Are These Brand Shoes Vegan? – 3

A vegan shoe is one that was created without the usage of any animal products. It also excludes goods that have undergone animal testing. Many conventional shoe-making materials, such as wool, leather, fur, and various glues, are not included. Fortunately, the selection of vegan shoes has only grown over the … Read more

Are These Brand Shoes Vegan? – 2

Vegan-friendly shoes are in the rage right now. More and more people are turning to veganism every day to the point where brands have had to make serious changes to accommodate these people. There was a time when animal-based glue was the go-to bonding agent for all brands, but now … Read more

Are These Brand Shoes Vegan?

The word “vegan” is no new thing. Everyone is changing their lifestyle to vegan. It can be a noun, which means people who do not eat animal products, or an adjective which means the people who do not use animal products. Now vegan meatless, plan-based diet plans are easily comprehensible … Read more

Are Skechers Shoes Vegan Friendly?

Skechers is a well-known brand and has a history of decades creating shoes. Lightweight, comfortable, and stylish shoe is their trademark. It is a brand that decided to work on NASA memory foam to incorporate into their shoes, and that says a lot about the brand’s vision. They have a … Read more

Are Toms Shoes Vegan Friendly?

Toms is an LA-based footwear brand that is growing beyond expectations. The brand was started by Blake Mycoskie with a One for One vision. Toms has always been about community. The founder was inspired to start this brand after seeing the trouble faced by children without shoes. They have given … Read more