Are Converse Non Slip / Slip Resistant Shoes? – 2023


Having a good pair of shoes imply having comfort and proper grip. So, when we talk about Converse, one can be certain that its best quality is the comfort. But are Converse non-slip / Slip-resistant shoes? Let us find out. One of the features of perfect shoes is that they … Read more

Baya Vs Classic Crocs – Differences

Despite the unique appearance of Crocs which is so much different from a pair of sneakers or boots, they have been used as casual footwear by people of all ages. Crocs make their footwear based on two factors that are comfort and practicality.  While the most commonly used type of … Read more

Can You Drive With A Boot On Your Right Foot? 2023

For people who have an injury or surgery near the foot and ankle regions, doctors sometimes prescribe them medical footwear to wear known as a walking boot or walking brace. The purpose of this kind of shoe is to protect the foot and provide the stability to heal faster. They … Read more

Are Doc Martens Comfortable?

The brand Doc Martens came into being in the 1960s but the earlier brand name Griggs existed from 1901 in the UK. Dr. Klaus Maertens came up with the original design of the boot that was based more on the practicality over style. The initial prototype had air cushioned soles that … Read more

Hey Dudes Vs Sanuk – Differences | Pros & Cons 2023

Hey Dudes and Sanuk shoes are both equally popular in the market. Where on one hand, Hey Dudes is an Italian brand that was founded in 2007 but gained a massive following and popularity after it launched its store in the USA, Sanuk, on the other hand, is a USA … Read more