Are Nike Blazers Good For Skating?

The Nike Blazers were one of the earliest shoes to be released under the brand Nike. The shoes were initially specifically designed for basketball players and catered to all their needs. They are narrow, snug, and comfortable. Additionally, they are also extremely durable and well-designed for all basketball players. With … Read more

Dr Martens Jadon Vs 1460 Select Your New Fighter

Dr Martens Jadon Vs 1460

Dr. Martens are the coolest shoes that are timeless and chic. They came around the 1940s and since then have only grown in popularity. They are comfortable, durable, sturdy, and easy to pair with clothes. They can be worn on an everyday basis as well as while traveling or running … Read more

Everything You Should Know About Doc Martens Is Here

Even though Doc Martens were initially created as corrective shoes for people with foot problems, later on, they were marketed as working boots. They might look tough but they are actually comfortable enough even after being worn all day.  The shoes have been worn by several youth groups like skinheads … Read more

How To Remove Creases Out Of AF1?

remove crease

You might wonder how fast your AF1 creases. None of us want to walk around with creased trainers. Here I am to solve your issue with creases through my article- “How to remove creases out of AF1’s”. A crease on any sneaker is totally normal, even if you do not … Read more