15 Best Mens Sustainable Shoes & Sneakers : Ethical and Eco Friendly (2023)

If you didn’t know, the fashion business has a problem known as fast fashion, which needs to be changed. From unethical tactics to millions of pounds of rubbish dumped into landfills every day, to creating more and more waste in the manufacturing process, to poisoning the air with CO2, fast fashion is causing all of this. While many garment firms have jumped on the slow, sustainable fashion bandwagon, the shoe business has lagged behind. That’s why it is critical to support these vegan brands that are creating sustainable and vegan shoes that are transforming our world.

These companies have made numerous strides in the right way. And all it takes is a few small steps for a large number of people, and huge change is on the horizon. Do you want to lower your carbon impact but are unsure where to begin? This is a good way to start as we all wear shoes and this would be a step forward if you go for a sustainable pair. In this article, I’ll go over my top 15 picks for sustainable men’s shoes and shoe businesses. It was difficult to choose just a few, but I hope you enjoy the list.

15 Best Men’s Sustainable Shoes & Sneakers :

1. Matt & Nat : Eco Friendly Mens Shoes

Eco Friendly Men’s Shoes

Matt & Nat stands for Materials and Nature as they were established on materials and nature. This vegan company is a fantastic role model for all environmentally conscious businesses.

They are not only cruelty-free, but also a terrific company that arranges vegetarian potlucks for its staff, promotes upcycling, and volunteers frequently. Then there’s the footwear, which they also execute quite well!

The Hail Chelsea boot is our favourite of theirs. The outsole is made of rubber and the shoe is made of faux suede. They look great with jeans or pants and go with anything!

2. Native Shoes: Remix Recyclable Shoes

Fair Trade Men's Shoes

Native has a great selection of sandals, slip-ons, and boots. Native Shoes’ project, dubbed “the Remix Project,” will ensure that every pair of Native Shoes is 100 percent life cycle managed by 2023.

The Spencer LX slides are ideal for running errands, going grocery shopping, or going on an Xbox date with your high school best friend. These shoes are manufactured in UK itself.

They have water-resistant lace-up boots with a lightweight design. Their soft microfleece lining ensures a comfortable fit. The tongue is padded and gusseted to keep the elements out. Their compressed EVA midsole provides support and comfort to the maximum.

Traction and long-term durability comes with ultralight rubber outsole with robust tread. The best part is that these shoes are very affordable and comes under the budget of $100.

3. Ahimsa: Mens Ethical Shoes

 Ethical Shoes Men’s

In Sanskrit, the language of yoga, ahimsa means “not to damage.” This is the ideology of Ahimsa. They are uninterested in causing harm to animals or the environment in the production of their shoes. They are so committed to this ideology that they have opened their own factory. This facility is still the sole vegan facility in the world!

In all they do, they strive for honesty, openness, and love, and they’re doing a very good job! Loafers, boots, slip-ons, casual shoes, and more are all available from Ahimsa!

The Jeffrey boot is one of our favourite Ahimsa creations. They’re based on hiking boots, but they’re designed for more casual events. They look great with tapered pants and jeans. We guarantee that you will look sharp every step of the way.

4. Hey Dude: Recycled Mens Shoes

Recycled Shoes Men’s

Hey Dude was founded by two Italian guys, Wally and Vinci. It quickly grew into a global sustainable shoe brand focused on value, comfort, and style. From slip-ons to boots, sandals, water shoes, and more, this inventive brand has it all! The great part is that they are all available at a reasonable price.

The Jax Sandal is one of our favourites. The large sole and memory foam provide ultimate comfort. These sandals are perfect for a day at the beach, a trip to the grocery store, or a casual dinner.

The Wally Canvas slip-on is another of our favourites. These slip-ons are so comfortable that they’re commonly referred to as “cloud walking.” They’re lightweight and breathable, with a replaceable insole for added comfort and odour control. There are even many alternatives to Hey Dudes in the market.

