9 Best Astro Turf Boots for Wide Feet

The wide foot is a common problem amongst people, but what is not common is finding the right pair of Astroturf boots for them. People who have wide feet do not necessarily have to stop themselves from doing anything, as they can easily play football and/or any sport, but they do need the right pair of boots to do so.

Furthermore, the Astroturf boots add to the attire and make you look better when you are playing football. So it’s important to choose the best boots with the perfect size and fit for your wide feet. There are plenty of boots being launched every month with the latest technology and features.

The big brands such as Nike, Adidas, and Puma have almost launched about 100 boots on the market right now. In this article, we have reviewed some of the best Astroturf boots for wide feet. It includes some of the options with artificial ground options as well as casual wear for wide-footed people. Once you go through the reviews, you will find more detailed information regarding the boots.

What are the Best Astro Turf Boots for Wide Feet – 2022 Reviews

Adidas mens Copa Mundial Soccer ShoeAdidas mens Copa Mundial Soccer Shoe
  • Legendary soccer cleats for stability
  • Leather upper with premium K-leather
  • Die-cut EVA midsole for lightweight comfort
  • Soft, durable synthetic lining
Mizuno Unisex Rebula III Select Soccer ShoeMizuno Unisex Rebula III Select Soccer Shoe
  • Soft, durable synthetic leather
  • Zeroglide: zero glide removable sockliner
  • Ct-frame inspired texture
  • Slick yet innovative look for all levels of player
Adidas Predator 20.2 Fg SneakerAdidas Predator 20.2 Fg Sneaker
  • Football ftw adidas
  • Everything we do is rooted in sport
  • Driven by a relentless pursuit of innovation
Mizuno Men's Morelia Neo III Pro Mix Football ShoesMizuno Men's Morelia Neo III Pro Mix Football Shoes
  • Increased flexibility and resilience 
  • Finest K leather extra comfort
  • Outer Material: Synthetic
  • Inner Material: Manmade
  • Sole: Ethylene Vinyl Acetate
Nike Men's Soccer Premier II Turf ShoesNike Men's Soccer Premier II Turf Shoes
  • Outer Material: Leather
  • Inner Material: Synthetic
  • Sole: Synthetic
  • Closure: Lace-Up
  • Shoe Width: Medium
Adidas Predator 20.3 Laceless Firm Ground Soccer ShoeAdidas Predator 20.3 Laceless Firm Ground Soccer Shoe
  • Football ftw adidas
  • The adidas brand has deep-rooted Connection with sport.
  • Driven by a relentless pursuit of innovation as well as decades 
Nike Phantom VSN 2 Elite DF FG Mens Football BootsNike Phantom VSN 2 Elite DF FG Mens Football Boots
  • Conforming Comfort 
  • Precise Touch 
  • Breathable Support 
  • Streamlined Fit
PUMA Unisex Ultra 1.2 FG/AG Football ShoePUMA Unisex Ultra 1.2 FG/AG Football Shoe
  • Upper Material:-Textile
  • Lower Material:-TPU
  • Care Instructions: Wipe with a clean dry cloth
Puma Unisex Adults' FUTURE 6.1 NETFIT FG/AG Football ShoePuma Unisex Adults' FUTURE 6.1 NETFIT FG/AG Football Shoe
  • Outer Material: Fabric
  • Inner Material: Synthetic
  • Sole: Synthetic
  • Closure: Lace-Up
  • Shoe Width: Normal

1. Mizuno Rebula Cup

Now, if you don’t know where to start in terms of wide-fitting boots, then Mizuno is typically an excellent place to begin. My number five is the Mizuno Rebula Cup.

best soccer turf shoes for wide feet

It is made in Japan and is built on the exact same foot shape as the regular three, which turned out to be very wide and perfect for most foot types. This specialised size with their intense lacing system is what makes them so perfect. The point is that these Mizuno boots are built to fit Japanese feet exceptionally well.

It is so because it is a Japanese company and typical Japanese feet are slightly wider and flatter than most other foot types.

best soccer boot for wide feet

You get a lot of customisation options and the softest and loveliest leather football boots around. Well, the boot is just going to stretch and take the shape of your foot even though you have the most ridiculous, boxy, and wide foot shape.

