Clove Shoes Review – Nursing 2023

Clove shoes are also known as Nursing shoes. Many healthcare professionals love to wear these beauties to make their long hours of duty fruitful. Clove shoes are best in offering support to your feet to make them more comfortable. Are you not fully satisfied with Clove shoes to wear in the hospitals or workplace? In addition, you think that they are genuine or supportive as the brand claims. So we are here to answer all your doubts regarding clove shoes. You can get clear answers to every thought or question regarding clove shoes here. We have done a clove shoe review in detail. Let’s quickly dive into the reviews!

What Are Clove Shoes?

Clove shoes are a brand that has worked very hard to make the most suitable shoes for the healthcare industry. As we all know that healthcare people work most of the hours in comparison to other professions. So they do need a pair of shoes that make their feet more supportive throughout the day. Clove is exactly like that.

From the very beginning, the Clove brand has made sure that they make their footwear according to the needs of healthcare professionals. You may not be surprised that one of the co-founders of the Clove brand was a nurse.

Joe Ammon launched Clove and he was the husband of nurse co-founder Tamara. He was looking for a full-fledged company and he turned the idea of clove shoes into a big brand. Cloves are one of the easiest pairs of shoes that are simple to wear on and off. Plus you don’t need to put much effort into cleaning these shoes.

Furthermore, Clove shoes are highly popular on social media. As for Instagram, currently, they have some 99,000 followers. Plus they have been featured on famous television shows, websites including Forbes. Clove has also been awarded the Design Award in the year 2020 by Fast Company. Overall, the Clove brand is surely not to miss out, especially if you are related to the healthcare industry.

Clove Shoes Overview:

Clove shoes have been a game-changer in the footwear industry. They have produced some very high-quality products since the day it was launched. Clove shoes are founded by Joe Ammon. He studied MBA

and his wife Tamara was a nurse. Joe was very keen on making shoes that filled up the requirement for a nurse to make their job easy. So he went on to create this brand along with his wife Clove which has gained huge popularity now.

In addition, Joe Ammon was cultivating the idea to begin his company from his school days. So in 2018, he won capital from a business competition. And after a year that is 2019, he finally launched Clove in Philadelphia, PA.

The Clove headquarters are still in PA. The Clove shoes are manufactured in China and Dongguan. Plus you can find their warehouses in the US.

The idea of the Clove brand when they were just starting was to give back to people who have always given to us. This means the healthcare system has always provided to the people and Clive has started to return the favour in small amounts.

Clove was specifically designed in a manner that any healthcare worker wears and they feel very comfortable throughout the day.

Clove Shoes Features:

Let’s quickly dive into the features of clove shoes in detail:


Working in a hospital can make your shoes get dirty or wet with any kind of fluid. In hospitals, you can’t escape from these perks. So Clove shoes are fluid resistant like they can’t be called water-resistant.

Your feet will be protected from little puddles of water or chemically when you wear clove shoes. So wearing shoes that are fluid resistant can be very beneficial when you are a healthcare worker.

The other thing is that fluid-resistant shoes bring in the comfort that you can get with wet feet. Working with wet feet on long hours of duty can be very uncomfortable.


Clove started some years ago. And they have a limited collection of styles. So they offer two versions of shoes in the men’s and women’s sections. You can have clove shoes in 4 different colours along with additional special colour shoes.

Due to the fewer choices, it is more convenient to buy any style of clove shoes. You can have clove shoes matching your scrubs. The colour choice clove offers ranges from all-white (greyish) to pink and even aqua (special edition).


Comfort was the basic idea in the making of clove shoes. So clove shoes give the best of comfort as well as protection to your while standing all day or walking for a longer distance.

The marathon design of clove shoes makes you wear the shoes all day without removing them often to relax your feet. Furthermore, the materials like Ortholite ™ soles prevent odour and bacteria from the feet.

The rubber sole lends the perfect grip and traction with the best of comfort. The grip will be excellent even when you stand or walk on wet surfaces.


Whenever you buy any shoes, the hardest part is to maintain them. But with clove shoes, you don’t have to put much effort. The surfaces and materials are super easy to clean and get cleaned with a damp cloth.

The surfaces are super flexible to clean and the covering of the shoes are very protective for your feet. You should not miss on these clove shoes, as not every shoe will give protection and easy to clean surfaces simultaneously.

Clove Nursing Shoe Reviews:

You won’t get any other shoes better than clove shoes for your nursing period. They have been excellent for healthcare workers.

You may get other shoes that are better than Clove shoes but as a nurse, you must try these Clove nursing shoes. They perform better than any other while you work for more than 12 hours. Clove nursing shoes are embedded with all the features that you need as a healthcare professional.

