Are Vans Good For Lifting?

Lifting shoes are specially designed with a flatter sole and heavier stance to make lifting and training easier in them. Shoes have become a very important part of weight training and are considered almost equivalent to rubber gloves in terms of their importance. People who are into lifting are considering the various options available to them for lifting and Vans is one of those options. If you have also found yourself asking “are Vans good for lifting” then be assured of the fact that they are.

Vans have a flat and tough sole, which are the two major requirements for lifting as while squatting and deadlifting, you need support like that. People have been going for Vans because they are comparatively cheaper options than specialized lifting shoes. So if you are a beginner, you can definitely go for Vans.

Weightlifting Vans Shoes

What Kind of Shoes Are Required for Lifting?

Lifting requires optimum quality shoes with the sole designed exactly as advised, otherwise, they can cause harm to your body. People who are passionate about sports and training prefer to buy shoes after careful contemplation and are willing to spend enough money required to invest in these shoes. But what kind of shoes are these? A lot of importance is given to the kind of shoes you buy for lifting as injuries can come very quickly if the shoes are not of the quality recommended. They will prove very beneficial in the long run which you might not realise earlier on. Shoes will also enable you to find your full potential as normal sneakers or slippers are bound to hinder your performance.

Basic Requirements for Weight Lifting Shoes:

There are certain requirements for the shoes to be adept at lifting

  1. The heels of these shoes are raised 2.5cm from the ground. The raised heel helps reduce forward trunk flexion angles. The torso is thus more upright because of the balance of the weight, which is essential while lifting.
  2. The sole is the most important feature of such shoes as the entire body weight rests on the heel. The sole should be stiff, non-compressible and inflexible to provide rigid support and stability.
  3. Strong friction is required to avoid slipping as slipping might lead to some serious injury.
  4. Snug fit is advised for feet to feel stable.

Zero Drop Builds:

Zero-drop refers to the same height of your sole and the ball of your feet. The zero-drop feature provides stability and helps the foot to stay in its natural position thus causing no extra stress or pressure on the heel or foot. Vans have started coming with this feature. This feature is instilled in all their shoes in the ’60s and since then they have become the preferred choice of many people to wear to the gym they also lie on the affordable side of the price range of shoes to be worn to the gym.  It has been noticed that some lifters like the low arch of these shoes as the balance is easy to maintain. The arch stays in contact with the ground maximizing the work done and the ease to perform certain exercises like squats or deadlifts.

Stable Sole Construction:

As aforementioned, the sole of the shoes is arguably the most important feature of theirs that decides the function that the shoe can perform. For weightlifting, the major requirements for the sole are to be non-slip, firm and flat. The firmness of the sole guarantees stability and friction for excellent performance. The flatness of the sole looks after the friction of the sole which assures the balance and support and quick and stable reflexes. Vans are considered good for lifting majorly because of their sole design that caters to all three requirements mentioned above. With the rubber waffle outsole construction, the stability and support that comes along make them great for the job. Their soles use vulcanized rubber that resists compression hence providing stability. Most Vans offer a stable inner as well as outer sole.

Cost-Efficient and Multipurpose:

Vans have become the most preferred choice because of their cost-efficiency. Lifting shoes are very expensive and the lifters who are beginners cannot often afford such high priced shoes. Since Vans serve the purpose of lifting and weight training while still staying in a reasonable price range, they are recommended highly in the market. Not only are Vans economical, they are also multi-functional. They have been designed in a way that instead of carrying them to the gym, you can wear them there.

Vans look great and serve well as casual shoes and can be worn outside as comfortably and easily as inside a gym. They can be worn to college, dinners, shopping or while doing any or all everyday activities as they are equally versatile as well. Once you make progress in the lifting and know better about shoes and soles, then you can go for shoes on the higher end of the price range.


Since Vans are not designed to keep only the gym in mind but all outdoor activities as well, they have put comfort in the front seat. The comfort feeling you get while wearing Vans is because they give you a snug feeling while leaving enough space for your feet to breathe. Their material is of the optimum choice to only further the comfort. They are made of canvas which is of the most excellent quality which is a plain-woven fabric. The use of such fabric is done to make the shoes long-lasting. The fabric is highly durable and has a sturdy build. The sturdiness of the shoes is what keeps the foot in place and balanced. Vans are known for their flexibility which only comes if there is enough space inside the shoes. Thus Vans offer space for them to be breathable. The fact that they are breathable also comes in handy while lifting as it prevents overheating.

Are Vans Good for Deadlifting?

Deadlifting is recommended to be practised with proper lifting and training shoes as they can cause injuries to your feet and back if not done properly. They need shoes with extremely non-compressible soles to remain stable and have sturdy balance. If the zero drop feature is removed, then that would mean putting more force. Vans can be considered fairly good for lifting since their soles are non-compressible thus ensuring that under heavyweight, they would not press down. Their sole is also great for the friction between the outsole and the ground thus adding extra stability. The friction is essential for the heavy weightlifters as the sturdiness is guaranteed with that. Vans also have a flat foot design which is another prerequisite for lifting shoes. The flatness of shoes provides optimum balance and Vans are primal with this feature.

