Are Vans Non Slip Shoes?

Vans is known as one of the best American brands to manufacture skate shoes. They have been in this industry for the last few decades despite several ups and downs. They are currently the most popular footwear brand for Gen Z just after Nike. The shoes they make are not only stylish but also versatile. These classic shoes go well with all types of clothes and they are adored by not only the skating community but all types of people. But when someone decides to purchase a Vans shoe, it is not just the style and comfort that are the main factors to consider but they might also wonder “Are Vans non slip shoes?” This article is to provide them guidance and help decide if Vans is worth it.

Are Vans Slip Resistant Shoes?

Are Vans Slip Resistant Shoes?

Vans are suitable for skaters as well as those with jobs in fast paced service centers like restaurants and hotels. The soles of the Vans shoes have both the major slip resistant features i.e. it is water resistant and provides firm grips over different surfaces.

Are All Vans Non Slip Shoes?

Most of the footwear manufactured by Vans is non-slip shoes. They gained worldwide popularity through their skate shoes. Skating requires the kind of shoes that would let people ride the skateboard without slipping off it. For that reason, most of the shoes by this brand are designed keeping that fact in mind. Non slip shoes or slip resistant shoes are preferred by people who have to move around or work in a place that poses a higher risk of tripping or losing balance and those who go for a hike or a jog in slippery areas.

As long as the workplace does not have any certain rules regarding the footwear worn by their employees the Vans are a perfect shoe to use. Sometimes there may be high end restaurants that require their employees to follow a certain dress code so it’s best to enquire about it before purchasing it for work.

What Features Make Vans Slip Resistant Shoes?

Unlike other footwear brands, Vans manufacture their shoes in a certain way to make them slip resistant. The common features are their shoes are as follows:

Sturdy Upper:

For a shoe to be slip resistant it needs good quality materials and design for its sole. But the shoes’ upper should also be a sturdy one to provide better grip along with traction. It not only protects the feet from the above but also would act as a support if the person slips by accident. Vans designed a special line of shoes called “Made for the Makers” solely based on the slip resistant factor. They are ideal shoes to be worn in a restaurant as they would also provide protection from any spillage and be a supportive fit throughout the day. Anyone using any shoe from this line would be free of any worries due to the sturdy upper made of leather.

High-Quality Rubber Outsoles:

One of the best anti slip material to be used in the soles and outsoles are rubber. Rubber provides good traction on regular surfaces as well as on wet and greasy ones. The quality of the rubber decides the level of traction and Vans is well known to use high quality rubber for their soles. Low quality rubber not only provides very less grip but also makes the shoes more prone to damage. Vans uses a special vulcanization process of their own which has two phases of using the rubber. The rubber is first cured by heat and compressed then its steam baked. Vans uses a combination of natural and synthetic rubber for the soles of their shoes.

Non-Slip Tread Patterns:

The tread is the bottom part of the shoe that comes in contact with the ground and Vans has a unique tread pattern to make their shoes slip resistant besides the rigid rubber of the soles. There are shoes that may have good soles but the inferior tread patterns on them make them unsuitable for wet and greasy surfaces. The sole of Vans shoes has diamond and circle patterns to maximize the grip and prevent moisture or grease to stick to the shoe. The front area that is the top of the outsole which has the most traction has circular patterns. The grooves that go along the sole are designed to optimize the traction. This increases the level of slip resistance in Vans shoes.

How to Tell if your Vans Shoes are Non-Slip?

Despite the non-slip tag on most shoes the level of slip resistance depends on the sole and tread patterns. To know if a Vans shoe is really non slip one would have to experiment with wearing it on common surfaces and see for themselves. The steps below are to be followed for such a test:

  • Check the tread patterns on the outsoles. Circular patterns are the best among others such as triangles, hexagons, or squares.
  • See if the grooves on the outsoles are small and delicate since they provide more traction.
  • It is best to choose a shoe with a rubber sole as it will be the part that will be mostly in contact with the ground. Rubber is slip resistant since it grips onto different surfaces.
  • Run or walk in the Vans shoes around the dry concrete and see if are slip resistant. No matter how good shoes are, after a rain or on moss they are bound to slip if not careful.
  • Find a tiled surface and walk around. It is not advised to do so on wet or oily tiles since no matter how good quality rubber soles the shoes have they have a possibility of slipping. Then one should scuffle their feet against the tiles to check if the soles are stopping the motion of the feet. 
  • Use the shoes on both dry and wet laminated floors. Remember to walk and not run when it is wet. 
  • Walk or run around on the tarmac wearing a pair of shoes. Since this surface already has a lot of traction so they are safe even when it’s wet from rain or morning dew.

How to Make Non Slip Vans Better?

