to be slightly on the narrow side, so they are obviously going to be smaller on people with wide feet. People with wide feet will have to go half a size up or, in some cases, even a full size up for the slides to fit them accurately.

It has also come to my attention that sometimes these slides are smaller on people with narrow feet as well, which implies that the slides are extremely narrow.

Are Nike Slides Tue To Size?

There is no definite answer to this. There have been people who have come forward claiming that the Nike slides are true to size, but that has been the case for very few people.

To find out whether the Nike Slides are true to size for you, you will have to buy them for yourself and check.


Nike Slides Sizing:

Deciding what size Nike Slides will fit you is not a strenuous process. You can almost always get your size or go a size up and that will most probably fit you correctly. If you are a size 12, you can either go for a size 11 or 12, and both will fit you nicely. Chances are that you might prefer a size bigger because the exact size is known to be a little tight since the design of the slides is narrow, to begin with.

As the popular consensus is that they run small, it is better to simply go a size up. Nike itself provides the size conversion chart as well as the size chart on its website, alongside the product.

To make things easier, Nike Slides do not even offer half sizes. So it is almost always better to go a full size up if you are someone who wears a half size. For example, if your regular size is 11.5, it is going to be a better choice for you if you simply go a half size up and buy yourself a size 12.

With Slides, there is no question of a snug feeling, so you do not have to think of the exact size anyway when it comes to slides.

What Size Nike Slides Should I Get?

To decide what size Nike slides to get, you can refer to the size chart available on the Nike official site, or you can simply go to a local store and try them out.

As aforementioned, if you are a size 11, try sticking to your size or going for a size up, preferably a size up.

The slides are known to be a little narrow, so unless you want the slides to cling onto your feet, you should definitely go a size up.

How should Nike slides fit?

The Nike Slides should not make your feet feel uncomfortable and sit well. They are supposed to give your feet enough space and your feet should lie well on the inside of the sandal.

They are known to be a little narrow which can make them slightly tighter but if you buy the right size, you will not face this problem at all.

People have gotten the exact size of Nike Slides in hopes that they would stretch, but they remain the exact same size throughout. So it is better if you size up if you have wide feet or if the slides feel too tight on the first try.


Do Nike Benassi slides run small? How do they fit?

The Nike Benassi Slide is known to be one of the greatest pairs of sandals. They are a great pair of Slides that can easily give competition to the brands that are known solely for slides.

The Benassi Slides are known to be true to their size. People from all over have tried and said, and the majority said that the slides are almost always true to the size.

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Nike Slides are known for the comfort and stability that they offer, and people have come to love them for casual wear. They are a great pair of sandals that you can easily find in any store, and the sizes are also easy to find.

Many people have come up with queries regarding the size of the slides, wondering whether or not these slides are true to size or not. According to the popular consensus, they are generally a size smaller, but it also varies from person to person. You can always try it in a store and then decide which size would be perfect for you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Do Women’s Nike Slides Run Small?

    The women's Nike Slides are also narrow from the top. If you have narrow feet, then you should go for the exact size, but if you have wide feet, it is better to size up.

  2. Do Nike Slides Stretch Out?

    Nike Slides are known to not stretch at all. They are designed in a way that their materials do not leave any question of stretching at all.

  3. Should I Buy Sliders a Size Bigger?

    Yes, it is highly recommended to buy slides one size bigger as they are designed in a way that they will feel tight if you buy your own size.

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