Because of that, the Mizuna Rebula Cup is one of the finest boots when it comes to quality, but they are quite expensive as well. They cost around 380 euros, but in the end, they are totally worth it.

2. Adidas Copa Mundial FG

The classic Adidas Copa Mundial FG should not be a surprising pick. This football boot will stretch to the shape of anybody’s foot. It does fit a little bit snug at first, but that is by design.

best turf soccer shoes for wide feet

The leather is very soft, and it stretches quite a bit as you wear them. My recommendation for this boot is that if you are planning to buy a pair, make sure that they fit as snugly as possible out of the box

best soccer turf shoes for wide feet

You don’t want to leave any extra space. It is made of kangaroo leather (the most comfortable material for wide feet). Trust me when I say, once you start to wear them, they will stretch quite significantly.

best shoes for astroturf

So as long as you have the suitable fit-out of the box, give them a couple of sessions to break in, and they will fit just about anybody’s feet.

3. Mizuno Men’s Morelia Neo 3 Pro

Like a Copa Mundial, but also very different from the classic Mizuno Morelia, which is available in many different variations, this one, in particular, is a Japanese model.

astro turf trainers

This is an excellent option if you do have wider feet. The quality is pretty much the best of any football boot you can buy right now. If you are after something with kangaroo leather, it is phenomenal and they fit exceptionally well.

Compared to that classic Copa Mundial FG, this has a little bit more of a modern shape to its lower volume.

best turf soccer shoes for wide feet

If you are not used to wearing old-school boots, this will feel more familiar than classic Copa Mundial FG.

It is significantly lighter and feels much more modern despite looking old-school. If you have wide feet and want just pure leather, there is no better option than Mizuno Morelia.

4. Adidas Predator Mutator 20.1 Firm Ground Soccer Shoe

The Adidas Predator 20.1 comes in different variations. For example, a low-cut version is my preference, but if you prefer the collar of the mid-cut version, it fits the same way.

best soccer turf shoes for wide feet

This does have a little bit of a tapered fit through the midfoot in terms of overall fit. So if you have flat feet, for example, it could cause some minor pinching in the mid-area area of the foot.

There’s decent width through the heel as well. But the width through the forefoot and toe box area is wider than pretty much any other boot offered by the Adidas brand right now.

best soccer boot for wide feet

It has that classic predator feel to it, but it is not made of leather, so it doesn’t have that soft sensation on the feet.

If you are a fan of the older predators’ shoes and their shape, this is similar. It is also suitable for most people with wide feet.

5. Nike Premier 2

One of the most overlooked spoke ball boots out there right now. The Nike Premier 2 is not only a fantastic pair of football boots for the money, but also a great option if you do have wider feet.

best turf soccer shoes for wide feet

This is a straightforward offering from the Nike brand featuring a thin kangaroo leather upper super soft. The base shape isn’t particularly narrow, so there’s a decent width to it from the get-go.

best soccer turf shoes for wide feet

It has soft leather with stitching as reinforcement and nylon inside. It will stretch a decent amount to take the exact shape of your feet.

It does have a regular central tongue and a central lacing system which again allows for plenty of adjustabilities and if you do have wider feet in general.

best shoes for astroturf

If you are looking for something a little more traditional, that’s not going to break the bank. You cannot go wrong with the Nike Premier 2.

6. Adidas Predator Mutator 20.3 Turf

The next AstroTurf boot on the list is Adidas Predator Mutator 20+ Turf. It is a little bit of a surprise because this is a laceless football boot, and how on earth does a laceless boot fit into the best AstroTurfoot for wide feet list?

astro turf trainers

What I mean is that laceless boots are tight because of lockdown and tightness, and wide feet typically don’t match that well because of these boots. They are already compressed (as they don’t have laces), but somehow Adidas made it work.