Even though most Vans shoes are slip proof some people might not be satisfied and want their shoes to have more traction. The different methods to make a Vans shoe more slip resistant are as follows:

  1. Scuffing – The most common method is to rub the shoes on a rough surface such as cement which will increase the slip resistance of the soles.
  2. Sandpaper – As an alternative to scuffing, the sandpaper can be rubbed over the soles of the shoes to make them tougher. The sandpaper will help reduce the chances of slipping.
  3. Nail filer – Not every household has sandpaper but they will surely have a nail filer. Use the nail filer to scrub the sole of the shoes. The change will be quite noticeable when the shoes will have better traction due to the new texture.
  4. Spray-on coating – There are spray coatings available that help decrease the chances of slipping. After buying one, they can simply be sprayed on the soles before going out every time.
  5. Hairspray – In case such sprays are not available, one can simply use their hairspray. It will help roughen the sole and provide better traction making it slip resistant.
  6. Masking tape – Another unique hack would be to put masking tape on the soles. Stick them under the shoes and be careful so they are not visible from above.
  7. PVC glue and Salt – A mixture of rubber glue and salt will create traction on any surface. Brush the mixture on the soles of the shoes and keep them aside to dry completely. 
  8. Grip pads – There are grip pads available in shoe stores that can be attached to the soles. They act as an extra sole and make the shoes more slip resistant.

Benefits of Non Slip Shoes:

Just like one is wearing a seatbelt while driving or a helmet while riding a motorbike, they should also choose the non-slip shoes for workplaces like restaurants and hotels. The benefits of using such shoes include the following points:

  • Non slip shoes have excellent traction which reduces the risks of falls, slips, and trips.
  • The soles are designed with particular tread patterns that provide good grip on different surfaces like tiles, concrete, laminated floors, etc.
  • They can also be worn outdoors as long as they have good quality rubber soles.
  • They repel grease and oil due to the thick materials they are made of.
  • These shoes have high durability due to their foot gears on the soles.

Best Slip Resistant Vans Shoes

1. Vans Shoes for Kitchen:

The shoes that are perfect to be worn by chefs in a kitchen are the Vans Slip-Ons. They are not only unisex but as their name suggests easy to slip on the foot. The classic style shoes are well padded inside to be worn without socks. They are available in various colors but for a professional look, one should stick to neutral colors. They are not only comfortable to be worn all day long but also slip proof and hence provide extra safety regarding spillages. Their soles are water repellent and the shoes provide a layer of protection from any kinds of burns.

2. Vans Non Slip Shoes for Restaurants:

Restaurant employees range from chefs to servers to waiters and all of them have one thing in common. They require non slip footwear both inside and outside the kitchen. The Vans Bearcat shoes are not only non-slip shoes but they are comfortable enough to be worn for about eight hours straight. In such a fast paced environment it’s hard to get a moment to rest and they have to be on their feet all day. The tread patterns and grooves in the soles would also reduce the chances of accidents.

3. Vans Skid Resistant Shoes:

Vans is one of the well-known footwear brands for manufacturing skate shoes, The design behind the soles of the skate shoes is to be slip resistant so that they can remain on the skate boards. Vans Sneakers or Skate Trainers are designed to be skid resistant. They can be worn by skaters and even by those who simply follow the trend. They are available in various colors and go well with any outfit. The slip resistance is an additional point on top of being stylish.


  1. Are Old Skool Vans Slip Resistant?

    Vans Old Skool is sneakers designed for skateboarding. They are not only comfortable and breathable but also water and slip resistant.

  2. Are Vans Non Slip Shoes For Work?

    Vans non slip shoes have ideal rubber soles to be used in fast paced environments like restaurants and kitchens. As long as they are approved by the employer, they make the ideal shoes to be worn on wet floors.

  3. Are Vans made for the makers slip resistant?

    The Made for Makers line by Vans has slip resistant outsoles along with study uppers to repel moisture and dirt.

  4. How do I prevent slips from slipping on my Vans?

    One thick pair of socks or two regular pairs can be worn before trying on the Vans Slip-on to keep them from slipping off the feet.

  5. Are Vans Grippy?

    The soles of the Vans shoes are designed to provide maximum grip over various surfaces. They are made with premium quality rubber and have unique tread patterns to allow traction.


Vans shoes are made with good quality rubber soles and unique tread patterns which provide excellent grip on all kinds of surfaces. This makes them a good choice of footwear for sports like skateboarding. They are also perfect to be worn in fast paced workplaces like hotels and restaurants. Vans make almost all of their shoes slip resistant with superior materials and designs. Not only do they provide comfort to the feet but also lower the chances of slips and accidents. So to those wondering “Are Vans non slip shoes”, such beneficial characteristics of most Vans shoes make them ideal for greasy, slippery, and wet environments.

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