Best Pointe Shoes For Wide Feet 2022

As it is a difficult task to find the perfect fit of pointe shoes for wide feet, we are here to help reduce your work with an article on the best pointe -The Best Pointe shoes for wide feet. Usually, people with wide feet face many challenges in finding an ideal pair of pointe shoes for them. Pointe shoes are great for ballet dancers. We have examined all the products and parameters in choosing the best Pointe shoes.

People with wide feet have to bear an immense amount of pain when metatarsals are being pressured against their shoes. This is why you need to wear a perfect pair of pointe shoes to lower the risk of damaging your foot.

Because there are so many options on the market, you will have to try a few before you get your perfect pair. In this article, we will be discussing all the factors and features of top pointe shoe products. There are several styles that work for your wide feet. All the Footwear products listed below in the article may work both for narrow or wide feet.

Cheap And Best Pointe Shoes For Wide, Flat and Narrow Feet

Grishko 2007 - Medium ShankGrishko 2007 - Medium Shank
  • Satin
  • Suede sole
  • Lightweight, supportive and comfortable
  • Fits a remarkable variety of feet
Capezio womens Leather Pirouette Ii Dance ShoeCapezio womens Leather Pirouette Ii Dance Shoe
  • Leather upper
  • Leather lined
  • Half sole design with covered toes and Suede sole patch with pleats
  • Begin with street shoe size - men begin two sizes up
Bloch womens Performa Dance ShoeBloch womens Performa Dance Shoe
  • Adheres to the arch beautifully
  • Shock absorbing heel cushioning
  • Pre-sewn crossed elastics
  • Generous front and rear leather sole pads
Russian Pointe Entrada Pro Pointe ShoesRussian Pointe Entrada Pro Pointe Shoes
  • Entrada Pro features a medium toe platform and medium-high crown
  • Pre-arched construction
  • Pliable, long-lasting shanks
  • U-Cut with drawstring.
Freed of London Women's Citrine Dance ShoeFreed of London Women's Citrine Dance Shoe
  • Wide ftting
  • Suede sole
Nexete Professional Ballet Dance Pointe ShoesNexete Professional Ballet Dance Pointe Shoes
  • Leather sole
  • Satin upper, a wide toe box , Strong elastic shank, Leather Sole.
  • Suitable for square toes and great for use with toe pads.

1. Grishko Elite: Pointe Shoes For Inflexible Feet

Grishko Elite

The Grishko Elite shoe is a perfect option for a dancer who has wide and square feet. The broad platform is amazing for balance on the pointe, offering optimal stability.

The U-shaped low vamp of the shoe offers a perfect fit and comfort. It is not pre-arched and suits shorter toes or feet with a low arch.

Grishko Elite also allows an easy transition from demi-pointe to pointe and back. The shoes are stylish and available in European pink. These shoes are available in all sizes of feet ranging from very narrow to very wide feet.

They include tall layers of the box and distribute glue properly inside it, this makes the shoes stronger, smoother and durable. Made using cotton drawstrings instead of elastic to protect from tendonitis.

You will have good flexibility and support as they have medium or hard shank strength. The design has a great finish to the fabric. These budget Shoes come with high durability and excellent quality. If you are a beginner or an advanced dancer, these shoes are ideal for you.

2. Gaynor Minden Pointe Shoes: Best Pointe Shoes For Narrow Feet

Gaynor Mindens Pointe Shoes

Gaynor Minden Pointe Shoes are not made with the same material as used in traditional shoes. These shoes were created by Eliza Minden and designed similarly to athletic shoes.

Gaynor Minden’s revolutionary pointe shoes hit the market. They reduce the pressure on the dancer’s toes, Achilles tendons, metatarsals, arches, and ankles. Gaynor Minden protects dancers’ feet due to their unique construction.

The same stiffness is maintained that is used in the old traditional shoes. The extra added springiness of the plastic meant the shoe was stronger than the foot. Comfort is the priority of Gaynor’s Minden.

The box present in the shoe has a cushiony feel, yet you can still feel the floor. Usually, while doing heavy physical work or like dancing, the pointe shoes get broken in, so these shoes can be worn comfortably.

The design of the pointe shoes is improved, and the level of strength required for pointe work is reduced. Their modern and dynamic design is quite attractive. They make their own specific ribbon.

3. Capezio Plie II: Cheap Pointe Shoes For Beginners

Capezio Plie II

Capezio Plie II are the best pointe shoes for wide and square feet. These pointe shoes come with a U-shaped throat, a medium vamp, and an aesthetic design, pretty to look at.

These shoes are not very durable and do not run for a long time. Capezio pointe shoes run small, so we suggest you buy a half size bigger than your casual regular dance shoes. With the bigger sizes, you can use them for a long time.

pointe shoes for greek feet

These shoes are made using the best and highest quality materials, which include a soft cotton outer and satin binding for an elegant and pretty appearance. They do not come with elastic or ribbons.

