Are These Brand Shoes Vegan?

The word “vegan” is no new thing. Everyone is changing their lifestyle to vegan. It can be a noun, which means people who do not eat animal products, or an adjective which means the people who do not use animal products. Now vegan meatless, plan-based diet plans are easily comprehensible and many people are implementing in their life.

But when we come to footwear and apparel, it is just a little confusing. For example, as sustainable products gained popularity in the fashion and lifestyle market, the producers and retailers are now started offering vegan clothes and footwear.

But what vegan shoes exactly are? In Layman’s terms, it is a type of shoe made without any animal product. This means there is no animal leather shoe, animal fur, wool, silk, or animal glue used in these shoes. Vegan and cruelty-free shoes aim neither to use animal products nor to test the products on animals.

Now let’s see some of the brands and discuss whether they make vegan shoes or not.

1.Are Brooks Shoes Vegan?

Yes, Brooks shoes are vegan. This brand doesn’t use any animal products or glue in making their shoes, except their Addiction Walker shoes. The brand is especially known for its vegan range of running shoes, especially in road running but also incredibly good trail shoes with broader width. The best part about the brand is that they follow their sustainable and eco-friendly policy of manufacturing shoes way before then it was popular.

The vegan range of shoes includes Ravenna 4 W, kids Adrenaline GTS, Ghost 6 W, Ariel W, Adrenaline GTS 13 W, Ghost 6, Beast 12, Addiction 10 W, Adrenaline GTS 13, Addiction 10, kids Pure flow, and kids Pure flow 2.

2.Are Blowfish Shoes Vegan?

Though Blowfish is not a vegan brand as there is a trend of a vegan lifestyle and all the people along with shoe brands are going vegan therefore Blowfish Malibu has gone vegan, by manufacturing sandals without any animal product or by-products, even their glue doesn’t contain animal substances.

Now they started focusing on sustainability and makes their shoes with minimal carbon footprints. They have become a part of the Vegan Society which aims to avoid all types of exploitation and cruelty to animals for food and apparel and to use animal-free products for the protection of the environment.

Their vegan range of sandals includes Ozone, Gazee, Maison, Granola, Gallup, Okra, Makara, Lovers, Garliss, Marge, Grizz, Leeds, Osta, Goya, Gineh, and Ohio. Still, this brand doesn’t manufacture vegan shoes,  you are looking for a pair of vegan shoes then you should go for other brands.

3.Are Bobs Shoes Vegan?

The Bobs from Skechers is not a vegan brand but it has an awesome range of vegan shoes. It especially uses the NASA-made memory foam to make the insole of its shoes. Along with providing comfort, this brand is proved to be an animal lover.

Its BOBS Charity Collection has made donations of more than 5.6 million dollars for animal welfare across the world. So if you are thinking to buy vegan shows from this brand than just go for it.

4.Are Bangs Shoes Vegan?

Yes, Bangs made 100% vegan shoes. Even the company gives 20℅ of its sales to a non-profit partner, KIVA who helps to fund new enterprises.

They make their shoes from ethically sourced Fabric materials, even these shoes are also cruelty-free which neither no animal is harmed in making these shoes nor do they use any animal product.

Their shoes are made mainly of canvas with rubber soles and toes, along with aluminum eyelets and Shoelace made up of polyester.

Some of the best Bangs vegan range includes Sahara Sand, Sunrise Mountain, Sahara Sand Floral, Boone, Zion Sand, Lunar, Carolina Tree, Everest Ice Daisy, Retro Dream, Everest Ice Floral, Onyx, Universe, London Fog, London Fog Succulent, Old Pine Sunflower, Mushroom Meadow, Old Pine, and Stargazer. If you are looking for a pair of shoes that should be fashionable and vegan too, then just go for this brand.

5.Are New Balance Shoes Vegan?

This is not a vegan brand but with increasing popularity and the need for vegan shoes, the brand started making various shoes under their vegan range. Shoes from this brand don’t use animal-based glues or dyes and are cruelty-free so it makes it easy in customers’ eyes when they are searching for vegan footwear.

But, leather can be found in New Balance’s shoe collection, but not to worry they have a fantastic vegan collection of shoes.

This brand offers its customers an awesome range of cruelty-free vegan shoes when it was discovered that synthetic materials are more durable than leather material. Their vegan-friendly collection of shoes includes Fresh Foam and Flue Cell.

