Best Netball Trainers For Outdoor UK – 2023

This must go without saying that netball is getting more popular. Because of the sport’s quick tempo and general intensity, an increasing number of individuals are taking up the activity.

As a result, with so many newbies to the sport, and the majority of them unaware of the need of wearing the proper footwear, injuries are widespread. Investing in the Best Netball Trainers For Outdoor UK is the simplest approach to limit the risk of injury.

These would assist you in playing your best. Netball players must wear court-specific footwear. You’ll have to run short distances, leap, spin, and teeter all around high Goal Defence. You would not travel too far at once, but the game requires a large number of little moves.

Tennis shoes could also be used in this situation, however netball trainers for the netball court would suffice. We’ve produced a list of the top-selling netball trainers in the UK which includes both offensive and defensive netball shoes.

What Are The Best Netball Trainers For Outdoor In UK

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This women’s version of the Netburner Ballistic is one of the greatest volleyball shoes money could buy since it was designed with players stability, arch support, and convenience in mind.

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With a solid manufacturer on board, there’s no excuse not to pick up a pair of these Netburner Ballistic. Furthermore, being the polar opposite of your squad, these shoes complement you in a variety of ways.

asics netball trainers women

In order to flourish in their respective positions, opposites must possess a diverse set of abilities. For starters, you must be fast to make judgments, diverse in your hitting, and vigilant to execute split-second plays. Because this is a fast-paced position that requires a lot of leaping, crucial traits to look for in a shoe brand include great cushioning. The added cushioning on the Ballistic makes it suitable for this.

This model additionally offers gel cushioning in the forefoot and rearfoot. Furthermore, its utilization of natural rubber not only contributes to the cushioning effect when you strike the ground, but also provides a firm hold on the court irrespective of where you land following a perfect block of the opposition’s play. Also, a blend of synthetic and natural rubber is ideal for combining durability, comfort, and utility.

  • Padded tongue
  • Great cushioning
  • Comfortable
  • Maximised grip
  • Relatively pricey

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Among the most active women’s netball shoes on the market now is the Netburner Professional FF. This is an ideal weapon for professional netballers since it is designed for optimal performance. Netburner Professional FF is designed for female netballers and incorporates cutting-edge technology to provide incredible flexibility and rotation.

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The vented top mesh panel circulates air all through the forefoot, keeping your feet fresh and cool throughout the rigorous workout. Netburner Professional FF features an adaptable fit construction that moves in unison with your feet, allowing the designer to reach its ultra-responsive qualities.

mizuno netball trainers

The FlyteFoam midsole technology and GEL technology provide well cushioning as well as shock absorption without applying load to the footwear. As a result, you would effortlessly restore your form after a leap while also protecting your feet out from force.

Moreover, the Flexion grooved outsoles give close to the contact with the ground as well as a solid grip for all court actions, including sudden directional changes.

  • Lightweight
  • Breathable upper mesh
  • Durable
  • Comfortable
  • Can be a bit tight

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This is the type of badminton shoe that has a unique design and available in a simple colour scheme. Though the look is simplistic, nothing tops ASICS in terms of performance.

netball trainers asics

They include a breathable mesh top and inner lining to prevent moisture and perspiration from accumulating in your shoe during play. For comfort, the shoes contain a foam-padded collar and tongue, as well as a cushioned footbed. The Molded-EVA midsole conforms to your foot for a customised fit and increased comfort.

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The back and forefoot gel cushioning system is a fantastic feature of this ASICS shoe. This gives good shock absorption and support when leaping, and the gum rubber sole offers a firm grip on dirty floors. What’s wonderful about these shoes is that, despite frequent use, you’ll scarcely feel any wear and tear on this shoe.

Whereas the white material may become soiled and you’ll have to be extra careful, it appears really elegant and simple altogether. Overall, this pair is ideal for enhancing your sport performance on the court.

  • Extra cushioning
  • Increased comfort
  • Great grip
  • Breathable mesh upper
  • Simple look

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Athletes will appreciate the Mizuno Women’s Wave Momentum Indoor. These sneakers are appropriate for every volleyball position. Its three-layer No-sew top provides a wonderful snug fit and a stable feeling. It is quite beneficial in fast motions. It also minimises the likelihood of injury.

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Inside the shoe, a booty structure is meant to increase suppleness and create a secure fit. It has a “Dura Shield” that shields the toes from the injury caused by floor contact. It’s an excellent alternative for people searching for traction. Its extra graded rubber provides excellent grip on the court and allows you to move freely without worry of sliding.

asics netball trainers women

These flexible volleyball shoes also feature Mizuno’s patented Wave technology, which disperses impact energy, providing players with cushioned comfort and injury prevention.

The shoe boasts excellent cushioning and support thanks to a lightweight, wave-shaped midsole plate, while the sneaker’s designed mesh covering provides breathability. The Intercool ventilation system also aids in the reduction of heat build-up inside the shoe, improving overall performance and comfort.

