Best Zero Drop Golf Shoes

If ‘Best zero drop golf shoes’ is the thing you’ve searched for, then you’re in the right place. The best zero drop shoes have become the all-time favourite to the sports world as soon as the category proved importance.

Apart from being the best running shoes, these zero drop running shoes have come to nothing less than an athlete shoe.

These zero drop golf shoes features heels and toes at the same level from the ground, there would be no raised heel. This particular attribute in the zero drop shoes allows the feet to mimic more exactly how the foot would naturally move on barefoot.

The zero drop golf shoes have tonnes of benefits for those golf players who want to make a perfect swing shot. These minimalistic pair provide with all the stability, balance and flexibility that a player is required for taking the shot.

Apart from that the zero drop shoes are made to prevent back, foot, and knee pain, allow for greater foot movement, lighter in weight, reduces the risk of injury, and facilitates to strengthen the muscles.

What are the Top 9 Best Zero Drop Golf Shoes – 2022 Review

New Balance Minimus Waterproof Spiked Comfort Golf ShoeNew Balance Minimus Waterproof Spiked Comfort Golf Shoe
  • Waterproof upper with ultralight FantomFit support
  • REVlite 4mm drop midsole*
  • Ultra-flexible NDurance rubber outsole
  • 2-year waterproof warranty
Skechers Performance Go Golf Elite 2 Wide Golf ShoeSkechers Performance Go Golf Elite 2 Wide Golf Shoe
  • Breathable leather
  • Waterproof
  • 5gen cushioning
  • Durable grip tpu bottom plate
  • Low drop design
New Balance Minimus SL Spikeless Comfort Golf ShoeNew Balance Minimus SL Spikeless Comfort Golf Shoe
  • Waterproof microfiber leather upper
  • REVlite 4mm drop midsole*
  • Ortholite insole for cool, dry comfort
  • 100% Synthetic
adidas Men's Adipower 4ORGED Golf Shoeadidas Men's Adipower 4ORGED Golf Shoe
  • 100% Synthetic
  • Six-spike TPU outsole with secondary lugs
  • Synthetic sole
  • Adaptive and breathable with soft stretch
New Balance Men's Minimus 20 V7 Cross TrainerNew Balance Men's Minimus 20 V7 Cross Trainer
  • Supportive and Flexible Upper
  • Natural Feel
  • Lightweight Cushioning
  • Comfortable Fit
  • Contemporary Design
ECCO Men's Biom Hybrid 4 Gore-texECCO Men's Biom Hybrid 4 Gore-tex
  • Synthetic sole
  • BIOM NATURAL MOTION technology
  • ECCO MTN GRIP outsole
Inov-8 Womens Bare-XF 210 V2 - Barefoot Minimalist Cross Training ShoesInov-8 Womens Bare-XF 210 V2 - Barefoot Minimalist Cross Training Shoes
WHITIN Men's Cross-Trainer | Barefoot & Minimalist ShoeWHITIN Men's Cross-Trainer | Barefoot & Minimalist Shoe
  • Anatomical shape provides natural comfort.
  • minimalist construction.
  • Zero drop from heel to toe
  • vegan friendly
  • Note, if between sizes, order next size down.
New Balance Men's Nbg2004New Balance Men's Nbg2004
  • 100% Microfiber Leather
  • Imported
  • Synthetic sole
  • Premium water-resistant microfiber leather

1. New Balance Minimus Tour Waterproof Spiked ComfortLow Drop Golf Shoes

The New Balance minimus spiked comfort shoes are the top best option for those golf players who loves minimalist shoes for golf. The spike featured pair gives you the exact stability for the course of action in golf sport.

The New Balancee Men’s Minimus is made of 100% synthetic, with ultralight FantomFit support upper featured with waterproof which helps the wearer feel comfort in every step.

The revlite 4 mm drop midsole is ignited to provide the lightweight cushioning flanked with premium responsiveness.

The added advantage is the ultra flexible Ndurance rubber outsole made to increase traction and keep the transition making for the movement. The wide toe box feature in the pair comes as a blessing who makes moment on feet a lot of time.

