Are Nike Air Force 1 Comfortable?

Nike Air Force 1

As one of the iconic sneakers of all time, Nike Air Force 1 is one of the most sold footwear by Nike. Be it for professional athletes or sneakerheads, Nike Air Force 1s have a place in their hearts. One never has to worry about the clothes that fit AF1s, … Read more

How to Lace/Tie Nike Air Force 1?

Nike Air Force One was made by a team of podiatrists, biochemists, designers, and aerospace engineers and was launched in 1982. It was named after the plane Air Force One that the President of the US uses.  Air Force 1 brought about a revolution in the sport and sneaker-loving community. … Read more

Are Doc Martens Good For Snow? – 2023 Update

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Are Doc Martens real leather?


Doc Martens are great shoes and are timeless in their style. They are super comfortable, versatile, and durable. These shoes are great for all occasions and are great for being worn on an everyday basis. People all over prefer Doc Martens specifically and they are extremely popular because of the … Read more

Are Nike Air Force 1 Good For Walking?

Be it a walk by the sidewalks in the neighborhood, along the mountain trails, or simply walking a dog in the park, one deserves their feet to be comfortable no matter what kind of environment they are in. Walking is the best kind of light exercise that helps keep the … Read more