Barefoot Shoes For Women For Everyday

Everyday lifestyle needs classic and comfortable footwear to maintain foot health. As you are someone who doesn’t want to trade off on foot health or comfort, I have been researching a lot in this area for a long time. It is the most difficult task to get the barefoot shoes that suit women’s dressing styles.

Here is the article- Barefoot Shoes For Women For Everyday, a compilation of the most comfortable, flexible barefoot shoes for women especially. I have tried some of these and reviewed but a few I haven’t but remember to keep in mind all your needs and do your diligence before ordering them and be sure that they fit your needs. 

The critical perspective of each pair of barefoot shoes which covered all the terrain types are included in the article.

Let’s move ahead and discuss a few of the barefoot shoes for women!

What are the Minimalist Casual Zero Drop Shoes Women?

Vivobarefoot Womens Ra Slip On Synthetic Graphite TrainersVivobarefoot Womens Ra Slip On Synthetic Graphite Trainers
  • Durable vegan eco suede upper
  • Removable performance insole
  • Patented 3mm barefoot casual sole
  • Pro5 puncture resistant sole
Xero Shoes Women's Oswego Knit Casual ShoeXero Shoes Women's Oswego Knit Casual Shoe
  • High-performance Comfort
  • Xero Drop Sole For Perfect Posture
  • Flex Your Feet, Feel The Floor
Joomra Barefoot Trail Running Shoes WomenJoomra Barefoot Trail Running Shoes Women
  • Rubber outsoles offer the optimal balance
  • Removable insoles support the feet’s arches
  • Thicker topline wrapped perfectly around feet
  • Reflective strip on heel counter
WHITIN Women's Minimalist Kint Barefoot ShoesWHITIN Women's Minimalist Kint Barefoot Shoes
  • Extended widths available with lace-up closure
  • Leather upper in a minimalist sneaker goes well
  • Built-in arch support delivers reliable stability
  • Zero-drop, non-elevated pigskin lather sole
Merrell Vapor Glove 3 Luna Leather WomensMerrell Vapor Glove 3 Luna Leather Womens
  • Material - Upper: Leather
  • Shoe Style: Trainers
  • Rubber sole
Xero Shoes Women's Prio Cross Training ShoeXero Shoes Women's Prio Cross Training Shoe
  • Comfortable, For-everything Shoe
  • Xero Drop Sole For Perfect Posture
  • Ultra-thin Barefoot Design
Weweya Barefoot Shoes Women Minimalist RunningWeweya Barefoot Shoes Women Minimalist Running
  • Minimalist Barefoot Style Design 
  • Wide Toe Box Safety Design
  • The tongue-less design
  • Removable Exclusive Arch Support Insole
Xero Shoes Women's HFS Running ShoesXero Shoes Women's HFS Running Shoes
  • Shaped For Comfort, Built For Speed
  • Xero Drop Sole For Perfect Posture
  • Flex Your Feet, Feel The Floor

1. Vivobarefoot ra slip on 

Vivobarefoot has released the first model of Vivobarefoot ra slip-on  for women a few seasons back which is a cutting edge barefoot designed for both work and play. Perfect for minimalist style due to the smart leather lace with a branded hardware toggle.

The Vivobarefoot slip-on pair is made of pure leather which is tough wild hide leather with no heels. These barefoot shoes are  ready to challenge any kind of terrain. Would be smooth for women’s daily use. You will experience the best barefoot feel due to its ultra thin sole.

They are light, flexible and breathable. I love these slip on shoes. Where do you find a metallic barefoot sneaker which is vegan too? Here I got those. The Ra slip-on offers an elastic piece on the inside which keeps the shoe secure on your foot. Extremely durable and also you can cut the tassels without compromise in the fit of the shoe. 

