10 Best Salsa Dance Shoes For Men & Women – 2022 Review & Guide

Salsa is a Latin dance form danced to the music of the same genre, and it has a lot of popularity in the world of dancing. It rose to popularity in the 1960s in New York City. Salsa combines many traditional Latin American dance forms, and mainly it was developed in Cuba in the 1920s. It has a lot of African and Latin American movements and represents a perfect amalgamation of these two continents.

The USA has a prominent Latin American population, which is why the dance form gained popularity pretty quickly. Today, it’s learned by many dancers across the country and is even performed competitively. There are many dance clubs around the country dedicated to this dance form.

It requires pace and grace in the dance movements. Mostly it’s a partner dance, but solos are done too. In this partnership dance, one is the lead, and the other one is the follower. Lead curates the entire choreography. One of the crucial aspects of this dance is shoes. You need proper footwear for this dance form. It is an intense and fast-paced dance that requires a lot of agility and manoeuvrability.

In this article, I will talk about the 10 best salsa dance shoes for men & women. I have done a thorough research and come up with this list. Let’s get started.

What Are the Most Comfortable Salsa Dancing Shoes For Ladies & Men in 2022

Comfort and support are crucial in salsa shoes. You need to be able to maintain your balance during dance moves. Your feet should not get irritated by the inner lining, and shock absorption should be good enough too. Let’s see the 5 best shoes for ladies and men each.

Best Salsa Dance Shoes For Ladies

Let’s first take a look at the best salsa shoes for ladies.

1.TTdancewear Women Rhinestone Ballroom Latin Salsa Performance Dance Shoes

Ballroom Latin Salsa Performance Dance Shoes

TTdancewear is known for making some of the most comfortable salsa dancing shoes on the market. They even excel in the quality and affordability of these shoes. This particular model from them is particularly sparkly and stylish.

dance sneakers for salsa

You will definitely get some attention to your shoes while dancing, which is not a bad thing per se, as you can showcase your footwork to people.

The fit of these shoes is perfect. You have nice support inside to keep your feet tucked in during dancing. The upper is made using satin straps with rhinestones attached to them. Shoes have good breathability, so longer dancing sessions would be fine for your feet. They also come with an easy-release buckle for ease of wearing and removing.

best dance shoes for salsa

These shoes come with 2.5-inch to 3-inch heels. They are made from suede for better grip and stability. One of the big problems salsa dancers face with high heels is the risk of an ankle injury, which is not an issue with these shoes. This is one of the most comfortable salsa dancing shoes that any woman will love to wear.

2. Capezio Women’s N625 Jr. Tyette Tap Shoe – Flat Salsa Dance Shoes

Flat Salsa Dance Shoes

Capezio has been making dancing shoes for women for quite a while now. This is why they are one of the pioneers of this industry. Capezio has a wide variety of shoes for all different dancing styles. This particular model from them is incredibly well designed and is the perfect salsa dance shoe for ladies.

womens salsa dancing shoes

The upper is made from PVC and PU leather that provides the support needed for your feet. The inner lining is made from brushed micro-poly so your feet won’t get irritated, and you can wear them comfortably all day long. The food bed has extra foam padding to add to the comfort and for better shock absorption.

salsa shoes for ladies

The outer sole has a decently raised heel portion. The whole outsole is made from synthetic materials and is mounted using a fibreboard for added stability. These shoes are reasonably priced for the usability they offer. This is one of the best salsa shoes for beginners as they are versatile and can be used for many other ballroom dance forms if you choose to do so.

3. CLEECLI Women’s Ballroom Dance Shoes Best Shoes For Dancing All Night

CLEECLI is good at making elegant dance footwear for women. Their designs are stylish yet effective on the dance floor. This particular model from them is really vibrant and elegant. They offer many colour choices with them, so you can choose accordingly.

The shoes come with a soft PU leather upper, and they have a lot of solid straps that are perfect for keeping your feet secure in place. Overall, the padding inside the shoes is good enough. These shoes also come with a suede insole to provide that plush feeling for your feet.

One of the great things is that these shoes come with a quick-release buckle, so it’s not a hassle to wear or remove them. A highly elastic latex midsole, a moisture-absorbing insole, a breathable inner lining, and lightweight materials make these the best shoes for dancing all night.

