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You have landed on the perfect page if you are looking for the best shoes like Allbirds. Here in this Allbirds alternative shoes guide we have listed, reviewed all the affordable, most comfortable, sustainable, stylish shoes similar to Allbirds.

You surely have heard about Allbirds shoes if you are a fan of attractive and stylish footwear. These sneakers first gained popularity in 2016, and they have since been regarded as one of the greatest on the market.

Allbirds are distinguished by the fact that they are made of wool. This indicates that they are really comfy and provide a warm sensation in your feet. Although you may not be able to purchase the original, there are other allbirds alternatives to consider.

Nothing compares to an Allbirds shoe for its outstanding mix of fun and elegance. It’s simply one of those brands that really shines. Especially when it comes to designing shoes for Gen-Z and Millennials. However, great design and elegance come at a cost. And, more often than we’d want, the price tag weighs as much as our hearts when we see it.

This is one of the reasons why Allbirds alternatives are so popular. But how can you choose the best allbirds shoes option when there are so many? That’s why we have come up with a list of best shoes like Allbirds. We’ve included a few shoes that are Allbirds alternative below. There should be something to meet your needs, whether it’s style, pricing, comfort, feel, or sustainability. Continue reading to learn more!

Best Cheap Shoes Similar To Allbirds 2022

Urban Fox Mens Parker Wool SneakersUrban Fox Mens Parker Wool Sneakers
  • Closure: Lace-Up
  • Parker style shoes are constructed from durable, lightweight materials.
  • 70% Wool and 30% Polyester fabric 
KEEZMZ Men's Running Shoes Fashion Breathable SneakersKEEZMZ Men's Running Shoes Fashion Breathable Sneakers
  • High elastic MD outsole
  • Breathable Sneakers Mesh Soft Sole Casual Athletic Lightweight
STEVEN by Steve Madden Women's Traveler Walking ShoeSTEVEN by Steve Madden Women's Traveler Walking Shoe
  • Fabric or Textile
  • Synthetic sole
  • Shaft measures approximately low-top from arch
  • lightweight runner

BOBS from Skechers Women's Bobs PhreshBOBS from Skechers Women's Bobs Phresh
  • Synthetic sole
  • Shaft measures approximately low-top from arch
  • memory foam footbed
  • Flexible sole
Hey Dude Men's Wally Woven Carbone, Size 13Hey Dude Men's Wally Woven Carbone, Size 13
  • Fabric
  • Made in USA or Imported
  • Synthetic sole
LeMouton Classic Men's Wool ShoeLeMouton Classic Men's Wool Shoe
  • Lightweight : 4.9oz, 50% of standard sneakers
  • Flexible
  • Material 100% merino wool lining, 73% merino wool outer
  • Interchangeable footbed 
KEEZMZ Men's Running Shoes Fashion Breathable SneakersKEEZMZ Men's Running Shoes Fashion Breathable Sneakers
  • High elastic MD outsole
  • slip resistant
Skechers Nichlas Lishear Black/Black 9Skechers Nichlas Lishear Black/Black 9
  • Sporty knit mesh fabric and synthetic upper
  • Lace up sporty walking and training sneaker design
  • Air Cooled Memory Foam cushioned comfort insole
  • Traction outsole with rubber toe and heel panels
Dr. Scholl's Shoes Men's FREESTEP Shoe SneakerDr. Scholl's Shoes Men's FREESTEP Shoe Sneaker
  • Temperature-regulating fabric keeps you cool in the summer & Warm in the winter
  • Lace-up front
  • Ultra-lightweight construction
  • Machine washable
LeMouton Classic Women's Wool ShoeLeMouton Classic Women's Wool Shoe
  • Lightweight : 4.9oz, 50% of standard sneakers
  • Breathable
  • Flexible 
  • Interchangeable footbed 

1. Urban Fox Men’s Parker Wool Sneakers: Shoes like Allbirds

Do you want a pair of shoes that are as wonderful as Allbirds but aren’t willing to pay the same price?  Give these Urban Fox Men’s Parker Wool sneakers a try! You might wonder why. The answer is in the material, of course!

best alternatives to allbirds

The manufacture is cost-effective because the shoe is made up of 70% wool and 30% polyester. This also provides the ideal balance of price and value. You won’t even notice you’re wearing them because they keep your feet snug and comfortable. That demonstrates how light they are.