The overall review of new balance minimus pair is that they are well-constructed, waterproof, durable, light-weighted shoes which can be cleaned easily made for the perfect golf gamers.

2. Skechers GO GOLF Men’s Max Golf ShoeBest Zero Drop Wide Toe Box Shoes

The Go Golf Max Golf Shoes from skechers is a boon to those who are waiting to do their firm landing on the golf course.

The pair from skechers is added with innovative cushioning technology of GOGA Max insole delivers enhanced high-rebound cushioning for all day comfort.

The durable Grip TPU outsole with a spikeless bottom gives you the stability and flexibility to make your swing effortlessly.

The lightweight athletic material used for producing the product makes you take your strides in all comfort without any heaviness. The responsive ultra flight outsole will keep you comfortable and the water resistant feature is an added advantage.

3. Xero Shoes Men’s Prio Cross Training Shoe Best Minimalist Golf Shoes

The Men’s Prio Cross Zero drop shoes are a comfortable pair made for everything to anything. The all-in-one shoe can be worn for a run.

Trying out a new trail, hitting the gym, or toeing a slackline you’ll be as comfy as anything in these good looking pair.

The wide toe boxed, non-elevated zero drop heels make a proper comfortable posture.

The ultra thin design and the flexibility makes your feet bend and move naturally. The pair can be worn with or without socks and runs true to size for effectiveness.

A reflective lacing system reminiscent of the Huarache sandal secures your heel while making you feel grounded and safe.

4. Adidas Adipower 4orgedZero Heel Drop Golf Shoes

The brand itself talks tons and there’s no way of pointing fingers. The pioneer of the footwear industry has gotten into biomechanical research before making these pair of Adipower 4orged Golf shoes.

The shaft measures approximately low-top from arch along with an external TPU stability heel counter and slightly rounded toe and wider forefoot making the pair awesomely breathable.

The extremely flexible bounce forefoot cushioning with responsive midsole boost lets you take a perfect swing with immaculate balance and flexibility.

The added feature to the pair is the high-quality micro-fibre leather topped with TPU film making the feet more stable.  The six-spike TPU outsole enhanced with secondary lugs makes a perfect traction.

The added feature is that the spikes were enhanced with secondary spikes for better traction. As mentioned earlier these minimalistic pair from Adidas is definitely a perfect golf shoe you need.

With all the tech used by Adidas, these are definitely one of the best mens zero drop golf shoes.

5. New Balance Minimus SL Waterproof Spikeless Comfort Eco – Best Minimalist Golf Shoes

ECCO has dropped in a new set of zero drop golf shoes termed as BIOM H4. Made to experience the barefoot natural moment, the BIOM H4 perfectly does the cause. The ortholite inlay sole can be removable and washable made for long-term cushioning and enhanced breathing.

zero drop footwear

Snuggled with BIOM Natural motion technology the pair makes you feel very much grounded and the traction tugs on the hybrid soles provides extra perfect grip.

top golf shoes 2021

ECCO has used X-Tensa invisible technology into the making where the sole unit is linked to the laces through internal enforcement for enhanced stability.

high heel golf shoes

The MTN grip outsole is made for rotational support through different zones and the waterproof protection makes you feel all dry and breathable.  

7. Inov-8 Bare XF 210 V2Mens Zero Drop Golf Shoes

Taking the barefoot experience to the next level, these Inov-8 Bare XF 210 V2 versatile minimalist pair is lightweight, flexible and stylish.

The wide-toe box allows your toes to spread out naturally without pressure and the synthetic mesh makes it durable and breathable.

The flex groove technology snuggled into making of the pair enhances flexibility in the forefoot with zero resistance.

The zero-drop heel with mid-cushioning makes you take the perfect shot without having to mount to pressure. The sticky rubber compound provides better traction making the pair the nest best thing to lifting barefoot.

The pair can be worn for multi activities such as road and trail running, training and everything in between.

Instead of large sole, they provide mid cushioning, which helps with pressure absorption and can help you hit that perfect shot. These shoes have a wide toe-box which I shouldn’t have to tell how comfortable it feels.

