Do Merrell Shoes Run Big or Small – Does Merrell run true to size? (2023)

The Merrell shoes have a range of shoes that are perfect for casuals, hiking, boots or styling your look into stylish. They offer variety in their size and style in both men and women’s sections. Also, when buying a pair of Merrell shoes everyone comes with a question: Do Merrell shoes run big or small? So the answer is already given by the company that they only produce the shoes which are true to their size. Generally, Merell shoes are true to their size and don’t run big or small. But different buyers had different experiences on the size of their shoes. Here is the complete follow up around the Merrell shoes and their sizing.

Does Merrell run true to size

Do Merrell Shoes Run Small?

The Merrell shoes usually fit true to the size but for some users of Merrell footwear, they run half an inch small than their true size. It can be due to the wide feet of the person. The Merrell footwear is constructed on the US Sizing scheme. It contains a consistent 5-mm gap between the half size of the shoes plus a 10-mm gap between the full size of the shoes.

Does Merrell Run Big?

Yes, the Merrell shoes can run big to their true size. Some of the buyers of the Merrell shoes claim that the shoes are a bit large of what they ordered. If the person has narrow feet then Merrell shoes can run big to their true size. However, Merrell shoes are known for their construction of shoes which are perfect with their sizing.

Does Merrell Run True To Size?

The Merrell shoes can generally run true to their size. However, the difference in the person’s feet and the style of the shoes can vary and it can create a difference in the size of the shoes. However, generally, they don’t run small or big with their true size. But not all the users or buyers of Merrell shoes claim that they run true to their size.

Do Merrell Shoes Run Wide Or Narrow?

The Merrell shoes do not run wide or narrow to their true size. Usually, whatever you ordered for your feet will get you the perfect fit only. However, Merrell shoes do have an option of wide shoes in the Men’s sections. So if someone wants a wide shoe then they can choose the Merrell shoes as it is a great option to consider.

Do Merrell Hiking Boots Run True To Size?

While the company Merrell shoes claim that they produce shoes that are true to size and don’t run big or small. Furthermore, the Merrell hiking boots sometimes are very large from their true size. While sometimes it is true to their size. The size of the shoe for Merell hiking boots is dependent on the style of the shoes and the feet. Mostly, they run true to their size.

Do Merrell Shoes Have A Wide Toe Box?

Merrell shoes offer a variety of shoes with different styles. Plus they have several sizes in men and women sections. Coming to the wide toe box Merrell shoes do offer a wide toe box but sometimes it gets narrower due to the shape of your feet. However, Merrell Moab shoes are very comfortable and they come in two versions. The regular plus wide versions and they do also offer the wide for boxes.

Do Merrell Jungle Mocs Run Big Or Small?

The Merrell Jungle Moc is a slip-on shoe along with a suede leather material upper which is a snug fit at first, however, with time, it can acquire the shape of the feet properly. Also, the Merrell Jungle Moc shoes are available in several sizes for men and women. The men’s section has sizes up to 6 to 16 while the women’s section has sizes to choose from 4 to 12. These sneakers always run true to the size.

How Do You Measure Shoe Sizes?

One can measure the foot at home. You just simply have put the paper on the floor with one end touching the wall. The Paper should be firm. Place one foot on the paper by keeping the heel against the wall. After that outline the shape of your foot with a pencil. It is better if someone else does this tracing to get accurate measurements. Then with the help of a ruler measure the largest and worst parts of your outlined foot. You will get the measurements of the shoe and one can repeat the process with the other foot also.


  1. How is Merrell sizing?

    The Merrell shoes are constructed based on a US scheme. It has a 5mm gap between the half-size and a 10mm gap with the whole size of the shoes. Always, measure your feet length and then buy Merrell shoes.

  2. How do Merrell Trail shoes fit?

    Just like any regular shoes, the Merrell trail shoes should be snug at the heel area. However, the toe box can have a wide area but it will not affect the fitting of the shoes. And they fit perfectly with time with the feet 'shape.

  3. How do you tell if a Merrell shoe is wide?

    The Merrell shoes come with a style number with the letter 'J'  along with a 5 number. And if the Merrell shoes are wide then this number will contain W at the end. Eg-J55577W (wide)

  4. Is Merrell good for wide feet?

    Merrell shoes have several options especially for wide feet people in the Men's section. These shoes are perfect for hiking purposes.

  5. Are Merrell shoes comfortable?

    Yes, if you look at the overall customer reviews and ratings the Merrell shoes have got the most response saying it is one the best comfortable shoes. They make your feet breathable and comfortable.

  6. Should I size up Merrell Moab 2?

    Yes, one should prefer a size up Merrell Moab 2 shoes. But consider going size up only if you have a half size in your shoe size. Usually, Merrell Moab 2 comes in a small size.

Conclusion :

Well now you can choose the Merrell shoes of your size without worrying about the question: Do Merell shoes run big or small?. As of now, you are cleared with all the doubts related to Merell shoes sizing and fittings. Merrell shoes are one the best shoes when it comes to a wide shoe which is used for hiking purposes. Also, one can try these shoes for casual or any work trip. A very comfortable pair of shoes with a variety of styles and sizes. And most of the time Merell shoes run true to their size while some can experience that the shoes are large or small otherwise Merelle shoes are good to go. You can find a great pair of shoes with the Merrell brand.  Also, it is very comfortable and breathable with your feet.

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