4. Capezio 550 Junior FootlightBest Shoes For Salsa Dancing

One more shoe model from Capezio on this list shouldn’t be a surprise, considering how famous they are for their dance shoes. They make some of the best shoes for salsa dancing in the shoe industry. They use years of research and data to keep improving themselves.

womens salsa dance shoes

The upper is made from soft PU leather, which provides a comfortable and tucked-in feeling to your feet. The inner lining is made from microfiber, and it absorbs moisture. This helps keep your feet dry even after an intense dancing session. Topline is smoothly edged, and the collar has good padding to avoid any irritation to your feet.

dance sneakers for salsa

The footbed has a good amount of foam for shock absorption. These professional salsa dancing shoes also come with a 1.5-inch plastic heel with a scored leather top lift to provide stability. Overall design and usability of these shoes are great. They definitely deserve to be on the list of best Latin dance shoes.

5. Sansha Salsette 1 Jazz Sneaker – Best Latin Dance Shoes

Sansha Salsette sneakers are the best flat salsa dance shoes. Many women don’t like heels as they can be painful to wear for long periods of time. That’s why Sansha came up with a perfect product for them. These sneakers are incredibly comfortable and versatile. Salsette 1 can be used for many different dance forms, including salsa.

salsa shoes men

The upper is made from mesh with suede elements on top of it. This, along with a secure lacing system, means your feet will stay nicely tucked inside the shoes. The shoe collar and tongue have a good amount of padding to provide comfort all around. The heel is short on these shoes, and the shoe arch perfectly supports your feet. The stability they provide makes them the best dance sneakers for salsa.

salsa shoes brands

The outsole is made from suede, and it features a double-stitched, double-layer stacked heel design. This allows much-needed manoeuvrability on the dance floor. Overall, these shoes offer a lucrative package at an affordable price. Breathability, stability, and comfort are its main selling points.

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Best Men’s Salsa Dance Shoes

Let’s first take a look at the best salsa shoes for Men.

1. Capezio Men’s SD103 Social Dance Shoe – Dance Sneakers For Salsa

As you all know by now, how good the brand Capezio is when it comes to dancing shoes. They make some great dancing shoes for men too. This model from them is one of the best shoes for salsa dancing. It is also a preferred choice for many salsa dancers around the world.

salsa shoes men

It has a soft PU leather upper with a classic dress shoe design. PU leather provides a perfect and snug fit for your feet. The inner lining is made from cotton and is moisture-absorbing, so it helps keep moisture away from your feet. The insole, collar, and tongue of the shoe are nicely padded for added comfort.

dance sneakers for salsa

The midsole comes with a shank that provides you with enough flexibility and good stability. There is a notch at the Achilles to keep your heel comfortable and not get irritated. The outer sole is made from synthetic material, and it also features a 1-inch heel, which is covered with suede material for shock absorption.

2. Gogodance Men’s Breathable Dance ShoesMost Comfortable Salsa Shoes

salsa dancing sneakers

Gogodance shoes look premium and stylish. They are made using high-quality materials, which is reflected in their design. They are the most comfortable salsa shoes, and they are also versatile. You can use these shoes for many different dance forms.

salsa shoes mens

The upper and the vamp are made from premium leather. This leather is soft on your feet and provides a cosy feeling inside the shoes. Gogodance has put holes in the upper design to increase the breathability of these shoes. This keeps your feet dry and odour-free even after intense dancing sessions.

dance shoes review

The insole has good enough padding to support the feet during dancing. The outsole is made from suede and is anti-slip, so you don’t have to worry about traction. Overall, the design is lightweight, stylish, and comfortable, which also makes it the best professional salsa dancing shoe.

3. Linodes Unisex Dance Shoes Best Shoes For Salsa Classes

The Linodes dance shoe is a perfect option for beginners and learners. These shoes are incredibly comfortable, lightweight, and flexible. They are not gaudy, which many people prefer. They exude elegance and provide a minimalist look. That’s why they are the best shoes for salsa classes.

salsa shoes mens

The upper is made 100% from leather, and it’s high-quality leather, so you get a plush feeling inside the shoes. These shoes nicely wrap around your feet and provide a glove-like fit. Inside, there is good padding and support. The inner lining is moisture-absorbing, so your feet can stay dry and odourless.

salsa dancing shoes women

The outsole is made from EVA, and it uses a split-sole design. The slipt-sole design provides flexibility, and the shorter heel design provides stability. These shoes have good enough shock absorption capabilities. These are the best salsa shoes for beginners.

