Best Waterproof and Lightweight Rigger Boots UK Review 2023

Rigger boots were earlier used only for rig workers. However, now everyone uses the boots to prevent any kind of injury of feet plus to make you escape from a fall on a bump or rough surface. Rigger boots are amazing to use for any person who works in construction, farming site or industrial plus you can just use these boots for walking without the worry of injuries or hurdles. We have listed some of the “best waterproof and lightweight rigger boots” which are great with their features plus the material it has been crafted. You can take a look at their pros and cons to differentiate the best rigger boots for you and purchase them.

Rock Fall Pm104 Mens Safety Rigger Boots
Rockfall Men's Texas Non Metallic Lightweight Safety Rigger Boot...
  • low budget
  • pull-on side loops
  • anti-penetration
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    Rock Fall Pm104 Mens Safety Rigger Boots
    Rockfall Men's Texas Non Metallic Lightweight Safety Rigger Boot...
  • low budget
  • pull-on side loops
  • anti-penetration
  • Check Price
    lightweight saftey boots

    Best Waterproof Rigger Boots With Ankle Support

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    The V12 Tomahawk Vintage leather boots are one of the best rigger safety boots. It has a lining which is breathable plus waterproof also. This lining also decreases perspiration. These boots are extremely durable and budget-friendly too.

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    Furthermore, V12 boots contain rugged heel support, padding of the ankle to lend the stability required on rough terrain along appropriate size fitting. The Thinsulate material in the boots makes the feet warm and hot according to climate change.

    apache traction rigger boots

    In addition, the V12 Tomahawk boots consist of full-grain ‘Vintage’ cowhide leather, it is reliable with water-resistant quality and breathable too. V12 boots have fine stitching, padding at the ankle area, additional stability along a pull-on loop.

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    The V12 Tomahawk Vintage leather Rigger boots also have Goodyear welted anti-static nitrile rubber soles. Plus the boots are also heat resistant up to the temperature of 300° CEN.

    • Offers excellent support
    • Reliable
    • Waterproof plus snowproof
    • Insoles fall apart

    2. Rock Fall Pm104 Mens Safety Rigger Boots

    The Rock Fall Pm104 Rigger boots are one the cheapest rigger boots available in the market. These boots are slip-resistant due to the rubber sole material. Its outer material is constructed from durable leather.

    best rigger boots

    Furthermore, the Rock Fall Pm104 rigger boots have the slip-on closure type. Plus the Fall Pm rigger boots are purely water-resistant and makes your feet well protected from sweat or the water in the rainy season. Just like other rigger boots it also has a steel toe cap to protect.

    best waterproof rigger boots

    In addition, these fall Pm rigger boots contain the midsole which is anti-penetration made with leather of buffalo tan. Plus the fur lining makes them well stitched and protected. The outsole is a shock absorber.

    rigger boots with ankle support

    You can have these Rockfall Pm rigger boots if you have a low budget and demand high-quality rigger boots. These boots have pull-on side loops plus the outsole which is constructed with activ-step dual density.

    • A well-manufactured shoe
    • Waterproof
    • Cheap price
    • Bit heavy

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    The Jallatte Jalpole S3 WR SRC Rigger boots are the best lightweight rigger boots. The sole material of this Jallatte rigger boots is constructed with Polyurethane and Leather. It has the outer material also of leather.

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    In addition, the Jallatte Jalpole S3 rigger boots have the pull-on closure type. The upper of the boots are made from leather. Next, it also comprises the Gore-tex lining with a safety toe cap along with a midsole constructed from steel.

    best rigger boots uk

    Furthermore, these rigger boots offer leather which AP23 of excellent quality also contains the oil plus the water resistance feature. These features make these Jallatte Jalpole rigger boots extremely durable.

    waterproof rigger boots

    Also, The Jallatte Jalpole S3 WR SRC Rigger boots have the Aérane-Tech 200 J perforated composite material. Plus offer the steel midsole which is dual-density PU construction. 

