20 Best Vegan Sneakers Brands 2022

Did you know ? Regular sneakers have an environmental impact. You have a choice to opt for less damage to animals, planets and to nature. If you are shifting to vegan, finding the best vegan sneakers brands might be hard.

A huge number of wonderful fair trade brands are exciting on the market. Vegan sneakers brands are great as they are great for your feet and for nature too.

Most of us don’t give a thought on eco-friendly sneakers, but what we put on our feet has an impact.

 Modern day buyers are looking forward to wearing cruelty free footwear and people are in love with this change. Animal safety and welfare has become a significant task for both the producers and the users.

Although these many brands manufacture vegan sneakers, some might still miss by using animal based glue and unsustainable materials. Then why not look for completely pure vegan sneakers? Here is an array of vegan sneaker brands listed and reviewed for you.

With the emergence of great vegan sneaker brands whose products are manufactured sustainably, it is difficult to find high quality vegan sneakers that look stylish and do good.

Finding the best vegan sneaker brand must not be a chore, we have done the research for you and presented the vegan friendly brands that all people love.

From athleisure sneakers to classy and sassy low tops, you can find the perfect pair of vegan sneakers for any occasion.

We have healthy reviews of vegan sneaker brands so you can put your best eco foot forward. To be frank, the traditional footwear stinks a lot but the vegan sneaker brands strive towards sustainability.

Before you grab any vegan sneakers in the market, keep going through various factors like information on products, features, brands, reviews and things to remember to buy shoes.

Let’s have a look at the Best Vegan Sneaker Brands!

Top Recommended Vegan Sneaker Brands

1.8000 kicks

8000 kicks

8000 kicks are the world’s first best vegan and eco friendly shoes made out of hemp. The first waterproof sneakers that are 100% vegan. They are the coolest, eco-friendly, super resistant and waterproof shoes and outperforms all other shoes of the brand. The soles are made from rubber and uncycled soles from old shoes.

These sneakers are flexible, durable and save nature at the same time. They have a rugged design that offers good traction and the outsoles are handcrafted in such a way that sneakers offer maximum grip level with reduced overall weight. Insoles are made out of cork with extra cushioning which also regulates the temperature.

2.Immaculate Vegan : Vegan Platform Sneakers

Immaculate Vegan

Immaculate Vegan isn’t a vegan brand but a marketplace of vegan sneakers where you can find all the hottest trendy vegan brands at one place. You can find all the top brands like Elliott, Humans Are Vain, Yatay, and Beflamboyant and many more. We think this is the best place for vegan shoppers.

Immaculate is the world’s best vegan trend and lifestyle platform. No doubt all the products available are 100% vegan. You will find the most stylish cruelty free, eco-friendly sneakers here in this store. They do not keep any stock but send the product directly to you straight from the brand.

3.Ecoalf : Vegan Fashion Sneakers


Ecoalf has created sustainable fashion for you using breakthrough technology in creating products. They make sneakers from recycled materials with the same quality, design, and technical properties as the best non-recycled products. This brand should be on the top in the list of sustainable sneaker brands as the raw materials are 100% recycled and hence these Ecoalf produces best quality shoes from recycled material.

Ecoalf is a Spanish brand. Along with all the other accessories, they also have a great collection of vegan sneakers.

It’s environment rating is great because the usage of eco-friendly materials limits the amount of chemicals, water and wastewater used in production. It’s labour rating is quite less.



Vessi is a newcomer into the footwear industry that is impressing with it’s innovative and all in one sneakers. Vessi has a patented waterproof technology designed in such a way that sneakers resists even the rugged conditions. Brand doesn’t disappoint its customers. These sneakers have an aesthetically trendy look and offer a lot of benefits.

Wearing these sneakers in the rain, wind, mud, dirt, snow, and slush seems to be good to be true. Additional benefits are fabric with extra stretch, moisture wicking, a slip-free Herringbone grip and antibacterial insoles. This footwear do not use any animal materials in their products and leave low carbon footprint levels during manufacture.

5.Saola : Cool Vegan Sneakers


When saola’s focus was on using only eco-friendly materials, they couldn’t find leather that is sustainable and less expensive. So, they decided to focus on non leather products. They use vegan materials made of 60% recycled PET, and the rest is PU (polyurethane). Never compromise, all their products are 100% vegan having stylish look.

They continue their focus on environmentally friendly and sustainable materials. Saola vegan sneakers are made out of raw materials like recycled plastic bottles, organic cotton, cork, and algae biomass. Manufactured in a factory in Vietnam in fair and good working conditions. All the sneakers are soft and comfortable.



Native brand keeping the original native shape became a global favourite brand. Native sneaker colours can be observed and identified by customers from far away as they are so bright and fluorescent. They have EVA footbed that provides cushioning and firm support. These vegan sneakers meet both the updated fashion and sustainability.

