Best Vegan Slippers & Brands

If you are searching on online for picking the best vegan slippers or in search of top quality vegan slipper brands, then this articles is for you only, because we have listed the best slippers for both men and women

There’s nothing like slipping your tired and aching feet into a comfortable pair of slippers to make you feel better. It’s important to find the right pair of slippers so you don’t have to wear your dirty outdoor shoes inside your building, whether you put them on in the morning, put them on at the end of a long day, or wear them while working at home.

If you spend more time at home and don’t wear shoes, investing in a comfortable pair of slippers is even more necessary. Since there is no shock absorption while walking barefoot, particularly on a hardwood floor, it can harm your feet and joints. The good news is that wearing slippers at home will help if your knees or feet hurt.

If you have hardwood floors, a pair of wool or vegan sheepskin-lined slippers with a supportive sole would feel like your feet are pressed against a soft rug–what could be better? Wool is a natural fabric that wicks away moisture and keeps your slippers and feet dry if perspiration from your foot is your main concern.

And if you’re looking for a pair of high-quality men’s slippers, Sorel, UGG, Glerups, and Minnetonka are some vegan brands you can trust to employ the best materials.

We’ve rounded up the best vegan house slippers for men and women to wear around the house and elsewhere, from the cosiest slippers to beautiful vegan house shoes you won’t be ashamed to wear in front of guests. We have a wide range of options, from warm and cuddly woolen slippers to stylish home shoes with unexpected patterns.

Top 15 Best Vegan Slippers for Men & Women

Best Reviewed Vegan Slippers For Men:

1. Baffin Unisex Cush : Vegan House Slippers

Vegan House Slippers

These Canadian Baffin booties, branded “sleeping blankets for feet,” are certainly one-of-a-kind. The Baffin slipper, unlike any other slipper that follows one of the design types outlined above, has a drawstring closure similar to that of your favourite outer jacket or sleeping bag.

vegan slippers

This ensures that the slippers never fall off your feet while you’re wearing them for long periods of time.

vegan slippers mens

Cold air will not be able to permeate the slipper’s shell due to the outer nylon. Underneath the nylon, there is down padding that will make you feel like you’re walking on clouds.

These shoes include a non-slip feature on the bottom that will hold your feet firmly in place as you walk. Baffins can be used while travelling or camping, in addition to being simple house slippers.

2. ACORN MEN’S MOC: Vegan Slippers Mens

Vegan Slippers Mens

The Acorn Men’s Moc is a great option for anyone seeking for comfy vegan slippers, but it’s particularly a popular choice for people with narrow feet. The step-design in’s fits gently around your heel, and the narrow sole prevents your foot from swimming in a too-wide slipper.

This slipper’s most notable characteristics are the memory foam insole and Berber fleece. The ability to machine wash these slippers is also a plus, as long as you don’t use the dryer and air dry them before wearing them.

slippers vegan

Other evaluations of Acorn’s Moc have been quite positive, and we can back up these assertions. We only have good products in our fleet, and the Acorn is a fantastic and attractive model.

It’s cosy, simple to put together, and made with high-quality materials and close tolerances. The interior of the Moc Acorn, on the other hand, is heavier than any other model we’ve examined.

vegan house slippers

An Acorn logo appears under the heel, which is regrettable because the foot bed is otherwise smooth and pleasant. The Acorn Moc slipper is great for guys with an animal conscience who desire a quality slipper without having to rely on natural animal skins, thanks to its textured fleece top.

The insoles of the Acorn Moc slipper provide enough support to avoid heel and foot problems, adding to the slipper’s natural comfort and keeps your feet comfortable when walking around the house.

3.Deer Stags Men’s Wherever Clog Slippers : Sustainable Vegan Slippers UK

Sustainable Vegan Slippers UK

The Deer Stag Men’s Wherever clog, with its microsuede upper, is ideal for the man who seeks comfort when on the go. You’ll probably never want to take the Deer Stags off once you put them on, thanks to their exceptionally comfortable soles. These slippers, like a fine pair of mens vegan slippers, look terrific with pyjama pants as well as a pair of jeans.

vegan slippers mens

So, whether you’re watching Sunday morning politics or need to hurry to the bank to deposit a few checks, the Deer Stag shoe is appropriate for both occasions. Don’t worry if you’ve never heard of Deer Stags; they’ve been creating men’s and women’s shoe since 1929, so they clearly know what they’re doing when it comes to slippers.

