Can Birkenstocks Get Wet? 2023

The history of the German brand Birkenstock dates back to more than two centuries. Most of the footwear produced by Birkenstock is made from cork, jute, leather, and latex to evenly distribute the human body’s weight throughout the foot instead of on particular pressure points. They might have a break in period but it’s all worth it afterward. For the ones wondering “Can Birkenstocks get wet?” the answer would depend on the situation and the type of Birkenstock they use. In case a Birkenstock that is not waterproof does get wet, there is no need to panic because there are ways to salvage the situation.

Are Birkenstocks Waterproof?

Are Birkenstocks Waterproof?

Anyone who has bought or is looking forward to getting a Birkenstock has at least once wondered if they can get wet or be used in the rain. Birkenstock produces different kinds of footwear where some are waterproof and others are not.

In the case of the ones that are not waterproof customers are advised not to get them wet as continuous exposure might deteriorate the quality. By chance, if they do get wet there they can simply be air dried and used again.

Birkenstocks that are non-waterproof if kept long in a moist atmosphere for long can also get wet. This is caused mainly due to the suede leather in them that absorb water. If they get wet they should be air dried under mild sunlight instead.

Strong sunlight or heat should be avoided since they may damage the shoes. If one takes proper care of their Birkenstock then even if it gets wet multiple times it will last for years. Birkenstock recommends its customers avoid using Birkenstocks in wet areas or during monsoon.

Prolonged exposure to water would damage the leather, ruin the style and even affect the sealant materials. As for the durability, the straps may break and the soles might get torn due to too much moisture.

Are Birkenstock Sandals Waterproof?

Just like there are Birkenstock shoes that should not get wet, there are also waterproof ones available for the customers. The Birkenstock rubber sandals are made up of EVA or Ethylene Vinyl Acetate.

This is an elastic material that is both light and of good quality which ensures good cushioning of the feet. This was a much later production by Birkenstocks in 2015. T

hese EVA sandals are much cheaper than the other Birkenstocks with their price being around $50 only. It comes in different types of colors and one pair simply isn’t enough to own.

Their colors range from pastels to neutrals to casual or street style. No matter the occasion a pool party or a trip to the beach it can be the perfect companion. From spring and summer sundresses to bikinis and denim shorts, they are a no-brainer with all.

They are a good alternative to flip-flops and water shoes. To those wondering if they are hard to clean like other Birkenstocks, it requires the minimum maintenance that any other shoes.

If the footbed does get dirty after a while it can just be scrubbed with an old toothbrush and after rinsing them with water, it will be brand new again. In case scrubbing does not work, one can simply sprinkle surface scrub and set them aside for a minute or two. 

Can you wear Birkenstocks to the shower?

The fact itself of wearing shoes in the shower might sound ironic but it is recommended by experts. One does not have to use shoes if they take a shower in their own home but in case of using a communal shower, they are to wear shoes.

Such places can be gyms, dorms, communal pools, camping grounds, spas, athletic clubs, swimming clubs, rest stops, locker rooms, nursing homes, etc. This help prevents fungal and bacterial infections that can be contagious otherwise such as nail fungus, athlete’s foot, plantar warts, ringworm, etc.

The non-waterproof Birkenstocks are not designed to be immersed in water. If they are made wet regularly that would damage the leather and the cork so much that even with regular maintenance they would be unsalvageable.

Their insides would get moldy and they would start to smell if they come in contact with moisture regularly. One can instead use the Birkenstock EVA sandals. These shoes unlike the usual Birkenstocks and are waterproof due to the material they are made of.

They not only protect the feet from germs and contagious bacteria but also prevents any accidents due to slipping. Instead of regular flip-flops that do not provide much traction, these Birkenstock EVA sandals are a better alternative.

Can you wear Birkenstocks to the Beach?

The sand on the beaches would not ruin the cork but water definitely will. One can wear their regular Birkenstocks to the beach but they are advised to use a cork sealant to make them waterproof beforehand to prevent them from getting wet in case of waves accidentally wet them.

But instead of using them when it involves them getting wet, one can simply use the Birkenstock Arizona Essentials EVA and be worry free since they are waterproof. Everyone has a preference regarding their beach wear but they all wish for the same thing which is to be stylish.

They might plan out their entire wardrobe but when it comes to their footwear they might go with any regular old flip-flops. But to have both fashion and comfort, Birkenstocks EVA sandals fulfill both those demands.

Birkenstocks can be used while taking a stroll along the beach or even treading across pebbles and rocks. They make the feet stable by providing them with a firm grip. Due to them being unisex and available in a wide variety of colors and designs, anyone can simply match them with their beach outfits.

They are so trendy that they never seem to go out of style. One can pair them with jeans shorts, summer dresses, beach skirts, or simply with a bikini and rock the beach look.

Can you wear Birkenstocks in the Rain?

Birks are shoes made from jute, leather, cork, and latex and hence are not made waterproof. They are not to be worn in rain or snow intentionally. But by chance, if one is caught in the rain that doesn’t mean the shoes are unsalvageable.

