Do Doc Martens Run Big or Small – Are Dr Martens True To Size? (2023)

Doc Marten shoes generally run true to size and usually Doc Marten doesn’t run big or small. All the shoes from the brand Doc Marten are perfect with the size except some of them which are the 1460s, Jadon’s, and Chelsea. These all are not perfect with the size and they do run big with size.

Doc Marten is one of the most recognizable shoe brands in the whole Worldwide. One can add insoles for the perfect fit if Doc Martens run big or small. Also, Doc Martens sandals are much heavier than usual sandals. Furthermore, Doc Martens shoe brand has several shoes especially boots but their size chart is not up to the mark, probably a bit confusing for users to have the perfect fit or true size.

Are Dr Martens True To Size

Do Dr Martens Run Big or Small – Are Doc Martens True To Size?

How Do Doc Martens Fit?

Usually, Doc Marten is fitted true to the size you will order. However, before you purchase or order Doc Martens shoes make sure to check the size and order the same to avoid your shoes running big or small. Also, all the shoes of Doc Martens have a different unique style and the size can be depending on the style you will choose for yourself. Plus it can be of your perfect size or sometimes run big or small to your fit. The Doc Martens classic boots are generally run big to the true size. And if your size is in between the 2 whole sizes try to order one size down or prefer having one insole for better comfort.

Do Doc Martens Run Big or Small?

Doc Martens are one of the best selling Shoes brand in the UK and international market. Usually, all the shoes under this brand run true to the size. However, some of the boots especially the classic ones run big to their size. 1460s are usually bigger in the toe area and large in their fit and they are usually a bit spacious but not slippery. Also, Chelsea’s and Jadon’s boots are a bit large. So, Doc Martens doesn’t run small to the true size. However, they do run big with the true size. They run big but not too big to make it slippery or your feet get out of the sandals.

Are Doc Martens True to Size?

Yes, most of the Doc Marten brand shoes in large numbers are true to size. It all depends on what kind of style you are choosing and which size they have to offer you. Only a few pairs of shoes from the brand Doc Martens run big or small from the true size. If you have any half size in your size consider going one size down to get the true fit. Doc Martens usually don’t have half-size options. They don’t offer a half size in the size chart. Plus Doc Martens brand does not have the proper size chart to get the perfect for or true size.

Do Dr Martens Stretch Out?

Yes, Dr Martens do stretch out as when you start wearing them it will get soft with time and one can stretch how much they want to do so. Furthermore, one can also use the thick socks with Dr Martens shoes to make them stretchable. Also, you can add some newspapers tightly in the toe area of the Dr Martens boot to stretch some area. In addition, one can remove the laces of the boots to easily fit the newspaper in the toe area. And this will make your Dr Martens toe box stretch a little more of your true size.

Doc Martens Sizing:

Dr Martens have only the whole size in their any style of boots or shoes. If you have any half-size then try the one size down which is nearer to your true size. The size fit is dependent on what style you are choosing plus for the type of genders also. The same size for women and men but if the styles are different then the size can be different for men and women. The size of Dr Martens is given on the tongue of the shoes plus ankle straps also for some of the shoes. One can measure the foot from heel to toe in a standing position and get the true size to choose from the size charts.

What size Doc Martens should I get?

Always, prefer the size which is the true size for your feet. And before buying one Dr Martens shoe first measure your feet from heel to toe and get the right fit. If your size has half-size then it is a problem as Dr Martens don’t have a half size option. And they have to choose the nearest downsize to make it the true fit.

And if you have a whole size then it is convenient to find your true size. Just keep in mind that they offer different sizes with different styles plus the same size of both the genders can have different sizes in the same style.

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Should you size up or down in Dr Martens Shoes?

One should always try to go down with size when it comes to the shoes from the brand Doc Martens. As the Dr martens shoes don’t have the options with half size from the size they offer. Plus, if you go down your size then most of the time it will fit your true size but if it doesn’t then you can use the insole and make it true to your fit. It will make your shoes true to your size and you will be comfortable wearing them.

Always go down the size if your true size has a half size and if not then choose the whole size shoe and it will not run big or small except a few classic boots.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

  1. Should Dr Martens be a snug fit?

    Yes, the Dr Martens shoes should be a snug fit but they should not make your feet uncomfortable. They should be true to your size and if it's too snug then you consider one size down from the Dr Martens shoes to make it snug fit. One can also try thick socks to make it a snug fit or to stretch more.

  2. Are Dr Martens tight at first?

    No, if you wear Dr Martens for the first time and it feels too tight plus uncomfortable then it is not your true size. Also, the Dr Martens shoes should be tight at the start but not uncomfortable. The Dr Martens shoe will get soft and stretchable with time and it will fit perfectly with your feet.

  3. Do Doc Martens get bigger over time?

    Yes, the Doc Martens shoes get bigger over time if you start wearing them for longer periods. Once you start wearing them they try to acquire the shape of your feet to make the most comfortable fit. Also, to make it bigger quickly you have to start wearing thick socks with your Dr Martens shoes to stretch quickly.

  4. How do you tell what size your Doc Martens are?

    You just have to measure the feet from heel to toe in a standing position with a sock on. Plus the length and width of the insole will give the size with width to get the true size. Once you get your true size then you can select the accurate size from the size chart of the Dr Martens brand.

  5. Do Doc Martens 1460 run big or small?

    Yes, the Doc Martens 1460 shoes are a bit wider in size. And they run big to the true size and they have some extra room in the shoes. If you have a whole size then you order the same and if its extra space is making you uncomfortable then you can have an insole to stuff your boots.

  6. Why doesn't Doc Martens make half sizes?

    They usually have to offer only the whole size. The Dr Martens shoe brand doesn't offer a half size in their size chart. People with half-size have to consider wearing a size down or up or the same size to get the fit. Or they can apply tricks and tips to make it true to your size.


We hope that we have cleared the air around the question: do Doc Martens run Big or Small?  We have tried to cover all the aspects regarding the query and make a complete guide for selecting the right pair of boots or shoes from Dr Martens.

Dr Martens shoes are great to wear but what size to wear is the only difficulty you will face when buying a Dr Martens shoe. You just have to follow all the tips and steps from the above guidelines and make your purchase fuss-free from the size also. We hope that you will find the right pair of shoes from Dr Martens and this will help you in any way to find the better one.

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