4. Isotoner Whipstich Memory Foam Moccasin : Vegan Ethical Slippers

Vegan Ethical Slippers

This is a good alternative for males who want to wear a house slipper on tile or hardwood flooring. The Isotoner Whipstitch moccasin is a great all-around slipper for guys who walk on hardwood, tile, or concrete floors. Although hardwood floors are attractive, they lack padding (or give) and might cause back pain in certain men.

vegan house shoes

That’s why having a slipper with some cushion is a good idea. Instead of using typical memory foam, the Isotoner goes one step further by integrating a gel insert. When opposed to a slipper that relies entirely on foam, this helps the insole to maintain its shape better and should also last longer.

If your floor has just been washed and waxed, it can become extremely slippery. As a result, owning a slipper with rubber bottoms is not a luxury, but a necessity. You should also be able to wear these slippers outside if you need to go to the mailroom or walk your dog. Your hardwood floor will not be scratched by the rubber sole.

vegan moccasin slippers

Unlike many other low-cost slippers, which rely on bulky fabrics that cause your feet to sweat excessively. These Isotoner slippers should be able to drain moisture away from your feet in a reasonable amount of time. It’s worth noting, though, that because they don’t have an open toe, the heat can be a touch too much if your feet sweat a lot.

5. Rockdove Men’s Memory Foam Slide Slippers : Vegan Slippers Like UGGs

Vegan Slippers Like UGGs

For males with hyperhidrosis of the feet who prefer an airy slipper, this is an excellent option. The design is extremely important when it comes to finding the ideal slipper for sweaty feet. While a closed-toe slipper may provide warmth and comfort, it frequently suffocates the feet, resulting in excessive sweating.

A simple strap over the foot, combined with a memory foam insole, is all you need in a good home slipper to improve air circulation. With an adjustable velcro strap to fit all sizes of foot, the RockDove nails it. So, if your feet are broader than average, one step taller, or frequently swollen, you should have no trouble adjusting the strap to fit your needs.

The memory foam padding on your feet adapts to the shape of your feet and gives excellent support from the heel to the tips of your toes. These RockDove slippers include a terry cloth interior (similar to a bath towel) that naturally wicks away moisture, unlike other organic slippers that lay on a flat or long-fibre fabric that leaves no trace of moisture.

These are machine washable, as a result, you may throw them in the washing machine if they get dirty or start to stink. Because they have a rubber sole, they should not be washed with delicate items like silk boxers.

6. Homeldeas Woolen Anti-slip House Slippers : Vegan Moccasin Slippers


HomeIdeas’ woollen slippers are simple to put on and take off. The model’s name is perplexing because they aren’t woolly at all. They are entirely constructed of synthetic fleece, with the exception of the rubber sole and a form of foam buried inside. The fleece is silky soft and can be worn barefoot or with shoes on. These slippers can be machine washed, according to the directions.

HomeIdeas’ entryway, like all kick-style footwear, is not designed to be moved around a lot. Short trips to the bathroom or keeping your toes warm under your desk are the ideal uses for them. The two layers of fleece provide insulation, yet the bare heel allows chilly air to easily circulate.

7. Rockdove Men’s Original Two-tone Memory Foam Slippers : Vegan House Slippers


There are several durable and cosy products to pick from if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on home shoes. These RockDove memory foam slippers, for example, are a premium pick for maximum comfort. The back of the slip-on style has a lip that allows the foot to glide in but not out.

Walking on a cloud of pillows that embrace the form of your feet is how the memory foam insole feels. The rubber soles are not only non-slip, but they also let you to walk quietly on any floor surface. Another perk? Simply wash them on a mild cycle in the washing machine to clean them.

vegan slippers like uggs

The two-tone men’s booties from RockDove are extremely slick and come at a very reasonable price. They’ll suffice if you only need slippers for short trips around the house.

The silky lining makes donning and doffing a breeze. The insole has the softest padding in the magazine when it is brand new. At first, only one of them felt softer to the touch.

best vegan slippers

With time and “miles,” the initial soft cushioning will settle. The RockDove’s outsole is also the least sticky of all the shoes we tested. It had the least grip on carpet, linoleum, and wet outdoor deck boards in side-by-side tests (literally, various models on different feet). When walking on these surfaces, we advise you to be cautious.

8. NDB Memory Foam Suede Slippers : Vegan Ethical Slippers


The only low-heeled shoe in our test with a slightly “hardened” exterior is the NDB Memory Foam Slipper. This outer layer is constructed of imitation suede, which allows more grass and leaves to pass through than the fleece models tested in the other budget and shoe types.

