Blundstone 500 vs 550 – Differences Between Them 2023

Blundstone manufactures versatile and stylish boots which can be worn during formal occasions and even for hiking or in an industrial workplace. It is an Australian company that offers comfortable and great shoes. Not only does it look great but it also protects your feet from injuries and the elements. The original model is the Blundstone 500 boot and the upgraded version is 550. Here in my article I am gonna discuss the difference between 500 and 550.

Not much difference is found in these boots as initial technology and design proves itself to be the cornerstone of the brand. Blundstone 500 is aesthetically pleasing and its appearance and durability appealed to farmers, manual laborers, builders and people who worked all day on their feet. The unique style of Blundstone makes it ideal for hiking, wear with slacks or jeans, explore topography of mountains. Natural foot shape, pull tabs, oiled leather, extreme comfort, seamless fit are the features which makes the Blundstone boot different from other brands. Now, let’s discuss the difference between Blundstone 500 and c

Difference between blundstone 500 and 550

Blundstone 500 Review:

Blundstone 500 being the original series boots were manufactured in 1969. It is good to know each and everything about the shoe before spending a lot of money on them. They made Blundstone an icon and is very popular.

According to the statistics, almost 25 million pairs have been sold since its invention. It is an elastic sided Chelsea boot. They are made up of premium leather that makes them more durable and comfortable. These boots are absolutely ideal for both informal and formal wear.

The cotton or Cambrelle lining which is present inside the shoe makes them more comfortable and breathable. The leather is known as stout brown premium leather that is water resistant and built for adventure.

The features like shock absorbance, durable TPU outsole makes the model outstanding. The outsole offers a good amount of traction all day. The iconic pull tabs help to pull on and off the boots easily. Midsole of the shoe is cushioned for comfort.

The 2.5 mm leather is durable, has double stitching. An additional feature is that it has a removable footbed. It includes the SPS Max comfort system that has an ergonomic design for decreasing fatigue and enhancing comfort. 

  • Dual pull tabs
  • Leather upper
  • Removable footbed
  • PU outsole
  • Resistance towards water
  • Average Durability

Blundstone 550 Review:

From the second you wear them on, you feel Blundstone classic 550s are the most comfortable shoes you have ever worn. They are lightweight and warm too so that you can wear them year-round. You can pull them on and off easily.

They are a combination of rugged and decent look having a utilitarian vibe but are fashionable. You can use them while running, walking, hiking and working. They have trendy and popular styles.

It features an upper that is made from 2.3 mm top grain leather, making a uniform and comfortable interface between the boot and the foot. You can slip on and off the boots quite easily due to the elastic ankle panels present inside.

They have a glove leather lining, a polyurethane midsole under the heel strike zone in order to provide comfort to the feet all day. Extra support and stiffness is provided to the foot by a steel shank. The TPU outsole resists the damage caused due to oil, acid, and temperature up to 280°F.

The classic Blundstone 550 series consists of a weather-sealed coating that offers water resistance. The Poron XRD layer provides shock absorbance and cushioning. Similarly like the 500 model, it also has an SPS Max comfort system. 

  • Two nylon pull tabs
  • Easy slip on and off
  • Comfortable 
  • No break in period
  • Removable insole 
  • Not full grain leather
  • Outsole and upper may get separated 

Differences Between Blundstone 500 and 550 


This is the biggest difference between original series 500 boots and classic 550 series boots. 550 boots use more luxurious and heavy duty materials in its manufacture, providing a bit more comfort. While 500 series boots use unlined leather whereas the beefed-up 550 models use a leather exterior that is thick and a leather lined interior. 


The Blundstone classic 550 series boots provide a wide fit while the Blundstone 500 series boots offer a snug fit because of cotton or Cambrelle lining. 

Arch Stitch:

The Blundstone 500 original series has no arch stitch while the Blundstone 550 classic series has a stitch in the arch, making the Blundstone 550 Chelsea boots much better than 500 series models. This is also another clear difference between the two. 

Water Resistance:

The 550 classic series boots have a high degree of water resistance because the leather upper has been treated with a water repellent coating. But it is not 100% waterproof. When compared to 550 the original 500 series boots have less water resistance. 

Heel Stitch:

Heel stitching is the major difference that can be observed between the Blundstone 500 original series and Blundstone 550 classic series. Blundstone 500 boots have single stitching in the heel portion whereas on the other hand Blundstone 550 have double stitching. Hence, 550 series boots have sturdier heels. 

Interior Lining:

A black lining is present inside the Blundstone 500 original series boots while the Blundstone 550 Chelsea boots have a tan leather lining. In case of 500 boots, lining ensures perfect fitting to your feet whereas in the case of 550 series boots, lining offers great support on hot days. 

Blundstone 550 Vs 500 Series – Comparison Chart  

Which Is Better in Blundstone 500 Vs 550 Boots?

It is a difficult task for you to decide which style is better for you. Visually, they both look alike. They both are made from high quality materials, leather with different finishes in suede, canvas with double tabs and nubuck.

Blundstone is the embodiment of style, comfort and durability. Choosing the original 500 series boots is the perfect option for you if you are more of a casual wearer or shopping on a budget.

With the upgrades that are the new classic 550 series boots, you will feel absolutely comfortable if you plan on wearing your boots for mountaineering, other adventures and hiking. Stability, traction and water resistance are additional features which are essential for any outdoorsman. 


  1. Are Blundstone 550 worth it?

    Blundstone 550 classic series boots are worth it for the durability you get out of them. They continue to maintain their quality even though they moved from Tasmania to Asia ten years ago. 

  2. Are Blundstone 550 unisex?

    Yes, in the description, it is mentioned that the Blundstone classic 550 series are unisex. There is no option to pick boots for male and female in the size chart. 

  3. Are Blundstone Original 500s and Super 550s waterproof?

    The thermal series styles are 100% waterproof while all other styles are outstanding in puddles. They both are water resistant. But when compared to the original 500 series, the classic 550 series boots have a high degree of water resistance. 

  4. Blundstone Classic vs Original what are their main differences?

    The main differences between the Blundstone original 500 boots and classic 550 series boots are material, arch stitch, fitting, heel stitch, water resistance and interior lining. And there are a few more differences. 

  5. What are the different models of the Blundstone Original and Classic series?

    There are six various models of the Blundstone boots, those are: originals, classics, thermal, dress, women's series, and kids. Every model also has its own style. All models of Blundstone within are water-repellent because the leather is treated against dirt to provide easy cleaning.


Wrapping it up! Both the models from Blundstone, the original 500 series boots and Blundstone classic 550 boots are high quality boots that include durability, comfort and style. The Blundstone 550 boots have all the features of 500 boots and add a few additional technological enhancements. 

The 500 boots are a great pick regardless of how frequently you wear them. They are versatile which can be worn at any occassion and you can even use them for athletic purpose. They are comfortable and durable shoes which have shock absorbance and decreases the pain of wear. They are perfect if you are a casual shoe enthusiast and shopping on a budget. 

For people who are on heavy duty, these 550 classic boots are an ideal choice. They have spikes on their outsoles for improved traction and stability, an enhanced shock absorption, and a water resistant coating on the upper. These upgrades are perfect if you want to use the boots for mountaineering, adventuring and hiking. 

Choose the one that fulfills all your requirements like arch stitch, material, interior lining, fitting, budget and many more. Check on all the features mentioned above in the article before grabbing Blundstone 500 or Blundstone 550 boots off the stores. 

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