  • Padded collar
  • Removable indole
  • Soft and squishy sneaker
  • Not as comfortable as real leather

2. Xero Shoes Oswego For Women

Xero- Oswego shoes are excellently light, sock-like running shoes. Oswego is a casual slip-on that is ready to deliver high performance. The Xero shoes Oswego has the performance-friendly speed force sole that is combined with a polyester knit upper which takes you anywhere at any speed.

barefoot shoes women

In my opinion these are a little bit expensive and made up of 100% vegan friendly materials that animals are nowhere harmed during its manufacture. Insole is about 2 mm and is removable giving you a choice between more or less barefoot feel. They have enough room for the toes on the sides.

best barefoot shoes womens

It uses the 4.5 mm Feel True rubber offering protection while getting the ground feedback that your feet love. Women’s Oswego Xero shoes are 6.0 ounces each where you will barely feel their presence. Their heel and instep straps hold your feet securely. Your toes can move freely whether you wear socks or not.

  • Good minimalist design
  • Great on the trails
  • No break in period
  • Comfortable out of the box
  • Vegan friendly materials
  • They don’t have a huge amount of cushioning

3. Joomra Women’s Zapatos Minimalist

Joomra Zapatos women’s barefoot running shoes for ladies have rubber outsoles that offer the optimal balance of traction and durability. Unpredictable terrain circular lag patterns with a responsive feel provide rigid grip at movement.

barefoot shoes women

They have removable insoles which support the feets arches and do not cause too much pressure. The thicker topline is wrapped exactly around the feet, ensuring that shoes do not fall off while doing exercise. Joomra Zapatos minimalists shoes also have reflective strips on the heel counter which make sure security and safety during exercise at night.

The objective of minimalist shoes is to offer our feet maximum amount of freedom for movement and function, giving us a barefoot-like feel. These barefoot shoes are perfect for training and fitness.

best barefoot shoes womens

They have specially designed soles which offer grip during climbing and lateral movement. Its unique selling point is that it is manufactured in a shape that exactly fits your foot like wearing a glove on your foot. 

  • Unique shoes
  • Remobable insoles
  • Perfect fit
  • Not going to have a lot of support as expected

4. Whitin – Minimalist Sneakers

Whitin women’s barefoot shoes are the cheapest available and is an Amazon brand which manufactures a wide number of different shoes. They are about 5 mm thick after removing the insoles. I bought them for $39 each on the Amazon website that comes in EU 36-46, or US women’s 6- men’s 13.

barefoot shoes women

This is a fully barefoot sneaker which is amusingly soft and flexible if you remove the insole once. Unless you take off the insole, they are not completely flat. Neoprene upper, adjustable elastic laces, and a velcro strap are the features included.

best barefoot shoes womens

They meet all the needs for healthy footwear. These barefoot shoes fit perfectly for the average and also the wide feet but not the extra wide feet. It consists of a wide toe box that lets you spread and relax. Ofcourse, they are 100% vegan friendly, produced without harming animals.

  • Rubber sole offers protection
  • Removable sockliner
  • Barefoot experience

5. Merrell Vapor Glove 3 Luna Leather Womens Barefoot Shoes

Merrell Vapor Glove 3 Luna Leather Womens barefoot shoes are the amazing minimalist zero drop shoes which are comfortable. They offer a glove-like fit but allow space for the toes. It is a low drop shoe that fits like a glove but has a good sized toe box.

barefoot shoes women

I recommend Vapor Glove 3 shoes for wide and flat feet. Their lightweight nature gives you a feel like you are not wearing more than socks. They provide good comfort and ground feel. The vibram soles offer rigid grip and give traction on wet surfaces. These shoes are somewhat less durable.

best barefoot shoes womens

The look of the shoes is not so great and is ideal for a neighborhood walk, a run to the grocery store, or a long drive. They offer minimal protection against rocks  and all minimalist shoes are the dreaded rock on the road. Good to avoid with a lot of rocks and walking in gravel with these shoes. 

  • Great minimalist feel
  • Lightweight
  • Outsole is grippy
  • More comfortable
  • Good ground feel
  • Durability issues
  • Less foot protection

6. Xero shoes Prio

Xero Shoes Prio are the most comfortable athletic shoes. I have ever worn such comfortable athletic shoes. They are also perfect for everything you do whether you are out on a run, hitting the gym, toeing a slackline or trying out a new trail.

barefoot shoes women

Prio offers freedom and protection with which you will fall in love with. The insole of 3 mm thickness gives a barefoot-like feel. It uses 5.5 mm Feel true rubber that provides protection and also gets the feedback from ground. They are 7.4 ounces each, very lightweight.

best barefoot shoes womens

Prio shoes are made up of 100% vegan materials. Xero Shoes Prio gives you a natural fit, natural motion and natural feel while it has premium level performance and life changing comfort. The most popular product perfect for running and fitness among the products of Xero shoes. These women’s minimalist barefoot trails are low to the ground for balance and agility. 

