Are These Brand Shoes Vegan? – 2

Vegan-friendly shoes are all the rage right now. More and more people are turning to veganism every day, to the point where brands have had to make serious changes to accommodate these people. There was a time when animal-based glue was the go-to bonding agent for all brands, but now almost all brands have shifted to synthetic glue.

Mesh, canvas, knit, nylon, and other synthetic materials are used in place of leather. Some companies are also using recycled materials as part of their vegan approach to shoemaking. This makes shoes both vegan & eco-friendly.

Some brands are dedicated vegan brands, whereas most others have a few shoes available in their vegan collection. Some of the big-name brands in the shoe industry have also launched many vegan-friendly shoes in their collection. Overall, the number of vegan-friendly shoes is low, with leather still being the most prominent material choice in the shoe industry.

In this article, I will answer some of the common questions people have regarding certain brands, like wanting to know if they are vegan or not.

1) Are Madden Girl shoes vegan?

Steve Madden doesn’t have an outright vegan category on their website. When you search on Google, you will find their vegan collection. One thing that’s bothersome, though, is that a lot of the shoes in that collection are regular shoes with just some of their components being vegan. So you can’t be sure if they are 100% vegan-friendly.

You will have to read the product description carefully to find out if the product is vegan or not. One more thing is that the brand hasn’t disclosed outright the glue used for making these shoes. Even though most of the industry has shifted to synthetic or water-based glue, it’s still possible that animal-based glue is being used.

When asked by many people to contact customer support, they were unable to provide an answer to this question. If the glue part is not disheartening for you, then you can try out a few of their vegan options; otherwise, it’s much safer to look for different brands with a proper vegan tag on their products.

2) Are Keen Shoes Vegan?

Keen has a section on their website answering this exact question. According to them, labelling products “vegan” is hard. There are around 40 components involved in the shoes, and they all need to be verified as vegan for the product to be vegan. They don’t use wool, silk, or fur in any of their products, which they confirm on their website.

They specifically mention on their website that sources for a lot of the components change seasonally, and it’s hard to always know their origin. So their glue could be synthetic, or it might contain animal-based products, and they can’t always be sure about it.

3) Are Merrell Shoes Vegan?

Merrell does care about the vegan movement. They have a special collection that is 100% vegan. So to answer the question, they are not entirely a vegan brand, but they do have a lot of shoes that are vegan-friendly. They have been adding more to the collection every year.

The best thing is that they have not compromised in comfort, style, or support. The brand uses synthetic materials for its vegan-friendly shoes. Synthetic material lasts longer and provides much better support. It also maintains its shape longer than any other material. That’s why Merrell’s vegan shoes provide excellent support to the feet, and they are durable.

4) Are Melissa Shoes Vegan?

Melissa’s parent company, Grendene, is one of the largest manufacturers of injection-moulded plastic footwear in the world. Melissa is a 100% vegan and eco-friendly brand. Their entire shoe collection is vegan-friendly. There was a time when there were doubts about their claims, but their fans and vendors always said that Melissa made cruelty-free, non-toxic, and hypoallergenic shoes.

They care about the environment too. The plastic they use for their shoes is easy to break down and recycle, and it doesn’t put too much stress on the environment. They also recycle all the waste they generate in the factory, which is commendable. They make some of the most stylish-looking shoes in the industry and are gaining more and more popularity.

5) Are Nobull Shoes Vegan?

The brand is not 100% vegan because they do use leather in many of their products. They do have many vegan options on offer. They use synthetic materials, and even the glue is synthetic. Mesh or knit uppers are common in vegan shoes.

They are incredibly stylish and provide great support and comfort. Their training shoes are spectacular and are a favourite amongst the vegan community. Nobull doesn’t write product descriptions on their product pages, so there is no way to know if the product is vegan or not. You will have to contact their customer support to find out more about the product.

6) Are Puma Shoes Vegan?

Puma is one of the biggest sports brands in the world. They have a wide range of collections in their shoe department. They are not completely vegan as they use leather in most of their products.