Some of its best vegan collection includes the Fresh Foam Roav, Fresh Foam 1080v10, Fresh Foam 880v10, Fresh Foam Arishi v3, Fresh Foam More v2, Fresh Foam 1350 Trail, FuelCore NERGIZE, FuelCell 890v8. By checking this out you will surely get that New Balance has made great development in its vegan range of shoes.

6.Are Clarks Shoes Vegan?

Yes, Clarks do make a vegan range of shoes. But it’s not a vegan brand. They launched their vegan range of shoes as ‘New Vegan Icons’ which includes Brown, beige, and black integration of high ankle desert boots. These shoes show an ethical upgrade by following the vegan lifestyle by the brand. Their shoes are made without using any use of the animal product.

Some of their best shoes like the Desert Boot are made up of vegan leather on the upper side and have linings of Forest Stewardship Council certified rubber crepe sole.

Another one is the Wallabee manufactured sustainably through recycled materials having an OrthoLite Foam footbed. Each of their shoes has an excellent fob and heel stamp showing the brand’s first vegan collection.

7.Are DC Shoes Vegan?

Yes, DC is a vegan brand and does make vegan shoes. The brand mainly aims at making sustainable and eco-friendly shoes to protect the environment by using advanced technologies.

The shoes are easily wearable as it’s quite affordable. The key feature which makes shoes of this brand extraordinary is its simplistic look which allows you to give your style into it.

Some of the best vegan collections by dc are its Manual Shoes and Manual S shoes available in almost 6 colors. But among these 6 colors, the best attention-grabbing colors are Coffee Yarn Tan because it is made up of recycled coffee grounds. and Burgerlords Red as it the signature color of the famous vegan restaurant burger-lords.

8.Are Nike Shoes Vegan?

The answer can be yes. But not all Nike shoes are vegan as some of them have leather content. But apart from its leather collection, it also makes vegan shoes from synthetic leather. These shoes are durable and give a higher degree of performance.

Since 2015, Nike has put an end to the use of animal-made glue, and now all of their new shoes are vegan and cruelty-free. Nike has a variety of vegan collections from sneakers to running shoes, you can easily find all most all the styles suitable for you.  

When it comes to Nike, it never looks back, it has one of the stylish and durable shoe collections under its vegan range. The best of them are Vegan Space hippie, Air FForce1 Sage Low Platform sneakers, Air Max 270 React Sneaker, DBreak Canvas, Revolution 5Running shoes, Jordan Jump man Basketball shoe.

9.Are Rocket Dog Shoes Vegan?

Although this brand has a wide variety of vegan shoes still it is not a vegan brand. This brand still makes leather-made shoes. About their vegan range, the best part is that it is affordable, trendy, and offers a lot to its customers.

But if you are searching for a purely vegan brand then you should skip this brand. As even the leather-free shoes of this brand have some traces of leather in the shoelaces.

10.Are Fila Shoes Vegan?

The shoes from Fila are usually made through synthetic material. But the interesting part is that the brand doesn’t guarantee that its shoes are 100℅ vegans. If you plan to buy Fila vegan shoes, then firstly you need to go through its product description.

The brand says that its glue is usually free from animal products. But the uncertainty is that it doesn’t make its shoes in-house so there is no guarantee. If using animal-based glue doesn’t bother you then you can surely go for Fila vegan shoes.

Usually, most Fila shoes are made up of synthetic materials And textiles. Their best-selling includes Disruptor 2 FS, Disruptor 2A, and Disruptor 2. Also, this brand offers a wide variety of synthetic sneakers, boots, sandals, and slides that are worth every penny.

The main thing to look at is that some of their styles have both vegan and non-vegan ranges like the Disrupter II also includes nu-buck leather and cow-hide. So you’ve to be sure while purchasing Fila vegan shoes about its manufacturing details and description.

Since the list of brands is big, we have the continuation articles here, please do visit and read them to find out more brands whether they are vegan or not?

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So if you are particularly in search of a vegan brand then either you have to go through the product details of this or better to soil it.


Veganism, it’s not only a word but has also become a habit for a healthy life. With more and more people indulging in vegan practices, the brands also started making vegan apparel and footwear. Some people have adopted veganism due to animal protection while some due to environmental protection but both of these serve the same purpose.

The international fashion influencers have seen earlier to wear vegan shoes and now it has become a new trend. Along with the people, now more and more brands are involving in making vegan shoes.

The brands manufacturing these kinds of shoes show it’s a great contribution towards environmental protection. Likewise, we have discussed some of the brands and their shoes. Some brands proved to be best in the vegan range while some might not be suitable in that.

Although it’s up to you, if a brand making both leather shoes as well as vegan shoes is not bothering you then you can surely go for that brand.

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