A few shoes of this brand feature 3D Elasticized Liteknit Upper which is sourced from recycled materials and also features Elastilite Recycled EVA and PU Insole Rubber Toe which is also sourced from recycled material.

Native company sources its materials using pineapple leaf fiber, linen, kenaf, lactae hevea, and naturally sourced cotton.

7.Nae : Vegan Gym Shoes


Nae, Portuguese brand proves that sustainability does not mean to compromise comfort and elegance. These vegan sneakers are unisex available on black or white colours can be used from the gym or exercises in living room. They are manufactured from recycled plastic water bottles. Nae is firmly struck with ethical and sustainable principles.

All their products are 100% vegan are are produced in Portugal with sustainable materials and fair working conditions. They stand for Portuguese design that glows with the summer. They also produce corks and loafers too. High quality products are assured with durability. Nae has great commitment towards cruelty free fashion.



Veja brand sneakers are stylish and classic with amusing designs. The chrome free models are made out of ethical, ecological and sustainable materials. They have an upper manufactured from ChromeFree leather. Their Panels are made out of ChromeFree leather and vegan suede.

Veja vegan shoes are made from natural, ethical, sustainable organic raw materials including the fair trade materials and working conditions.

Veja brand has a wide and good range of vegan shoes too and are perfectly suitable for the kids or the toddlers. They are unisex, available for both boys and girls and have a huge number of collections to choose.

9.Astral : Sustainable Vegan Shoes


Astral never uses any animal by-product in its products. These vegan sneakers are manufactured with 77% Hemp and 23 % recycled polyester. Astral vegan shoes are cool for outdoor adventure or running around town. Astral is a vegan brand from North Carolina popular for high-performance shoes and is expert in making high quality vegan hiking or trail shoes.

They are 100% cruelty free that means they don’t use any animal byproducts as the raw materials. The grip of these sneakers on the rocks is amazing.

These shoes dry quickly and are with sticky rubber Outsoles. Their insoles provide comfort, moisture management and antimicrobial characteristics along with heel cups and support.

10.Ahimsa : Black Vegan Sneakers


Ahinsa is a Czech Republic headquartered shoe company which produces award winning products. Not even one part of Ahinsa shoes contains raw materials killed from animals or any animal derived materials.

The production is completely not connected with the suffering of humans or animals. The entire models of Ahinsa shoes are produced in Central Europe in socially and economically dignified conditions for production workers.

They are designed in accordance with physiotherapists to ensure your body and its natural functions are not restricted. Vegan barefoot shoes by Ahinsa shoes are ethically produced sourcing organic materials which are  upcycled car tires.

They are 100% pure breathable sneakers and are entirely flexible in all directions adjusting to your feet after some time.

11.Stella McCartney : Vegan Friendly Sneakers

Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney is here making fashion as cruelty-free and sustainable as possible. This is the first brand ever to create a pair of vegan Stan Smiths last year. They keep these iconic sneakers 100% vegan and eco friendly. This luxury brand pushed its boundaries to make products that are beautiful, sustainable, and cruelty-free.

They have unique pioneering vegan construction, made with animal-free leather and glue. A limited number of options are present to choose from the stores.

This brand has a range of choices from runway bestsellers to new season styles. Step up your sneaker collection with Stella McCartney brand sneakers.

12.Divadi : Vegan Slip On Sneakers


Divadi is another PETA-Approved Vegan brand that uses 100% vegan and sustainable raw materials in the construction of their sneakers. Their products come in amazing and various colors and patterns, and for each pair of shoes sold, the company plants a tree in Vietnam. This policy is known to be” One Shoe, One Tree” scheme.

These women vegan sneakers are eco-friendly and sustainable. They use the locally raised and extracted rubber for the outsole construction. Designs are inspired from nature.

Carefully crafted sneakers with recycled, renewable and biodegradable materials. The natural rubber absorbs shock and remains intact for heavy work like the dance and running.



Ethletic vegan barefoot shoes are the sustainable alternative to typical traditional old shoes. The designs are especially easy to slip into and ready to make you feel good. These Ethletic vegan sneakers are made out of organic cotton and natural rubber soles. All parts are manufactured with natural raw materials except for the eyelets.

These classic shoes are pure vegan and the cotton is sourced from fair trade producers. They are the best if you are looking for pure vegan shoes. Ethletic always go for sustainable raw materials in good working conditions. You can even see the face of the person who made the shoes on the product which is unique unlike other brands.

14.Steve Madden : Vegan Sneakers Womens

Steve Madden

Steve Madden is a American shoe designer company. A manufacturer of moderately priced shoes and accessories, marketed mostly to young women and girls. Steven Madden has daring and innovative products. There are approximately 120 Steve Madden stores across the United States, and 250 in over 65 countries right now.

Steve Madden is a luxury brand for shoes. Their products are of high quality, affordable price and quite comfortable. This brand supports ethical practices and has vegan shoes. Steve Madden and Seychelles companies use manmade materials that just so happen to be animal friendly, as it is cheap.