This is a fantastic alternative if your slipper needs to contain a minimum of walking, a reasonable budget, and a need to get out in the yard every now and then.

Missed stitches and lost threads are obvious right out of the box, indicating poor overall quality. The insole is foamy, but it isn’t as shock-absorbing as some of the other options. The outsole was paired with two other models in our head-to-head tensile testing to achieve the lowest grip in our overall test.

Best Reviewed Vegan Slippers For Women:

1.Haflinger At Wool Slippers : Vegan Slippers Women’s


The moulded arch support in these slippers aids in the adjustment and alignment of the foot. They’re made to keep your feet at the right temperature, regardless of the weather, and they retain moisture to keep them dry. These slippers are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use thanks to the rubber soles on the sides. 

vegan mens slippers

Critics also said that they were able to wash and air-dry these slippers overnight. These slippers are available in a variety of colours, including grey, red, and black, and are suitable for both men and women.

2. Sorel Nakiska Scuff Slippers : Vegan Slippers Like UGGs


These Sorel slippers are ideal if you’re looking for a pair of slippers that will blend in with your sporting activities. The slippers’ exterior is made of felt and suede, giving them a polished yet comfortable appearance.

vegan slippers like uggs

The underside of the slipper is lined with non-slip rubber, so you can pick up mail outside or wear it on your deck without getting wet feet or cold toes. The slipper has a removable, padded insole that critics claim offers outstanding arch support and makes these slippers comfortable enough to wear for hours.

3. Vionic Gemma Mule Slippers : Sustainable Vegan Slippers UK


They have biomechanical arch support and a deep heel cup to realign your stride, as well as a flexible EVA midsole to absorb shock and reduce stress on the feet and legs. They look like spa shoes but are apparently designed for chiropodists. In a way, these slippers are like a spa day for your feet.

However, because of the all-fabric design, I don’t believe these slippers will last as long as some of the other slippers I’ve tried, and at their price, I would expect them to.

vegan slippers womens

The Vionic Gemma Mule slippers have a special feature: the top of the slipper has an adjustable hook and loop closure. However, most people should be able to get by without them because the slippers are so big.

Vionic’s Orthaheel technology provides foot protection in these soft and comfortable slippers. However, don’t expect them to be particularly warm! The terry cloth footbed is made entirely of polyester. It is, however, treated with Eco fresh, an antibacterial and odour-resistant product, which is a welcome addition.

vegan slippers mens

These slippers have built-in arch support to help avoid pronation, making them suitable for people with plantar fasciitis, flat feet, or discomfort walking on hardwood floors. Thousands of critics vouch for them, with some even claiming that they have helped them alleviate foot pain.

4. Ultraideas Comfort Fleece Memory Foam Slippers : Vegan House Slippers


The slipper is lined with an even fluffier synthetic coral fleece and wrapped in a velvet-like synthetic coral fleece.

The heel is flexible and the bottom of the shoe is made of rubber; it is not a rigid rubber that will hold you firmly planted on the ground at all times.

I discovered that the shoe’s sole shifted with my foot rather than it kept it in place. Grey, navy blue, pink, and purple are among the colours available for the slipper. The colour choices can only be represented as safe; they will go with any pyjamas or outfit you own without overpowering it.

However, they are not very easy to clean. Stuffed animals and other tiny particles can stick to the velvet, but you can quickly brush it off. These slippers will not be worn outdoors.

As I previously said, the rubber sole is not particularly durable and will do nothing to protect or support your arch. Since the sole is so light, you can walk around the apartment quietly.

5. Skechers Bobs Keepsakes Ice Angel Shoes : Vegan Moccasin Boots


These slippers were the least comfortable to wear, despite their robust feel and more masculine appearance. My arched feet were very cramped and unsupported by the rigid memory foam soles, which were flat and solid.

slippers vegan

The slippers also had a short back that didn’t feel secure on my feet and rubbed uncomfortably against the back of my foot while I walked. They were much less comfortable and secure than a slipper with a back that could be opened or closed.

6. Acorn Women’s Moc Slippers : Vegan House Slippers


Thousands of critics have praised these slippers, but they are made of synthetic materials, making them more affordable and machine washable.

They have a soft and cosy fleece fabric, a traction rubber sole, and a memory foam sole that lets users feel like they’re walking on clouds, according to users.

