Birkenstocks- Narrow vs Regular 

Birkenstock sandals are timeless classic sandals known to last a lifetime if properly looked after. These sandals are approved by podiatrists which makes them further attractive as there is an assurance of their supreme quality. These sandals give you a chic look and can be easily worn outside whenever, no matter what the weather or place is. The only debate that arises concerning these sandals are regarding the width, some people prefer them narrow, while some prefer them regular. The Birkenstock narrow vs regular discussion is important to consider before you buy yourself a pair.

Birkenstocks sandals

Birkenstocks Narrow Vs Regular: What’s The Difference?

The Birkenstock Narrow and regular sandals are not that difficult to distinguish. The difference is very minor. The narrow width sandals are designed specially to fit A-B width for women. (A-B width in women’s shoes is indicative of them being smaller than medium or regular size). But the distinct feature of Birkenstock narrow sandals is that they can also fit people who otherwise do not have narrow feet. To know whether you have narrow or regular sandals you simply have to check the side of your box.

The Birkenstock sandals have these unique markings on the box indicative of the width. There are footprints on the side, the shaded footprint indicates narrow width sandals and the non-shaded footprint indicates regular Birkenstock sandals.  The Birkenstock sandals’ narrow fit is considered more appropriate for those with slim feet and the regular sandals are more suitable for people with narrow to wider feet. Their sandals are so perfectly designed that it would only make sense if you buy the correct size that provides you optimum comfort.

Is Birkenstocks True to Fit?

Birkenstocks are popular because of the comfort that they offer. Their sandals are spacious as well as snug at the feet. They are made to fit accurately and yet have a little room for your feet to breathe in. But their fitting is very subjective, as it depends on how a person likes their footwear.

Some people like their footwear to be a little roomy leaving space either behind the heel or in front of the toes. You know you have a narrow fit when the foot is completely taking up the entire space. Sizing is very important before buying your Birkenstocks as that is what determines the level of comfort your heel will have. Regardless, their sandals are always true to their fit and you do not need to size them up or down. Do not go for the standard size given, and try to purchase these sandals in-store as many regular sized people have preferred narrow Birkenstocks over the regular ones.

How Should Birkenstocks fit?

As mentioned above, Birkenstocks are known to be true to their fit and need no sizing up or down. Before purchasing, ensure that you are seeing the size chart in standard measurement EU, as that measurement is what they are manufactured in. They come in two sizes, Regular and Narrow, which you can tell by the graphics drawn on the side of the shoe box. These sandals are designed in a way that they leave a little room inside the sandals, but that does not imply your foot sliding off the sandals. They are most definitely going to hold your foot at the same place and provide additional support with the straps. The straps should not be too tight on your feet and should leave any kind of marks on your foot.

To check whether or not the sandals are your right size, wear your sandals with the straps undone, and stand straight; if your toes have enough room and are not overlapping or rubbing too tightly against each other, then they are the right fit for you. So, you know you have found the right fit with Birkenstocks if your foot is comfortable as well as stable.

Do Birkenstocks Run Big or Small?

Birkenstocks run neither big nor small. They are known to be running the accurate size of your feet. Some people might prefer a little bigger, but that is solely based on their preference because Birkenstocks ensures providing sandals that will optimum support with maximum stability. They come in two sizes regular and narrow and both are made for the primal comfort of people. You can choose to go for either narrow or regular depending on your foot size as well as whether or not you like them to be snug or slightly roomy.

Are Birkenstocks Good For Your Feet?

Birkenstocks footwear is great for your feet. They have been podiatrist approved and have no reason to be concerned whatsoever when it comes to their comfort. The brand takes pride in the sandals they make that have been loved by people for so long now which attest to the quality that they promise. Their footbed is their most talked about the feature as it is made with extra care and more attention. It is designed in a way to form the shape of a healthy foot. When you first buy Birkenstocks, it might feel a little different, because the technique they use to make their footbed is quite unique and has not been taken up by many other brands but that is what makes them unique. They copy the natural shape of the foot and manifest it in their shoes. This distinctive feature is what makes their sandals so prominent in the market as it is because of this that you get maximized support and snug feeling that sandals do not usually provide.

Birkenstock Leather:

The leather used by Birkenstocks is oiled leather that is extremely thick to be moulded to the shape of your foot. They are known for only choosing the premium quality leather and being seemingly uncompromising on such aspects. They have kept the tradition going to choose only the best leather since the time of their original manufacturers and that is what has kept them as a potent brand in the market. It is known that they do not use any synthetic supplements on their leather to preserve it quality. They use vegetable dyes, which are a natural product and would definitely not cause any harm to the quality of the leather.

