Best High Top Barefoot Shoes For Men 2022

High-Top Barefoot Shoes are here for those people who are looking for a gritty and converse-inspired look, featuring a touch of zero-drop, minimal design, a thin sole, and lots of flexibility. The best high-top barefoot shoes are perfect for your everyday wear, providing comfort, promoting healthy feet, and at the same time looking great too.

High-top shoes have been in fashion for decades and have been an integral part of the fashion many people desire. As the populace began craving it, fashion brands started making more and more styles in the category.

Some high-top shoe brands use a minimalist approach, while others use a maximalist one, and a few are known to dabble in both. If you are confused and new to barefoot shoes here’s a quick tit-bit into what you need to look for when choosing these minimalistic pairs. Have a gather about the features such as wide toe box, thin-flexible soles, zero-drop platform, and no-toe spring. If the shoes are built-in with all these add-ons, then that’s your perfect comfortable wear.

There are many numbers of good choices available in the market and we have brought you the best High-top Barefoot shoes for men based on Amazon reviews to help your decision.

What are the Best Men’s Minimalist High-Top Barefoot Sneaker Shoes in 2022?

1) Converse, Chuck Taylor, All-Star-Men‘s High Top Dress Shoes

 Converse Chuck Taylor All Star High Top Sneaker

When you are talking about sneakers, it’s hard not to mention Converse. The brand is literally one of the best in the world when it comes to sneakers.

Versatile, classic and entirely comfortable, these Converse High-Top Barefoot Sneakers are entirely yours to make your stylish story in your basketball sport. These Canvas High-Top pair is lightweight and durable with ultimate flexibility. The shoes enhance airflow making your feet breathable and dry all the time you wear them.

The stylish pair is a classic cover that can be worn anywhere you want and anytime for ultimate comfort and look.

These high-top sneakers will enhance your look with most of the casual outfits out there. I must say, Converse makes one of the best men’s high-top dress shoes.

The upper of these shoes is made from high-quality canvas. The shoes fit perfectly on my feet, and they were also a snug fit. Shoes feel weightless and are durable, and give an excellent barefoot experience.

Keeping them neat and clean is easy too, so there are no worries there. Eyelets on these shoes also provide airflow for those hot days. I was comfortable in them even after using them for long periods. Although, I want to mention that they are not as flexible as you would want them to be.

2) Reebok Men’s BB4500 Hi 2 Sneaker – Best High Top Running Shoes

 Reebok Men's BB4500 Hi 2 Sneaker

The mid-cut basketball-inspired Reebok Men’s BB4500 Hi 2 Sneaker- Best High Top Running shoes are blended in leather and mesh upper weighing. The removable sock-liner makes your feet comfortable, breathable and supported all the time.

The high abrasion outsole lets you use the pair for the long run and adds durable responsiveness. The added advantage is the removable EVA sock-liner, which accommodates orthotics and enhances cushioning. Made to work as high-performance sports shoes, this footwear features a mid-cut design for added stability and support around the ankles.

These stylish sneakers work as a perfect partner in your daily, casual wear, sports, and leisure times.

This is one of their signature products, and it’s also highly rated on various eCommerce platforms, including Amazon. Reebok BB4500 Hi 2 has used clean design language with intricate stitching patterns to enhance the look.

The sole of these shoes is made of durable rubber, to offer you a grip on any surface. The flat sole also gives a nice grounded feeling and helps with the posture. People with wide toes can also use these shoes comfortably.

3) Reebok Men’s Bb4500 Safety Toe High Top Work Sneaker

Reebok Men's Bb4500 Safety Toe High Top Work Sneaker

This Men’s Bb4500 Safety Toe High Top Sneaker from Reebok is made to keep you protected all the while adding an everyday style. This basket-ball-inspired design offers optimal support and stability. The leather and mesh blended uppers provide lasting dryness with breathability and comfort.

The slip-resistant rubber outsole lets you wear them in any work environment, providing optimal safety. The special feature of these high-top sneakers is their XTR brand composite toe that reduces weight while maintaining impact. The feature also gives protection against compression, which makes it one of the best high-top work sneakers.

The footbed is topped with Memory Tech Memory Cushion for enhanced shock absorption and 360-degree sidewall stitching for lasting durability. This men’s high-top work pair from Reebok is a perfect fit to flaunt your style.

Their design is timeless, and these are some of the best high-top leather shoes for men. These shoes come with an anti-slip rubber sole, and they are also electric shock resistant which is perfect for medium-duty work.

One thing I will mention is that these are big shoes. You might need to try them once to know. There is a high chance of these sneakers being big for you, even after ordering the right size.