It’s entirely up to you. You can either invest in enhancing your wardrobe image by purchasing a beautiful shoe from a well-known lifestyle brand. Or, you can do the same while surviving in the environment for a lot less money. The one area where these young babies lag behind is in terms of colour choice.

alternatives to allbirds

There are only three colour options available: black, light grey, and charcoal grey. However, if you find a colour that you like or if you don’t have a preference, go ahead! I strongly advise you to go out and get a pair.

2. KEEZMZ Men’s Running Breathable Sneakers Mesh Soft Sole: Allbirds Alternatives

If you’re heading for an early morning run, you’ll want to wear shoes that are as light as possible. But what if they also make you feel better for the rest of the day? I was extremely fortunate to come across this pair while looking for Allbirds alternatives.

best allbirds alternatives

We now know that not all low-cost options can deliver high-quality wool. That is why I will only list those that do. However, if you want something similar to Allbirds but not necessary wool shoes, I propose this pair.

The KEEZMZ Men’s Running Shoes are a great and less expensive substitute for the Allbirds. It includes a fabric mesh upper that is perfect for those hot summer runs! The memory foam insole and padded collar round out the characteristics of this lightweight runner.

alternatives to allbirds

That should tell you how warm and inviting they are! They aren’t simply designed for running, either. This pair is more than just a regular running shoe; it’s a fantastic leather alternative! It doesn’t matter if you have a brunch to attend or a sport to play. Throughout your run, the KEEZMZ Men’s running shoes will keep your feet snug and comfortable.

3. STEVEN by Steve Madden Women’s Traveller Walking Shoe: Shoes Similar to Allbirds

Shoes Similar to Allbirds

This one is for the ladies, particularly if you’re a travelling lady. Even if you can’t go right now, you can satisfy your wanderlust by running in this Allbirds alternative! The shoes appear to be sleek and fashionable. Despite the fact that they have a textile or fabric upper, they have some striking resemblance to the original Allbirds shoe.

best allbirds alternatives

They’re practically identical to the Allbirds Wool Runner Mizzle. However, from the front, they can appear a little wider. The Steven Women’s, on the other hand, has a limited colour palette. You only have a few options, whereas the Wool Runner Mizzle has a wider range of colours in both classic and limited edition shades.

sneakers like allbirds

If you run your hands over the upper portion of the shoe, you’ll notice that it’s made of a soft material. They also have a nice, thick, woolly feel to them. So you can comfortably and stylishly hop, skip, and jump in them all day.

4. Skechers BOBS Women’s Boiled Wool Memory Foam Sneaker: Shoes Similar to Allbirds Tree Runners

Who hasn’t experienced the thrill of buying a pair of Skechers? When you want Skechers’ top-of-the-line shoe architecture, you get the BOBS for ladies. The synthetic sole is incredibly bendy and flexible. If you don’t believe me, know that the reviews are accurate.

allbird alternatives

The majority of people appreciate how flexible the sole is on a running shoe. Furthermore, thanks to the memory foam foot bed, your comfort is enhanced! Memory foam foot beds are well-known for improving the comfort of your footwear.

sneakers like allbirds

You can expect nothing less than excellence from the 100% textile top in terms of comfort. The cloth has been woven to respond to the temperature of the environment. These Skechers can be a little monotonous in terms of appearance. This is because they are only available in two colours: charcoal and grey. The Allbirds dasher, on the other hand, also does not come in a wide range of colours.