Furthermore, one of the nurses used these Clove nursing shoes at her workplace and she was all impressed with them. She reviewed the shoes as the most comfortable, fluid proof and functions well.

She further stated that the functionality of clove shoes are superb and very easily handled while you work. It is very simple to put on and off these shoes.

If the clove gets dirty you can just wipe off the dirt and wash them instantly to make it new again. While some of the nurses reviewed Clove as not very fashionable.

But you can’t miss out on the comfort clove brings to your feet. Your feet will not have fatigue after the 12 hours shifts also. Plus the shoes are water repellent so your feet can stay dry all day. So the overall review of these nursing shoes is superb, a must buy shoes.

Clove Shoes For Men:

Just like any other Clove shoes, the Men’s Clove shoes are amazing too. Comfort is the top ingredient of these shoes. And they also serve best to the healthcare worker and make their feet relaxed even when they return home after tiring duties.

You will find these shoes very lightweight and the best is they are easily maintained. You can get support for your whole body by wearing Clove shoes.

Furthermore, the outsoles of the shoes have an incredible grip and offer a steady movement throughout the day or your shift hours.

So you can move freely in every direction without making your feet more pressurized. The Ortholite™ materials in the clove shoes make sure that your feet are not sweaty and dry during the working hours during shifts.

At the time of urgency, you can wear these clove shoes. The inbuilt neoprene sock makes it slip-on. Cloves are known to be easily cleaned and maintained. This is because they have ClarinoTM fabric in the materials and they are super flexible in terms of cleaning.

Just like other shoes, these Mens Clove shoes include three pens and two badge reels. You can choose between the five colours when you buy Mens Clove shoes. So choose the pair of shoes that probably suits your scrubs.

Clove Shoes For Women:

Womens are obsessed with style and fashion. Whenever or wherever they get they try to make things more fashionable. Womens Clove shoes are nursing shoes and have a perfect amalgamation of fashion and performance.

It is very convenient to slip on, easily maintained and very comfortable on your feet. The Clove shoes are manufactured keeping in mind the support and comfort required throughout the day or night. You can even wear these shoes for long hours of duty.

Furthermore, The Women’s Clove Shoes are constructed using a material known as ClarinoTM. They are excellent fabric and keep the brand of your shoes new and reliable too. The other great feature of women’s clove shoes is the laces.

The laces are water-resistant and you can protect your laces from getting drenched in water. The upper of shoes can be cleaned using a damp cloth only and your Clove shoes will be all over new.

You will walk on the ground with more steadiness and the rubber soles make your feet balanced on the ground. Inside the shoes, an Ortholite™ insert makes the feet free from bad odours. Also, it makes you fight against bacteria too. The sizes available in the Women’s Clove shoes are 5-12.5.

However, when buying these Clove shoes you must go one size up from your original size. The different colours available for Womens Clove shoes are Brilliant White, Grey Matter, Night Shift, Pink Up, and Black Options.

Where Can You Use Clove Shoes?

Most of the healthcare system requires their staff to work for more than 8 hours. The work here requires you to be more efficient and kind. In time of emergency, you may have to work for more than 12 hours shifts also.

Working in a hospital can be very tiring along with shoes that make your feet suffer after the duty hours too.

The founder of Clove was very adamant about making shoes that make the healthcare worker’s feet more relaxed all day. His wife was also a nurse and he saw the pain for his wife. So they both worked hard to make Clove shoes that reduce the discomfort of your feet throughout the duty hours.

In addition, you can wear clove shoes to your workplace as well as going shopping or going out. You need to put one extra pair of shoes to wear to other places after returning from work. Whether you want to hit the gym or pick some groceries after you finish the shift hours. You can stay in the same shoes and your work will be done.

Healthcare professionals including doctors, nurses, staff, ward boys, paramedics, etc can use these shoes throughout the day. Also, other people who work in factories or at a place where they have to stand all day can use these clove shoes. It will benefit them.

Who’s Cloves For?

Cloves are known as nursing shoes or healthcare professionals’ shoes. Clove was founded by many people. So one of the founders among them was a nurse. She applied her working year experience to make sure that cloves can deliver what she has been missing in the shoes as a nurse.

Also, while making the clove shoes, all the features were made keeping the need of a nurse.

In addition, clove has been superb for working all day night or doing any shifts for about 30+ hours. The kind of support clove gives your feet is remarkable. It has well-padded cushioning, support to lessen the discomfort and the laces of the shoes are water-resistant from outside.

