Do Chacos Run Big, Small or True to Size?

Chacos are exquisite footwear with great comfort, ease, support and stability but the question around them that often gets asked is whether they are true to their size or not. People have often faced problems with the size of Chacos as they only come in whole sizes and not half sizes which often renders people getting either a bigger or a smaller pair. Chacos do not necessarily run big or small but are actually true to their size if you ensure getting a pair in your own size. 

are chacos true to size?

How Should Chacos Fit?

 are globally popular as the most comfortable sandals there are. With their polyester webbing and cork bed midsole, they have emerged as the softest sandal. They are stylish and sturdy and can be worn for everyday activities easily and with a snug feeling. It is very easy to tell when the Chacos are the right fit or not. If your toes are not pushed out of the sandals, or there is little to no space in front of your toes and the straps of the sandals are not wearing down on you then it means that the Chacos you have chosen are the right fit.

If you feel even the slightest discomfort while walking or light running, then it is an indication of them either in need of some time to break in or simply that they are not the right fit. The straps of the sandals are not meant to push down on your foot at all. They must feel comfortable and lightweight on your skin. Additionally, the arch should support your ankle snugly and you must feel comfortable and supported after wearing them.

Chacos Wide vs Regular or Medium – Which Size Should I get

 Going for either wide or regular or medium Chacos is a very personal and subjective choice that solely depends on the shape and size of your foot and whatever will feel comfortable wearing. The choice between width or regular Chacos might come easier into consideration with certain factors like heel cup and arch support. They might offer certain subtle differences that you might feel upon wearing and you can keep them in mind before going for either wide or regular Chacos.

Heel Cup:

Chacos use patented LuvSeat Footbed which provides certain depth to the heel hereby letting them settle in comfortably. This depth gives the foot a snug feeling and also enough space as well for the feet to breathe and slide as well as move around a little. But the space that comes with the depth of the heel might reduce the stability that is otherwise offered by Chacos.

Arch Support:

Arch support is extremely important when it comes to sandals. As these sandals are functional for everyday use, it only makes sense to reduce the discomfort to the minimum. If you go for narrow Chacos, then there is a possibility of them pushing into your arch which will be troublesome while walking. With narrow Chacos, you will also have the problem of tight straps which again might cause discomfort.

Should I Go for Chacos Sizing Up or Down?

Size has been made quite universal with all the popular brands, so getting confused with the sizing of brands like Chacos, whose sizes differ slightly is understandable. Chacos distinction stems from the unavailability of half sizes within their brand. They only have full sizes and thus a person with a size 8.5 has to ponder whether to buy a size bigger or a size smaller. The debate about whether to size up or down has been going on for too long and people are equally divided between the two. Some reviewers say that you should always size down whereas some reviewers say you should almost always size up.

Sizing down is recommended for a snugger and narrow fit whereas sizing up is recommended if you are focusing more on your arch support. There is no method to sizing up or down as it varies from person to person depending on their foot size and shape but any wrong size is bound to discomfort you.

Can You Adjust the Back Strap On Chacos?  

All straps in Chacos are made adjustable for the customer’s satisfaction. The straps might differ from sandal to sandal as some Chacos come with a single strap, some with a double strap and the material of the strap also might differ but they are all always adjustable. Chacos keep their straps slightly free for them to naturally adjust to your foot shape and size making the comfort optimum for you.

How Do I Adjust Chacos Multiple Straps for Perfect Fit? 

Tightening of straps is not a difficult process and can be achieved methodically and easily. Chacos can be of two types open-toe loops and closed-toe loops and the following is the way to tighten the strap in both cases.

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Adjusting Chacos Multiple Straps With Open-Toe Loop:

  1. Pull the buckle to loosen the straps slightly.
  2. Loosen the strap near the toes.
  3. Now loosen the strap near the pinky toes.
  4. Wear your sandals easily now.
  5. In the process of tightening, start from the end step and tighten the strap near your pinky toe first.
  6. Now pull and tighten the strap around your toes.
  7. Adjust them accordingly and you are good to go.

Adjusting Chacos Multiple Straps With Close Toe Loop:

  1. Pull the buckle and completely loosen the straps.
  2. Loosen the upper strap first in the same way as aforementioned.
  3. After loosening the strap around the pinky toe, you can get in your shoes.
  4. Again, while tightening, start with the pinky toe.
  5. The only difference you will see is that while pulling the strap, you have to pull from around the ball of your foot.
  6. Pull the strap around your toe and tighten the straps accordingly.

You do not have to tighten the straps of your Chacos again and again. Once done, they are going to stay that way.

For Z/1 Style:

Z1 comes with a single strap. The style of Z/1 is preferred by people who have high arches and want some space between the straps and their feet. Basically, people who would like their sandals slightly loose should go for the Z/1 style. With the additional straps comes additional security and stability. Furthermore, people with flat feet should go for the Z/2 style as it is sturdier.

For Z/2 Style:

Z/2 differs from the Z/1 style in its strap design where it features an additional strap.  . With the additional straps comes additional security and stability. Furthermore, people with flat feet should go for the Z/2 style as it is sturdier. 


  1. Is Chacos uncomfortable at first?

    They need some time to be broken into but it is only a matter of days. They might feel a little stiff initially but that can be overcome by wearing them around the house for a few days.

  2. What is the difference between men’s and women’s Chacos?

    The men’s and women’s Chacos differ in their sizing. Unlike men’s Chacos, there are more options available for the women’s Chacos.

  3. How do I know if I need a wide Chaco?

    If you are getting shoe bites or blisters, then that is a clear indication of the need to get wider Chacos. Also, wider Chacos have softer cushions so if you want to prioritise comfort, you must go for wider Chacos.

  4. Is Chacos good for narrow feet?

    Chacos are great for all sizes and shapes of feet considering you buy the correct size in them.


Chacos are true to their size, whatever size they offer. They only offer whole number sizes like 8,9 etcetera and people with half sizes might find some issues with finding accurate sizing but otherwise, you do not necessarily have to size up or down with Chacos. In most cases the sizes are available and they fit your feet perfectly. If you are contemplating buying Chacos and are confused only about the size, rest assured as they will definitely turn out to be the most comfortable everyday footwear.

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