Best Golf Shoes For Wide Feet – 2022 Review

Having the right shoes will make your golfing life joyful and enjoyable. A round of golf would take approximately four hours to complete. So if you want to play golf with full focus and comfortably, you also need the best pair of golf shoes, but if you have wide feet and are searching for the best golf shoes for wide feet, then you have landed at the right place.

Here is our article review for you to help choose the best pair of shoes. Your style and clothing are secondary, but the most important and primary thing is the footwear that you wear. This is especially true if you have wide feet. Making sure that you get the best golf shoes for wide feet is worth the value. 

You will feel uncomfortable and have blisters if you are not wearing the right shoes. These uncomfortable conditions would definitely destroy your game. Our list of golf shoes is all comfortable and maximises the performance.

Not all golf shoes are composed of wide feet but if you come into this category you will find separate golf shoes for wide feet. We have given you the whole information about the best models and also factors that are to be considered before buying. 

Here are the best golf shoes on the market for people with wide feet.

Most Comfortable 4e Golf Shoes For Wide Feet For Men and Women

1. Adidas Adipower Boost 3 Golf Shoes: Extra Wide Golf Shoes

As you all know, Adidas being a renowned company manufactures a large number of products useful for runners, hikers etc,.among which Adidas Adipower WD are the best for golf. They feature protection, lightweight comfort and also extra durability. 

Adipower golf shoes offer improved stability, traction, durability and green friendliness. These shoes are designed with a 6-spike TPU outsole construction with logically placed secondary lugs for grip and stability.

most comfortable golf shoes wide feet

Adipower WD golf shoes feature full-length midsole foam to provide outstanding cushioning, energy return and comfort. The climastorm stretch microfiber leather is integrated to provide durability, grip, protection and comfort. 

Fit foam GEO collar foam is present in the Adidas shoes to improve cushioning and comfort. The shoe is lined with an EVA sock liner that provides high support and cushioning. 

golf shoes wide

Shoes are made with advanced technology and materials. The performance of these shoes is too impressive. They have removable cleats, so you can wear them out as they wear and are however super comfortable. 

2. Callaway Men’s Coronado Golf Shoes: Mens Wide Width Golf Shoes

Callaway also stands among the biggest brands of golf gear out there in the shoe market. It has brought many models and also Coronado as a stand-out model for golf. 

This product is the best result as they invested a lot of time and technology while designing the shoe. Their upper is synthetic and waterproof which helps you to play golf in all weather conditions.

2022 best golf shoes

You can use them comfortably while standing all throughout the day as the midsole of the shoe made from optic soft includes soft cushioning. With this, you don’t get sore feet even.

The heat-reducing mesh present as the inner lining also supports keeping you comfortable the whole day. They have removable cleats on the bottom to provide maximum grip. 

top golf shoes 2022

These shoes are not so great if you have high arches. They are waterproof and absolutely comfortable for all-day wear. Callaway men’s Coronado golf shoes would perfectly suit the wide feet. 

3. Adidas Golf Men’s Tour 360 Boost- M: Best Extra Wide Golf Shoes

Best Extra Wide Golf Shoe

Adidas golf men’s tour 360 boots are great to look at. These 360-boost shoes help you to perform at your best. The Adidas brand always gives you great options and comfort in sports.

The Golf men’s tour 360 boost- M are one from Adidas that is worth the value. These Adidas golf shoes have additional cushioning and extra levels of comfort. 

best golf shoes for comfort

They also have specific torsion control on the heel which might help you when you toe-off. They are resistant to all weather conditions and perform well in the wet. Waterproof and have good traction on tough surfaces. 

The difference between these shoes from the others is they have 10 cleats. They might become slippery as you go on a round on smooth surfaces. They can collect grass as you go about a round.

best golf shoes for wide feet

They are the long-standing golf shoes that many customers would love to buy. Impressive with its design and features bound to provide comfort to your foot. These shoes are a little expensive but worth the money. 

4. New Balance Men’s Striker Golf Shoes: Men’s Wide Spikeless Golf Shoes

Mens Wide Spikeless Golf Shoes

New Balance makes really amazing golf shoes that are quite affordable. Affordability is unusual with you wide-foot golfers. This new balance men’s striker golf shoe looks modern to boot. 

