Top 10 Best Organic Slippers

This article gives you reasons to enjoy winter to the utmost. Winter must always remind you of snowfall, a cup of coffee and wearing organic and sustainable slippers made of wool, so soft that they will feel like clouds at your feet.

These sippers are in full rage in winter, and why not? They are so comfortable and warm that everyone is bound to fall in love with them at once. But before we look at these sustainable and organic slippers, let’s take a look at certain factors that affect their presence in the market.

The perfect slippers can keep you warm and snuggly in winters, keep your feet comfy and allow temperature control regardless of the environment. As you consider your equipment and comfort needs, there is no doubt you are going to want to track down the best organic boots on the market right now.

This array of slippers reviewed in the article is all made with eco-friendly natural fabrics like locally sourced wool, cruelty-free alpaca fur, organic cotton, and hemp and ethical production practices.

Not only are the brands mentioned here providing fair employment for artisans but many of the slippers on this list are also helping to preserve golden old cultural traditions.

For example, Wool felting is a heritage art form in Nepal and Kyrgyzstan while moccasins are traditional Native American footwear. Materials used in making these slippers are animal fibres that are important to the culture of artisans.

If you want to go animal-free, there are also eco-friendly vegan slippers for you. You are at the right place to know about the features, factors, and best brands of organic slippers as we have gathered information after intensive research.

This guides you on what are organic slippers, how to choose the best organic slippers and so on. Now, Let’s jump into the article.

Let’s have a look at a few best organic slippers!

10 Best Organic Slippers in 2022

1. Walk Hero Canvas Indoor Or Outdoor Slippers

Walk. Hero Canvas Indoor Or Outdoor Slippers

Walk Hero Canvas Indoor or Outdoor Slippers provide slippers that are extremely comfortable and cosy. They are lined with a moisture-wicking membrane layer to keep the feet dry and warm. They are made to give a casual slip-on design with a cross-weave weathered canvas upper. The upper canvas is made of organic cotton and the soles are also made with organic fibres that will surely reduce fatigue and heel pain.

They use non-slip natural slippers to make their soles for reliable traction and offer superb arch support with a deep heel cup. They also have an elastic piece on each side of the slippers to provide a proper and comfortable fit. They come in a variety of colour options and are easily available on the market.

2. Women’s Warm Cotton Knit Memory Foam Slippers Soft Yarn House Slippers with Anti Slip Sole

These are one of the most admirable house slippers that are available on the market. They are made using soft French terry, which is mainly responsible for the extreme comfort that follows them.

These slippers are known to mould to your feet and then provide extreme support and comfort. They have been reviewed generously by their users and have been said to give a feeling of heaven.

They have an insole of three layers of high-density memory foam and a sponge to reduce foot stress every time you land on your feet. These slippers are lined with cotton fabric to provide softness and cushioning and are best for sweaty feet. The temperature-handling French Terry upper will secure your feet and make them the best for both indoor and outdoor use.

3. Chicnchic Cotton Knit House Slipper: Organic Slippers for Women

Organic Slippers Women's

The ChicNchic cotton slippers are super soft and flexible like rubber. Their cover heel design stands out of all the slippers which can keep your feet warm and dry throughout the day, that is the real home soft slippers. These house slippers are lined with pure organic velvet, these super soft scuffs literally let your feet breathe.

These slippers never stink, which is a feature common to most organic house slippers. They are made of waterproof and thermoplastic rubber soles that give the slippers anti-slip protection, which is extremely necessary for the right amount of traction. Their uppers are made of knitted cotton that delivers warmth and dryness on chilly days. They can be easily found on the market but are only available in three colours.

4. ULTRAIDEAS Men’s Comfort Knitted Cotton Slippers Washable Flat Closed Toe Ultra Lightweight Indoor Shoes with Non-Slip Sole

Ultraideas Comfort

These ultra idea slippers are designed with comfort in mind. They have a breathable waffle design that further adds to the comfort and ease that comes with the slippers. Both the linings present on the slippers and the waffle design have a role to play. The linings on these slippers are made of cotton fabric, which acts as a moisture-absorbing membrane, and the waffle texture allows for decent aeration. Their insole has foam for a proper fit and can easily mould itself to the shape of one’s feet.

