Best Barefoot Ballet Flats For Women 2022

Barefoot ballet flats are incredibly versatile shoes for women. If you are exhausted from surfing the net about barefoot ballet flats, you have landed at the right place. The best barefoot ballet flats for women are listed here. My article gives you a lot of information on the best quality, top-branded barefoot shoes.

All the queries and confusion of women searching for ballet flats would be resolved by this article. I have compiled all the top products of the ballets you are looking for and presented them in front of you with the utmost detail. I am trying to give attention to the barefoot ballets which most people look at and admire.

Barefoot ballet flats for women are the hardest category in barefoot shoes to find in the market that perfectly suits you.

The procedure to make a shoe will have all barefoot characteristics and at the same time manufacturing it to look smart enough to fit your business outfit is always a tough task to an industry that manufactures barefoot shoes. Here in this article, you can find the list of Barefoot Ballet flats for women.

What are the Best Minimalist Ballet Flats For Women 2022

Xero Shoes Women's Phoenix Casual Ballet FlatsXero Shoes Women's Phoenix Casual Ballet Flats
  • Rubber sole
  • Xero Drop Sole For Perfect Posture 
  • Patented 5.5mm FeelTrue rubber sole offers just-right protection 
GROUNDIES Bella Women Barefoot Ballet Flats RoseGROUNDIES Bella Women Barefoot Ballet Flats Rose
  • Zero drop and neutral footbed
  • Wide toe box and anatomical shape
  • Flexible, non-slip, abrasion resistant
Nufoot Futsole by Women's ShoesNufoot Futsole by Women's Shoes
  • 100% Other fibers
  • Comfortable and flexible shoes for indoor/outdoor exercise
  • Stylish, smooth, seamless construction avoids rubbing or irritation on your feet.
MUSSHOE Ballet Flats for WomenMUSSHOE Ballet Flats for Women
  • These black flats shoes women add sponge cushion at the back heel
  • These ballet flats for women have 2x memory foam insole
  • The flats shoes women selected synthetic sole
Xielong Women's Flats, Lambskin Ballet Flats ShoesXielong Women's Flats, Lambskin Ballet Flats Shoes
  • Rubber sole
  • Heel measures approximately 0.31 inches"
  • Leather ballet flat with classic round toe and elasticized topline
  • Material: Imported lambskin
Jessica Simpson Women's Mandalaye Ballet FlatJessica Simpson Women's Mandalaye Ballet Flat
  • Elastic ankle straps for a custom fit
  • Manmade outsole
  • Leather upper
  • Lightly padded footbed
  • Synthetic sock lining
Amazon Essentials Women's Ballet FlatAmazon Essentials Women's Ballet Flat
  • Classic and versatile ballet flat
  • Casual silhouette with round toe shape and flattering profile
  • Soft, faux leather upper with gently elasticized topline, faux suede microfiber lining

1.Xero Shoes Women’s Phoenix Casual : Best Ballet Flats For Wide Feet

best ballet flats for wide feet

Xero Shoes are usually used by avid hikers and sprinters. Xero Shoes’s main motto is to help you live life feet first. At present, Xero produces a wide range of adult minimalist barefoot shoes for running, fitness, hiking, boots and casual wear.

If you are hunting for an exclusive custom fit experience? go for Xero shoes. Xero also sells a barefoot do-it-yourself kit consisting of a FeelTrue rubber sole.

This rubber sole includes twenty different coloured laces from which you can choose your favourite one. Xero phoenix shoes have a wider than average toe box, a zero drop heel with no arch support.

These Xero Shoes are made to perfectly fit the original foot shape and give you as close to a barefoot experience as possible while providing protection to the feet. They also stay stable during long runs.

Xero phoenix ballet flats are zero drop (completely flat), flexible, and have a spacious toe box. Available in many size variations. They particularly help the high volume feet. Phoenix don’t even slip off your heels.

2.Softstar Shoes Adult Ballerine : Womens Flat Ballerina Shoes

womens flat ballerina shoes

Softstar adult Ballerine shoes are the most ideal barefoot ballets which you can style on any type of clothing like jeans, pants, skirts, shorts, or even dresses. They are available in a huge number of colours.

You also have the option to get your customised product. Perfect for all occasions with simple and elegant design. You can use them at the office, after work parties or for daily wear.

Ballerine barefoot ballet flats are crafted with hands in the USA. They are completely lightweight and their flexible Vibram soles offer a good amount of traction you want. The premium domestic leathers manufacture these barefoot ballet flats.

Softstar adult shoes offer easy on and off with the help of gently elasticized leather collar trim and comfort heels. The shoes look absolutely stylish, as style and appearance is as crucial as comfort.