  • Lightweight
  • Flexible
  • High performance
  • Few customers feel the clunky

7. Weweya Barefoot Shoes 

Weweya Barefoot minimalist shoes are incorporated with a design which covers both minimalist shoes and the zero drop shoes. They have a true zero drop design and have no frills. During the manufacturing process, comfort and utility are the two aspects which are focused more than style.

barefoot shoes women

I would recommend these shoes if you are looking for barefoot shoes for running. The rubber sole absorbs the ground impacts well and they have a five finger wide toe design which gives you the room you need.

They offer a breathable memory arch that helps to decrease the arch pain and molds the shoes more comfortably. They are slip resistant and have an elastic lacing system. Available in various options including colours like army green, black, red, grey and blue.

best barefoot shoes womens

They allow the person to feel ground better when compared to other ordinary running shoes. I have tried these for running too, and felt very comfortable. 

  • They are a very minimalist shoe
  • Comfortable and durable
  • Run a little bit small

8. Xero shoes HFS

Xero shoes HFS are my favourite minimalist trainer that can handle any terrain from road to gym and even onto the trail for those barefoot runners. The HFS sneakers offer a premium natural feel that will fortunately help you unlock secrets of your athleticism.

barefoot shoes women

It has amazing features that include a roomy toe box, an ultralight breathable upper, and unmatched flexibility. It has a 3 mm high density EVA insole which helps you and ease your transition into the raw responsiveness of the Xero shoes HFS.

The Xero shoes HFS is the best that a barefoot shoe offers. It is specially designed as a running shoe. Outsole is made of Feel true rubber and gives a direct line of feedback between the ground and your feet.

best barefoot shoes womens

The tension straps are hidden behind the protective TPU. They allow complete freedom of movement for your foot and make it easier to flex downward and propel through your toes. 

  • Super flexible
  • Roomy fit
  • Breathable
  • Optional insole
  • Heavier

9. Reebok HIIT Women’s Training Shoes 

The Reebok HIIT women’s training shoes are specifically designed for maximum intensity interval training style workouts. These are very much similar to the popular Reebok Nano range of training shoes. Reebok HIIT are lightweight and more flexible.

They have an upper that is a thin breathable mesh with inner lining for comfort and a snug fit. Available in bright and modern colours that look great whether you are inside or outside of the gym.

It also features a reinforced mid foot cage and a padded heel collar to keep your foot secured. The outsole is large and has a tough rubber. The heel drop of these barefoot shoes is low for keeping your centre gravity over your heels.

The midsole of the shoe features lightweight EVA foam cushioning to provide some responsiveness in the short run. These shoes are perfect for people who want to mix up training and I strongly recommend using them for gym and workouts. 

  • Comfortable out of the box
  • Enough stability
  • Reliable outsole traction
  • Cushioning
  • Great rearfoot support
  • Breathable and lightweight
  • Heel fit concerns
  • Durability issues

10. Seekway Water Shoes

Seekway women’s water shoes are the best seller on Amazon. They have a smooth neck design that prevents chafing when wearing them. It has shock absorption performance cushioning separated from the protective toe. Available in many colours and designs.

Their soles are made up of TPR materials which have superior air permeability and non slip resistance. They have an upper that is made of a diving material with best breath ability and quick drying.

These barefoot sneakers are comfortable and flexible, which makes you feel free and comfortable when wearing them. Seekway shoes are lightweight, compressible and easy to carry.

Those can be used for swimming, sailing, pool, boating, water park, kayaking, surfing and many more etc,. This seekway gives a 30 day money back guarantee and three month warranty.

The smooth fabrics used with fine stretches on uppers are in the manufacturing process. Your feet would be safe and comfortable each and every time. 