If you are a dancer, you might definitely find these a great fit if you have got toes of an even length and medium forefoot or wide forefoot. They make one of the best pointe shoes.

dance shoes for wide feet

The most significant feature of Capezio pointe shoes that makes them ideal for wide feet, is a broad, feathered toe box. This box is short and has a soft shank, for an easy roll.

4. Bloch: Pointe Shoes For Beginners

 Bloch Pointe shoes for beginners

Bloch is the popular manufacturer of pointe shoes which is Australian based. It also has products like dance shoes, dance costumes, and dance fashion accessories. They are known for children’s dance shoes and everybody loves the brand.

These pointe shoes last for about 12 to 15 hours for professional dancers. Their handmade satin ballet pointe shoes enhance superior manufacturing skills with a dancer’s comfort and support during the dance in mind, with ease in twists and turns.

best pointe shoes for high arches

Bloch is a collection of simple, easy-to-wear stylish shoes. Bloch produces pointe shoes, ballet flats, jazz shoes, character and tap shoes, ballroom shoes, dance sneakers, barre shoes, and fashion flats.

These pointe shoes are available for everyone, ranging from children to adults, in all variants and all sizes possible. It produces exceptional handmade pointe shoes, which you will fall in love with.

dance shoes for wide feet

All the people can use these shoes from beginners to advanced dancers. The quality of these shoes is also nothing to scoff at, it’s features make them soft and harder giving grip.

5. Russian Pointe Entrada: Pointe Shoes For Egyptian Feet

pointe shoes for egyptian feet

The Russian Pointe Entrada is the best pointe shoe for wide and tapered feet. These are the famous and ideal footwear during the dance. It is one of the most popular and renowned brands.

These pointe Entrada shoes are particularly spectacular for people with wide toe joints and narrow metatarsals. They are perfect for tapered feet due to their medium-toe platform and medium-high crown.

what are the best pointe shoes

These shoes have amazing form and function, manufactured entirely with natural raw materials. The pre-arched construction exactly fits the shape of your foot and offers firm support. This pre-arched design is to highlight whilst exaggerating the point work.

Russian Pointe Entrada shoes are recommended for those with fullness in the instep and toes. They have a minimal break-in period.

best pointe shoe brands

The pliable and longshanks of the shoes follow each and every step of yours. These shoes would be great for highlighting your arch and include a long-lasting shank.

6. Freed of London: Best Pointe Shoes for Greek Feet

Best pointe shoes for Greek feet

The Freed of London pointe shoes is renowned shoes. The brand is used by a huge number of customers in almost 50 countries altogether. These shoes are handcrafted in the United Kingdom.

These shoes are handcrafted by Freed of London Pointe Shoe Makers. This collection of shoes is manufactured from natural and biodegradable components. The best shoes for either professional or student dancers.

capezio plie ii

Freed of London is renowned and known for its traditional turn-shoe manufacturing method. Dancers will definitely enjoy properly fitted pointe shoes, which improve their dancing abilities and flexibility.

They make your feet absolutely comfortable. Freed of London offers stunning models of Freed pointe shoes. Shoes ensure that all the dancers have the chance to grab the best dance shoes.

best point shoes

These shoes are perfect for people who are looking for pointe shoes that enhance your dancing with strength and stability and are specially designed to snuggly fit into your feet. Everything like your foot’s size, the length of your toes, and the support for your ankle are focused on by the company.

7. Grishko 2007: Best Pointe Shoes For High Arches

best pointe shoes for high arches

Grishko 2007 are the best pointe shoes for peasants’ and wives’ feet. These are the ideal and popular choices for many customers with wide feet and different skill levels. Due to their extra lightweight nature, they make very little noise.

Grishko Pointe shoes are perfect to give you balance on and off Pointe due to their stable and flat platforms and soles. We would recommend these shoes for people who have a longer second toe than the first.

best ballet pointe shoes

Besides Grishko Elite and Gaynor Minden Pointe shoes, Grishko 2007 is also an ideal pair of pointe shoes for square and wide feet with shorter toes. They last a long time.

A special note, Grishko pointe shoes are manufactured in Moscow, Russia. These pointe shoes are more suited for intermediate-to-advanced dancers. Additionally, these shoes are beautiful to look at.

best point shoes

The box is shaped perfectly and fits a wide number of foot shapes. The shank of these wide foot shoes is medium and is shived. These do not include ribbons. They come with a durable suede sole.

8. Russian Rubin: Ballet Shoes for Wide Feet

Ballet shoes for wide feet

Russian Rubin pointe shoes are the ones that fit like a glove and offer the perfect support. It is good for beginners, they will completely feel comfortable, supported and safe.