They are really amazing and you can get the size that exactly fits you. These are the best minimalist shoes from Adult Ballerine offering great features and are also amazing to look at.

3.GROUNDIES Womens Groundies Bella : Ballet Flats Wide Toe Box

ballet flats wide toe box

Never compromise with a lovable lifestyle, here are the groundies for you.  An European based company, Groundies. Groundie’s zero drop neutral footbeds offer flexibility to the footwear. I am sure they are going to be your first choice.

This urban functional footwear is designed at Permasens and stitched in Portugal. Groundies come in two variant barefoot vegan models named Tokyo and Sydney. It really dispenses with raw materials of animal origin.

They are super flexible and lightweight and also follow your each and every move. Bells is a dressy, barefoot ballet flat for women with a thin and flexible sole. They are zero drop and have a wide toe box.

They come in three different sizes and foot types. Lightweight with 4mm thin ballet flat. The upper of these flats is made up of rubber while the outsole is Groundie’s true sense rubber.

Groundies Bella has a toe box that also fits for wide feet. The neutral colours of these ballet flats give a classic look to your feet. Stylish barefoot ballet flats, you can go with them on any occasion.

4.Joe Nimble Primatoes

Joe Nimble Primatoes

Joe Nimble Primatoes is one of the leading footwear brands in functional footwear with a quality collection of vegan barefoot shoes and boots. They are as light as gymnastics shoes.

Combining durable mesh and textile upper whose material is soft and breathable mesh with Michelin zero-heel soles. The shoes improve foot health and stability. Half size Joe barefoot ballet flats have the optimal fit.

The Nimble sole is made of Vibram rubber. It’s textile lining has attention to detail ensures the lining is wrinkle free and exclusively kind to your feet. These barefoot ballet flats are vegan shoes.

The handcrafted shoes will be high-quality materials, to us, quality means Joe Nimble shoes that are comfortable, flexible and elastic as well as stand the test of time. Good for spring and summer seasons.

Joe Nimble has worked on this for almost about 35 years so that you can enjoy toe freedom and handmade quality that lasts for long time. You will be amazed looking at the size chart, so many variants are available.

5.Ahinsa Shoes Ananda : Best Ballet Flats For Narrow Feet

 best ballet flats for narrow feet

Ahinsa is a 100% vegan brand that is known for its high-quality barefoot shoes for women and men. Ananda shoes from Ahinsa had a Velcro closure to allow it to stay securely on your feet.

Ahinsa offers lots of different styles of barefoot sneakers, dress shoes, and boots designed by physiotherapists and produced ethically in Czech Republic. The fabric welt is produced from a different material rather than the upper.

The upper of the Ahinsa Ananda is a highly water-resistant and breathable microfibre alternative to leather with appealing functional qualities with one of the most strict health safety protocols.

The insole lining of these shoes is made from special CF+ ultradry lining. It is a microfiber, which feels very much the same as suede leather. Makes you feel very soft and pleasant wearing them.

This lining acts as a moisture wicking membrane( completely water resistant), this layer’s absorption capacity is eight times more than its own weight. They also include Airnet material which gives softness to the shoe.

6.Sole Runner Miranda : Ballet Slipper Style Flats

 ballet slipper style flats

A simple barefoot ballerina style shoe from Sole Runner is Miranda. In case you have wide feet, you may not find a lot of barefoot brands for wide feet having extra space for your toes.

Women must have barefoot ballet flats which allow natural foot movement. This is achieved by a roomy toe box. Sole Runner manufactures barefoot ballet flats for women that properly fits you.

Sole Runner’s model Miranda barefoot ballet flats vary in width and a different sizes depending on the style. Additional wide styles include the Transition Vario 3 boots, noted.

They have a sloped toe box that also tapers in slightly towards the roomy toe, so this won’t suit all the different types of barefoot shoes. Available in three colours with a flexible sole at 3.5mm height.

Stylish baseline barefoot shoe is the new top model successful Sole runner in the women shoe collection. If you wear this ballerina shoe with jeans, you will always look stunning.

7.Drifter Leather Eko : Womens Leather Ballet Flats

womens leather ballet flats

Drifter Leather Eko are handcrafted minimalist shoes offered in a custom fit and many different colours. If you have difficulties with sizing, The Drifter Leather’s unique customized model might be exactly what you are looking for.

They have a huge number of different kinds of models and colours in the barefoot ballet flats category available, which are all produced on top of the excellent 6mm Vibram sole.

The Drifter Leather Eko is lightweight as well as stylish. They feature a simple, elegant, classic and wide design that makes them suitable for all daily activities( any kind of activity ).

Eko is one of the comfiest models of Drifter Leather. They are the versatile pair of barefoot ballet flats where all the features of these flats make them a must have pair in every house.