The Etnies Vegan Sneaker collection is designed to protect the animals and rest assured that these products are cruelty free. They use sustainable and vegan materials in the shoes construction procedure. Etnies produces a huge number of varieties of skate shoe models, including signature shoes for its professional skateboard team.

Although they are not purely 100% vegan, Etnies brand proudly caters to the vegan customer and they perform it well.

The high quality shoes from this brand offers protection as well as firm grip. It is also comfortable and stylish so that it can be worn for any type of clothing on any occasion.

16.Matt and Nat

Matt and Nat

Vegan shoe brand Matt and Nat was started in 1995. Matt and Nat use sustainable and recycled its raw materials including recycled nylon, cork, rubber and also recycled bicycles. They are made from 100% recycled plastic water bottles. Vegan fashion was a creative and innovative concept and made up a small niche market when Matt and Nat first appeared on the market.

 They focus on quality, innovation, sustainability, and durability. Matt & Nat is a fully vegan brand that uses no animal products, hence it scores great for animal welfare.

But unfortunately, these shoes run for a small time. All products of Matt and Nat are of great quality. They both hold a decent amount of things and they hold up pretty well.

17.Nike Space Hippie : Men’s Vegan Sneakers

Nike Space Hippie

Space hippie is a line of sneakers manufactured by Nike sourcing from recycled materials. They have an explorative shoe collection all produced from scrap. It is the combination of sustainable practices with radical design. Nike Space Hippie sneakers range from $130 USD to $180 USD which you can get from Nike stores.

They are excellent running shoes if you don’t suffer from wide feet. Space Hippie features a Flyknit upper made from recycled plastic water bottles, T-shirts, and yarn scraps that makes the sneakers much comfortable. Almost 90% of the shoes are made of construction with recycled materials.

18.Adidas Vegan Samba : Vegan White Sneakers

Adidas Vegan Samba

Many shoes of Adidas are vegan like Adidas Vegan Superstar, Adidas Ultraboost 20 S, Adidas Ultraboost X 3D Knit, Adidas AlphaEDGE 4D, Adidas Originals Sleek White, Adidas Cloudfoam Pure, Adidas Ultraboost 20 and many more. Adidas Vegan Samba are one of the lightest models from Adidas and also cruelty free shoes.

These vegan samba sneakers from Adidas will be your best fashion and athletic mate. They are  Lightweight and have a low profile design. These shoes feature firm grippy soles. Manufacturing process is completely cruelty free construction. They are Highly durable and waterproof with great responsiveness for athletes. Available at attractive prices.

19.Puma Cell Dome Galaxy

Puma Cell Dome Galaxy

Puma Cell Dome Galaxy sneakers are the latest and new model from the brand. These shoes integrate dome-shaped CELL cushioning technology into its heel. Puma brand now have certified vegan shoes : CELL Dome Galaxy for men and the new Neon Rise line for women. These puma shoes have stable cushioning.

They are designed with a great vision for a brighter and more extraordinary time, the CELL Dome is a new breed of our CELL icons. They have a mesh upper with smooth leather and textile and also have full lace closure for secure fit.

Puma shoes feature a contrast padded collar and lining. IMEVA midsole with iridescent CELL cushioning in the heel is an added advantage to these shoes.

20.Converse All Star : Vegan Leather Sneakers

Converse All Star

Converse All Star line has both the vegan and non-vegan products. The vegan All Stars are made with canvas. Synthetic leather is used everywhere and almost indistinguishable from real leather and sometimes other than leather. As they have both the vegan and the non vegan products.

But now, they are by default vegan and they have a canvas upper. Converse use rubber and the synthetic glue in the manufacturing process of its products. They use quality vegan materials.

These shoes are unisex that is available for both men and women. They are classic and are comfortable having a proper fit.


Are sneakers commonly vegan ?

It is not necessary that all sneakers must be vegan. Many sneakers are made from leather and animal glue. For vegan you should check with the brand.

What are vegan shoes made of ?

Vegan shoes are made with synthetic mesh, cotton, or vegan leather and all the other sustainable materials.

Are Nike shoes vegan ?

Not all the Nike products are vegan but offer a huge range of vegan collections. The companies are showing great interest towards vegan shoes.


We hope you have found your vegan sneaker after going through this article. Each of the above brands have their own innovative and creative mark when it comes to vegan sneaker designs and their brands. By using the recycled materials and post industrial waste and various sustainable materials.

Vegan sneakers have reliable benefits for humans as well as a positive impact on the environment. Vegan shoes are taking off but until the latest studies, there weren’t many vegan options.

Vegan shoes become more and more popular with the growth of footwear industries in the market. Vegan sneaker brands are now making our options much more easier by manufacturing a lot of vegan shoes alongside leather versions.

It has never been easy to choose the best vegan sneaker that does not harm the environment. We hope this guide has helped you a lot to choose the best brand.

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