Are Veja Shoes Vegan Friendly? – 2023

Veja is an economical and ecological sneaker brand established in 2005 by Sébastien Kopp and in alliance with François-Ghislain Morillion.

Mixing its minimalist aesthetic with innovative technologies, Veja focuses on manufacturing sneakers that are made up of organic and Fairtrade cotton, Amazonian rubber, ecological leather and innovative materials that also include recycled plastic bottles. While Veja is a French company, all Veja sneakers are manufactured in a high-quality factory in Brazil.

French-born Veja has turned the shoe industry upside down by doing things right. Its focus is on sustainability, fair trade, and ethical production. The brand has become a household name for conscious shoppers around the world.

As it costs up to 7 times more to make a Veja, the brand has abolished all advertising costs to keep its sneaker prices high-flying, which allows companies to invest more in the quality of their materials and fair labour.

Because of these factors, Veja is also loved by vegans. One main thing to remember is that the bright V-logo on the sneaker doesn’t mean that Veja is “Vegan”. The company also produces a variety of leather shoes.

Have you ever got questions like “Are Veja Shoes Vegan?” or  “Is Veja vegan?” If yes then this is the destination guide for you. Here we have answered all your questions related to Veja Shoes and we have listed the Best Vegan Veja Shoes for men and women respectively. You check them down.


Are Veja Shoes Vegan?

Veja shoes aren’t always vegan. The company also make use of animal leather such as calfskin and fish skin. But the good news is that 1 out of 3 Veja shoes is vegan. Their vegan collection is one of the best ones on the market and it is made entirely without animal products or byproducts.

If you are thinking of buying Veja vegan shoes, then be assured that these shoes are long-lasting and manufactured in a high-quality factory in Brazil. The brand uses top-end materials like organic cotton, fairly traded wild rubber, and innovative vegan leather made from corn and PU.

To identify  Veja’s vegan shoes, you can check the vegan collection in their online store. The keywords which can help you are Canvas, Mesh and CWL (corn-coated cotton) which are indicated in the shoe’s name. If V-10 is a leather shoe, then V-10 CWL is without exception that they are vegan.

Veja’s vegan selection every time expands with many new exciting styles and colourways. The chart-topping Vegan styles are V-10 CWL, Nova Canvas, and SDU B-Mesh. Veja’s partnership with designed Rick Owens gives trendy Vegan V-KNIT sneakers which are quite good.

Veja also recently launched its first line of vegan running shoes – Condor Mesh. Which is made up of a mix of biobased materials like sugar cane and rice husks besides it is also made up of recycled plastic bottles, which makes it one of the most nature-friendly trainers out there.

For most Veja shoes, both vegan and non-vegan versions are available. So without fail do double-check that the materials to ensure that you are going for the canvas, vegan leather, or mesh option instead of leather or suede ones.

Which Veja Shoes are Vegan?

If you are thinking of purchasing a vegan Veja shoe but are confused about which one to choose then here we come with the list of the best vegan Veja Shoes for men and women respectively.

For Men

  1. V-10 CWL

For Women

  1. Veja Women’s Rio Branco
  2. V-10 CWL
  3. Veja Women’s SDU RT

Vegan Veja Shoes FAQ

  1. Is Veja cruelty-free?

    No, it is not. Despite the fact that 1 out of 3 Veja models is vegan, the company still uses real leather.

  2. Does Veja use vegan shoe glue?

    Yes, Veja uses vegan shoe glue which isn’t made up of animal ingredients. So, all their leather-free shoes are vegan.

  3. Is Veja V-10 vegan?

    V-10 has both vegan and leather options available. The vegan version is made up of innovative C.W.L – which is cotton coated with PU and corn resin.

  4. Why is Veja popular?

    Veja is popular due to its durable and transparent practices. The brand does not advertise but spends the money on improving the product instead. Due to this, the shoes are of great quality.

  5. Where can you buy Veja vegan shoes?

    Veja vegan shoes can be brought from Amazon, Nordström or Veja’s own online shopping store.

Some Veja Are Vegan, Some Are Not

Veja has legitimately procured the standing of quite possibly the most reasonable brand of today. The organization has set a benchmark for the whole shoe industry for its social and environmental awareness as well as quality plans.

However, every third of Veja’s shoes are vegan. We actually wish the organization would not utilize creature calfskin by any means. Cowhide can’t be considered economical – regardless of how you source it, particularly since there are plant-put together options with respect to the market that are perpetually more empathetic and eco-accommodating.

Since Veja has acquired help from vegans as of now, we trust the organization will keep on bringing more pitilessness freestyles available. We will ensure every one of the new shoes will be added to this rundown. In the meantime, go here for 100% vegan shoe brands.

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