    • Sturdy plus long-lasting
    • Comfortable and lightweight
    • Best for long hour duty
    • Not much reliable especially insoles

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    The Grafters Men’s s3 SRC WR rigger boots are one the best options available for rigger boots. The sole material of these boots was man-made with an ankle shaft height.

    dewalt rigger boots review

    Furthermore, the upper of the Grafters men’s rigger boots are also leather which is quite strong plus they are reliable also. A must-have steel toe cap to aid the protection around the feet and make them feel comfortable.

amazon rigger boots

    The outer material of Grafters rigger boots is constructed with leather with a textile inner material. Also, it has a steel midsole along with Jontex waterproof protection of lining. The colour of these Grafters rigger boots offers the pull on and off for convenience. Also, make your feet well protected regardless of the weather. The padded ankle is the major plus point as it helps in a while walking comfortably with incredible support.

    • Extremely tough and comfortable
    • Appearance from outside is great
    • Leather upper plus waterproof
    • A bit expensive

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    DeWalt Riggers are one of the best Rigger Safety boots. They have a leather upper which is Brown. Plus to aid the extra comfort it has a padded cuff. In addition, it also contains the steel toe cap which helps in protection along with a steel midsole.

    steel toe cap rigger boots

    Furthermore, the DeWalt Rigger boots have a Goodyear welted rubber outsole which is extremely reliable. It also provides the heel support of TPU along with padded ankles. The boots are extremely comfortable as it has insoles that aid the extra comfort.

    apache traction rigger boots

     In addition, these Dewalt rigger boots are one of the best ones when it comes to the safety of the feet or the stability required for any work related to rig or construction sites or industrial work. One should prefer these boots when buying rigger boots and surely they won’t be disappointed with them.

    • Comfortable
    • Protects your feet completely
    • Excellent quality material
    • Not true to size

    What Are Rigger Boots?

    The rigger boot offers protection with a pull-on design. The rigger name is derived from rig work, rig workers were facing an issue of finding the best pair of boots for doing their rig work. So the boots specially constructed for the purpose were named after this work which is rig work. Rigger boots are not bound to wear on some construction or industrial sites or companies. But many people use these boots to wear in the normal workplace. Rigger Boots have a wide range of tan colours which are purely constructed with the best quality of leather. It has this special feature at the area of the toe for aiding the protection fully. The rigger boots have a steel toe cap.

    In addition, rigger boots have an internal fur lining along with pull-on loops. Although, rigger boots aid safety it lacks ankle support which is extremely important on some construction sites. Which is the reason that some specific construction sites or companies ban their workers from wearing them at work. The rigger boots are very stylish and classy in appearance due to the metal eyelets plus the leather of unique colour shade which makes them stand out from other boots.

    Are Rigger Boots Banned in UK?

    Rigger boots are not legally banned or any government has banned rigger boots. Rigger boots can be harmful on some specific construction sites as they have an increased rate of foot and ankle injury. As the design of these boots doesn’t guarantee much protection. That is why some of the construction sites or companies ban the use of rigger boots as if it is not safe to wear them at these workplaces. This is the reason that rigger boots are specifically banned by certain construction sites or companies to prevent the injury of the workers. Many large firms have banned the usage of rigger boots at workplaces.

    How To Stop Rigger Boots From Rubbing?

    You can use many ways to stop the rubbing from the rigger boots. Firstly, you can use the sock liner. It can be the barrier between the feet and the boots and prevent the rubbing of feet. Next, put some vaseline on the heel area, and apply a fine thick layer. The vaseline makes your feet feel free from rubbing from the rigger boots. The other option you can try is to put a heel grip at the heel area of the rigger boots to avoid any rubbing while you perform with your best boots on. In addition, insoles are always a saviour. Buy an insole and put them to have that extra cushioning and avoid the rubbing in the rigger boots.

    How To Choose Best Rigger Boots – Buyers Guide


    A good rigger boots should always be slip-resistant on a slipping surface. That is why it is important to consider the material of the outsole. Most of the time, outsoles that are constructed with rubber, Vibram or SB rating are the best outsoles that can prevent slippage on slipping surfaces. In addition, you need to consider the outsole materials which can prevent your feet from chemical debris when working on rough surfaces or work or difficult terrain. Also, the outsole should be heat resistant as it should protect against static electricity. Lastly, rigger boots should have a durable plus excellent slip-resistant outsole to aid the protection of feet from all the areas.