This relatively wide-fitting outsole gives you a solid base, especially under your midfoot, making it pretty comfortable. There’s also a good amount of room inside the boot, particularly in the mid-foot area.

best turf soccer shoes for wide feet

This space inside the boots makes it a bit more comfortable, even though you have pretty wide and chunky feet. The good thing about this laceless boot is that the bigger, heavier, or wider your foot is, the more you fill out the boot.

best soccer turf shoes for wide feet

And the more you do that, the better the grip and the responsiveness you are going to feel. So, if you have a wide foot and want a laceless boot, this is probably the best option out there.

7. Nike Phantom GT Elite

Next up is the Nike Phantom GT Elite, which is just a wide football boot. The thing is that the Phantom GT is built on the same foot shape as the Nike Phantom Vision 2 and the Phantom Venom.

best soccer boot for wide feet

It also resembles the first Nike Hypervenom Phantom to some extent. That means that it has a pretty wide forefoot with a lot of wiggle room and a decently sculpted mid-foot.

Even if you have the flattest of feet, there’s going to be a lot of room inside of the boot to fill out.

best turf soccer shoes for wide feet

Once you soften up this fly knit upper, it will mould and stretch to the shape of your foot, just like a sock because it is very soft.

Let’s suppose I have a pretty narrow foot, and the Phantom GT Elite is borderline too wide for me. Therefore, there will be much wiggle room, even for the most problematic wide feet out there.

8. Puma Future 6.1

Number 2 goes to one of the undisputed kings of wide-fitting football boots, the Puma Future 6.1 because this is ridiculously wide and is probably the broadest fitting football boot.

best soccer turf shoes for wide feet

It also has a net fit system, which means that you can make the fit as tight or as loose as you want, depending on your foot shape and still, get enough lockdown as you would need.

But if it is so broad, then why is it second? Well, the thing is that the boot has a lot of foam inside of the boot.

best shoes for astroturf

This means that there’s not as much space inside it as you would guess from looking at the shape.

astro turf trainers

Combining that foam with the relatively low and pointy toe box, the entire tip of the boot can be a little bit tighter and slightly more claustrophobic. If you have wide feet, then you may consider this.

9. Puma Ultra 1.2 Firm Ground Football Boots Lightweight

The best boot for the broad foot gang, in my opinion, is the Puma Ultra 1.2. This is also a really wide-fitting football boot, though it might not be as wide as the Puma Future 6.1.

best turf soccer shoes for wide feet

The fact that there’s next to no foam inside the matrix upper on the Puma Ultra 1.2  implies that while the Puma Future might be wider in shape, the Puma Ultra feels like it has more room in it.

It is more accommodating, mainly because the toe box is slightly higher, which means extra room for wide feet.

best soccer boot for wide feet

Combine that with this super ridiculously soft matrix upper and significant compression, and you are on to a winner for 200 Euros. Therefore, congrats to puma for making some of the best-fitting boots for wide feet.

best turf soccer shoes for wide feet

Whether you buy the Puma Ultra 1.1 or 1.2, which has that speeder light graphic engineered into the entire upper, that’s the only difference between the two boots. Now, you have made an excellent choice for your wide feet.

How do I Check for a Wide Foot?

Everyone is different in this world, and so are their problems. If one wants to know whether or not they have wide feet, they simply have to make certain observations to know so.

Do you feel any inconvenience in wearing general shoes, whether a soccer shoe, a tennis shoe, or a regular shoe? If the answer is yes! Most of the time, I feel uncomfortable wearing everyday shoes, and then the answer is that you have wide feet. If you are comfortable and satisfied wearing regular shoes, then you don’t have wide feet.

Widest Foot Point?

One more thing to observe is that where is the widest point of your foot? Generally, a wide mid-foot decides whether you have wide feet or not. If you have a wide mid-foot or a broad forefoot, then it is inevitable that you have wide feet.


Another thing to observe is whether you have flat feet or not. If you have a flat foot, then obviously, you will have slightly wider feet.

Proper Soccer Cleat Size?

Whether you have wide feet or not, one more thing to check is the proper size of the soccer shoes. One of the significant points to be noted while buying a soccer shoe is that – you shouldn’t have to force your foot into a shoe that doesn’t have the correct shape or size.

