Do Crocs Run Big Or Small? – Are Crocs True To Size Or Not? (2023)

I know you will be having many doubts on Crocs, the biggest doubt among these is “Do Crocs Run Big or Small? So here I am with an amazing article for you- Do Crocs Run Big or Small? Whether you are shopping for any model of Crocs for any purpose, you have landed at the right place. Crocs shoes are consistent with the two C’s that are comfortable and casual. But the sizing of the crocs have seen some gray area, so it all depends on the croc shoe model you get. Before grabbing your pair of shoes from the store, you must take fit into consideration as size is the key factor with Crocs.

At times the casual and general models suffer from running a big but in most of the cases they run perfect with size. This depends on the model you choose as a few crocs are manufactured for work purposes and a few for comfort.

are crocs true to size

Do Crocs Run Big?

Generally, these crocs run true and perfect to size but sizing differs depending upon the foam made clogs you are buying. Crocs classic clogs are the most classic type of footwear among crocs products available.

Many customers using them say that they are too comfortable, spacious and very much true to size. As we discussed already, crocs sizing varies with the type of croc shoes you choose. Crocs have a wide variety of fits. But this fits for people with wide feet because the room and space it has provide maximum comfort.

Do Crocs Run Small?

Croc shoe models like the Crocs Crocband Clog come with a design that doesn’t offer you much space and comfort. If you are a person with  regular-sized feet, then you might have a snug and comfort fit.

But people with wide feet have a big no. You will definitely face a lot of issues to fit hese crocs if you have wide feet. Not all the models run small but a very few otherwise casual crocs run true to their size.

How Do Crocs Fit?

Find a perfect fit for your feet as crocs come in three different types of fits: Roomy fit, relaxed fit and standard fit types. Almost all the models of croc shoes have a roomy and relaxed fit while a few are designed more for comfort, and have a roomier toe box and a few have less space for a more secure fit. Their sizing varies a lot as some people use them as professional shoes, work, medical industry and food service industries whereas a few wear crocs as casual shoes at home. Here are the types of fits:

  • Roomy fit: As the name suggests, these are the most spacious and generous fit and one my favourites too as I have wide feet. Roomy fit suits best for wide feet and an example of a roomy fit is Crocs Clog.
  • Relaxed Fit: It has more of a secure fit, not as spacious as a roomy fit but shoes are relaxed and comfortable. Roomy fit Crocs clog is an example here.
  • Standard Fit: This fit is more suitable and works out well for professionals. Most secure fit of all types of croc models having less room inside. So many customers go with relaxed fit because the standard might be tight for many due to it’s least space.

Do Crocs Stretch after Wearing?

As you all know, shoes loosen with time when you use them more. Just like any other, crocs also will stretch and loosen a bit once you break them in. The fit of the crocs is based on the model and style you choose and are very much comfortable. As per my knowledge, yes, Crocs surely stretch out within a time period. The break in period for crocs is better than many other shoes. During the first few usages, it becomes loose and stretches out but not much. According to my experience, unless you expose your croc shoes to the scorching sun, under the heat for a few hours, they won’t stretch that much, so you can feel happy and have no need to worry about such things.

You can even stretch your crocs if in case your size is the last sizing in the crocs chart, the ideal thing would be to stretch it by wearing it for more times.

Do Crocs Come in Half Sizes?

Unfortunately, Crocs do not make their shoes in half sizes for adults. They come in only full sizes. Having no half sizes might be difficult for some users. As already discussed the sizing depends on the type of model of Crocs you buy. Choosing the suitable and best model keeping in mind your size, your purpose is the best way to get crocs. The classic crocs are true to size and come with a spacious and comfortable fit with which you will be facing no issues, I have used them too. You can order your regular size if you have these crocs. But the scenario changes when it comes to Crocs bristo clog, as it was manufactured with a conflicting design in mind. These are large when compared to all the other models of crocs even though the toe and top are closed.

So if your feet are wide, this model would best suit you as it is roomy and has a generous fit. If your size is 9.5, I would suggest you to go with the half size up to 10 so that you will have a snuggy and comfortable fit.

