Baya Vs Classic Crocs – Differences

Despite the unique appearance of Crocs which is so much different from a pair of sneakers or boots, they have been used as casual footwear by people of all ages. Crocs make their footwear based on two factors that are comfort and practicality. 

While the most commonly used type of clog is the classic one, there are other styles available like Baya, All terrain, Bistro, Neria Pro, Crocband, etc. The traditional Crocs are clogs that have open heels, heel straps, and good ventilation. Baya Clogs may look pretty similar to the classic ones but there are still variations like the holes in them.

Due to such similarity, a customer might get confused while choosing between Baya Crocs Vs Classic Crocs. So this article provides the differences and similarities between the two types for them.

Crocs Baya vs Classic Sizing:

Crocs are known for their comfy and roomy footwear. There are hardly any cases where a Crocs shoe was actually smaller than the actual foot size. According to customer reviews, most Crocs shoes are true to size but some can also be a bit bigger. The reason behind this is Crocs having a wide fit design.

There are two options available for customers that Crocs provides. They are a relaxed fit and have a roomy fit, whereas the latter is wider than the other one. But that does not necessarily make the relaxed fit narrow.

While both types of Crocs, Baya, and Classic, may share similar aspects, their sizes are not the same. There is a very slight difference in size between them even when both of them are a roomy fit. The Classic Crocs are shorter in size compared to Baya Crocs.

But one does not have to be worried about it since both are true to size and Crocs also provides an ankle strap on the back that would secure the foot and prevent the shoe from slipping off the foot.

For finding the correct size of shoes that would fit but won’t be too big, Crocs provide their customers with sizing charts. This is to make the online shopping experience as fruitful as the one done in person. 

Crocs Classic vs Baya Design:

While they might have similar features, their design is noticeably different. All one need is to look at both the models once to notice it. The Classic Crocs might be designed to be smaller than Baya Crocs but their sizing pattern remains the same. 

The design on the toe cap of the Baya model is different from that of the Classic one. Classic Crocs have larger ventilation ports around the toe cap, unlike the Baya Crocs. These ports are designed around the toe cap from one side to the other. 

On the other hand, Baya Crocs have a custom made design of the Crocs logo engraved on the right side of the toe cap along with small holes to help ventilate. There are contours present on both sides of the Baya Crocs. Classic Crocs have no such design.

The one feature that helps the customers buy an authentic Crocs instead of an imitation is the number of holes on them. All Crocs have thirteen holes on them including the Classic and Baya Crocs.

However, the arrangement of these holes of the Classic Crocs is different from the Baya Crocs. The holes on the Baya Crocs are designed in straight lines of threes and fours in an orderly pattern. There is no such arrangement of the holes on the Classic version. The arch support also is different in the case of both.

Baya vs Classic Crocs – Major Features

The main features of importance in both types of Crocs are breathability, arch support, durability, weight, and waterproofness. A short description of each of them is as follows:

Holes and Breathability:

One of the features that make people choose Crocs over other kinds of footwear is their signature style of thirteen holes on them. This makes them not only breathable but also prevents sweaty feet.

But the ports of ventilations on the Baya Crocs are different from that of the Classic type. While Classic Crocs have holes both on top and sides, the Baya Crocs only have them on top. This makes the Classic Crocs more ventilated and breathable. 

But such a feature does not make one better than the other. Classic Crocs clog can be used during the hot summer to keep the feet from sweating. On the other hand, one can use the Baya lined clogs during winter as they will keep the feet warm.


Baya Crocs might have similar characteristics to Classic Crocs but they are more lightweight. Though no difference in weight can be noticed by looking at them, a customer can distinguish between them by trying on both. For those who prefer lighter footwear, can try on Baya Crocs and Classic Crocs, one on each foot, and decide for themselves.

Classic Crocs were the revolutionary footwear when they were launched. Eventually, Crocs modified them a little and created the lighter Baya Crocs. Baya being improved versions did not affect the popularity of the Classic Crocs. 

