Can You Wear A Black Tie With Brown Dress Shoes? – 2023

Black and brown are the colours that can be used simultaneously to make your look better. However, can you wear a Black tie with brown dress shoes? Is it a tricky part of styling? 

While you can use the black tie with brown dress shoes with the inclusion of some contrast of belts and shoes to make it look more classy and killer.

However, the necktie does not play a relevant role in your styling part, especially the colour. While you can save yourself from making any blunder by just adding the tips, rules or hacks or tricks explained below in choosing the right dress shoes for your outfit or with any coloured necktie.

Brown Dress Shoes With Black Tie

Primary Rules Of Matching Accessories With Your Outfit:

There are hundreds of options available in both online and offline shopping. The first and foremost thing is you have to own the confidence you wear the black tie.

Without confidence, you will end up looking like a fool. Once you wear the right confidence along with your outfit then you can achieve the perfect look with any piece of clothing or with any different colour. Amazon has some interesting and beautiful Black tie options you can check them out and buy the suitable one for you.

What items of the suit should Match My Shoes?

According to some laws in the fashion industry, a man needs to match his belt colour with his shoe colour. Although, men have these two essential items to make their look more stylish and classy.

Also, you can try to make the leathers of your clothing in the same colour which is a great option to make your look more stylish and beautiful. At least, the colour should complement each other otherwise your look will have a weird fashion style.

If you will match your tie with your suit then it will not have that funky look and when you colour coordinate the suit and the tie you will make a great fashion statement.

Does My Tie need to Match My Belt?

No, it is not a compulsion to match your belt with your tie. However, if you want to have a matching tie with your belt then you should match them and wear them. To make it all colour coordinated you should match your tie, belt and shoes with the same colour. 

It can be a great choice to do so, however, if it is not coordinated we’ll still you can go make some changes in the shades and wear it accordingly.

In addition, generally, your shirt should match the colour of your tie. You can choose the colour of the tie with your shirt colour used as a base. However, it also depends on your choice and how you feel about matching colours or not.

A tie is an essential item of your look and you can have a variety of colour options to try on and something different is always fun to try.

Is it necessary that my Tie Need To Match My Suit?

It is not a necessity to match your tie with your suit. Generally speaking, a tie should match your suit but not directly. You can match it indirectly also with your suit.

The shirt colour should be the ordinary base colour to match your tie with your suit. And if you get the right tie colour then you can make your suit match your tie automatically.

Is it compulsory that we should Match the Shoes With My Suit?

It is always a question for the male fashion world whether their shoes should match the suit or not. Some specific shoes’ colour doesn’t compliment the curtains suit’s colour and we all can agree on this term.

Some men like to wear black shoes with blue suits while some don’t like to wear them together. The general fashion rule is for men to match their shoes with the hue of the suit.

 However, you can still apply some antique or different combinations with your shoes and suit colours. While you can wear brown shoes with a black suit, you just have to be careful with some things. You just have to look that you have that smooth evenly look with your complimenting your suit that it is.

Steps or guidelines on How To Wear A Black Necktie With Brown Dress Shoes

You can wear a black tie with brown dress shoes unless you match the whole suit in general. However, always make sure that your suit is complimenting with the brown dress shoes.

Furthermore, shade is extremely important when choosing brown dress shoes. Some of the shades of brown shoes are very suitable for complimenting the black dress while a few brown shades

Such as Burgundy brown is a tad bit weird to coordinate with the black suit. However, if someone can pull this off also then it’s a win-win situation for them.

Lastly, the event you want to attend is the biggest question and the dress and tie should coordinate well with that event. However, some specific shades of brown are specifically perfect for some occasions only.

For example, if you are going for an interview for a job then you must prefer a lighter shade of brown shoes and a bit casual yet professional one.

The whole dress should be in a lighter shade but not cross the professional look. Furthermore, you can opt for medium brown shade coloured shoes for any wedding that you are attending. And you will be among the best dressed at the wedding.

Some Outfit Ideas For Wearing Brown Dress Shoes with black necktie:

Getting that perfect look with a black tie and brown dress shoes with the right suit is the toughest work. But when it results in a great look then it is all worth it. A grey suit with leather brown shoes along with a watch complimenting a black tie is one option to get ahead with.

Plus a white shirt with grey or black pants adding the black tie with brown dress shoes is the other option you should try for your look. In addition, you can always add your input and ideas while dressing up and make the style look cool plus funky.

 For Your Weekend Date-Night or Casual date night:

A black tie with brown shoes can’t go wrong for your casual date night or outings. You can make them look more dapper by adding well-fitted grey suits.

It will make you look stylish and dapper without making much effort in styling. Plus you can add that extra spark by adding the brown leather belt to make your complete. And your date night will be the perfect outing with this style.

To Wear for daily office wear or Business Professional:

We have to dress a bit more careful while going for any Business Professionals office meetings or to choose for office wear. We should always ply around with suits by mixing and making a fresh pair of suits to get the spark alive for dressing daily.

Furthermore, you can go in a charcoal grey suit which is well fitted. Plus, get your hands on the blue plaid or checkered shirt with a black tie along with a dark brown belt. To top it off, wear nice complimenting loafers to your suit. It will enhance your physical appearance in the office and surely you will get some advantage from it.

Formal Events Such as weddings or Any Professional Gatherings:

If you have to wear a black tie and brown shoes for any formal gatherings then you are good to go and if the shoe colour is more dark brown then it is cherry on the top for your look.

Also, wear a nice black suit with a white shirt complimenting it with a blazer along with your black tie for any events which are formal like a wedding, funerals or galas.

Plus you can add on to your look with a brown leather belt plus a nice brown watch along with brown dress shoes to make you look sophisticated and more classy.  Also, it might go wrong in any way but you should always wear your confidence along with the suit and you will always look stylish.


Concluding on a note that wearing a black tie with brown dress shoes is completely fine. It is the perfect look for any sophisticated occasion. Plus it will add that extra confidence you need to wear while attending any functions. In addition, it is not at all a bad deal to wear both black and brown simultaneously. You just need to get things right and choose accordingly.

It is the combination that can be right with the formal or any casual outings also. It will only enhance your look and make you look more dapper.

Always wear the extra confidence and carry your suit well to be more dapper. Or you can just go out and break the fashion rules and make your style statement. You must go ahead if you’re even thinking about it. You can always have your style or any combination with any colour.

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