Do Crocs Run True To Size?

People looking to buy crocs have been confused with crocs sizing for a long time. Everybody wants to know whether crocs run true to size and how true they run? Sizing absolutely is based upon the style and model you are getting.

Various crocs are designed for a wide range of purposes, so there is no guarantee that the crocs run true to size. But I have used crocs classic clogs which run true to size with a comfortable and spacious fit. My crocs fit my feet perfectly, and I ordered my regular size. If you are concerned, you must deeply look into the size and choose the best fit of crocs that suits your feet. While the standard-fit Crocs are true to size, they snug your feet comfortably but not tightly. My final verdict would be nobody could be sure whether crocs run true to size, it totally depends on the model you grab.

What Size Crocs Should I Get?

First of all, use a ruler and size charts available to find your shoe size. There are different size charts for women, men, children, juniors and children’s dual sizes. All sizing charts are developed by crocs for easy search and to fill your needs. Not only have these Crocs made it easier for customers by making size conversations in the US, UK and Europe in all the charts. There are also a few unisex models designed for both men and women. After finding your size, use the size chart and a few tips here given in my article.

If the measurement of your feet is in the chart, I recommend you to get the crocs a size higher than your feet size. Keeping all these factors and your requirements in mind, choose the correct size that fits you otherwise blisters formation occurs. It would cause shoe bite and blisters that would cause itching and lead to infections. So, get proper fit.

How To Choose Crocs Size?

Based on the model and style you are planning to buy. If you want something instantaneously to walk around or nearby the house, you might have to go with the relaxed fit. As I have previously discussed, you might follow the same method for choosing the crocs size for your feet. Where some people are looking for a casual slip on shoe to wear around in the surroundings, comfortable or to run errands with. You will have wide options to also choose among the roomy fit with more space, relaxed fit and the standard fit.

Knowing your foot size, get the crocs of size up to your feet size for comfortable wear. Some people might be wanting a standard fit. Following all your requirements looking into the size charts in US, UK and Europe size, choose the best one. It also matters whether your feet are wide feet or narrow feet.

Should I Size Up Or Down For Crocs?

I would surely recommend you to size up for crocs as size up keeps your feet highly comfortable and provides you more room avoiding blisters and you will feel smooth. Half sizes are created by putting the strap down, if you are a half size, round it down and order a half size down that could probably give you a perfect slip on fit. If you want to wear them as clogs with strap down, then get the crocs by rounding the size up.

Accordingly, size up or down depending on the purpose for which you crocs and your foot size too. Reviewers say their shoes are a bit too large when they bought the size rounding up their half size and are wearing them as slip ons. Sometimes order the regular size based on the model, you would get a perfect fit and feel great this way.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. How Do I Measure My True Foot Size to Buy Crocs?

    You can measure your true foot size using a ruler, and select the size looking at the size charts of crocs available for adults, children, juniors and various sizes.

  2. Is it Possible to Shrink Crocs?

    Yes, it is definitely possible to shrink crocs with the use of a hair dryer and two wet towels. In fact using a hair dryer is the best way to shrink crocs as here you can control the amount of heat and also ensure that you apply the heat only to the required parts of the crocs.

  3. What Do I Do If My Crocs Are Too Big?

    Stop heating the shoes when they are warm and flexible, and instantaneously put on some socks and wear the shoes. Keep them on your feet and walk around for 5-10 minutes. This would loosen your shoes a little bit. Later, take off the socks and try on the shoes without socks.

  4. Are Crocs the same size as regular shoes?

    Yes, according to me crocs are the same size as the regular shoes. Applying my normal shoe sizing to Crocs sizing has worked well for me.

  5. What size is 7.5 in Crocs?

    The euro size of 7.5 shoe in crocs is 40-41 while it is 9.75 inches.


To sum up things, crocs sizing differs with the model you are buying. After going through the entire article, I hope you have got clear solution for the question, Do crocs run big or small? All the above discussed topics are portrayed after doing a lots of research and also personal experiences. Note all the features, facts and requirements and then grab off the best pair of crocs from the stores.

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