For example, if you select a size of 10 US and the length of every shoe fits you perfectly, but you feel that the shoes are narrower, then you must not take a size up because it fits your length perfectly; instead, look for a wider shoe. It is also an indicator that you have wide feet.

Guide for Buying Soccer Shoes For Wide Feet

  • Buy only from reputable online web stores: Today’s era is of online shopping, but be very careful about online stores. Some are genuine and reliable, while others may scam you or provide fake/first-copy soccer boots.
  • Go through the return policies of available online stores: While buying online, there are chances that the shoes may not fit properly or you don’t like the colour or material. Therefore, check the stores’ return, funding, and shipping policies from where you are buying once. Generally, a reliable web store provides good return policies.
  • Do compare the prices on various other web stores: Certain web stores give different offers and discounts on their products. Therefore, it is sensible to compare the prices at different web stores before buying and grabbing your deal. But also keep in mind the first point.
  • Don’t throw away the receipts of the product immediately after purchase. You must keep your original receipts carefully so that if you need to return the product due to any reason, this receipt would be helpful while returning.
  • Go through the customer feedback of that product and web store, too: You must look at the customer ratings and reviews before purchasing any boot. It will give you surety of the product and the web store as well.

Selecting Wide Cleats According to Design

A soccer shoe includes collars, laces, and colours. You can customize these things according to your creativity and design them accordingly. Various brands give you options to customise your boots according to your preferences.

The collars of a boot protect your ankles and also gives you a comfortable fit. However, it depends upon you whether you need them.

The collars offer protection of the ankle and snugly fit your feet; however, it depends on you if you need them. You can also customise your laces for extra convenience and comfort; however, you can also have laceless boots, whichever you prefer.

Points to be Noted While Selecting Soccer Shoes for Wide Feet

There are various soccer shoes available for multiple events, ways of playing, and the pitch you are playing on. Some shoes are better on a natural grass pitch, some on a turf pitch. The soccer boots play a significant role in the game; therefore, be careful while selecting your shoes for wide feet.

The boots you select must have a leather-built upper to make them elastic. These types of shoes are very comfortable, as they expand and mould to the shape of your feet, thus providing a convenient grip. Remember that the wrong-sized shoe will impact your performance and game severely.

You should also give importance to the stud quality of the shoes, as their performance varies while using the boots on various surfaces. You should choose an accurate soccer cleat for yourself to ensure you get minorly injured. Selecting precise wide boots is not difficult, lest you know a helpful buying guide (that is our work).

How to Select Soccer Boot Size Online

While purchasing boots online, make sure you do intense research before, as different brands have different sizing and various models, which can confuse you. Remember that the wrong-sized shoe will impact your performance and game, which is why it is extremely important to be thorough in your research.

Also, see the ratings, reviews, and return policies of the boots (and web store). You can refer to a blog like this or take help from Youtube videos.

Most Suitable Materials that Mould to Your Feet

The best material for a regular soccer boot is synthetic material or leather (almost all good footballers prefer this).

Now, for footballers with wide feet, the Upper Kangaroo Leather is best recommended, as this leather is more elastic and shapes the feet very correctly, giving you a proper fit and comfort. You should understand the importance of soccer shoes (good fit and comfortable soccer shoes).

What are Soccer Cleats Types for Wide Feet?

There are various types of soccer cleats that have different roles in different field positions. There are soccer cleats available for wide feet. There are basically three types of cleat low-cut, mid-cut, or high top. There are broad cleats for a particular pitch like the detachable and the moulded. Let’s discuss them in brief.

  • The Low-Cut: This type of cleat is used mainly by players who want to wear something light or who are all-rounders in their field. The low cuts help the player run swiftly on the field.
  • The Mid-Cut: This type of cleat is used mainly by defenders, wingers, and right-backs. The mid-cut provides support and manoeuvrability to the players.
  • The High-Tops: This type of cleat is used mainly by players who are attackers. The high-top has an ankle extension, which gives support in the lateral movements to the attackers.
  • The Detachable: This type of cleat gives high adaptability because these cleats can be interchanged. Because of the interchangeability, the detachable cleat can be used in almost any pitch. You can customise the cleats according to the rise. These cleats are costlier than moulded cleats.
  • The Moulded: This type of cleat is mainly used on turf pitches and hard surfaces because it provides a better grip. The grips are powerful as they are permanently fixed to the boot outsole.