8. WHITIN Men’s Cross-Trainer Barefoot Style Golf Shoes

These are the only shoes on this list with the widest toe-box. I was really excited to try these shoes after reading about them. They are one of the best zero drop wide toes box shoes on the market.

zero drop golf shoes

These shoes come with a thin sole that is highly flexible. Keeps you planted on all kinds of surfaces and increases your agility. It also helps to maintain healthy body posture.

best new golf shoes 2021

I was thoroughly impressed by their look. A combination of black and grey colors is used with a golden accent thrown on the sides to accentuate the whole look. They are also 100% vegan friendly which is something to admire.

golf shoes wide toe box

I really liked the fit of these shoes. The Comfort level is very high. That zero-drop sole and wide toes box is a treat for the feet. These barefoot golf shoes are extremely durable too.

These shoes are not only good for your feet but also for your wallet as they are cheaper than most zero drop golf shoes.

9. New Balance Men’s Nbg2004 – Barefoot Golf Shoes

You can grab these Nbg2004 for only their great design. Most awe-inspired design built-in with loads of features makes it these new balance Men’s Nbg2004 waterproof spiked golf shoes a perfect pick for your perfect shots.

The 10mm drop midsole provides lightweight cushioning and premium responsiveness enhances the agility and stability for your sport. The microfiber leather upper, high-end TPU outsole gives you a breathable natural moment for long hours without any discomfort.

The removable cleats are an added advantage with an added grip and the waterproof technology makes you play your sport in the wet weathers as well. And what not, New balance provides 2 years water proof warranty to the pair making it more plausible for buying.

How To Choose Best Zero Drop Golf Shoes – Buyer’s Guide

How often do you see commoners playing the golf game? A rare sight it is. But the elite sport has now become the mainstream game attracting everyone towards it.

You may think that i am amplifying the importance of zero drop shoes in basketball & golf sport, but an important aspect of the golf kit is the pair of shoes you choose. The guide helps you in getting know the important key features of buying the best golf shoes.

1. Is heel to toe drop important?

The majority of current shoes taper a lot, which is bad for your balance and posture. A higher drop can increase the risk of knee injury. It is important that we land on the mid feet while walking or running, a minimal pair or the zero drop pair of would just do that.

The most critical aspect in our walking or running is landing on mid feet. Minimal to none heel to toe drop achieves just that.

2. Do you need golf shoes?

Any comfortable shoe would do fine if its just for covering your feet, but a lot of science and technology goes behind making shoes for very certain category, so picking up shoes as per the requirement is utmost important.

Golf shoes are manufactured based on the aspects of providing comfort, flexibility, traction and stability. Zero Drop Golf Shoes are inbuilt with these features so the answer is you need golf shoes while playing the sport.

3. Do pro golfers use metal spikes?

Spikes on the golf shoes are mostly made of non-metal. Spikes used to be made of metal, but they imposed danger to the greens in times of frost and so banned from certain courses. Golfers need to wear soft spikes, but during tournaments players have the option to wear metal spikes for better grip if they wish.

4. Can you waterproof golf shoes?

You can always waterproof your golf shoes. But there are good numbers of waterproof golf shoes available for your option, from which you can directly make your purchase.

5. Do golf shoes make a difference?

Golf shoes are made in with the features of traction, stability and comfort the most important aspects required in the shoes for golf sport. So it is preferable to opt for golf shoes for the sport as it fits the best. Zero drop shoes accelerate your game-play with the profits that it provides.

Do swings become flat because of zero drop golf shoes?

It all depends on the practise. When a player is so used to the game in other shoes and shifts to zero drop shoes abruptly, it may affect the game-play. It is always important to get used to the pair first, in-fact with any new set of pairs.

Benefits of Zero Drop Golf Shoes

As you know by now, the zero drop trend has been in golf shoes for quite a few years now. I can say that it is here to stay.

There are some good and bad things about these shoes. So let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of these shoes.