    The comfort arose from the midsole of the rigger shoes. It is relevant to consider the material of the midsole before buying the rigger boots. The boots which have an ergonomic design are preferred when it comes to selecting the boots with the best midsole. Also, the midsole is responsible for that additional support the boots give when it is required while you walk or perform some activity or do rig work. The midsoles which are constructed with steel are one of the finest ones and they are worth the price.


    Whenever you wear rigger boots you need to feel comfortable on your feet and to make the needed comfort the insole is responsible. The insole aids the cushioning plus the breathability required for the feet in the rigger boots. The best insole for the rigger boots must contain the feature which can absorb the moisture plus makes your feet always clean from the sweat or dirt. There are some insoles available that can offer additional cushioning, you can buy them for your rigger boots if you feel less protected with the regular insole.


    Water-resistant Rigger boots are specifically needed for the people who work in areas that are nuddy or have watery surfaces. Otherwise, an indoor workplace that does not have the specifications with water. These types of people can prefer the rigger boots which are not purely waterproof but slightly water-resistant. However, entirely waterproof rigger boots are mostly made from leather which is full-grain. So prefer full-grain leather rigger boots for 100% waterproof rigger boots.

    Proper Foot Security:

    Rigger boots are usually worn by the worker who is always working with a heavy machine or tools. Ss there is always a risk with their feet security. Getting a pair of rigger boots for your work must have the protective features to make your feet feel comfortable and secure. Rigger boots have a steel toe cap to aid protection, plus the outsole which is slip-resistant to prevent fall or slip. Next, it is completely well insulated and does have the property of waterproofing to make feet well protected with snow, heat, water, etc.


    It is always the question that how much you are ready to pay for buying the best pairs of rigger boots which are durable and contain all the necessary features needed for a rigger boot. Surely, you don’t want to go for the cheaper version at a cheap price. Although you will spend very little money on cheap boots, you have to spend a lot of time regretting buying them. Cheaper rigger boots will not offer the quality plus durability as the authentic ones. The real rigger boots which are best are always constructed using the best material available and you can purchase them at the rate between £50 to £100 or more than that. However, always compare the longevity and the budget of the boots and then buy.


    1. Why are rigger boots banned?

      Rigger boots are not as such banned but some of the construction sites don't appreciate the rigger boot as they lack ankle support. Plus if your boss or superintendent allows the rigger boot then well and good for you.

    2. Why are rigger boots not allowed on-site?

      Most of the rigger boots don't have ankle support and it is not safe for anyone to wear these types of shoes on sites. Dewalt Tungsten rigger boots have ankle support.

    3. What are rigger boots used for?

      Rigger boots are used specially bg industries that work on oil rigs and their worker requires boots that can prevent them from slipping.Also, rigger boots are constructed with leather and steel toe area so it is convenient for protection. 

    4. Are rigger boots banned in Ireland?

      Earlier there was some proof that Ireland people or employers have banned using rigger boots in their workplaces. However, recently there is no such ban in Ireland on using the rigger boots.

    5. Are Scruffs rigger boots waterproof?

      Yes, the Scruffs rigger boots are purely waterproof which is insulated with a leather quality in great thickness. Scruffs rigger boots are water-resistant and protect your feet in every weather.

    6. Are JCB rigger boots waterproof?

      Yes, the JCB rigger boots are 100% waterproof. The JCB boots are manufactured using leather which is a water repellant.

    Conclusion :

    The above listed all the rigger boot are the “Best waterproof and Lightweight Rigger Boots”. However, some of the above-listed boots are not durable or lightweight. You have to try these boots to know the difference in the quality and material holds of these boots. You might be confused with the thousands of options of rigger boots available online. And might get impressed with the outer look of the boots. But do not get trapped with only looking; you need to dig in with the details and features to get the best rigger boots for you which are waterproof plus lightweight too.

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