They are thin, according to some critics, so we suggest adjusting them.

7. Cozy Memory Foam Slippers : Vegan Ethical Slippers


Slippers can be pricey, but for less than $25, this pair from Amazon is a steal. Slippers are made of synthetic materials (such as fake fleece) to save costs. 

They also have memory foam in the foot bed, which helps them to mould to your foot’s form. It’s worth noting that some users say they’re a little tiny, so if you’re in between sizes, it’s best to tweak them.

How To Choose Vegan Slippers : Buyer’s guide

Vegan Material

We’ll only include vegan slippers that are free of animal-based materials like fur, wool, leather, suede, sheepskin, and any other animal by-products because we’re talking about vegan slippers. Memory foam, faux wool, microfiber, cotton, linen, polyester, rubber, faux fur, vegan leather, synthetic suede, and knit textiles are all used in vegan slippers.

Your choice of material is determined by your specific requirements. For example, if you have painful feet, memory foam is a fantastic choice. Cotton and linen, on the other hand, are ideal for breathability, while imitation wool and vegan leather are both pleasant.


Because slippers are loose and airy by nature, there isn’t much jargon that needs to be removed when compared to outdoor shoes. However, it is always a good idea to check each brand’s sizing charts to see if the slippers are true to size.

Having inconvenient slippers that are too big or too small defeats the purpose of purchasing them in the first place. As a general rule, select a shoe size that is one size larger than your normal shoe size. Also, think about whether you’ll wear these slippers with thin, thick, or no socks.

Sole Material

Although most ladies prefer to wear their slippers at home, there are a few types of men’s slippers with rubber soles. This strengthened sole will let you to complete easy jobs not only at home, but also when driving to run errands.

A simple sole made of cotton or other reinforced fabric could give enough protection for most women around the house if you’re not searching for ultimate durability.

Memory Foam Cusion

You’ll get a little additional padding for your feet with memory foam insoles. This not only improves walking comfort, but it can also help relieve some of the back discomfort that thin insoles can cause.

Shock Absorption

Shock-absorbing slippers, like memory foam pads, are designed to withstand extensive wear while offering appropriate support for your feet. Shock-absorbing insoles can help boost comfort and prevent over-pronation if you wear your slippers for several hours at a time.

Antimicrobial Addictives

Bacteria love to thrive in closed-toe slippers. This design’s venom-free shape allows germs to proliferate swiftly and produce nasty odours.

Some companies use antimicrobial chemicals like Ultra-Fresh during the manufacturing process to assist prevent bacteria from growing. If you have sweaty feet, it might be worth investing in a pair of slippers with this addition.

Non Slip

Consider purchasing non-slip slippers if you have smooth floors or simply want to feel more confident with each step. If you wear your slippers outside during the winter, this is also a good option.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. So What Constitutes A Slipper Being Vegan?

    No items or methods used in the production process can harm an animal, and this includes a surprising number of items like the adhesive used to attach the sole to the rest of the shoe, as well as the materials used for the top and lining.
    Organic cotton, hemp, and jute, as well as micro suede, fake fur, and synthetic counterparts like Sherpa lining, are frequently used in “vegan” slippers. If you read the material on the internet, you can usually tell if a slipper is vegan.

  2. Is Vegan Leather Just Plastic?

    No, it's not true. Vegan leather comes in a variety of different styles. The first type is plastic, which is constructed of either PU or PVC.

    We now have plant-based fabrics in response to the desire for more sustainable, eco-friendly vegan leather solutions.  Pineapple leaves, apple peels, cork, kelp, corn, cactus, and other materials are used to make one sort of leather.

  3. Is Vegan Leather Comfortable?

    It all depends on the type of vegan leather. Non-vegan leather is, without a question, the most comfy. Other varieties of leather, particularly plant-based leather, provide a great deal of comfort and quality, which continues to improve as manufacturers improve their vegan game.


We hope our guide to the best vegan slippers, as well as our list of reasons to wear them and how to choose them, has been helpful. In this article, we featured some of the best Vegan Slippers & Brands along with buyer’s guide to help you find the perfect vegan slipper brands.

Although these vegan slippers provide comfort and protection, there is no such thing as the ideal pair, so make sure you exercise and stretch your foot muscles on a daily basis.

If you have regular slippers that provide little help or comfort, toss them out and invest in a pair of best Vegan slippers today. Believe me when I say that your feet will thank you later.

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