5. Hey Dude Men’s Wally Sox Loafer: Shoes Like Allbirds Tree Breezers

Is that a boat shoe you’re referring to?  I mean, I couldn’t possibly list Allbirds alternatives without including a boat shoe, right?  And whenever I say “boat shoe,” you are free to take a shot. However, have you considered the Allbirds Tree Skipper? If you’re unfamiliar with the Tree Skipper, it’s a casual shoe that looks like a loafer.

 best allbird alternatives

Let me introduce you to Hey Dude’s Wally Sox Loafers! They are comfortable and stylish shoes that may be worn every day. At first impression, the stretch knit material reminds me of Tree Skipper. As a result, don’t be surprised if your friends get duped as well! The insole is made of leather and is detachable. As you slide these on, you can picture how smooth your foot will feel.

6. LeMouton Classic Women’s Wool Sneakers: Amazon Allbird knockoff

These LeMouton beauties are one of the best Allbird alternatives on our list. These are classic wool shoes that are available in a variety of sizes ranging from 6 to 9. Merino wool is used to make wool sneakers, which ensures a comfortable fit. The lining is hundred percent merino wool, and the outside is 73 percent merino wool.

These shoes are also extremely light, which adds to the ease of walking with them. The upper material is breathable and will quickly wick away moisture, keeping your feet dry all day. The foot bed is also replaceable and comes with wool cushioning for further comfort.

Aside from that, the detachable insole has been rebounded to provide the necessary arch support. They have certain comfortable qualities that make you want to wear them all day. They’re also simple to look after, which is a plus.

7. 8000kicks: Allbirds Look Alikes

Fantastic Footwear Allbirds

8000kicks makes an environmentally friendly shoe out of hemp and algae. The insole is the world’s first natural hemp insole, while the exterior is comprised of incredibly tough hemp fibres. The soles, manufactured from algal bloom, are repurposed from hazardous algae into these environmentally friendly soles.

They are extremely light and flexible, but most importantly, they are splash proof, so you won’t have to worry if the weather changes. They are completely vegan. Finally, an extremely eco-friendly and fashionable men’s shoe.

The upper is made of a polyester and wool fabric blend for a comfortable fit. These shoes are so comfortable that you can wear them all day without getting tired of them. There is a foam rubber sole that offers shock shoe, or weekend wear. They’re incredibly comfy, and you can count on them to last a long time. If you’re looking for a reliable alternative to Allbirds, take a look at them. All i can say is they are one of the best allbirds look alike shoes.

8. KEEZMZ Men’s Running Sneakers: Shoes Like Allbirds Flats

This would be a wonderful alternative for individuals looking for elegant amazon Allbirds knockoffs. The wool runner is designed to be comfortable from the inside out. They are made of high-quality fabric and will provide you with a comfy pair of shoes to stroll or run in.

They’re made of a high-quality material that allows air to circulate inside and out, keeping your feet cool. Aside from that, the shoes have cushioned memory foam insoles for added comfort. You won’t have to be concerned about wearing them all day.

The outsole is thick enough to provide shock absorption for your feet. These shoes are made of a fabric material that will last whether you wear them indoors or outdoors. They also have a thick MD outsole with a high degree of elasticity. They’re made to fit you tightly, and they’re also equipped with some added comfort features. Above all, you’ll enjoy wearing these shoes no matter what the occasion is.

9. Skechers Nichlas Lishear : Shoes Similar to Allbird Tree Loungers

If you’re on a budget, these Skechers Nichlas shoes are a great Allbird alternative. When it comes to the comfort of these shoes, you receive a memory foam insole that gives your feet that warm feeling. They give you the impression that you’re walking in the air.

allbird alternatives

Keep in mind that the insoles are air-cooled to provide the most comfortable experience possible. The lining of the shoes is contoured around the heel to protect it and give it a comfortable feel.

best allbirds alternatives

The shoes also feature designed knit mesh with cooling and stability sections for added ventilation. These sneakers’ highly breathable fabric material is designed to last a long time without wearing out. Overall, these running shoes are excellent for jogging, going to the gym, tree lounging, or any other activity. They will last a long time and will provide you with the comfort you require.