They can be properly dried and used again. It is fine for them to get wet occasionally but prolonged exposure to moisture should best be avoided. If they are not dried properly then the shoes might get moldy and start to smell.

Wadded newspaper can be used to soak up the moisture from the wet shoes by inserting them inside. Birkenstocks can be air dried in a shade or light sunlight. Direct heat from the sun, fireplace, stove, radiator, or any other heat source might cause more harm to them.

They would cause the soles to shrink. Once the shoes are dry they need a layer of Birkenstock Stain and Water repellent to the applied over them before use. During the rainy season, it is best to use shoes that are waterproof and meant to be worn during the monsoon.

Birkenstock Arizona Essentials EVA sandals are made waterproof, flexible, and shock-absorbent. Not only are they super stylish and can be matched with various outfits but is also a better alternative to old fashioned rain boots.

What Happens if Birkenstocks Get Wet?

Just like any other regular footwear, Birkenstocks might get wet occasionally but with proper care and maintenance, they will last for a while. But customers are advised to avoid keeping them away from too much rain or moisture exposure.

Of course, there are also incidents such as water spillage or stepping in puddles but that much is not enough to damage the shoes. Continuous exposure to moisture on the other hand might make them deformed.

The seal provided in them by using water absorbing materials can break. The cork footbed then would absorb the moisture every time they get wet and the stopped might dry out. They might start losing their durability and become uncomfortable even forming blisters.

The leather hardens due to the moisture seeping in and the shoes lose their flexibility. As a result, the feet would also sweat more and one can no more use them for a very long time on a regular basis and might have to look for a replacement soon enough.

But in case of the waterproof EVA sandals that Birkenstock produces, are perfect to be used during the monsoon or on the beach. Even if they do get a bit dirty, one can simply use an old toothbrush to scrub them and they will be just as new.

Do Birkenstocks Get Smelly After They Are Wet?

Shoes can easily get moldy if they are kept too long in moist conditions. Even when shoes are kept to dry indoors but without proper ventilation, they might start smelling musty.

They might start having fuzz on them if kept like that without proper maintenance. Similarly, Birkenstocks would have mold growing inside of them and have a foul odor if they are kept wet for too long.

There have been many customer reviews that state Birkenstocks tend to get moldy when they are not worn for a while. The mold on the Birks can be removed and the shoes can regain their original state if they are properly taken care of regularly.

No one likes smelly shoes, and after a while of wearing these Birks, the feet also start to smell. The same cannot be said for the Birkenstock EVA sandals since all they need is a little bit of rinsing.

These waterproof sandals are made of ethylene vinyl acetate which is a material between rubber and foam. They do not get moldy no matter how much they are exposed to water. Unlike the leather Birks, they can be worn to the pool or beach without having to worry about them getting smelly.

If you really want to use Birkenstocks and like to avoid all the issues, then you can go for Birkenstocks alternatives available in the market for lesser price but looks similar in looks and quality.

How To Fix Birkenstocks After They Are Wet?

No matter how one tries to take precautions, their Birks do get wet once in a while. There are certain measures they can take to fix these wet shoes.

Birkenstock also sells a maintenance kit for their footwear. According to the instructions the Birkenstock cleaner is to be sprayed on the shoes and then the dust on them should be brushed away. In case the stain remains, one can use the stain repellent on those areas and then brush to remove them.

There’s also the simpler method of using soap with water to remove the stains along with the dirt on them. Afterward, the shoes should be wiped with a clean cloth. These shoes should be treated gently with the care they deserve.

If one wishes to waterproof them then they can apply cork sealer on the midsole. This would prevent any moisture from entering the shoes. The process is to be repeated every time it wears off. While drying the shoes they should be kept away from direct sunlight or any heat source.

It would reduce the Birk’s quality. Light sunlight and good ventilation are what would be the perfect condition for them to be dried in.

Do Birkenstocks Run Big or Small After They Get Wet?

To shrink or stretch leather shoes, most of the time they are wet and heated. When Birkenstocks get wet they tend to get deformed. Afterward, if they are dried under direct sunlight, a hairdryer, kept by the fireplace, or any other heat source they might change shape.

But if the shoes are properly taken care of they would remain in their original size. Birkenstock is also said to shrink when they are not used and kept in a shoe rack for too long. They need to be stretched once again before they are worn.

This German brand owes its popularity to the durability and comfort of its footwear. Even after so many years have gone by, they still remain one of the top footwear brands globally.

They might need a little care from time to time but after all, they are worth it. There is no such thing as Birkenstock shrinking or expanding just due to getting wet. But it would be another thing if they are exposed to heat after they are wet.


Shoes are supposed to protect one’s feet besides making them comfortable and also making one fashionable. Birkenstocks excel in all the above tasks and while taking care of our feet they face all kinds of natural elements.

To return the favor the wearer also needs to take care of their Birks regularly. Regular Birkenstocks are not waterproof and should be kept away from moisture.

There are waterproof Birkenstock EVA sandals that can be used instead when it involves being around water. So to answer the query i.e. “Can Birkenstocks get wet”, it is fine to get wet once in a while if they are properly taken care of afterward.

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