4. Rabicos Unisex Leather Dance Shoes – Best Salsa Shoes For Beginners

Rabicos has been making dance shoes for quite a while now. They understand the nitty-gritty of a good dance shoe. Their shoes have a good and stylish design that is liked by many people. They have also used a slip-on style design for these shoes as it allows easy wearing and removal.

salsa dance sneakers

The upper is made from canvas and leather. The leather used is a high-quality genuine leather that provides a premium feel. The canvas element in the upper provides breathability and flexibility. The inner lining is made from fabric, and the shoes have a neoprene stretch arch insert that allows free movement.

salsa dancing shoes women

There is good padding inside to keep your feet comfortable. The outsole is made from EVA, and it provides a good amount of traction and stability while dancing. Heel height is only 0.5- inches, so good for people who don’t like heel shoes. Overall, the fit and finish are incredible for the price at which they are offering.

5. Very Fine Men’s Leather SERO106BBXEB – Best Salsa Shoes for Wide Feet

Very Fine is known for making authentic ballroom dancing shoes. Their shoe designs resemble dance styles. These salsa sneakers from them are incredibly comfortable and stylish. The material and stitching quality of these shoes are exquisite.

These shoes are made of 100% leather. The upper also has overlays that provide extra support during dancing. They are lightweight, versatile, and dynamic, which makes them perfect for many dance forms. They can nicely accommodate wide feet due to the malleable nature of the material. In fact, they are one of the best salsa shoes for wide feet on this list, and the other ones are from Linodes.

Inside the shoes, there is good enough padding and a moisture-absorbing inner lining. This keeps your feet dry and odourless during long dancing sessions. The outsole has a unique design. The heel of the shoes is small and slopes towards the midsole. This uniformity of the heel provides better support and stability without putting too much pressure on your heel. The material used is suede, which is perfect for providing traction on dancing surfaces.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s look at some of the commonly asked questions on this subject, and I’ll answer them briefly.

  1. What are the best shoes for salsa?

    Any shoe that provides stability, traction, and flexibility is perfect for salsa dancing. You need high-quality materials and build quality as salsa is an intense dance form.

  2. What shoes do salsa dancers wear?

    Most salsa dancers wear dancing shoes. Dancing shoes should provide stability and traction. Your feet need to be supported nicely, and you should have good flexibility. Women wear mostly high-heeled salsa shoes, whereas men wear short heels or flat shoes.

  3. Do you need special shoes for salsa?

    It's not compulsory unless it's a competition. But it's better to wear proper dancing footwear, especially salsa footwear, that provides you with all the necessary things for better dancing.

  4. Which types of shoes are best for dancing?

    You need proper dancing shoes. These shoes need to provide arch support and stability. Nike, Capezio, Adidas, Bloch, Ryka, and many other brands make some of the best shoes for dancing.

  5. Who is the best salsa dancer in the world?

    There are many good salsa dancers around the world. Ricardo Vega & Karen Forcano are one of the best salsa dancing pairs in the world. They are from Chile and are incredibly popular in the world of salsa.

  6. What do you wear to salsa dancing?

    Salsa dancers usually wear colourful and vibrant clothes. You want to avoid wearing anything that can block moves or compromise coordination with your partner. Hand moves and hand calls are a crucial part of this dance, so make sure they are precise.

  7. What should a beginner wear for salsa?

    Tighter clothes are part of salsa dancing as it makes your moves clean. It also removes the risk of your clothes getting stuck with your partner's clothes. Fitted jeans, leggings, short-sleeved or sleeveless tops, and knee-length or shorter dresses are perfect for salsa dancing.


Salsa is a popular dance form, and it keeps gaining popularity around the world. It’s a graceful as well as an intense dance form that requires a lot of practice. Salsa dance clubs have contributed to the popularity of this dance form, which is why there are so many salsa dance classes happening in the USA.

The most important thing you need to remember for salsa dancing is the shoes you wear. Shoes are a critical part of any type of dancing. Different dance styles require different types of shoes. Your shoes need to support your dancing style, or you will fail miserably. That’s why I did the research and came up with the 10 best salsa dance shoes for men & women for you people.

Your footwork needs to be impeccable for salsa dancing. The lead partner in a salsa duo does a lot of lifting during the dance moves, and the follower partner does a lot of swings, rolls, and jumps. All of these things require a good pair of shoes that allow you free movement.

I have considered all this crucial information before coming up with the list of the best shoes. I hope that my comprehensive article helps you understand salsa dancing in a profound way. I hope this helps.

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