10. Dr. Scholl’s Shoes Men’s Freestep Sneakers: Shoes Like Allbirds

Shoes Like Allbirds

These sneakers are excellent Allbirds alternatives since they have outstanding features that make them comfortable. These wool-blend sneakers are meant to be comfortable from the inside out, and they’ll last a long time. The sneakers have a long-lasting upper composed entirely of natural fibres and mesh.

The outsole, on the other hand, is comprised of a robust and sturdy rubber that will last a long time. This sole will flex as needed to increase its durability. These sneakers feature a lace-up style that allows you to customise your fit.

They are machine washable and will make cleaning and managing them a breeze. The shoes themselves are extremely light, allowing you to work with them with ease.

11. LeMouton Classic Men’s Wool Sneaker: Shoes Similar to Allbirds Tree Runners

LeMouton makes excellent tree runners that are close to Allbirds. They’re mostly made of merino wool, with a 100% merino wool lining and a 73 percent merino wool outer layer.  They have a flexible, knitted wool upper that is suitable for a variety of activities, including walking and travelling.

The option to machine wash the LeMounts wool sneakers is one of their nicest features. They are not only identical to the Allbirds wool sneakers in appearance, but they are also quite easy to clean.

They’re made of light materials that are easy to wear, and the sole is constructed of synthetic rubber for traction. The LeMouton brand, like Allbirds, is concerned about its environmental impact and employs a number of methods to achieve this, including the use of recycled bottles for laces, merino wool, and recycled materials in all of their packaging.

12.Giesswein Merino Wool Shoes: Cheap Allbirds Alternatives

Allbirds Alternative Shoes

You can’t go wrong with Giesswein merino wool knit shoes if you’re seeking a high-quality alternative to Allbirds shoes. They, like Allbirds, have a 100% merino wool upper, inner, and footbed, as well as a soft EVA foam sole. They’re incredibly light, weighing only at roughly 550 grammes, and have a removable footbed. Giesswein shoes are designed, manufactured, and assembled in Austria, saving shipping and transportation costs.

Wool is supplied from small, cruelty-free local farms, and the manufacturing process produces no waste.

There is zero oil usage in their machinery and 90 percent of the water used in the production process is possible to be recycled since there are no toxic chemicals used. They offer a wide variety of colours for this shoe, as well as a selection of sports shoes and slippers.

13. Nae Vegan Shoes: Best Allbirds knockoffs

Best Allbirds knockoffs

nae (No Animal Exploitation) is a Portuguese firm dedicated to developing high-quality footwear that does not exploit or injure animals throughout the production process.  Every nae shoe is high-quality and pleasant for your feet, while also symbolising the company’s commitment to environmental stewardship. nae’s shoes contain no animal-derived textiles or materials, instead opting for recycled materials like as PET and airbags, as well as natural materials like as pineapples and cork.

nae employs synthetic ecological microfibers instead of animal furs or skins to replace them. Bella Pink heels, ETNA Grey boots, and EDDA White sneakers are examples of nae’s attractive and trendy footwear; best of all, they’re vegan and manufactured from renewable resources. They’re made of moisture-wicking fabric that properly controls temperature.

This keeps your feet cool or warm depending on the temperature outside. Additionally, the shoes have a padded tongue and collar for a more comfortable and secure fit. The insole is well-cushioned, with a padded foot bed for a comfortable fit all day.

14. Pendleton Wool Women’s Lace-Up Sneakers: Shoes Similar to Allbirds

Wearing them, women will make all the men jealous. The features are opulent, and the comfort is comparable to that of Allbirds, but what about the price? So inexpensive! The upper of these shoes is made of wool, which is naturally comfortable.