5. Vivaboots: Mens Natural Shoes

Men’s Natural Shoes

Vivobarefoot designs shoes for the most natural of feet: the barefoot. They were initially told that their shoes were too thin and too big. They followed their feet rather than the rules, and the result is a fantastic running shoe that prioritises sustainability and comfort.

The Primus Trail FG Men’s is one of our favourites. It’s an off-road shoe that gives you the feeling of being barefoot on the trail.

6. Men’s Wool Runners – Allbirds : Mens Chemical Free Shoes

Chemical Free Shoes

These are one of my favourites when it comes to sustainable footwear. Because the founder is also from New Zealand, and they use New Zealand wool, there’s a hint of tribalism here, but to be fair, these shoes look fantastic.

They come in a variety of hues, with the upper and lower halves having a distinctive colour combination. This item is machine washable, you simply have to toss them in the washing machine to have them cleaned. To be honest, I’ve never owned a pair of shoes quite like that.

These sneakers are built from renewable and environmentally friendly materials. The upper is made of premium ethically sourced merino wool, the midsole is made of Brazilian sugarcane and the sole is composed of caster bean oil and merino wool. In addition, the laces are manufactured entirely of recycled polyester, which means that waste plastic water bottles are repurposed as shoelaces. Overall, these shoes are carbon neutral, therefore you can’t go wrong with a pair of Tree Runners from Allbirds when it comes to sustainable shoes and shoe businesses.

7. Sustainable Hemp Shoes – 8000kicks: Earth Friendly Shoes

Earth Friendly Shoes

These 8000kicks shoes (that’s a lot of kicks) are quite trendy and available in a variety of hues, including black, white, and beige.

What makes these unique? Hemp is used in their construction. These shoes, in any case, were designed and engineered in Portugal. Because of the fibres and a special coating layer, they are waterproof. A hemp upper and a bloom foam algae bottom are used to create these sneakers.

They have a natural hemp insole that they claim is the “world’s first.” Finally, a men’s shoe that is both environmentally friendly and fashionable.

8. Lowcuts Black & White Organic Fairtrade – Etiko: Best Ethical Shoe Brand

Best Ethical Shoe Brand

The Chuck Taylor sneaker is appealing to many people because of its design. Etiko has a good selection of shoes like these, including this stunner low-cut sneaker.

Organic cotton canvas uppers and a natural rubber sole fresh from the rubber tree are two of the many eco-friendly components used in their making. They are hand-stitched by certified fair-trade employees without the use of animal glue or harmful colours.

They provide a good selection of sustainable men’s shoes, including high-tops, slip-ons, and low-cut styles, as well as a few of the classic designs that so many people love.

9. Stone Grey Knit – Cariuma: Environmentally Friendly Shoe

Environmentally Friendly Shoe

In addition to the fact that they look wonderful, there are a handful of things about these that I enjoy. The first is to buy one tree and plant two. This footwear brand will plant two trees in the Brazilian jungle for every pair of shoes purchased. The second is that they show what each component of their sneaker is made of very clearly and simply.

The upper is constructed of bamboo and recycled PET, while the insole is composed of foam, cork, and mamona oil. The outsole is comprised of sugarcane-derived green EVA, while the laces are constructed of recycled plastic bottle threads.

Plus, they’re completely vegan and machine washable. They feature a huge selection of stylish high and low-cut shoes in a variety of colours.

10. Men’s The Zilker – Suavs: Eco-Friendly Vegan Shoes

Eco Friendly Vegan Shoes

These shoes, appropriately titled ‘Suavs,’ are suave. They also feature a variety of design selections, which is convenient for individuals who prefer variety.  They have moisture-wicking insoles, so you can wear them without socks without having to worry about sweating.

The shoe is composed entirely of post-consumer recycled threads and provides enough support to make walking easy. They feature a variety of high-cut, low-cut, and slip-on men’s shoes, all of which are quite elegant and classy in my opinion.

11. Men’s Running – Hyloathletics: Ethically Made Men’s Shoes

Fair Trade Men’s Shoes

Although these shoes are advertised as running shoes, they might easily be mistaken for everyday sneakers. These have a lot going for them. They are machine washable for convenience, and they are also extremely light, weighing only 215g.