A Zero drop, 5 mm hidden heel cushion can be added additionally by your request. These barefoot ballet flats have no arch support. Features a soft cushion of 1 mm thickness. The Leather insole is an extra appealing feature.

8.Lisbeth Joe Harare : Black Ballet Flats For Women

 black ballet flats for women

If you are looking for something more interesting, exciting and customized barefoot shoes for the purpose of office, formal or casual wear. The designs are even more edgy with variable looks.

They have been ingeniously scalloped in a way that gives a more narrow and classic appearance when compared to the original width of the ballet flats. They can be worn with or without a strap.

They are in a classic neutral tan color that will suit most anything. The other different colour options fit any business, casual or fun needs. The volume of these flats is very high.

The structured upper of these barefoot ballets that will not sag and are generous in width for optimal big toe health. They have elastic only at the heel edges keeping them secure.

They are perfect for women who are looking for the best barefoot ballet flats. The insole of the shoe takes up additional space and enhances the fitting of ballet flats.

9.Shapen Poppy Flats: Womens Ballet Flats For Wide Feet

womens ballet flats for wide feet

Shapen Poppy Flats are really dressy barefoot ballet flats for women. The poppy is 3mm thick made up of rubber outsole and a leather insole. They are one of the most fashionable and stylish women barefoots.

The toe box design helps to know the width and an open design elongates the legs. Its structured design makes it look classy, instead of being a fully barefoot shoe.

Shapen Poppy faults feature a square toe box shape that fits any type of shoe sizes. They fit medium-high volume feet and come in two widths. Regular variant of the shoe fits an average width foot.

The wide width variant fits a wide extra foot. Run for a long time.  You would definitely feel comfortable with these flats and the leather is a little snuggy I feel.

You will definitely love these most fashionable barefoot ballet flats in existence. The toe box is very soft and it maintains its shape. The soft foam moulded insole make sure that feet are comfortable.

How to Style Barefoot Ballet Flats

Barefoot Ballet flats are manufactured by many brands that are amazingly versatile. I look into their preparation process and pay a lot of attention to the features. The smoother the shoe, the classier the look, in this way if you make a choice in all the features among the options, you can surely get your favourite barefoot ballet flats and enjoy the feel.

  • Invisible Stitching

I give importance to the stitching and usually look for flats. Don’t get deceived with the appearance, some flats might simply be attached with the glue while some other ballet flats have stitching from the inner side with durability.

  • Top stitch with finished edges

This makes your flats smooth and classy with more potential even though they add a little bulk to your flats making them a little heavy. Gea soles and Drifter Leather are two examples of top stitch with finished edges.

  • Top stitch with raw edge

Top stitch with raw edge is the most casual and common finishing. Botky Mechovkys is the best example. I avoid these raw edge ones but you can choose them if you like them and feel comfortable.

What Are Barefoot/Minimalist Ballet Flats?

Barefoot shoes come without a heel drop, so the heel of the foot is not lifted up or elevated. The sole of the barefoot shoe has the same thickness along its entire length which means that the entire foot is flat against the ground, the same as when going barefoot.

As far as I know, barefoot ballet flats or the minimalist flats are an incredibly versatile shoe. They are snuggy and pretty enough to wear with a professional outfit. They look classy and are simple enough to wear with jeans, and also dressy enough to wear with a formal gown. In the world of barefoot shoes, which does not generally satisfy women’s requirements. It is very difficult to find barefoot ballet flats for women.

The main three things include : Zero drop. No heel rise. Shaped like a foot. No squishing of the toes into unnaturally pointy, symmetrical shaped toe boxes. Secure to the foot. If it is not secure, your gait will be affected.


This article is a master page consisting of a bunch of other options, by either style or color, including purple, red, gold, and slip-on shoes. Barefoot shoes are taking off, but until the latest studies, there weren’t many vegan options. After going through the entire article, you can come to a decision on which barefoot ballet flat to buy.

If you become more aware of the benefits of sustainable and eco-friendly shoes, brands will have to definitely buy them. Take a moment looking carefully into all the features and needs that you wanted and grab the barefoot ballet flats.

I have tried these ballet flats and shared my experience. There are a lot more options for barefoot ballets: Astral, Atelier Darren, angles, botky mechovky, fairy steps, fit kicks, gea soles, jenon leather and many more which you can check. But I found these to be somewhat comfortable and worthy.

Consider the styling and comfort too. Check your budget and choose the best ones in your budget. I personally would suggest, go with soft star as they are top barefoot shoes. Choose the best flats that cater to all your needs. Walking barefoot or in barefoot shoes improves muscle strength in your feet and legs. Go for Barefoot Shoes!

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