Are Toms Shoes Vegan Friendly? – 2023

Are Toms Shoes Vegan Friendly

Toms is an LA-based footwear brand that is growing beyond expectations. The brand was started by Blake Mycoskie with a One for One vision. Toms has always been about community. The founder was inspired to start this brand after seeing the trouble faced by children without shoes.

They have given away nearly a 100million shoes to people in need, which is frankly jaw-dropping. Over the years, Toms has donated and invested in many non-profit organizations that deal with issues like community development, health initiatives. For every $3 they make, they donate $1 to the grassroots cause.

Their Impact initiative is groundbreaking and is actually bringing positive change in communities across the world. Grassroots efforts are at top priority for this company as they expose the problems that communities face in the development and daily livelihood.

So by investing at the grassroots level, Toms can create sustainable and scalable solutions to address their needs and resolve their issues.

Toms is also very conscious about their environmental impact. The company is always striving for more eco-friendly solutions for their company.

Sustainability is the company’s prime goal. Sustainable cotton, reduced co2 footprint, greener packaging, recycled PU, green EVA outsoles are some of the few things for their commitment to the environment.

After reading this, I am sure some of you might have questions like, “Are Toms shoes vegan friendly?” or “Is Toms vegan?” well, I am here to clear all your doubts and answer all your questions in this guide below. So let’s get started.

Are Toms shoes vegan?

Not all shoes from Toms are vegan. There are shoes that use leather upper. Most of their shoes, though, can be considered vegan-friendly. They have a lot of limited-edition collection that’s vegan. Their classic shoe lineup is also mostly vegan.

Every year they launch a vegan-friendly collection for their fans. All their vegan shoes use materials like mesh, synthetic fabrics, or sustainable cotton. Even the glue used for shoe bonding is vegan, so it doesn’t contain any animal by-products.

Which Toms Shoes are Vegan?

Their shoe collection mostly contains vegan products. They do have some shoes that use leather, so be wary of that. Just like other brands, their UK website offers a vegan filter which makes it very easy to find shoes but sadly, that feature is not available on the US website. But have no worries, I am here to help you. I have found some of their best-selling vegan shoes, and I will list them below for your convenience.

Best Selling Vegan Toms Shoes

Here is the list of their products that are vegan. They are incredibly stylish and comfortable. I am sure this list will cater to all kinds of buyers as I have put a lot of thought into it.

  1. Alpargata Canvas
  2. Carlo Sneaker
  3. Alpargata Rope Espadrille
  4. TRVL LITE Slip On
  5. Alpargata Rover
  6. Baja Slip On
  7. Carlson Sneaker
  8. Alpargata Synthetic Trim
  9. Claremont Slip On
  10. Alpargata Burlap

Vegan Toms Shoes FAQ

  1. 1) Are Toms's shoes vegan?

    Not all. Some of their shoes do contain suede leather or even full-grain leather. Thankfully most of their shoes are vegan-friendly. They make use of synthetic materials, canvas, mesh knit for the upper in these shoes. Toms also use vegan glue for their shoes.

  2. 2) Do Toms have pig skin?

    Most of their models come with an insole made from synthetic fiber, textile, or faux shearling. Some of their core Alpargata models do come with a pigskin suede in the insole.

  3. 3) How do I know if my shoes are vegan?

    Shoe brands nowadays put a vegan sign on their products so it can be easier to identify. Still, it's not a simple job to always know it. Always check the product descriptions to see if they contain leather or suede leather. You can contact the company through their support page to find out if the particular product is vegan or not.

  4. 4) What are Toms shoes made of?

    Most Toms shoes are made using canvas upper. Toms use sustainable cotton for the canvas. They use microfiber and synthetic fibre in some of their shoe models. A very small number of Toms shoes use suede leather uppers. Mostly their terrain and water-resistant shoes have leather in them.

Conclusion: Some Toms are vegan, some are not

I hope that my article has helped you get an answer to the question, “Are Toms’ shoes vegan-friendly?”

Just like any other brand, Toms is trying its best to include more vegan products. They are investing a lot of their time and money to come up with better ways to make their shoe-making business eco-friendly.

They are not a 100% vegan brand, but they do offer a lot of vegan-friendly alternatives as compared to most brands. I have also listed some of their best-selling vegan shoes that I think are perfect for most people. I can guarantee you won’t go wrong with any of those products. They offer comfort and style, which is what anyone seeks when looking for shoes. I hope that my guide helps you.

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