The shoes are created from maize fiber, a waste product from maize processing, and the upper is 100% natural. The insole is comprised of algal bloom, with a top layer of 100% organic cotton.

The midsole is constructed of EVA that has been injected with maize starch to reduce the quantity of EVA used and may be recycled for future shoes. The outsole is constructed entirely of natural rubber.

Interestingly, each pair of running shoes has its own unique identity code, allowing the company to keep track of how many were created, the manufacturing process, and the materials utilized.

The shoe company demands the shoes be returned to them when they are a little worn down so that they may repurpose and recycle them into new shoes. This is another environmentally friendly footwear manufacturer that combines fashion and sustainability.

12. Urban Runner AHL – SoleRebels: Men’s Natural Shoes

Mens Natural Shoes

The idea that these shoes are entirely handcrafted appeals to me. All of the materials used in the hand spinning and weaving of the fabrics are ethically sourced. It provides these shoes with a more personalized feel while also giving them a unique look. Ethiopians also used to make these shoes.

The soles were made from tires, with hand-loomed cotton covering and a float midsole. This collection also comes in a variety of colors, which is cool.

They offer a wonderful choice, and if you want unique footwear, you should definitely check out their collection. Shoes ranging from sneakers to boots to slip-ons are all bright, bold, and colourful.

13. Nebula – Wildlings: Fair Trade Men’s Shoes

 Nebula – Wildlings

I liked these sneakers as soon as I saw them. They are not only fashionable

but also environmentally responsible. They are even lighter than the Hyloathletics, weighing only 129 grams, maybe due to the fact that they are made up of only three pieces of material. These sneakers have been designed with a lot of love and thought.

The upper is comprised of a combination of knitted merino and polyester, while the insole is composed of a combination of paper and polyester. Rubber, recyclable materials, and cork make up the sole. They feature a good selection of bright, colorful, and stylish men’s footwear, including shoes, boots, and sandals.

14. The Royale Knit – Greats: Best Ethical Shoe Brands 

Best Ethical Shoe Brands

The fact that these shoes are available in brilliant lime green or “Neon Algae” is one of my favourite features. There are not many brands that offer a variety of colours like this one.

Their shoes stand out from the crowd because they are manufactured with the help of recycled plastic bottles and, believe it or not, are machine washable.

Their shoes are made entirely of recycled plastic bottles, rather than virgin plastic. They are vegan shoes that are created in a sustainable and ethical manner.

The footbed is composed of algal foam, while the outer is composed of natural rubber, and the shoes are handcrafted. They have a vast collection of men’s shoes, including boots, sneakers, high tops, and slip-ons.

15. EFE PIÑATEX – Nae Vegan: Eco Friendly Vegan Shoes

Eco Friendly Vegan Shoes

I prefer not having to tie my shoes, and if you do as well, Nae Vegan may have the perfect pair for you. These smart-casual zip shoes are definitely for the fashion-conscious male. It will go with almost any outfit.

The upper is constructed of pineapple leaf and PLA fibres, with a Microfiber lined Paperboard agglomerate insole. Natural rubber serves as the outsole of this shoe. Nae Vegan offers a wide range of shoes for both formal and casual events, including classic sneakers (think low-cut Chuck Taylors), boots, sandals, and dress shoes.


It’s never easy to leave your comfort zone. All of these brands are forging the way forward. We can make the world a greener place one step at a time with comfort and ease.

Do you want to browse for some of the most innovative brands? IndieGetup makes it easy for you to find ethically produced apparel. These shoes are a little pricey, but they are well worth the money.

Fast fashion has kept the prices of shoes low by exploiting undeveloped countries’ low wages and working conditions. Switching to ethically produced goods assures that the shoes you purchase were not made at the expense of workers or with the use of child labour.

We considered many aspects, including size, materials, pricing, features, and more, when compiling our list of the best sustainable flats for women. We took into account a lot of factors while making a list of  Men’s Sustainable Shoes & Sneakers. We hope you find something in this list that fulfills your requirements.

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