People with wide feet have to pay a lot for perfect footwear, but you are rescued with New Balance men’s striker golf shoes. They certainly know their way around shoe manufacturing and produce the best ones. 

golf shoes wide feet

These shoes are absolutely comfortable when compared to the older versions of the new balance. The upper is waterproof and breathable. They suit all the golfers including golfers with wide feet. 

They are great, out of the box and do not require a break-in period for comfort. Includes microfiber leather upper with ultra light fantom fit structure for rigid support. 

4e wide golf shoes

It has an insole that uses a foam compound for high responsiveness and ultra-soft cushioning. They have high durability and stability. Integrated with Exoskeleton TPU outsole which moves with the natural motion of your foot.

5. Skechers Men’s Go Golf Elite 4 Shoe: Best Golf Shoes For Wide Flat Feet

Skechers is one of the most popular brands in the footwear industry. Its products are all designed with high quality. These are ready to wear and go to the shoes for all the customers. 

Skechers Men’s Go Golf Elite V.4 shoes are relatively stylish and offer astonishingly high levels of grip. The shoe comfort is highly improved through ultra go and Goga Max cushioning. 

comfortable golf shoes for wide feet

The low drop design of the shoe puts the golfer’s feet stick low to the ground properly and combines with Skechers’ Gripflex spikeless TPU outsoles for prior balance and traction.

Men’s Go Golf Elite V.4 shoe is the hero spikeless model for the latest versions aiming to bring reputation to the brand. The outsole of the shoe provided maximum stability. 

wide feet golf shoes

They are comfortable, lightweight, waterproof and easy to clean with dirt wiping off easily. These Skechers are simple ones but versatile shoes. Including all the appealing features and a subtle pattern. 

6. ECCO Biom Hybrid 3 GTX For Men: 4e Wide Golf Shoes

ECCO Biom Hybrid 3 GTX for Men are the best shoes for golfers with wide feet. People with wide feet can blindly go for these shoes based on their additional needs. 

Whether you are a beginner or intermediate or an advanced golfer, you can use these Biom hybrid GTX shoes for the best performance. They have enough room for wide feet to fit properly.

best golf shoes for flat feet 2021

The lovely and unique selling point about the ECCO golf shoes is that it always shows the four dots which symbolise its dedication towards quality, comfort, technology and style. 

They are European-made golf shoes by utilising the materials like strong, lightweight, pure Yak leather that provides amazing comfort and durability. The arch has a low-top measurement for a natural fit.

wide golf shoes reviews

An additional Biom natural technology adds extra comfort for the player. The Gore-Tex membrane makes them waterproof and breathable. The insole is removable and antimicrobial for improved breathability. 

7. Go Golf Drive 2 From Skechers: Mens Extra Wide Golf Shoes

Mens Extra Wide Golf Shoes

Go Golf Drive 2 from Skechers pair is an ideal choice for people who are looking for a budget-friendly pair of shoes for golfers with wide feet. 

As you already know and we have discussed earlier that Skechers is known for its comfort. This pair of shoes offer comfort and the best performance at a very affordable price. 

extra wide width golf shoes

This model’s design is a low profile and straightforward that keeps your feet low to the ground for a good base foundation. Their upper is made out of imported smooth synthetic leather. 

The upper is vented with perforations for enhanced breathability. This golf shoe has a closure lace-up system with its logo ( S brand )embossed on the side, counter, and tongue. The insole features Goga mat technology for incredible cushioning.

mens wide golf shoes

The midsole provides the shoe with comfortable softness. The outsole is made out of rubber to offer durability and traction on all types of surfaces. 

8. ECCO Cool 18 GTX for Men: Extra Wide Spikeless Golf Shoes

ECCO has designed Cool 18 GTX for Men’s shoes, especially for men with wide feet for playing golf. You will feel absolute comfort immediately after keeping your feet inside the shoe.