4) Vans SK8-Hi – High Top Trail Running Shoes

 Vans SK8-Hi

The Sk8-hi Unisex High-Tops from Vans are the best buddies for all those in the skate community.  The unisex pair fits perfectly for either men or women with a comfortable design. Manufactured for the need of skateboarders, these High-Top pairs are not just good-looking but also highly durable.

The suede and canvas upper give an excellent look, with comfortable impact absorption and POPCUSH cushioning. For skateboarders, Vans has manufactured these shoes with its patented Sick Stick sole to provide an absolute grip.

 Though the features are focused on the skating community, anyone can wear these unisex pairs for a casual outfit or flaunt your impeccable step.

These shoes are definitely one of the cool high-top shoes for men. You can be comfortable in them for a really long time.

Even though this product is mainly aimed at skateboarders, I can say that anyone can wear them. They are so stylish that you can wear them with any casual outfit. You can wear these high-top dress shoes with a suit too, and they will look good. Just make sure you order the right size and colour choice to match them.

5. Levi’s Men’s Mason Hi 90S Fashion Sneakers – Cheap High Top Shoes For Men

Levi's Men's Mason Hi 90S Fashion High top Sneaker Shoes

These cool classic, Men’s Mason Hi Fashion High-Top sneakers from Levi’s are too cool not to snag your pair.

The shoe has a denim upper topped with a synthetic leather accent that instantly catches the eye. The rubber sole provides excellent grip and traction, and the sufficiently padded collar and tongue give excellent comfort. Stitching is also done in a classic style to give it that retro look. What enhances the look, even more, are those rugged metal eyelets used for the lacing system.

The footbed is lightly cushioned so as not to make a tight impact on the feet and to absorb pressure. The lightly provided cushion gives almost a true barefoot feeling. The 8-hole lace-up closure with rugged metal eyelets gave a perfect retro look.

Shoes come with nicely padded shoulders and the tongue has good enough padding too. Sole is made out of good quality rubber and provides enough traction. The insole has just enough padding to absorb pressure.

If you are looking for cheap high-top shoes for men, then these sneakers must be your choice. They don’t feel as premium as some other sneakers on this list, but the value for money proposition is just too good to pass up.

6. Nike Men’s Air Force 1 High ’07 – ASICS High Top Running Shoes

 Nike Men's Air Force 1 High '07

The ASICS high-top running Air Force shoes from Nike is inspired by the classic 1980 basketball shoe design with no exception from its other styles of Nike in terms of comfort and styling.

Everything about these high-top pairs is exceptional, from styling to stitching and the material used in manufacturing. The upper is made up of premium leather, which is quite easy to clean, so you won’t have to worry about your ultra white sneakers getting dirty. Everything from styling to stitching to material quality is exquisite.

The perforations in the design make it easy to breathe and stay dry for long hours. The sneakers are provided with enough padding on the tongue and footbed to support your ankles perfectly. The traditional hook-and-loop closure is given to the shoe for an enchanting retro look.

There are perforations to increase breathability. So staying in them for hours won’t be a problem. This classic basketball shoe design from the 1980’s will start growing on you as soon as you start wearing them. The only problem you may feel is that they are a bit heavy compared to modern sneakers.

7. Levi’s Men’s Stanton Waxed UL NB Fashion High Top Sneaker Shoes

 Levi's Men's Stanton Waxed UL NB Fashion High top Sneaker Shoes

This Stanton Waxed ULNB Fashion Hightop Sneaker from Levi’s is the perfect trend facto. A pure beauty made with a leathery rustic look and high-quality material.

The 100% synthetic leather upper with metal eyelets on the lace-up system gives a perfect rugged look. The sufficient amount of padding provided in the collar, tongue and footbed gives an adequate amount of comfort.

The rubber sole gives enough traction to make a good landing, and the outsole is made for lasting durability. This pair is the perfect option for anyone looking for barefoot sneakers that are stylish and affordable. There is enough cushioning inside the shoes to absorb pressure.

These high-top fashion sneakers provide a good amount of padding on the collar as well as the tongue. The tongue also has that iconic Levi’s badge.


1. Feelgrounds Highrise Knit High Top Golf Shoes For Men

High Top Golf Shoes For Men

Feelground is known for its barefoot shoes. They are stylish, flexible, and durable. They have updated this model after taking feedback from people. This brand has a lot of barefoot shoes on offer but these are really good.

These shoes are extremely flexible. Feelground has updated the sole of these shoes, It’s wider than before and more flexible. People with big toes can comfortably wear them now.

These shoes are vegan-friendly and the knit is made from recycled material, so they are eco-friendly too. The quality of the knitting is really good. These shoes are water repellent.

The outsole of these shoes is made from recycled rubber and plastic which provides a firm grip and keeps you planted. The barefoot feeling I got in these shoes was really something else.