They have an eco-friendly and waterproof rubber outsole to protect you against slipping. It is best suited for all the seasons and is available in five different colours on the market.

These slippers have good stitching that makes them durable and low maintenance as they can be easily washed in the machine. Ultraideas provides slippers that are highly foldable for easy packaging.

5. Celavi Unisex Wool Boots: Organic Wool Slippers

Organic Wool Slippers

CeLavi unisex wool slippers are one of the best organic slippers available for kids on the market. They are made in such a way that they are extremely comfortable for developing feet and are thus made 1.5 cm larger than the kid’s feet to give them enough breathable space.

These slippers are secured with Velcro for an easy and proper fit for growing feet. CeLaVi unisex wool slippers are made with pure organic Merino wool, which is thick but breathable, to gently warm those little toes and feet without overheating. They have soft leather outsoles that promote the proper development of the feet.

6.FANTURE Unisex Men’s and Women’s House Slippers Indoor Memory Foam Cashmere Cotton-Blend Knitted Autumn Winter Anti-Slip

Fanture House Slippers

The Fanture House Slippers are made extra comfortable with their two layers of the outsole and one layer of premium thickened high-density memory foam, with an additional layer of high elastic sponge heel. They offer marshmallow-like comfort, are durable, and have soft waterproof TPR soles that make these slippers ideal for indoor as well as outdoor use.

They have versatile soles that are perfect for being worn inside the house, as they allow you to step noiselessly into the bedroom. They can be comfortably worn in the kitchen as well as while playing with kids.

Their outsoles have an anti-skid texture that keeps the feet safe and secure and also prevents scratches on the floor. The coral velvet lining present on the shoes is very soft and keeps the feet warm.

7.OFoot Cotton Open Toe House Flat Slippers : Eco-friendly House Slippers

Eco-friendly House Slippers

OFoot cotton open-toe slippers are made of brand new organic cotton material that is eco-friendly, breathable and comfortable. Are you on the hunt for open-toe style slippers? Get these slippers from the market.

They give maximum softness to the skin. This open-toe design supports breathability and makes them the best choice during summer.

They are lightweight and feature good-quality memory foam insoles that are spongy and do not easily deform. The anti-rubber outsoles will keep your feet safe.

Can be easily cleaned and are organic washable slippers. They are available in multiple sizes for both genders. The TPR sole is innocuous and does no harm to any floor surfaces including wood, tile, vinyl.

8.Arus Women’s Turkish Terry Cotton Cloth Spa Slippers One Size Fits Most, White

Arus Turkish Organic Cotton Slippers

These stylish women’s spa slippers will be your everyday slippers to wear. They are manufactured from 100% pure organic cotton with long fibres that are grown in Turkey. These slippers are great moisture absorbents which makes them good bath slippers as well. They are available at affordable prices and are quite comfortable.

They have an EVA outsole that has high durability and offers good traction whereas the insole is terry cotton for extra warmth.

These organic cotton slippers are available in nine colours on the market but are greatly limited in sizes as they are only available in one size. They are manufactured in Turkey with a sole length of 11 inches and a width of 4.5 inches.

9. Women’s Lightweight Comfy Knitted House Slippers with Memory Foam, Breathable Spa Slippers Anti Slip Sole Indoor Outdoor

BCTEX Knitted Indoor Or Outdoor Slippers

These slippers are designed in a way that they provide comfort throughout the year, be it summer or winter. The anti-slip wavy texture of these knitted slippers protects one from accidents and keeps one safe. They are low maintenance and can even be washed easily in machines. One can wear them outside, but only for small errands.

Their uppers and linings are all made of pure organic cotton to give an ultra-soft touch and comfort. Thanks to the insole, you feel like you are walking on a bed. It also absorbs sweat and moisture, keeping your feet dry and warm all the time.