Imported soft and durable Dritton leather is utilised in the manufacturing procedure of cool 18 shoes along with the technical stretch fabric materials. The shoe is lined with a Gore-Tex membrane to keep your feet dry.

best golf shoes men

These shoes feature removable inlay to make it wider and provide more room for your feet. They have Gore-Tex Surround Technology that gives you a booty-like feeling, offering superb comfortability.

The midsole of the shoe has grids which act as ventilation holes to enhance the all-round breathability and offer good air circulation keeping feet dry and comfortable. 

best golf shoe 2022

These perforations are found on each side of the shoe keeping the waterproof layering safe. Slim Lock soft spikes present in cool 18 offer a firm grip and stability needed for a golfer. 

9. Adidas Men’s Tech Response

If you are a beginner at golf, then the Adidas men’s tech response is the perfect golf shoes for you. You can trust the quality of the shoe as it comes from a renowned and valuable brand. 

Adidas men’s Tech Response golf shoes look like usually used walking, running, and hiking shoes that are budget friendly and of high quality available at an affordable price that is worth the value. 

best wide golf shoes

You can wear them for long hours and are manufactured using raw materials like 25 % lightweight mesh and 75% microfiber materials. These all features make men’s tech response easy to wear. 

Adidas men’s shoes feature a wide base and a spiked sole, offering good balance, stability, and traction for a more secure footing. They are designed with a classic style and EVA midsole for good cushioning and comfort.

golf shoes for wide feet

The ThinTech Cleats Technology of the men’s tech response shoes will ensure that you get good traction and a stable base so that you can walk and play with great intensity and without any deviations. 

10. ECCO Women’s Cage Pro GTX: Best Women’s Golf Shoes For Wide Feet

Best Womens Golf Shoes For Wide Feet

After intense research, ECCO women’s cage pro GTX shoes are the best golf shoes for women we have found as not many brands offer golf shoes for women with wide feet. 

These shoes are considered to be great for many of their features and reasons especially designed for women. These golf shoes come with a feminine look in yellow and pink colours too.

best golf shoe for wide feet

Naturally tumbled leather called Lyra is used in its manufacture. Lined with the Gore-Tex membrane which enhances the breathability, comfort and performance of the shoe. This membrane also acts as a moisture-wicking membrane.

The shoes look quite pretty and attractive. These shoes are integrated with ECCO’s Spydr Grip outsole. The outsole of the shoe has pivot points which are naturally placed on the whole surface. 

merril shoes

This pivot point alignment is done for a good foundation to let you turn your feet with ease. Look carefully into the sizes and get the perfect size for your feet. With wide feet, people must choose more accurately. 

What To Consider When Choosing Best Golf Shoes For Wide FeetBuyer’s Guide 

Footwear is the most crucial thing for any sport. Especially for golf, footwear plays a major role. If your footwear is not comfortable, it throws you off from the game. There are several factors that are to be considered when choosing the best golf shoes for wide feet. Here is an array of factors:

Comfort :

Even if you are buying golf shoes, running shoes, walking shoes, or shoes for calf support, comfort must be given the foremost priority among all the important factors that you look at. The common blunder that we all make is to wear wide shoes when our size is really an extra wide foot.

Wearing a pair of shoes that don’t fit correctly to your foot is gone in vain. When you are not comfortable with the shoes worn while playing golf, your game will surely be destroyed. The negative impact on the game results in defeat. So choose shoes with enough space for wide feet and smoothness. See to it that you won’t get blisters.

Insole :

The insole is located at the bottom of the shoe inside. Though we neglect considering insoles, insoles are also the most important factors needed to be considered for buying golf shoes. The insoles offer arch support and strive to keep your feet comfortable.

It would be cool if you get a shoe with a removable insole due to the extra space you get after removing the insole of the shoe. They can even be changed to other shoes. The insole must be removable if not comfortable. 

Outsole :

The outsole is also one of the most crucial factors that you must have a look at while buying. During golf, as you will be playing on wet grass, your feet must be protected from ailments and must be kept dry.

The rubber outsole would definitely keep your feet dry but not all the outsoles are rubber soles. So, choose the best outsole material for protection, durability and flexibility.