Birkenstock Flor:

Birkenstock makes their sandals extra soft to prevent any chances of blisters or lining or marks on your feet.  

What Does the N or M Mean for Birkenstocks?

The N and M on the Birkenstocks footwear refer to the different sizes of the footwear. The Birkenstocks footwear comes in two sizes, Narrow and regular or medium and this is what the N and M are indicative of. This N and M are indicated on the side of the shoebox graphically with a filled and unfilled footprint. The filled footprint indicates narrow size as that also shows how your feet are supposed to be in the narrow sized footwear. People who like the extra snug feeling in their shows with optimum support and comfort go for the narrow size footwear as that fills in the sandals to the maximum capacity. The M size is most suited for regular width foot size people and is equally comfortable and supporting but not with the extra snug feeling. It will provide a little room for your foot to breathe in, which some people prefer.

 Birkenstock sandals are popular for a reason. People of all ages have switched to Birkenstock footwear because it is comfortable, long-lasting, tested, and durable. But it will be uncomfortable when you wear the wrong size. 

 How Should My Heel Fit with My Birkenstock Sandals?

People tend to overlook the heel fit while buying shoes but that is also equally important. It is crucial to check whether or not your heel sits perfectly along the foot arch or not. Birkenstock takes pride in its technique to create the maximum arch support and give people optimum comfort with their maximum heel support.

Their heel cups are so designed to minimize the number of injuries or misalignments. If you have been going for shoes where your heel reaches the end of the shoes, you have been buying them wrong. Go for shoes that leave a little space at the end for your heels to breathe in. With such comfortable heel support, you can easily go to your workplace, run errands or go for a walk in the park etcetera.

How Should My Toes Fit in My Birkenstock Sandals?

Like you took precautions for heel support, similarly, you have to check how your foot is sitting in the front. Your toes should not be overlapping or coming out or peeping from the front of your shoes as that does not only look uncomfortable but feels so as well. People usually prefer a little space in the front as the space is prominent to feel comfortable. The space you seek in front of your shoes, in between the tip of your toes and the shoes depends on your personal preferences but some space is advisable. One must always keep in mind to buy shoes of your own size. It is recommended to buy shoes with a little space in front and back but that should not change the size of your shoes entirely. You must neither buy a size bigger nor a size smaller as both will end up being uncomfortable later on.

How Should the Straps Fit in My Birkenstock Sandals?

Birkenstocks sandals have a strap on top that provided stability and support to your foot. The straps are what keep the feet from slipping away. The straps of the sandals should fit perfectly and should neither be too tight nor too loose.

The straps if too loose, would not hold your feet in the right place and would fail to provide the kind of support it is designed to provide. This would also be uncomfortable while walking as your feet will keep sliding off the sandals and you would never want to wear these pairs again. If the straps are too tight, it will generate a sense of unease throughout. The straps when too tight will also hinder the blood circulation and these are additional problems, surmounted on top of the discomfort that will already be there.  So it is crucial that you pay heed to these trivial things as these are what will let you wear these sandals for long.

Breaking in Birkenstock Sandals:

Birkenstocks have great comfort potential which will come out in their maximum capacity after they have properly been broken into. They take a certain period of time for the breaking in process and once achieved stay like that for a really long time.

  1.  Start by wearing them for only 30-45 minutes a day. On the first day, do not be surprised if they start hurting even before the 30 minutes are up as their arch needs to be softened by being worn gradually yet consistently.
  2. Start walking in them for an hour or two by the following week. Once you start wearing them for an hour or two, the footbed will slowly start loosening up and will start taking up the shape of your foot.
  3. Start noticing the outline of your foot on your Birkenstocks sandals. Once it grows extremely dark, it indicates that they have successfully been broken into.

Upon first receiving the shoes, they might feel extra stiff which is perfectly normal. Bend the sandals forward and backwards to loosen them a bit. You can always add extra holes on the strap to adjust them according to your needs.

Where Are Birkenstocks Made?

Birkenstocks are manufactured in Germany with extreme optimum quality products with an intricate amount of handwork.

Difference Between Narrow And Regular Birkenstock:

The difference between narrow and regular Birkenstock is only in the filling in of your feet in the shoes. Birkenstocks sandals are very comfortable and durable. They are designed in an authentic way which provides ultimate support to the heel that helps with the body weight and helps with blisters and marks. The narrow vs regular discussion surrounding the Birkenstocks sandals is potent to the comfort that is guaranteed with the sandals. The sandals, bought in the accurate size, once broken in are the best sandals for everyday purposes and ease in walking.

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