These pointe shoes are made out of materials of very high quality by brilliant craftsmen. They perform superb functions and feature exquisite looks. Dancers find them the most comfortable and beautiful shoes.

dance shoes for wide feet

You will feel them as the highest performance pointe shoes that you have experienced all throughout. They captivate and glow with elegance. Rubin U-cut pointe shoes with drawstrings are versatile.

The Russian Rubin’s pre-arched construction mimics the shape of the foot. It minimises the break-in period. This pointe shoe is a part of the jewel collection, whose name comes from Rubin.

best pointe shoes

These shoes make your performances shine like a gem. It offers clean lines and excellent balance and support. Lightweight with a toe platform, low crown and fuller heel shape for the foot.

9. Nexete Professional Vanessa Ballet Pointe Shoes Satin Dance


Nexete pointe shoes are perfect for people who are looking for shoes to still perfect their pointe technique. They are best suited for square toes and are great for use with toe pads.

Nexete Professional Vanessa Ballet Dancing Pointe Shoes have a satin upper and also feature a wide strength box. The flat toe box of the shoes improves stability and provides balance.

They are the perfect choice as ballet pointe shoes for many dance training classes and ballet performances. If wanted, they come in the perfect package for birthday and Christmas gifts.

These nexete pointe shoes include toe pads and ribbons also and a drawstring shoe bag to make shoes easier to store. Supportive and good for all the dancers.

The size chart is large because they are available in many sizes and widths. They have a feminine look and come in pink colour. We would recommend these nexete shoes for women who are beginners, still perfecting their pointe.

10. Siberian Swan: Best Pointe Shoes For Beginners With Flat Feet

Best pointe shoes for Beginners with flat feet

Siberian swan industry is one of the premium brands in the manufacture of footwear like pointe shoes. They are uniquely designed for best support and to be the top pointe shoes.

The Siberian Swan was the first company in the footwear industry to recognize male dancers as a separate and competent group of pointe shoe customers and specially designed the pointe shoes for them.

They have specially designed Rudolf pointe shoes for males. Keeping all the anatomical characters of the male feet in mind, the craftsmen created these pointe shoes. That means the needs of the male dancers.

The active arch support patented technology is the unique selling point in the Siberian swan pointe shoes. The plastic shank, traditional box, enforced with special glue are the additional features.

Siberian Swan pointe shoes are produced by the State Ballet of Siberia dance company. The company, collaborating with the dancers themselves, has taken all the suggestions from the dancers and developed the company.

Does Your Foot Shape, Dictate What Type of Pointe Shoe you Need?

Feet are the first thing that dancers notice. They are great stuff for humorous and mesmerizing lines but on a serious note, your foot shape impacts largely on your dance in many ways.

If you ask us, it is yes that your foot shape dictates the type of pointe shoes which you need to buy. It is important to buy the perfect pointe shoes that perfectly fit your feet. In order to fit the uniqueness of the dancer’s feet, each function of the pointe shoe for a dancer is manufactured at a certain size.

Besides the typical US shoe fitting terms, such as “Normal Width” and “Wide Width”, there are a huge number of various characteristics of the foot including the foot shape that plays a major role in choosing the type of pointe shoe you need to buy.

The foot shape depends on the type of toes, the arch type and flexibility. According to all these features of the feet, there is a style of pointe shoe suitable for you. For example, if you have flat feet, you will need a softer shank and lower vamp to assist in getting over the platform.

Pointe shoes are usually made in narrow, medium and wide widths. Most of the people’s feet will fall into one of these size chart’s lists. However, some of the feet will fall outside of these sizes, either in between them or wider than ‘wide’.

For example, a dancer who is with low arches will require more assistance to be able to get on top of their pointe. These results may lead them to choose pointe shoes with a lower vamp, softer shank or built-in arch.

Why is it Harder to Find Pointe Shoes for Wide Feet?

Yes, it is obviously difficult to find the best pointe shoes for wide feet. Wide feet may be a blessing for creating a strong ballet technique, but this shape of the foot is very tough for getting the perfect fit of pointe shoes.

The actual problem in the reality with the wide feet is that we will never find a model with our width in stock, in any of the stores including the biggest stores. We are not saying that there are no such shoes, but you would find them rarely.

We have an analysis which is very easy to understand, there are not so many people with bigger and wide feet – statistically, not more than 10%, in most of the countries. This is a fact all manufacturers must understand and work on negotiating the problem – most of them DO have such lasts. Each company provides almost 3 to 6  choices in width of pointe shoes.

Initially, for girls with wide feet, it is very common to find a pair that fits at the ball of your foot. But, it is too wide coming to the heel. So we will be looking in this article for shoes that are especially made with a tighter heel.