Waterproofing and Breathability :

The performance of the shoe depends on many factors among which waterproofing and Breathability are the two. You should think about these two too. The upper and the outsole must be waterproof and water-resistant as well.

When you go for leather shoes, they are breathable but not 100% waterproof whereas if you go for shoes made with man-made materials, they are waterproof but not entirely breathable. For breathability you have to look at the design of the shoe, for example, if it has ventilation holes or perforations, they have enhanced breathability. 

What’s different about golf shoes for wide feet?

You cannot observe much difference between casual golf shoes and golf shoes for wide feet. Probably you would find differences in sizes and widths. You almost have the same options to consider when you are buying golf shoes or golf shoes for wide feet: Spikes or no spikes, Waterproof, Shoes or boots, Winter or Summer shoes?, Colour, Style, Make, Price, Material, leather-Cotton etc. 

A huge number of traditional golf shoes will have a pointed fit at the toes, but these golf shoes for wide feet are much wider, giving players enough space to fit their entire foot. As always, the advanced BOA closure system helps make sure a golfer exactly fits in a pair of golf shoes.

There are more and more options for golfers with wide feet out there on the market that will accommodate your foot size and give you a good amount of traction during your golf play.

Why is it important to wear golf shoes?

Golfers with wide feet also need an efficient pair of shoes when it comes to traction and support. Only a golf shoe is going to provide this type of technology for people while playing golf not only for comfort but also for safety.

An uncomfortable pair of shoes or trainers can cause damage to your feet and also to the game. These unsuitable shoes won’t offer you the balance that you need throughout your swing. Golfers usually increase their chance of injury when they wear shoes not designed for golf.

If you have wide feet you must get the correct and proper golf shoes for a number of reasons like reducing the risk of slipping, more padding and protection for your feet, comfort, reducing ankle injuries, breathability, stop your feet from sweating, and less damage to the greens. 

Which shoes are best for people with wide feet?

The shoes which have enough room to accommodate your foot with proper comfort are perfect for golfers with wide feet. We know that budget is more important to you, after all, that is why you are comparing golf shoes.

But each individual has different needs and different budgets, so our article with a list of the top branded golf shoes for wide feet would help you a lot in choosing the best shoes for people with wide feet. You need to consider all the important factors before buying. 


  1. Which golf shoes have the best arch support?

    Brands like Skechers and Adidas have the best arch support. For the flat arch, go for Skechers while for high arch support, go for Adidas Tour360 Boost-M for men and Adidas Adipure Sport Golf Shoe for women.

  2. Do pro golfers still wear metal spikes?

    Not all golfers wear metal spikes as many tournaments don't allow metal spikes. A few professionals wear them nowadays. 

  3. Are spikeless golf shoes better?

    Spikeless golf shoes are smooth to handle and come with more cushioning, do not harm your feet or the turf but the spike shoes harm the turf. But with spiked shoes, you will have a rigid turf grip. Spikeless shoes are an ideal option for usual golf players who do not work like professionals.

  4. Do golf shoes stretch?

    To be frank, leather golf shoes do not stretch much for wide feet. Synthetic uppers stretch according to your foot shape. 

  5. Are golf shoes necessary?

    Frankly, not. But golf shoes would give you additional support, grip and comfort. You might get injured with regular shoes but golf shoes lower the chances of injuries. 


Wrapping it up! We know it is a difficult challenge to find a good pair of golf shoes that fit a wide foot exactly.  However, it will be worth the research you do. Golf shoes for wide feet will offer players enhanced breathability and stability than traditional shoes or tennis shoes.

We have listed all the top brands with the best golf shoes for wide feet. If you focus on arch support go for Skechers and Adidas whereas if you focus on comfort go for new balance and ECCO. Footjoy is also another footwear brand which produces top-quality golf shoes in the market.

We hope our review of the best golf shoes for wide feet has helped you narrow down your options and solved your confusion. Remember that size will still be the most important factor in determining the best option for your feet. Choose the best shoes according to your requirements. 

Choose something offered in the wide width that you need and pay close attention to the material that the shoe is made of. Considering all the factors, finally, look into your budget and select the best pair of golf shoes at an affordable price. Enjoy your game and win the play. 

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