These shoes are comfortable, durable, flexible, and good-looking. You can throw them on any outfit and you will be good to go.

2. Xero Toronto Lightweight Casual High Top Sneakers

Xero Toronto Lightweight Casual High Top Sneakers

This high-top sneaker from Xero would become your perfect casual-lightweight partner. They are built with a lightweight hemp canvas upper and a feel-true rubber sole that provides you with an immaculate grip and comfort, along with flexible natural foot motion.

The special features of this barefoot pair are the wide-toe box and a heel-insole trapping system with a zero-drop sole that offers a non-elevated heel for perfect posture, balance, and agility. The silky smooth liner added inside is all the luxury that your feet need. The vegan-friendly barefoot Toronto pair works as a stylish, casual and minimalistic functional shoe for all your endeavours.

These shoes use hemp canvas for the upper and have a velvety line that becomes softer over time. These shoes are all about natural movement, and they deliver on that promise.

It has a wide toe box, which is a blessing. So no more crammed toes for sneaker lovers. It allows your feet to breathe. They are also incredibly lightweight. After wearing it for a certain number of hours, you will feel that you are barefoot.

Toronto is flexible, and these shoes can move in any direction. You can use them freely without any restrictions on your feet. Their signature Xero-drop design also has no heel-to-toe drop, which is perfect body posture and no strain on the feet and legs.

They use a proprietary FeelTrue rubber sole, Which is thick enough to absorb pressure while maintaining the barefoot feeling. You feel connected to the ground in these shoes. They are vegan friendly, and the brand even offers 5000 miles warranty on the soles.

3. WXQ Men’s Fashion Sneakers

In perfect fashion of the shoe world, these WXQ Men’s Sneakers are one of the best light-weight, breathable walking shoes. The knitted upper fabric provides great softness and breathability with its Eva lightweight sole, which makes running easier and makes them perfect as sportswear.

The elasticised shoe mouth pattern makes a better fit for your ankle by providing stronger protection. The slip-on design allows easy put on and take off, making it convenient to wear for everyday work. The elastic one-piece upper and EVA outsole is non-slippery and shock-resistant.

They are available in many vibrant colours and provide longevity.

4. Wildling shoes

Wildling High Top Sneakers For Men

Wildling brand’s focus has always been on giving people their healthy, strong feet back. They have a cute history behind their brand. Their founders Ana and Ran lived in Israel, and their kids were always barefoot.

But when they moved to Germany, they had to buy shoes for their kids for protection from the weather. It was impossible finding the right shoes that kept that barefoot feeling so they decided to make their own.

They are known for using local small businesses to make their shoes. I was impressed when I wore them the first time. They are like a treat for your feet. Wildling makes these shoes using pure, eco-friendly material.

They use different types of fabrics and colours for making their shoes, This adds to that natural feeling that the company aims for in its shoes. These shoes gave me a snug-like fit, which I liked a lot.

These are zero-drop shoes with a wide toe box. Their soles are only a few millimetres thick and have a special design. Its design mimics our foot and gives enough padding on all pressure points. Overall, I am impressed by the brand’s motto and its design language.

The Wildlings make a lot of shoe models with different designs and colours. You can’t go wrong with any of them. Their shoe prices range from €60 to €85. I definitely recommend trying them out at least once.



This is the latest offering from the brand Bohempia. These shoes take inspiration from the classic sneaker look from Converse. They also come with a PETA vegan certificate. Your feet will thank you for the comfort you gave them while also being stylish at the same time.

These shoes use 100% natural Hemp canvas for the upper. This material feels rich and is breathable, so your feet can stay comfortable in them for hours. They have greatly improved from their last model of the same name.

Just like on original Converse shoes, this one also has a rubber element on the toes. This gives it a very retro look. When it comes to the sole on these shoes, Bohempia has used natural and high-quality rubber. This sole is flexible and durable. I felt comfortable in these shoes. The Sole has enough thickness to absorb any pressure while maintaining its bare footedness.

Bohempia provides two options with these shoes for the width. One is standard width, and another one is a wide width. This gives your toes space to move around. All these features added by Bohempia make these shoes wonderful to use.

I would recommend trying them and getting a feel of it yourself, so you will know what I am talking about here.

These shoes will cost you around €125. This is no small amount in any way, but the feel and the look they provide with added health benefits of barefoot shoes make them totally worth the money.

How To Choose Best High Top Barefoot Shoes

Switching to healthy footwear is one of the toughest tasks ever for any individual who decides that their feet are important and that means no longer wearing shoes that do not fit. Cushioning in running shoes has always been an important preference for comfort rather than health-supported facts.