How to Maintain Wide Soccer Cleats

The main cons of soccer cleats are that they damage very quickly. Therefore, you should take care of your soccer boots. Here are some maintenance tips and tricks for soccer boots that you must go through.

Soccer pitches play a significant role in deciding the longevity of the boots. Using boots on soft surfaces improves the endurance of the shoes. While using it on hard surfaces reduces its longevity. Therefore, wearing boots according to the pitch it’s made for is significant.

You should loosen the laces of your cleat on the second last eyelet and tighten it at last. By doing so, you will be saved from getting strain on the foot. This process will also reduce the stress on your forefoot and make your feet more comfortable.

When you are wearing a soccer boot for the first time, loosen all the laces of your boot to the bottom eyelet and tighten it later after inserting your foot. This method will ensure the shoes mould to the shoe according to your feet and make you comfortable.

Make sure that you buy soccer boots according to the shape of your feet. Look for leather soccer boots for wide feet, as they will stretch and mould according to your feet and give you a proper fit and comfort. If you have a regular foot, you may choose leather or synthetic, whichever you want to select.

Try to have multiple pairs of soccer boots. It may cost you a little you may use different soccer boots for different pitches and not overuse a boot.

If you are using a detachable cleat, then try to replace the studs after a specific period of use. Replacing the studs plays a significant role in the boots’ longevity; it will also save you from injuries caused by the studs’ old wear and tear.

When you buy a new boot, please don’t wear it directly in a tournament, as you may feel a bit of discomfort, and your performance will be affected.

Wear a new soccer boot in a practice match before, so that you may get used to it (you will feel a bit comfortable when you play in a tournament after wearing it in a practice match), and also it will limit the chance of damaging the boots.

Make sure that you wash the boots properly with the correct methods and allow them to dry well before using them again. First, remove the sole and the laces of the boot, then wash them separately or together (no matter). Allow them to dry correctly. Remember that you should never use a dryer to dry a soccer boot.

To clean the upper, blend tap water with soap lather or liquid. Then using a brush (not very hard or soft), scrub your cleats. Wipe off the soap lather using a wet cloth, then likewise clean its bottom.

Don’t submerge your boots underwater; this will damage the leather or synthetic and might crack the boots after drying.

While packing your soccer bag, carry a putty knife or a popsicle stick with you. You can use this to clean your boots during game breaks or practise breaks. In the rainy season, the mud on your shoes may affect your game’s performance. Therefore remove the soil with a knife or popsicle stick. You can also carry a nasty towel or toothbrush.

Only wear soccer boots when you go to the field. Walking on other or uneven surfaces might produce unnecessary wear and tear. Keep another pair of shoes instead to walk on the ground, different from the pitch.

Which are the Best Astro Turf Football Boots for Wide Feet?

While all the above-listed Astro turf boots are best for your wide feet, we have provided insight into detailed feature reviews of each Astroturf boot with the relevant information also.

Wide feet can also differ, as they can be too wide at times. So the comfort of the boot will depend on the width and length of the arch of the feet. Measuring them properly will make you select the right pair of boots. Also, the upper part of the boot should be taken into consideration. Preferably, it should be of leather, but otherwise, look out for the material that is most reliable.

Of the reviewed Astro turf boots, the best one that stands out amongst all is the Puma Ultra 1.2. It can be considered one of the best soccer football boots on the market right now. Also, the classic Adidas Copa Mundial FG and Puma Future 6.1 are great in terms of quality and features. They can prove to be great astroturf boots for playing soccer and football.

I hope you clearly read and understood all of the information provided on Astroturf shoes for wide feet and you have found some great options for boots. You can look for the features that suit your wide feet and choose accordingly.

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