So you wear clove shoes without worrying about the foot issue after you reach home from your long tiring day. Clove shoes are best for all the workers, especially those related to the healthcare industry. Be it a doctor, intern, staff or nurse, ward boys, paramedics, etc.

Anybody who works for long shifts in a day and needs to stand on their feet at their workplace. They must consider buying clove shoes. Whether you work in a factory, store or a hospital clove will have your back and make your duty hours easy breezily. Clove has some amazing collections with every style coming in different colours. So choose the size and go ahead with buying them. Clove shoes are worthy enough to be in your wardrobe.

Pros and Cons Of Clove Shoes:

Below are the Pros and Cons of Clove shoes:

Cloves Pros:

One of the reasons to buy clove shoes is comfort. The durability of Clove and the easy Maintenance are another plus point. Plus you can buy clove shoes in a variety of colours, sizes, styles at a budget-friendly price. The best part is you can pay the price in instalments. You won’t be disappointed with the customer service and the positive response from customers marks their honesty.

Cloves Cons:

You won’t find clove shoes other than their official website. Many of the customers don’t like the style of shoes and claim them to be boring. If you don’t live in the US you can’t buy these shoes. As the brand doesn’t deliver shoes other than the US. These shoes are manufactured in China. You can’t have too many options in colour when buying clove shoes.

Are Clove Shoes For Healthcare Professionals Only?

Clove was designed based on the idea to help the healthcare professional. They produced these shoes to serve the worker who always serves people risking their lives.

Healthcare professionals have been in love with these Clove shoes since they have come into action. It reduces the discomfort around your feet all day. You don’t feel caged in these shoes while you spend the whole day at hospitals.

In addition, healthcare professionals have always complained about the feet hurting after they return from duty hours. Clove has come to their rescue. However, since the shoes are specifically designed for people who think that they can’t wear them.

Anybody who requires good shoes with excellent support, padding and comfort. Then clove shoes are for them. You must buy them for your workplace if you stand all day in your offices or factory or company. Clove will serve the best of performance and keeps the stylish game on point.

Where To Buy Clove Shoes?

When you look for a good branded nursing shoe then you can get thousands of options online. However, coming to the clove shoes. They are not listed under any retailer platform like Amazon.

It is because clove shoes are not available on any other websites or retailer platforms. You only buy clove shoes on the official website Go to the website.

Then you can buy any clove shoes from Men’s or Women’s collections. Currently, clove doesn’t have a collection of shoes in abundance. Yet they have some amazing pairs of shoes.

Furthermore, you can sign up for the Insiders link so that you can get more options and perks from the clove official website.

You can get clove shoes in large numbers. Plus they give some amazing discount offers on them. Also when you buy many clove shoes the website offers you a gift along with the shoes. Lastly, you can check the clove blog to know more about the shoe’s features and the benefits of wearing it as a medical professional.


  1. Are clove shoes good?

    Yes, they are a great pair of shoes. Cloves are best with support, padding and are easy to maintain. You will feel at ease when you walk in these shoes at your workplace.

  2. Are clove shoes worth it?

    The clove shoes are worth the price. It lends you the perfect support for your long hours of duty. Customers have loved this footwear and very rare reviews of clove are negative.

  3. Are Clove shoes waterproof?

    Clove shoes are not waterproof. However, you may escape from little puddles of water by wearing these clove shoes. Furthermore, you may find some of the styles of clove to be water-resistant.

  4. How do I clean my clove shoes?

    You can clean clove shoes using any cotton wet cloth and wipe off the dirt or marks from the shoes. You can't wash the shoes in the. machine. However, the insoles of the shoes are machine washable. You can remove them and wash them separately so that they get cleaned completely.

  5. Will Clove shoes stretch?

    Clove shoes are meant to stretch over time. The materials used in the upper of the clove shoes are made up of Clarino which is a microfiber fabric. So these materials are very adjustable and take the shape of your feet over time.

  6. Are Clove shoes slip-resistant?

    Clove shoes are slip-resistant. They make your feet stay firm on the ground whether you are walking on wet or slippery surfaces.


As of now, you must have known all about the clove shoe reviews. Cloves are not meant to be only used by healthcare professionals or nurses. Any other worker who needs shoes that make their feet more comfortable at their workplace can wear clove shoes.

You must check out these amazing styles clove has to offer. They have very reasonable pricing along with different colour options.

In addition, you can’t buy clove shoes on any other store or platform except their original website. They have some amazing discount offers if you buy clive shoes in bulk.

The materials are very flexible and cloves mould according to the shape of your feet very rapidly. They are slip-resistant and can be water-resistant too with some of their styles. So going for Clive shoes to wear for your long duty hours can be beneficial to your feet.

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