It has been suggested many times that supported evidence shows running with no cushioning at all can be quite discomforting. These men’s high-top barefoot shoes come under this category, which advocates the benefits of natural running.

Before switching to any barefoot shoes, keep in mind that the shoes need to:

  • First, acclimatize your feet.
  • Practise your running mechanics.
  • Increase the distance gradually.
  • Always use caution.
  • Listen to your body.

Some of the things that you need to look into before purchasing your Hightop Barefoot shoes.

1. Support

Support is an important factor that contributes to the selection of any shoe. High-top shoes are built to provide great support by giving you a wrap-around feeling and making you comfortable. These shoes also provide ankle support.

Shoes with poor support often result in health conditions like plantar fasciitis, flat feet, and Achilles tendonitis. Hence, it is important to select a shoe with full support.

High-top shoes are great for support. They give that warm-fuzzy feeling that makes you feel comfortable. They are also good for ankle support, which gets neglected by everyone. 

So make sure to thoroughly check these things before you buy, not just high-tops but any kind of shoes.

2. Comfort

Until and unless we feel comfortable, we can’t break into any shoes properly. As a matter of fact, we look for comfort in anything we choose, but what makes a shoe comfortable?  The type of material used, the outsole, the cushioning in the collar and tongue, and especially the midsole contribute to the comfort.

The midsole can make a huge difference either by making or breaking the comfort. If it’s not chosen wisely, it may sometimes affect your posture. So look for all these comfort zones. 

Another important aspect is the midsole that supports your arch. The reason why I emphasize the subject of the sole so much is because it can make or break your comfort. It can cause you to overpronate, which is not good for your knees.

All these things matter and you should care about them if you want to feel comfortable in your shoes for long hours. Every shoe on the market won’t give you the comfort you seek, so you have to choose wisely.

3. Usage

What the needs are, is the most important factor in deciding on a shoe. The purpose for which you’re choosing the shoe should be taken into consideration. Look at the product depending on the amount of usage.

That is why you find a number of categorized shoes available on the market, each fulfilling a certain purpose. Never buy a casual shoe and use it for running. You will simply hurt your feet in the process. Purchase your shoes based on the purpose. Don’t end up buying the wrong shoe.

There is a reason why there are various shoes available on the market today. It’s to cater to everyone’s needs. We have seen people buy running shoes and use them for casual wear and buy casual, stylish shoes for running.

You should always think about the use and then make a purchase decision. That way, you don’t end up in the wrong shoes.

4. Size

Size is the most important factor you need to look into before buying your shoes. Different brands design shoes differently. Even though the size chart is standard, sizing may change according to brand.

Always try your shoes before buying them. That’s the only way to know your shoe size based on the brand.

This factor also depends on your liking. Some people like a snug fit while some people like a bit of breathing room in their shoes. I always advocate trying them on before buying them. That’s the only way to know for sure that you have got the right shoe size for your feet.

Another thing is the material used in the shoes. Some materials with prolonged use stretch a lot, and that can throw your whole balance off. There is nothing worse than consciously walking in your shoes because you are afraid to take the wrong step and injure yourself. Make sure you check all these things I mentioned and then make your purchase decision.

5. Style

Styling depends on the perspective and there’s no guide to it.

One thing to mention, if you are shopping for some stylish, fancy shoes, then wear the outfit you want to use with them, that way you know if they go well together or not.

Don’t overthink things when it comes to styling. Just think about your clothing style and match shoes with them, and that will remove all the hassle from it.

All these factors I mentioned are very important, and you should always take them into consideration when buying the right shoes for you.

All of the aforementioned aspects are critical, and you should always consider them while selecting the best shoes for you.


Choose any high-top sneakers that best suit you and that cater to your needs. If you’ve ever found yourself wishing for a barefoot version of high-top sneakers, the aforementioned shoes are worth the money. These pairs are stylish with great reviews on Amazon.

The most important feature of barefoot shoes is that they should feel like you’re walking barefoot; otherwise, they’re useless. All of the shoes I described are capable of being worn barefoot. If you’ve ever been in need of selecting the best high-top barefoot shoes, the above list is the lovely company to deal with.

For all the shoes that I have mentioned above, I have checked multiple criteria like style, look, fit, and finish. I have also put an emphasis on comfort and flexibility. These are some of the best high-tops barefoot shoes for men on the market right now.

The top priority in barefoot shoes is that they should give that barefoot feeling, otherwise they are useless. All the shoes I mentioned stand true to their barefoot ability.

There are some well-known brands and some not so well-known, but I can assure you that in terms of quality, none of them is compromising.

There might be a few issues here ad there, but that’s true with anything. There is nothing perfect in this world. You have to check what you need and then buy the right shoes. I really hope that my experience and knowledge will help you to find the right shoes.

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