Footwear made for different sports like football, basketball, tennis, etc., still uses leather for the upper. Brands have been dabbling in synthetic leather, but it’s still a long way to go. Having said all that, Puma does have many vegan options, especially in its sneakers department.

You can try out these options as they are stylish and comfortable. They use canvas or synthetic material for their vegan shoes. The glue used for bonding is synthetic too, so no worries there.

7) Are Reebok Shoes Vegan?

Not all of them. Just like Puma, Reebok makes footwear for many different sports. Most of them are made using leather. One thing I would like to mention is that Reebok has a wide selection of shoes that are vegan compared to other brands.

The brand doesn’t put a vegan tag outright on their products, which is a problem when trying to find one. You have to go to the product’s page and find out from the materials mentioned if the product is vegan or not.

Reebok has officially said that they have switched to synthetic glue, which is a good thing. Reebok is owned by the Adidas group, so we know the quality will never be compromised in their shoes. They have been using their technological prowess to come up with alternate materials to leather. They use synthetic fabrics, canvas, mesh, and knit for many of their shoes.

8) Are Rothys Shoes Vegan?

Yes, Rothys is truly a 100% vegan brand, and not just that they are eco-friendly too. Rothys has been using recycled materials to make their shoes. They have used close to 30 million plastic bottles. The brand is extremely cautious about its impact on the environment.

They have even changed their manufacturing style to minimize wastage as much as possible. Things like knitting technology make a lot of difference in the amount of wastage that gets created. So they have perfected their knitting technology to minimize wastage.

They are also using plant-based oils and rubber and using 35% recycled material for their shoe soles. As the global temperature is rising, the growth of harmful algae blooms is increasing too. Rothys has managed to use them to make a component of the insole using these algae blooms. The brand is serious about its mission to help the planet. You can try out any of their shoes as their entire lineup is vegan.

9) Are Rieker Shoes Vegan?

Not all, but most of them. Some of its shoes have leather, and some have a wool lining inside them. Rieker has a wide selection that’s vegan-friendly. They use man-made uppers for those vegan shoes. These uppers are made from synthetic fabrics or cotton.

Most of their vegan shoes feature a textile upper. They have also officially confirmed that they use vegan-friendly glue. Their shoes are stylish and comfortable. They have not compromised on quality anywhere.

The inner lining they use inside is also plush and gives proper support to your feet. Their shoes are also perfect for people with wide feet, as they have a wider toe-box. The overall construction of their shoes is strong and flexible, and that helps with agility.

10) Are Nike Running Shoes Vegan?

Nike has a huge vegan collection of shoes. After all, it’s one of the biggest shoe brands in the world, so it’s expected from them. Nike has been known to use a variety of materials for its shoes. Yes, they do use leather in some of them, but the rest of them are completely vegan.

Materials like mesh, knit, canvas, and synthetic fabrics are used for making these shoes. Nike also cares about sustainability, and they have vowed to reduce their carbon footprint as much as possible. They have been using recycled plastic bottles and nylon for many of their shoes.

They have also launched shoes made from factory floor waste, known as Nike Hippie. These shoes have the lowest carbon footprint of all. They have also shifted to synthetic or vegan-friendly glue. Nike makes some of the most stylish shoes in the industry, and their quality is unmatched by most brands.

Since the list of brands is big, we have the continuation articles here, please do visit and read them to find out more brands whether they are vegan or not?

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Final Thoughts

Thorough research is required on the buyer’s part to be sure if the shoes they are buying are vegan-friendly or not. Most brands steer clear of naming their shoes vegan outright as it might affect their sales. Almost all brands nowadays have at least a few shoes in their collection that are vegan. You have to check the product descriptions or talk to customer support to confirm.

The vegan movement is here to stay. That gave birth to tons of online forums and websites that are dedicated to this subject. You can talk to the people and research on these websites to know if the product you are buying is vegan or not.

In some countries, brands have made a special effort to let their customers know if the product they are looking at is vegan or not. Brands don’t yet follow this trend in all countries, but I am sure things will change in the coming years.

I hope that through this article I am able to answer all your questions and get rid of any doubts you might have about certain brands.

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