  • They provide stability and flexibility, unlike any other shoes. The more grounded you are, the better shot you can take.
  • Another noteworthy aspect is the zero drop soles. They keep your posture proper and reduces stress from all your leg muscles.
  • They are notably useful for your feet health. As they focus on the comfort of your toes.
  • Some players never get used to that grounded feeling that zero drop golf shoes offer.
  • You need some time and practice adjusting to them.
  • Players have also complained about their swings being flat due to zero drop shoes. This comes down to the second point I mentioned you need more practice.

In regular shoes, high heel helps a lot in generating force, so when you remove those, it’s hard for some players to generate enough power for a perfect swing.


There are some frequently asked questions regarding zero drop golf shoes. I’ll try to address them below.

  1. What are zero drop shoes good for?

    Zero drop shoes are good for allowing natural movement of your feet. The whole trend started because modern shoes create strain on your muscles and feet.

    Because there is no heel to toe drop, you feel more balanced and planted to the ground. Your posture improves, and all the stress is relieved from your legs.

    In some cases, brands design barefoot golf shoes. They come with a thin sole which gives that barefoot feeling that people admire.
    They can also help you regain the natural strength in your legs. Most modern shoes try to do the work our legs are supposed to do, which slowly makes our legs weaker. Zero drop shoes avoid that and allow us to do natural movements.

  2. Are zero drop shoes better?

    The answer to this question is a bit tricky and also subjective. A lot of people can never get used to the zero drop shoes. So unless you try them out, you cant know for sure.
    You need a lot of patience as it takes time to get used to these shoes. There have been quite a few studies proving their benefits but not definitive enough to give a conclusive answer.

    Overall they promote healthier legs and body. While there might not be a conclusive study about zero drop shoes, there have been a lot of studies about how modern shoes are injuring us. So if wearing zero drop shoes is eliminating those issues, then why not try them.

  3. Are ECCO golf shoes zero drop?

    ECCO was one of the first ones to manufacture zero drop golf shoes. Their BIOM tech is all about natural movement, which is what barefoot zero drop shoes promote.

    ECCO has constantly worked on its BIOM tech to provide an even better experience. Now they use BIOM 2.0 in their shoes.
    They don't explicitly mention zero drop in their product names anymore. But their shoes have always been about that barefoot experience, and you can say their products are close to zero drop shoes.

    ECCO is one of the few companies to put a lot of effort into giving players that barefoot zero drop experience in their golf shoes.

  4. What do podiatrists say about zero drop shoes?

    To answer shortly, Podiatrists don't recommend them. According to them, we pronate longer during our gait cycle when we walk or run barefoot on the harder surfaces.

    This can increase the risk of injuries. Especially risk is higher for people with flat feet as their feet pronate abnormally than people with normal feet.
    There is one more angle to look at this. While some people benefit a lot from using zero drop shoes, some don't. Some people accustomed to barefoot running might not have issues because their bodies have adapted to it.
    But for most people who have been wearing modern footwear since they were born might have issues getting used to them. And that can lead to injuries.

    All I can say is try them out before forming an opinion. See how it feels on your feet and how it affects your body. Do the testing slowly and gradually. Don't overdo it, as that can run the risk of injuries.

Let’s take a look at some questions you as a buyer can ask before buying zero drop shoes:

  • Is zero drop golf shoes worth spending the money?
  • What are the best zero drop golf shoes you can take into consideration?
  • What are the advantages included?
  • Why is it important to possess minimalist golf shoes in daily life?
  • What are the factors to keep in mind before investing barefoot golf shoes?

Research and find answers to above questions as they can help make a better decision.


What is certain is that these Zero Drop Shoes are worth the consideration and are going to be in the market for a very long run.

Getting the right zero drop golf shoes progresses your game making you all comfy and grounded. Those who have made a switch into minimalistic shoes are not looking back to the traditional heeled shoes.

Prepared with the principle of making the feet do what they were made to do, these Zero Drop Golf Shoes are the freedom that we can give to our feet.

But never hurry to grab them, take a couple of test runs, make your feet get warmed to the new feel, get comfy in those minimalistic pair and then go for the trend, as your feet are not going to regret it.