If you are facing hurdles finding pointe shoes because you have shorter toes, you will most likely have to make changes to the padding. It may feel odd when you are standing flat, but this will make sure that your toes have some support.

Finding the Right Pointe Shoes for Wide Feet, Using Your Foot Shape

  • Tapered and Wide Feet

If the size of your toes gradually decreases in length from the big toe to the little one. Pointe shoes with a triangular and tapered box are required for tapered feet. A higher wing and harder shank will be an ideal pointe choice if you have bunions.

  • Square and Wide Feet

If all your toes are almost of equal length, you have square feet. You can easily spot the square feet. Shoes with a high crown and square box will be required in this case.

The square and the tapered box are homologous, which means the tapered box will also appear like a square box from the exterior but have tapered spacing inside the box for toes. This line of difference is difficult to identify. We recommend you do research while grabbing the pointe shoes off the shelf.

  • Inverted or Peasant and Wide Feet

Inverted feet are also known as Roman feet. If your first two toes are the same size while the remaining tapers off, you have the inverted feet.

A pair of shoes with a rounded square box and high profile would be the best pointe shoes for inverted and wide feet. Dance Nikiya and Bloch Dramatica are the best pointe shoes for peasant feet with a large square box and high profile shank.

What are the Best Brands of Pointe Shoes for Wide Feet?

  • Russian Pointe

Russian is the world class brand popularly known. They manufacture precisely fitting pointe shoes that are a blend of traditional artistry and modern technology. It was founded in 1998 in Moscow city, Russia. The pointe shoes are of course beneficial for people with wide toes because they are processed with a narrower heel.

The wider your foot size is, the back of your foot will not slip from the heel grip and risk injury. It has been inspiring dancers for over 20 years to lead awesome lives. It supports both the student and professional ballet dancers. Each product reflects the company’s standards.

  • Grishko

Grishko is also one of the top brands manufacturing pointe shoes. They are the most elegant and dancer-friendly pointe shoes in the world. Their pointe shoes always preserve the artisanship in preparation and they make the products wholeheartedly.

All the handicraft pointe shoes are made using natural raw materials. Finest satin and cotton drawstrings give a pretty appearance and protect your foot from tendonitis. The stable and flat platforms and soles offer amazing balance on and off pointe.

  • Freed

Freed of London is the world’s leading manufacturer of dance shoes. They design professional shoes for dancers. It was founded by Frederick Freed in 1929 in Leicester, England. It also manufactures dance apparel, bridal, and fashion collections. They are handcrafted in the UK and are now used in almost 50 countries.

  • Bloch

Bloch is another brand in the list of top brands of pointe shoes. It is an Australian-based producer of pointe shoes and other types of dance shoes, dance costumes, and dance fashion accessories. Jacob Bloch founded it in 1931 in Australia.

They have an array of pointe shoes, produced to help ballet dancers ranging from beginners to professionals. It has the best pointe shoes for wide feet, starting with wide and square.


  1. What are the best pointe shoes for wide feet?

Pointe shoes that have good arch support, canvas, vinyl and leather are perfect for wide feet. The pointe shoes with square, tapered toe boxes shall give you the best support. Barefoot Venus, Bloch intuition, Bloch Electra and Gibson Tanao Satin are a few examples of the best pointe shoes.

  1. Are wide shoes better for your feet?

Ballet shoes are especially unyielding, restrictive, and rigid so as to keep you from standing on your tiptoes. This is actually a misconception by many dancers but wide feet would be better for wider feet. Choose according to your requirements.

  1. Which brand of pointe shoes is best?

In this competitive world, there are many brands of pointe shoes. In many cases, it is not a make or breaks factor, but you need to choose pointe shoes that are comfortable for your feet. The top brands like Bloch, Gaynor Minden, Freed of London, Grishko, and many more produce pointe shoes.


When looking for a pair of pointe shoes, you need to consider a lot of factors. We have done thorough research on various pointe shoe models and presented genuine results to you. We hope our article has definitely helped you in choosing the best pair of pointe shoes for wide feet.

Ensure that you try them on with your ballet tights underneath as well, this adds a varied dimension to how they will feel when you are dancing. If you do not have a comfortable pair of shoes, you would surely excel in your dance and play. With uncomfortable shoes, you cannot perform well.

Choose the best pair of pointe shoes according to your needs. Out of the vast number of brands in the market like Glishko, Freed of London, Capezio, Bloch, Russian Pointe, and many more, the confusion you get from buying the best is all clarified in this article. Pointe shoes must have high arches.

We have given brief information on all the best pointe shoes available in the market right now. All the features discussed to make them the best pointe shoes for dancers enhancing their performance, style and energy. Usually, people with wide feet don’t get the pointe shoes so easily but with our list, you can easily choose the best one.

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