According to customer reviews, Classic Crocs are very comfortable but Baya Crocs feel like walking on clouds. Most customers who are a fan of Baya Crocs also owns a pair of the Classic style.

Arch Support and Contour:

Though the difference in arch support might not be very noticeable between Classic and Baya Crocs, it still exists. The arch support of the Baya Crocs is a bit lower than the Classic Crocs.

This makes Baya Crocs perfect for those with flat feet as it would prevent any discomfort or dent under the foot. People who have regular feet can choose the Classic version as well as the Baya ones.

When the Classic Crocs were modified to create the Baya Crocs, the new design contained contours on both sides. The original version did not have any contours on them. These contours were added to provide the customers with extra support.

Water Resistance:

The various types of Crocs shoes are made of different kinds of materials like leather, fabric, fur lining, etc. While those made with Croslite are completely waterproof, the same cannot be said for the rest.

Both Baya and Classic Crocs are made with Croslite and hence water resistant but others might get damaged after getting wet. But when it comes to Baya lined or Classic lined Crocs their linings would get wet if they come in contact with moisture. 

The waterproof feature of Crocs makes them excellent shoes to be worn during showers, rain, beach party, or other activities that include water. In case water gets inside the shoes, it will get out from the holes. The holes also help the feet from getting sweaty. They were after all invented to be used as boating shoes initially.

Materials & Durability:

Most Crocs are made of a material called Croslite which is an organic closed cell resin. The shoes are lightweight all thanks to Croslite which helps trap tiny air bubbles.

Croslite is a uniquely designed material that is exclusively owned by the brand named Crocs. This technology was invented for making shoes comfier, water proof, and odor resistant.

There have been various imitations over the years, but without the Croslite and designs, are recognized as fake versions of the original. Both Baya and Classic Crocs are made of Croslite.

Compared to other types of comfortable footwear such as flip-flops, Crocs have a longer lifespan. Baya and Classic Crocs have superior cushioning both above and under and they give the same amount of comfort as long as they last. 

Customers have claimed that they are durable enough to last a couple of years even with regular use.

Which Crocs are better to buy Baya Crocs or Classic Crocs?

The most sold and popular Crocs are still the Classic Crocs. The original style keeps on being a favorite in the hearts of people worldwide to date. Later the brand modified it slightly and named the new style Baya Crocs. 

Baya Crocs were created to be more lightweight and to take a walk or run more comfortably. The custom opening on the right side of the toe due to the Crocs logo also makes it more comfy and breathable. 

Different designs are available for Baya Crocs than the Classic ones making them a style with more choices. But to choose the better style between Baya and Classic Crocs would be entirely subjective. 

Those who prefer to stick to the original and simple can choose the Classic Crocs, while others looking for a lighter and more attractive choice can go for the Baya Crocs. 


  1. Can you put Jibbitz on Baya Crocs?

    Jibbitz can be put on top of any Crocs by pushing them on the holes. Baya Crocs also have thirteen holes like any other Crocs and they can be personalized with Jibbitz according to the taste and preferences of the individual.

  2. How to clean Baya lined Crocs?

    For cleaning Baya lined Crocs, the customers are advised to clean them using lukewarm water with mild soap or detergent to get rid of the stains and dirt.

  3. Are Baya Crocs good?

    Baya Crocs are a modified version of the most popular style of Crocs, the Classic Crocs. Having so many similar features to the classic version but being lighter makes them a good choice of footwear.

  4. What is the difference between Baya and classic lined Crocs?

    The differences between Baya lined Crocs and Classic lined Crocs are mainly the weight and the design. 


Just because Baya Crocs are a modified and advanced version of the Classic Crocs doesn’t make the original any less desirable. Baya Crocs are mostly purchased by customers who have had prior experience with Classic Crocs.

The decision of choosing between Baya Vs Classic Crocs should entirely depend on the individual. Those who prefer to stick to the original can opt for the Classic version while those looking for something similar but new can choose the Baya Crocs.

Their similarities do not stop a customer from using both of them. They are like twins but fraternal. So without any question, the choice between them is based on the customer’s preference and style. 

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