These slippers do not stink, even if you wear them for a long time.

10.SOLOSMART Women’s Breathable Cotton House Slide Slippers Soft Comfy Bedroom Memory Foam Scuff

Solosmart Cotton Summer House Slippers

Last but not least, Solosmart house slippers are also the best choice for people who are in need of comfort. They have uppers and linings made of pure organic cotton. The anti-skid texture of these cotton slippers protects you from slipping and keeps your steps calm. They offer great comfort.

They are quite simple but stylish slippers featuring thermoplastic rubber outsoles that offer flexibility for both indoor and outdoor use.

Thanks to the three-layered insole, they deliver comfort by moulding to the shape of the feet. They are available in black, dark grey, burgundy, and light grey and are machine washable.

How to Choose the Best Organic Slippers for you

1. What are “organic slippers”?

We enter the world of organic that respects man, animals, and the environment and often harmonizes posture in a natural way. These slippers are manufactured from organic textiles that are grown under artificial conditions without the use of any kind of chemicals.

That means if a textile is said to be organic, then it was grown under controlled environmental conditions and approved by organic trading industries. This textile is considered to be organic only if 95% of its material is absolutely organic fibre.

These are slippers that are made from organic materials, like the use of natural rubber soles or vegetable tanned leather, etcetera. They use materials like organic cotton or making of the uppers from hemp and natural rubber soles, but only used in place of synthetic materials and never in place of animal-derived materials.

These organic slipper soles are usually very soft and comfortable and the slipper is so elastic and flexible. Many models available are unisex, suitable for both men and women on the market. The winter models of organic slippers are comfortable and warm, as are the wool and organic cotton slippers.

2. How to Choose Organic Slippers?

Before you choose the best organic slippers based on your needs, you have to carefully look at a few factors that must not be avoided during selection. Here, we are featuring some of the most important factors after our extensive research on all the brands.

The bigger factors are :

  • Materials

Choose organic material where slippers are processed organically so they can fully biodegrade to compost in the end. A large number of ethical slippers are made out of organic cotton. They are soft, snug, and comfortable, suitable for all seasons, such as hot summers and cold winters too.

  • Green business practices

Any way the company attempts to reduce their adverse impact on the environment (carbon offsets, water saving practices, renewable energy suppliers, etc).

  • Size

You need to give special importance to the sizing models, as a proper fit is what gives comfort to the feet at the end of the day. Check your feet measurements once or twice before buying, and if you are still unsure, go for the bigger size slippers because it is better to size with these as house slippers can be preferably more breathable.

  • Support

If you are already suffering from any foot pain or heel pain, just go with the slippers that offer you the top arch support and reduce the pressure on your feet indirectly eliminating the foot pain, heel pain, and foot fatigue. Always choose slippers with extra cushioning and softness.

3. How to Clean and Maintain Organic Slippers?

Almost all popular brands of organic slippers make use of organic cotton as their raw material. These cotton slippers can be cleaned through a machine wash, or hand wash. Always remember to set the setting of the machine to warm gently before washing these slippers. If you feel your slippers might get damaged in a machine wash, then you can resort to hand washing them with some mild soap. To do so, soak the slippers in warm water and then scrub them with your hands so that all dirt is removed. These slippers, when washed regularly, will remain odour free and will not stink.


The hunt for the perfect slippers of organically made slippers gets more challenging each time a new product enters the marketplace. With a wide range of options out there, take a moment and consider what you value in ethical slippers. After going through this article, I hope you got detailed information on some of the best organic slippers in the marketplace.

Not only are there a variety of brands and designs available on the market to consider, but there are also several other features to consider, such as material, size, padding, and outsole construction. This article has tried to include all the necessary information for finding the right organic slippers for your needs.

Finally, you need to check your budget and buy the boots accordingly. Considering all these shall never be a tedious task after going through this article. We have provided you with the information with the utmost care. You will be able to choose the best organic slippers. Comfort is the only thing that ensures all things happen peacefully.

Choose the best organic slippers, and have a joyful experience.

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