Arch heels during deadlifts will give rise to more knee flexion, which can make deadlifts harder than they need to be, as this can be easily avoided with Vans that have flat foot soles.

Are Vans Good for Squats?

Vans are great to be worn during squats and any other kind of body training, both lower as well as upper. They have been designed in a way that they can be used in the gym for all sorts of exercises whether it be lifting or squatting. They have a flat foot design, have rubber outsoles which are non-compressible and are breathable, durable and economical. All the features that are characteristic of Vans are required for great stability and sturdiness and friction with the ground which makes them great to be worn while squatting. The flat foot design prevents extra pressure on your leg which can make exercising unnecessarily difficult. The rubber outsoles give your feet traction to retain your balance on the ground and avoid any cases of slipping. The fact that they are non-compressible is again proof of them being stable and sturdy which is a great feature for all training shoes.

Are Vans Good for Working Out?

Yes, Vans are great for working out. They are a great pair of shoes that can be worn casually as well as to the gym. The qualities given to the shoes have been given keeping in mind the additional balance and comfort that will come with it.

Are Vans Good for Running?

Vans are great shoes otherwise but when it comes to running, it is better to go for other running shoes. All the characteristic features of Vans that make it optimum for training and lifting are what stop it from being the best running shoes out there. Vans do not have arch support, or cushioned soles and are heavy and stiff which is not what runners need. Vans are heavy which provides sturdiness while lifting but for running, lightweight shoes are recommended as they make running easier. They do not cater to the needs of people with flat feet as they would need more arch support and comfort in terms of cushioned insoles which is missing in vans. They would top the charts in terms of their sturdiness but that is not what runners are looking for. They are also narrow in their design to give an extreme snug feeling which might be difficult for a runner to train in.

Best Vans Shoes for Lifting:

Vans Authentic:

best vans for lifting

Vans Authentic Shoe has become a global phenomenon with its stylistic design. They have the classic canvas feature with the thick rubber waffle sole and ultra cush padding in the sole. The classic canvas feature shows that they are durable and would survive for a really long time. The thick rubber waffle sole gives the shoes extreme traction and stability with the ground which would serve the purpose of all lifters. The Ultracush padding will provide your sole protection that is often missing from all other shoes due to the flat feet feature.

Vans Authentic has been around for a really long time and can be called tried and tested in the true sense. They are lightweight shoes that are optimum for gym wear as gyms can get excruciatingly hot making it hard for the body to function to its best.

Vans Canvas Sk8-Hi:

Vans For squats

Vans Canvas Sk8-Hi are great for lifting as well. They are different from the Vans Authentic in their ankle support as they are high tops. They come with more ankle support which can be a personal choice for the athlete and people who require more arch support can go for Vans Canvas Sk8-Hi. They come with durable canvas, suede paper and side strips that have become iconic all over the globe. The sole thus provides stability and support for all sorts of lifts and even other lower body training exercises. They use vulcanized rubber for their soles which is an additional factor ensuring stability and sturdiness.

They are a little thicker than the Vans Authentic making them a subject to personal choice. Some lifters prefer extra material around the ankle and heel as it gets more snug and stable than with the well-padded collar. Additionally, the rubber waffle sole is great for grip and friction.

Vans Atwood Shoes:

vans atwood for gym

Vans Atwood also entails mostly all of the preferred features of the Vans that make them optimal for lifting and other physical training exercises. They are slightly more lightweight than the Vans Authentic and Vans Canvas Sk8-HI which can be seen as a personal choice for some athletes. They come with a stripped-down style, low rise ankle collar, and double-stitch construction which are all features that will make lifting extremely easy and comfortable for beginner lifters. They also have cushioned soles to some extent which provides comfort and stability. They are highly durable and offer really long life. They look very trendy and fashionable with their low top style and add to the easy-going look. The waffle rubber sole is present in these shoes as well as that is the most important feature of them to make them appropriate for lifting.

Which is Better for Lifting: Vans or Converse

Vans are great for lifting but they are recommended only for people who are beginners to this side of training. They have the characteristic features required for lifting but in the long run, they are not as recommended as Converse because Converse features zero-drop to the extreme level and thus are recommended for powerlifting as well which Vans are definitely not. Otherwise, both shoes have almost similar features to make them both great for lifting and other training purposes.


  1. Is It Better to Lift Barefoot or with Vans?

    It is definitely better to lift in Vans as they are known to provide stability, support and traction; optimum for lifting.

  2. Can You Wear Vans to the GYM?

    Yes, you can wear Vans to the gym. Vans have been designed in a way that they are efficient with lifting and weight training.


The answer to whether “Vans are great for lifting?” has been provided to the extent that now you know that if you are on the beginner level of your training and lifting part you can go for Vans that come with all the prerequisite characteristic features required for the shoes to be worn during lifting. They are also economical which adds to the reasons why they are sometimes preferred over other shoes for training purposes.

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