Are Vans Shoes Vegan? Best Vans Vegan Shoes – 2023

Are Vans Shoes Vegan?

Many people ask the question, “Are Vans shoes vegan?” The answer is yes. There are some shoes by Vans that are vegan as they have recently launched a line of vegan shoes to keep up with the growing awareness regarding sustainability.

More and more brands are taking an eco-friendly approach to make their products, and this is Vans’ way of saying they are all in on that trend.

Vans has a long history in the shoe business. They have been around since 1966. The brand started its journey in California. For many years, they sold the most rugged shoes with thick soles and duck canvas. Ever since then, the brand has come a long way.

It’s one of the most popular brands amongst skateboarders ever since a famous skateboarder Stacy Peralta advertised for them. Skateboarders appreciated the ruggedness of Vans shoes.

Vans always use high-quality material for their shoes and don’t compromise on it. They have been using canvas, suede leather, and synthetic material for their shoes. One thing that made the shoes special was the super sticky rubber sole, which is designed by Vans. This sole gave precise traction, which is second to none. It provides excellent grip, which is admired by skateboarders.

Vans has been through ups and downs. From making skateboarding shoes to making shoes for the Air Force, going bankrupt to then getting the brand revived again, they have seen it all. There was a brief patch where they teamed up with Supreme to create some of the best-designed shoes of that period.

Are Vans Shoes Vegan?

Vans is an iconic brand, so naturally, their designs and shoes are very famous, and people like them a lot. Many of the shoe manufacturing processes use animal by-products, which is a huge issue for vegans as it impacts the environment severely.

As I said earlier, Vans does offer a variety of products in many different materials. If you stay away from suede leather shoes, then most of their products are vegan. You can find shoes made from canvas uppers, which are vegan. Their soles have always been made from vulcanized rubber, so no issue there.

One of the crucial parts of making shoes is using glue, and some glues do contain animal by-products. Thankfully, Vans has assured us that the glue is vegan too. In some shoes, Vans also use synthetic leather, which also makes them vegan. Luckily, most of their iconic designs are vegan due to the fact that they use canvas uppers.

One more thing about Vans is that they have been a great supporter of the sustainable cotton initiative. It reduces the overall impact on nature and its surroundings while maintaining cotton production.

As you can see, Vans does care about the environment and is always finding new ways to optimize the manufacturing process to reduce its impact on it.

Which Vans Shoes are Vegan?

There are many products on their lineup that are vegan. Shoes made from canvas and synthetic leather are all vegan. This is confirmed by the brand itself, so there is no doubt about it. Let’s take a look at some of the best Vans vegan shoes in 2023

BestSelling Vegan Vans shoes: Vans UltraRange Vegans

I have handpicked some of their best vegan shoes that are incredibly stylish and comfortable.

  1. Quilted Suiting ComfyCush Authentic
  2. Eco Theory Old Skool Tapered
  3. Anaheim Factory Classic Slip-On 98 DX
  4. Eco Theory Authentic
  5. Canvas Sk8-Hi
  6. Vans World Code Era
  7. UltraRange Gore
  8. Era
  9. UltraRange EXO
  10. Canvas Old Skool

Vans Vegan Shoe FAQ

  1. What Vans are not vegan?

    Most of their classic and old-school models come in suede leather, even the Sk8-hi models. All the vegan variants that have a model name that begins with “canvas” are all vegan.

  2. Are Vans-era shoes vegan?

    Yes, their Era lineup is 100% vegan friendly. It uses either high-quality canvas upper or synthetic upper in some models.

  3. Is Van's sport vegan?

    Vans don't have any specific shoe lineup for sports. They do have skateboarding shoes, and most of the models are not vegan. You can check the product details on their product page to check if they have used leather or not.

  4. Is Vans cruelty-free?

    Not completely. Vans still make a lot of their shoes using suede leather uppers. However, they do have vegan-friendly options that you can check out.

  5. Does Vans use vegan shoe glue?

    Yes, they do. Synthetic glue is now becoming the norm in the shoe industry, as it provides better bonding contrary to the glue that has animal by-products. 

  6. Do Vans use real leather?

    Yes, most of their shoe lineup consists of shoes that have suede leather and natural leather. They do offer many vegan-friendly options if you want them.

  7. Is Vans Old Skool vegan?

    Most old-school models are not vegan. They use suede leather and canvas uppers. They do have one model with 100% canvas, which is vegan-friendly.

  8. Is Vans Sk8-Hi vegan?

    Sk8-Hi models use suede leather and canvas for the upper, so no, they are not vegan. You have just one option that comes with 100% canvas which is vegan-friendly.

Final Thoughts:

So to answer the question, are Vans shoes vegan? No, not to the full extent. They are, however, trying to include more and more vegan-friendly options in their lineup.

The brand still uses suede leather in most of its shoes, just like most brands in the shoe industry. To their credit though, they have been trying to make their entire shoe-making process more eco-friendly. They have been using 100% organic and sustainable cotton for their shoes which is commendable.

They have also switched to synthetic glue instead of animal glue which is another step in the right direction. I hope my article here helps you find the answer to your questions.

I have also listed some of the best Vans vegan shoes that you can have a look at and see if they fit your style. I am sure Vans will launch even more vegan-friendly options in the future.

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