Apart from that, it’s also water-resistant. Antibacterial qualities are also present in the breathable upper. Your foot will be clean and odour-free at all times. In addition, the padded collar matches the Allbirds dasher’s level of comfort.

The moulded EVA sock liner comes with a wool top sheet. The sole, like the upper, is made of EVA. EVA is not natural rubber, yet it closely resembles its flexibility and suppleness.

This guarantees suppleness and flexibility. It doesn’t end there, though! You will have exceptional stability and traction with the Vibram XS Trek rubber pods!

15. Le Mouton Classic Unisex Wool Sneakers: Amazon Allbirds Knockoffs

Fantastic Footwear Allbirds

The Mouton Merino Wool Shoe, like the Allbirds sneakers, will fulfil your needs in style. In fact, it’s a fantastic Allbirds substitute. Merino wool makes up 73% of the outer layer. You may enjoy unrivalled comfort throughout the year thanks to the knitted wool upper.

The Le Mouton Merino and the AllBird’s Wool Runner bear a remarkable resemblance. This is particularly true when it comes to the two’s design and appearance. Both are constructed of superior materials. There will, however, be some differences, as with any lookalike.

 The Allbirds Wool Runner, for example, is manufactured from New Zealand Merino Wool. Another significant advantage is the variety of choices available. The Wool Runner is available in ten different colours, while the Le Mouton Merino is also available in ten different colours.

The shoelace is the only distinguishing feature, and it’s a minor one at that. Unless you choose the white pair, the Le Mouton Merino’s laces are really noticeable.

How To Choose Best Shoes Like Allbirds or Cheaper AlternativesBuyer’s guide

1.Figure Out Exactly What You Want

As we previously stated, you may have specific tastes. Whether it’s vegan leather, natural materials, synthetic leather, or mushroom leather, there’s something for everyone. We understand if you’re seeking recycled polyester shoes with a plant-based leather sole and natural fibre welding. So please be specific about the material you want!

2.Why are you looking for that particular material?

Think about it. Why are you looking for a unique substance that you won’t find on our list? Is there a specific explanation for this? Is it possible to meet the requirements with different materials? Examine your option!

3.Look for certain features by skimming

Of course, comfort is a consideration, and I assume you will not compromise on it. However, be cautious and go through descriptions and reviews to identify the characteristics that are right for you! 

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are Allbirds Shoes Good For Walking?

    Yes, absolutely! Allbirds are excellent walking shoes that may also be used for jogging. They are designed to be extremely comfortable and long-lasting.

  2. Are Allbirds Eco-Friendly?

    Merino wool and Brazilian sugarcane are used to make these shoes, which are naturally renewable, recyclable, and extremely eco-friendly.

  3. Are Allbirds Worth The Money?

    With the characteristics that Allbirds shoes offer, it's safe to assume that they're a good investment.

  4. Should You Wear Socks With Allbirds?

    You don't have to wear socks with Allbirds, but you can if you want to. Keep in mind that wearing these shoes without socks will provide you with the same level of comfort. They won't irritate or itch your skin.

  5. Do Allbirds Shoes Run True To Size?

    Allbirds shoes, according to most consumers, run true to size. They come in a variety of sizes, and whichever one you choose will be comfortable for you. They can adjust to the size of the feet thanks to the flexible upper fabric.


You now know what Allbirds are? and where you can get them if you can’t afford the originals. Just keep in mind that Allbirds alternatives will serve you well for a long time while being comfortable. When considering shoes like Allbirds, keep in mind that eco-friendly materials are preferable.

Each of these footwear firms is making a significant difference in the textile and fashion industries by choosing to be ecologically conscious and responsible, thereby educating consumers on the most pressing issues. Allbirds is not alone in their mission to develop outstanding, comfortable, tough, stylish, and sustainable footwear.

Reliable, environmentally friendly shoes are becoming more widely available, and people who purchase them are helping to make a difference. Make sure to choose best Allbirds alternative that fulfill your needs.