  • Lightweight
  • Supportive
  • Great traction
  • Durable
  • Not for wide feet

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The Netburner Super FF shoe combines modern technology with a comfortable ride, flexibility, and shock-absorption that is unmatched. While playing, the Netburner Super FF blends a lightweight feel with outstanding stability features.

netball shoes asics

The upper internal webbing provides stability, while the tongue design provides velvety comfort. The exterior heel counter lock protects your foot from sliding, and the detachable sockliner contributes to your comfort.

netball trainers nike

The midsole’s FlyteFoam technology gives one of the finest cushioning, bounce back, and energy return amid intensive netball-specific manoeuvres. Owing to their unrivalled shock-absorbing comfort as well as proprioceptive feed, these two technologies, when combined with GEL in the rear foot and forefoot, could resist the most severe impact.

The Netburner Super FF X-groove system, which is built into the forefoot, provides multi-directional mobility, allowing you to easily rotate and grab the ball. The abrasion-resistant rubber outsole delivers a secure grip on any terrain. Netburner Super FF has become one of the top girls’ netball shoes available on the market.

  • Supportive
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Fine cushioning
  • Not many colour options

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ASICS Netburner Academy shoes are the finest Netball trainers for attackers. They include mesh uppers that allow for efficient air circulation and improve ventilation, keeping your feet dry and cool. The Netburner Academy 8 are among the most breathable sneakers on the market these days if you’re going to be running about on the netball court all day.

best outdoor netball trainers

The no-sew structure of these shoes minimises the weight of the trainers, making them light enough to sustain attacks. They feature a smoother ride and a more lightweight and durable midsole. These sneakers are resistive to the wear and tear that occurs with playing as an attacker. These netball trainers feature SpEVA Lasting 55 technology, which provides additional bounce plus momentum.

girls netball trainers

As a result, you may run faster and leap higher without worry of injury. The Duomax Support system prevents overpronation, which is especially common in women who run because of their larger hips. Thus, the Netburner Academy 8 shoes enable you to play netball securely on a variety of surfaces.

  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Dynamic movements
  • Resistant to wear and tear
  • Not for wide feet

How To Choose Best Netball Player Trainers – Buyer’s Guide

Netball, perhaps the activity with the most dynamic impact upon your lower legs, has the quick and intense motions of basketball, the sprinting action of hockey, and the fast stopping and changing of direction you require in squash. Netball players must wear proper footwear at all times.

Understand your feet:

Foot and ankle injuries are more prevalent in netball than in practically any other sport. The alternatives may be tracked and noted; excellent footwear selection is frequently a big influence.

Ensure a suitable and snug fit:

A highly comfortable and tight fit can avoid a plethora of possible injury hazards. As you are aware, loose shoes may cause numerous ankle ailments, and tight shoes raise your risk of blisters and punctures, as well as shift stress to other parts of the lower leg. Proper fit is sometimes overlooked, yet it is the most important aspect of your game.

Look for a sturdy upper sole:

To deal with the impact of side to side movement, aim for a robust upper. A robust, solid, and hard top sole is ideal for safeguarding the feet. This sole serves to avoid wear and tear from hardwood or concrete courts, increasing the shoe’s longevity.

Make certain that your midsole is in good condition:

In netball footwear, the midsole is perhaps the most crucial part. To improve your leaping and change of direction, you need to have the finest levels of shock absorption in conventional running shoes, as well as greater bounce-back properties. While trying on a pair of shoes, it is more important to measure the feet by performing comparable movements to what your feet would do on the netball court.

Don’t forget about training:

It is important to select the greatest Netball trainers for the court. Wearing joggers or running shoes to netball practice might be a dangerous idea that you develop. Although the snug fit and lightweight provide a better feel, lateral support from your netball trainers is required for any rigorous agile movement.

Suggestions for your instep:

Pick a good style that keeps your foot’s instep from falling out. To counteract this, your shoe must also grasp the court on the outside, allowing you to halt and start quickly.


  1. Is it worth buying netball shoes?

    Yes, because it is critical to wear activity-specific shoes to increase performance, reduce stress, and reduce the chance of injury on the court.

  2. Why is Asics good for netball?

    ASICS produces several of the best court-specific netball shoes on the market. This top-rated trainer could handle a lot of wear and tear on the netball court. They're lightweight, breathable, and have a terrific bounce-back, so they'll keep you going even after halftime.

  3. What's the difference between netball trainers and normal trainers?

    Normal trainers do not provide the same level of support as court-specific footwear. Netball shoes offer a supportive top that lets the foot move while providing support in the proper positions, reducing injuries like ankle rolls and knee twists.

  4. How often should you change your netball trainers?

    As a basic rule, if you wear your netball trainers three times every week, they would last a year. Players that wear them more frequently may have to change them sooner.


Netball trainers are worth the investment since they are made to endure repetitive sideways movement. Thus in this article we have added the Best Netball Trainers For Outdoor UK with pros and cons for each. You now know which options to select based on your role on the court and your budget.

As a result, if you’re an attacker, you’ll need shoes that are lightweight, responsive, and have high rebounding characteristics. Emphasize on cushioning and support if you’re a defender.

And if you’re going to play centre court, you’ll need to have the best of both worlds. Finally, remember to select a pair of shoes that will allow you to bring your A-game while also protecting you from frequent injuries on the court.

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