  • Non-slip stripe on the soles offers superior grip
  • Smooth elastic neck prevents chafing
  • Keeps the shoe from slipping
  • Flexible fabric
  • Fabric may shred

11. Mishansha women’s Barefoot Shoes 

Mishansha water shoes are perfect for any activity like pilates, beach, kayaking, volleyball, windsurfing, boating, yoga and more. Available in a variety of colours and also different sizes including half-sizes.

The tightness of the water shoes could be adjusted. Mishansha company is one of the popular companies that do not compromise on the quality of the products to increase the price. They are great and are available at an affordable range.

They have an upper that is breathable made up of lightweight materials that helps to keep your feet cool. They protect your toe from injuries. They also have draining holes on the bottom which allows water to flow out.

The rubber sole incorporated in these shoes keeps feet protected from sharp objects. These women’s barefoot shoes have an elastic strap and lock lace make putting on and taking off the shoes a breeze. 

  • They look great and stylish
  • Durable
  • The fit is as promised
  • Shoes dry very quickly
  • Perfect for the beach
  • The grip on the sole could be enhanced

How to Choose the Best Casual Barefoot Shoe for Women?

Here is the guide to help you to choose the best casual barefoot shoes for women. Keep in mind all the features, needs, and requirements to grab off from the store. I will take you through important factors that you should look at.

Knowing your foot’s size:

Before looking for barefoot shoes, you need to keep your feet’ sizes in mind. In case you have wide feet, you need to get shoes with wide toe boxes which have extra room. But if you have flat feet, shoes with low arch support would help. Knowing your feet size and feet type is the most important thing. I would recommend you to leave 0.5 cm of feet space when deciding the size if you are trying barefoot shoes for the first time

Slight and Elastic sole:

The sole of the barefoot shoes should be flexible, and can be bent in all the directions so that it gives your feet natural movements. The sole must be from 3 mm to 6 mm thin which is ideal to stimulate discalced like conditions. 

Toe to heel zero drop:

Your foot should be leveled to its maximum efficacy. Zero drop shoes will decrease the impact on your knees when it is spreading all the legs. 

Spacious toe box:

The roomy toe box provides you the most comfortable stability and fit. This space enables your toes to splay around, bend, flex, stretch in all directions freely. You will be safe from blisters, bunions or plantar fasciitis problems. 

Lightweight Design: 

Almost all the barefoot shoes come with a lightweight design, yet have a reinforced vamp to protect your toes and make the feet natural. 


  1. Are barefoot shoes really good for you?

    Yes, Barefoot shoes are really good and healthier. Barefoot Shoes not only enhance the strength of all the muscles in the foot, but also helps the foot develop in the normal posture to prevent deformities.

  2. Can you wear barefoot shoes everyday?

    Yes, you can wear barefoot shoes everyday. The more and the longer you wear, the better you feel. They strengthen the foot muscles, and allow them to move as nature intended. Your foot health improves a lot. 

  3. Are barefoot shoes good for walking?

    Many podiatrists suggest barefoot walking as a cure for plantar fasciitis. Wearing barefoot shoes helps with plantar fasciitis. When you are out of shoes, especially on uneven and rugged surfaces, you shall use your feet in a way that preloads the plantar fascia. 

  4. Are Zero Drop shoes good for bad knees?

    Zero-drop shoes affect the way you walk, and in a few shoes that lack cushioning, it changes the way your heel strikes the ground, that in turn help in reducing injuries. 

  5. Are barefoot shoes good for older adults?

    A research study suggests that wearing minimal shoes would be highly beneficial for postural and dynamic stability in older people than wearing barefoot shoes. 


Go Barefoot happily, as it improves your foot health. Wrapping it up! It was a great adventure for me in testing minimalist and barefoot feel footwear. After going through the entire article, you have an idea of the barefoot shoes for women and all the features of the best footwear shoes.

And I hope that you got an insight of how to choose the best barefoot shoes. Above all, you must first of all know what works on you. Choose the pair depending on the weather and hiking conditions, try them out before buying for proper fit. Go with top rated brands like vivobarefoot, Xero shoes, vibram, Merrell etc,.

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